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Engineer Industrial

Little Rock, AR
March 12, 2018

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Summary: I have developed the skills to generate robust trustworthy processes, assure safety for the workforce, and deliver quality cost-effective products on-time. This experience quickly identifies and addresses problems or exploit areas of opportunity within manufacturing. Providing guidance and leadership to manufacturing teams in obtaining company goals provides amplification to the effort. Unlike most engineers, I have worked in production control and inventory management positions as a master scheduler. Coupling these concepts with process improvements amplifies cost savings by decreasing throughput, reducing work-in-process & finished good inventories, provides more inventory turns, increases manufacturing capacity, and personnel are more productive. Key strengths:

Cost Accounting • CNC Machining • CAD/CAM (CNC Programming) • Capital Justifications •

Design-for-Manufacturing • Facility Layout • Industrial Engineering • Leadership • Lean Manufacturing • Management • Manufacturing Engineering • MTM & Pre-determined Time Standards • Master Scheduling •

Material Resource Planning • Production & Inventory Control (Kanban) • Process Improvement (Kaizen) •

Process Planning • Quality System Development (ISO) • Setup Reduction • Supplier Development •

Team Building • Traceability & Certification • Value Analysis / Value Engineer

Currently, owner of two companies:

Q3D Printers. 2012 - Present Owner

Q3D Printers manufactures 3-D printers and sales 3-D printer supplies.

The first product was an in-house designed extruder. Predominantly sold as a ‘kit’, a bench area containing components & packaging supplies was setup utilizing a Kanban inventory technique.

The initial 3-D printers were all metal, extremely fast, accurate, and fully assembled. Created multilevel bench operations (sub-assemblies, final mechanical assembly, final electronic assembly & test). Personnel were hired and trained/cross-trained for this venture. Work instructions (with photos) were created for each work station (think auto repair manual). Setup as build-to-order production, purchased components and common sub-assemblies utilized Kanban at the work stations. Raw material & purchased parts inventory reorder points were defined and costs & usage tracked via the Bill-of-Material and build quantity.

In 2013, two kit printers were introduced in a successful crowd-funding campaign. Multilevel bagging operations, Kanban-inventory scheme and time standards were created.

Pocket Artillery. 2011 - Present Owner

Pocket Artillery ( is an in-house designed and manufactured product.

Created all CNC lathe & mill processes (including fixtures).

Developed post-machine surface finishing processes.

Assembly & packaging bench areas were designed to optimize manpower and reduce throughput.

Optimal Manufacturing 2001 - 2010 Owner

Created Optimal Manufacturing, Inc. (a job shop) manufacturing components for oilfield service corporations (Halliburton & Weatherford), valve manufacturers (Cameron & Shaw), aerospace (BEI), material handling companies, and the federal government.

The leased building was modified for production (power, air, & plumbing requirements).

Investigated & purchased CNC machinery, tooling, and CAD/CAM software (MasterCAM).

Hired and trained personnel (machinery, tooling, CNC programming).

Machine layout was cellular (lathes & mills were paired together to allow for operation by a single machinist) and bench areas (raw material (saw), inspection, paint, shipping/receiving) were laid out to optimize flow.

Created and integrated an ISO compliant quality plan.

Process planning was developed that provided traceability for the customer and supplied shop personnel with pertinent information (job quantity, raw material (with associated heat number & cut length), routing, pre-determined time standards, CNC program file name, setup sheet (with tooling & fixture requirements), inspection tools, and revision date for process plan that coincided with customer’s Purchase Order & Bill-of-Material.

Machine setup times were 15 minutes or less (often, the time to download the program). This was accomplished through:

1) Use of quick-change tooling and chuck jaws on the lathes.

2) Multiple workholding devices on the mill tables provided flexibility to run majority of components.

Cameron 1996 - 2000 Industrial Engineer

Worked with the Actuator team to define the production cells (machines & assembly area).

Developed Kanban for actuator weldment components and moved it from stockroom to point-of-use.

Reduced setup & run times within actuator production cells using family-of-parts to standardize tool packages & chuck configuration and/or utilize quick-change tooling.

With tool packages redefined and integrated with modern tooling, the CNC programs were edited. This resulted in reducing setup times from over an hour to a few minutes and improving all run times.

Modified process planning to have components routed to optimized machinery.

The actuator assembly area was segregated from the main assembly department, their product specific tooling identified and the work area redesigned. Actuator assembly improvements yielded 33% less labor meeting an increasing production schedule in a single shift (versus prior two-shift requirements).

Before these improvements, actuators were a cause for late delivery (about 12% of total shipments). After implementation; actuators were never a