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Director of Software development

Miami, Florida, United States
March 13, 2018

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Miami, FL *****



Technical Skills

Look at my source code in AngularJS, Ionic, etc. on my website at:

My HTML5 Editor I Wrote using Fabric.js and the Article I Wrote:

My Silverlight 3-D Engine:

Recently Used JavaScript Libraries that I am an EXPERT in: (I am an EXPERT in ALL Telerik Controls, i.e. Kendo UI)


JQuery Mobile




Coffee Scripts


AngularJS Mobile

Ionic AngularJS



Simply Deferred


Web Sockets

Comet AJAX


Twitter Bootstrap








Java (all versions), Swing, Applet, JMX, JDBC, and RMI. Built multi-threaded and TCP/IP socket Java apps.

Expert in: Winsock, C/C++, Object C, Java, C#, Silverlight, .ASP .NET, Silverlight, MVC, HTML5, etc.

Expert in: WebRTC, WebSockets & COMET AJAX Servers, MVC (Model View Controller), MVVM,

Subversion Version Control, CVS (concurrent Versioning System), PostgreSQL, SQL, Apache Web Server, Sendmail Setup & Config, Cold Fusion 5, Perl/CGI, RedHat, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows.

PHP, C# .NET, C/C++, Visual C++, Objective C, VB. NET, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, LINQ, SCRUM


Expert in: ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcObjects, Arc/Info, MapLex, FME, DAK, ArcIMS, MapInfo, MapLex, FME, DAK, ArcIMS, PCI Geomatica, Raster, ArcXML, Real-time GIS streaming. LAMP, jQuery, XHTML, CSS3

Tools: VisualStudio 2008-2013, Team Foundation (TFS), Visio, Project Builder, CVS, SVN, Talend, Web Applications IIS 6.0, IIS7.5, Crystal/Business Object & Reporting, SharePoint 2010, InfoPath,

Python, Zend Studio, Eclipse, Net beans, Drupal, WordPress, Text Mate, GitBox, Tower, Editor, MySQL Workbench, Case Studio (Toad) Database Modeling, Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft PowerPoint. Samsung Smart TV SDK, Samsung BADA SDK, XCODE Compiler (iPhone),

Frameworks: MVVM, MVC, MEF, PRISM, Spring.Net, Entity Framework, Struts, Hibernate, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, XCode, Object C, Cocoa, Eclipse, Java, CAMSTAR

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, MySql, Development & Database Administration, SSIS, SQL, Triggers, Data Transformation Services (DTS), T-SQL, ADO, SQL-DMO, OLTP, PivotTable, OLAP cubes, MDX queries), Stored Procedures, PL/SQL, Oracle.

Professional Experience

NBC’s Claim2Fame TV Series Project Lead / Senior Developer 6/2013– 9/2014

Wrote Samsung Smart TV App for NBC’s Claim2Fame TV Series (HTML5, Java, and C++)

Wrote Java & Object C WebRTC Video Broadcast Server allowing 100,000 people to watch.

Wrote iPhone (Objective C) App, Android (Java SDK) App, and Blackberry Mobile App

Built front & back end PHP/MySQL, Magento Website.

Used: Java & Objective C, Samsung Smart TV API(HTML5, Java & C WebRTC, Objective C, Eclipse, XCODE, HTML5, Intel’s App FW, Angular JS, Zepto.js, nodejs, and MongoDB.

Wrote High Speed JSONP Server Handler to deliver Video TV Commercials to mobile phones.

Did SEO for website and developed the entire marketing and media plan. Project Lead, Senior Developer 3/2013– 6/2013

Designed and built an HTML5 SVG Home Design Website with Angular JS, JQuery, Fabric.js, and Zepto.js & MongoDB. Tested Sencha Touch for grids my own Virtual jqGrid was superior.

Wrote iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry apps using PhoneGap, Object C, Java, and Eclipse.

Did SEO for website and developed the entire marketing and media plan.

Built a custom HTML5 Bootstrap Fabric Editor for creating animations:

Ryder Systems Project Lead / Senior Developer 11/2012 – 3/2013

Designed & Built Ryder’s Customer Front Facing Portal in VB .NET. A large scale, multi-tiered web portal using custom JavaScript objects. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, Data Warehouse, Modeling, etc.

Wrote custom DTS to transform AS400 to SQL Server. Wrote Java MicroStrategy reports.

Wrote BlueZone C++ Installer. Customized settings remotely on 7,000 printers.

Wrote Customer C Printer Driver. Supervisor: Wrote custom Printer Driver.

Wrote C++ App to Re-Program EPROM Chips for re-fueling.

Mellon Financial Corp Project Lead / Sr. Developer/ Manager 8/2011 – 11/2012

Gathered business requirements and wrote functional specifications and detailed design documents for all projects for high net-worth bank clients.

Did SEO for client websites and developed the marketing and media plans.

Architected several JSF, Websphere, and Oracle, Spring, and Hibernate client websites.

Built an end to end vertical slice for a JEE based billing application using popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Facelets, XHTML, Maven2, and Ajax by applying OO design concepts, JEE & GoF design patterns, and best practices.

Integrated loans application, equity markets online application, and documentation system with structured products app through JMS, Websphere MQ, and SOAP based Web services, and XML.

Designed the logical and physical data model, generated DDL scripts, and wrote DML scripts for Oracle 9i database. Tuned SQL statements, Hibernate mapping, and Websphere application server to improve performance, consequently met the SLAs. Migrated from Ant to Maven2 for speed.

PHP/MySQL, Magento & Zend Websites

ICD-9 & ICD-10, HIPPA, HL7 records - Wrote Regex & SQL for Pharmaceutical Company.

Wrote for their Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, an implantable continuous glucose monitoring system, which includes a miniaturized sensor & receiver is inserted into the subcutaneous space under the skin. Integrated physician & hospital-related data.

Wrote Android (Java) & iPhone Near Filed Communication (NFC) Apps to pay with credit cards with Radio Frequency Devices.

Used: Eclipse, Android SDK & NDK, Objective C, PhoneGap, Backbone.js framework

Implemented Security for high volume Private Hedge Funds server transactions for Mellon Bank.

Wrote WPF App - MEF, MVVM, PRISM, Entity Framework, Spring.Net as IoC container.

Wrote SQL tool to convert back and forth from SQL Compact Edition (SQL CE) to SQL Server.

Created Entity Framework tool to generate self-tracking entity classes for WPF and Silverlight.

Wrote Silverlight Report Viewer - MEF & MVVM for rdlc reports. Used Behaviors, MVVM.

Wrote Touch Screen Windows 7 Kiosk App with Touch Screen in Silverlight Used: MEF, MVVM.

Wrote Silverlight Geometry CAD App to layout Heating Elements. Used Entity Framework, MEF, MVVM, PRISM. CAMSTAR for clients. REALLY COOL – MUST SEE MY WORK!

Implemented a Silverlight based web mapping application using ArcGIS Server, Silverlight 4, C#, WCF, MongoDB & Oracle. Created Android version using ArcGIS for Android.

Miami Dade Police Department GUI Designer / Project Lead 4/2011 – 8/2011

Created the Statistical Analysis for all of Florida Crime Data & design Graphical Data Outputs.

Extracted, transformed, cleansed & loaded (ETL) Crimes Data from legacy system to both SQL Server & Oracle.

Wrote WPF Officer Desktop App & Databases.

Used Telerik OpenAccess Domain Model, Prism, MVVM.

Wrote ASP.NET MVC 3 Website with AJAX and Telerik Controls.

Setup public server for Police Department.

Installed SharePoint 2010. Wrote Silverlight websites for SharePoint 2010. Also used InfoPath.

Built numerous websites I Silverlight, C# .NET, and HTML5 using Telerik Controls.

Wrote Android App using Java SDK.

Wrote HTML5 Mobile App, Web Socket Server. Microsoft’s Sync Framework & Visio.

Used Cognitive Psychology to design a website for Battered Women to help them deal with their special needs. Wrote Silverlight 4 WCF RIA Domestic Crimes App: MVVM & Entity Framework, CSLA, & Open Access.

Used ArcGIS Server to display Battered Women Data geographically.

Wrote T-SQL procedures for Graphical data displays of crime stats & Drill-Down Reports of crime data display on geo maps.

Created Android viewer using ArcGIS for Android.

Used: Angular JS, JQuery, MongoDB, JQuery, HTML5, C#, C# .NET, MVC, Silverlight, Java, etc.

Reason for Leaving: Successfully completed the project.

Ryder Systems GUI Designer / Project Lead 4/2010 – 4/2011

WPF Windows 7 Touch Screen CRM Kiosk. Supervisors: Ross Paisant and Melody Miller.

Wrote this slick-looking WPF Kiosk using MVVM pattern.

Wrote WCF web service to synchronize data using Microsoft Sync Framework.

This Kiosk was placed in over 9,000 locations and the Kiosk collected and stored thousands of rental reports per week.

I wrote and designed all the backend Business Intelligence (BI) Model including all SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, and analysis. Also wrote custom WPF printing control and installer using NSIS wrapper.

BlueZone C# Wrapper for Vista & Windows 7. Supervisor: Eric Boudreaux. Used: C#, NSIS. Scripted & automated Excel reports with Microsoft Reports (SQL 2008 R2 Server Reports).

MadScan Project Lead / Senior Developer (full-time employee) 7/2009 – 4/2010

Company sold stock analysis software I wrote that ran in Web Browsers without Active Controls.

Wrote high speed C++ Servers for doing stock indicators processing in memory and wrote extended Stored Procedures in C++ & assembler for Bollinger Bands & 60 financial indicators.

Wrote WebSocket Server that defaults to COMET AJAX if browser is not web socket enabled to pushes stock alerts data to 100,000 browsers using a Memory Efficient Thread-Safe Pipe Stream to a virtualized JQuery Grid.

Wrote HTML5 / JQuery Grid to display 100,000 rows of stock data PER SECOND in a web page.

Wrote Black Boxes for stock brokers using Data Modeling that used Bayesian Regularization with a Dirichlet over model parameters to determine learned model structures in my Black Boxes.

Wrote custom scripting language using R-Language for stock brokers to create their own custom indicators. Wrote Silverlight 4 WCF & RIA & MEF, Prism that is Stock Market Data Server with Subscribe Implementation.

Reason for Leaving: Company lost large military contract and cutback the economy hit them hard.

Phoenix Worldwide Project Lead / Senior Developer (full-time employee) 11/2007 – 7/2009

Worked on U.S. Army & NSA Sensitive Data Acquisition projects. Also wrote proxy servers for U.S. Army for real-time security. Control and monitoring of systems handling 10,000 unique data inputs per second. Wrote advanced algorithms in C# to detect imminent system failure, which were used within a Web-based application. Created Web services with security protocols. I overcame the concurrency issues of 1,000,000 rows of data at database and application layers.

Designed and developed Multi-Tiered Secured Web Sites for Police Departments & Military Surveillance Vehicles that used Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to access backend server.

Extracted, transformed, cleansed, and loaded (ETL) Stock Analysis data from legacy Progress system. Designed SQL databases, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, etc.

Wrote DirectShow RTSP Filter for Police Cars to play video. Wrote C++ DirectShow RTSP Source Filter with real-time, Intelligent Video Analytics to handle RTSP from IP cameras and centralized servers. For legal reason we needed to record and store huge amounts of data including video in SQL Server. I designed and created all backend databases and data warehousing for video data from surveillance vehicles for numerous Police Departments.

IPhone SDK, & Mobile Software. Wrote iPhone video software using xcode with QuickTime.

Camera Wall. Wrote C++ Multi-Threaded Camera Wall with Intelligent Video Analytics to handle 100 simultaneous IP and non-IP cameras without resorting to DirectShow.

Wrote Apps with ESRI products, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, and ArcGIS Server.

Did Data Mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, & Customer Relationship Management for medical products. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Large Scale, Multi-Tiered Sites with MVVM, MEF, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server (Integration Services, Reporting, Analysis).

Microsoft CRM installation and custom modification (C#, MS CRM SDK) for clients.

Built WCF/LINQ Message Board for Client. Used NET 3.5 web programming model. Accessed WCF services using raw HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests as opposed to constructing elaborate messages.. Used WCF Syndication API for construction and parsing of ATOM and RSS

Developed Custom BizTalk FAX Adapter to fax data from different databases.

Customized IVR (Interactive Voice Response- Asterisk® & VoiceXML), Edge, and Focus.

Display of geo-spatial data, location-based indicators, metrics and KPIs on graphs and gauges

Created reports in SharePoint & PerformancePoint, web page parts, dashboards, and mash-ups

Set up and managed cloud-based services using SQL Azure & Incorporate data mining and forecasting using PowerPoint for Excel & Derive matrix, table, and chart data from OLAP cubes.

Wrote Mobile App using new ASP.NET Mobile Framework (AMF) and JQuery Mobile.

Windows Mobile Apps with ESRI products such as ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server.

SCRUM Methodology Used on all projects.

Reason for Leaving: Company failed to get military contract so programmers were laid off.

Microsoft Director of Live-Search Marketing & Project Lead / Sr. Developer 4/2007– 11/2007

Software developer who wrote Microsoft’s C++ Live Search Club Toolbar.

Built both the Front End and Back End of Microsoft’s Live Search Club Website.

I did the Digital Marketing for Microsoft’s Live Search Club Website.

Setup their SEO, Web Analytics.

Worked with the founders of Omniture, Josh James & John Pestana, to develop a specialized, Behavioral Targeting System for Omniture & Microsoft using my extensive background in Cognitive Psychology from Medical School and my work at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in Statistical Models, Analysis, Applied Math, and Statistical Hypothesis Testing for Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology that examines how sensory input is transformed into beliefs and actions.

Also worked as Project Lead on several Large Scale, Multi-Tiered Websites encompassing many apps I wrote for Microsoft with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Used Microsoft Sync Framework to synchronize data between Toolbar and website. Extensive Hardware Integration across web farm and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

Used: MVC, Windows Workflow Foundation, Silverlight, Entity Framework, Message Queuing, Worked directly with Silverlight Team, MVVM, WWF, WCF, & LINQ, Designed all the Business Intelligence(BI) Model and SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, etc. for all websites I worked on.. Project Lead for 85 Russian Developers REMOTELY from my home in Miami, FL for very large Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains accounting project.

Smart Intranet Project Lead / Senior. Developer (full-time employee) 8/2004 – 4/2007

Our clients included: Florida Power & Light (FPL), SONY, Quicken, American Express, Lucent, IBM, Toshiba, Paramount, Prodigy, Yamaha, Budweiser, AT&T, Bell South, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc. Personally designed & Built Large Scale, Multi-Tiered e-Commerce Web Sites & Portals. Using mostly PHP & MySQL. Installed & customized Magento & Zend with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for integration with disparate legacy web apps. Setup C# sites with SharePoint & BizTalk. Below are just a few of the long-term projects for our clients I completed:

Franklin Templeton. Designed SQL Database Architecture to transfer billions of records of data from Progress into SQL Servers. I designed all the new tables, and Extracted, transformed, cleansed, and loaded (ETL) Stock Analysis data from their legacy Progress system, including all SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, and OLAP. They had a large collection of Web Based Apps from various vendors that I integrated into a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Wrote Franklin Templeton’s Trading Blotter in C# used for trading. Setup SOX-Compliant Financial reporting. Setup Corticon Rules Engine for Allocation Algorithms and re-wrote their Chinese Walls.

McKesson, Inc. ($40 billion medical company). Wrote medical applications in C Code, C# with full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance integrated with BlackBerry.

oMyVoIP™. Wrote 8bit VoIP. C & C# .NET Mobile PDA medical devices.

oWrote CRM Management app for transplant patients. C# .NET Multi-Threaded app with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for organ transplant tracking with Blackberries, PDAs.

oMedEye™. Wrote embedded software for an 8-channel EEG Evoked Potential Bedside Monitor. PSOS+ (embedded platform) Tcl/Tk graphics library, with full 21 CFR Part 11.

BriteStar, Inc. ($2 billion a year). Designed Web Portal Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) integrated with legacy apps. Designed database and all SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, Data Warehouse, Modeling, etc. Installed Linux based Asterisk®, open source PBXi to forward calls to and from cell phones with VOIP connections over Internet that saved company millions dollars a year.

Southern Wine & Spirits. ($9 billion a year). Designed & Built Sales Force Portal which was another Large Scale, Multi-Tiered Web Site using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Designed database and all SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, Data Warehouse, Modeling, etc. It allowed company to manage sales force over the Internet via Blackberry. This was a large scale, Multi-Tiered Web Site that required extremely complex data analysis.

Pepsi-Cola SQL Database Designer & Security Expert. Designed database & setup server security for Pepsi-Cola’s Play for a Billion Contest. Wrote white paper REVIEW of T-SQL, Procedures, OLAP, game code, statistical calculations & sever security. Director of Software Development (full-time) 8/2003 – 8/2004

Worked with Tom Anderson & Aber Whitcomb to plan strategic operations aligned to corporate initiatives using my knowledge of viral marketing & Cognitive Psychology to design website to control user’s actions.

Designed dozens of web based applications on this Cold Fusion website and their database back end for data analysis.

Website encompassing many disconnected enterprise apps through a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Architecture I implemented.

Extensive Hardware Integration across web farm. Designed all Business Intelligence (BI) using SQL, T-SQL, Triggers, Procedures, Cubes, OLTP, OLAP, etc.

** Prior experience available upon request

Education, Certification, Memberships:

Cooper Union, New York City, New York. B.S. degree, majored in physics, biochemistry, and business administration. GPA 4.0, Straight "A" average for 4 years! Achieved Perfect Scores on SAT & MCAT exams.

Mount Sinai Medical School, New York City, NY. As a first year medical student, won prestigious Walter Annenberg Medicine Scholarship for Highest Scholastic Academic Achievement. Took electives in hospital management and medical coding.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, LaJolla, CA. Post-graduate work under Dr. Ken Nealson in Statistical Models, Analysis, Applied Math, and Statistical Hypothesis Testing for medical studies & genetic engineering

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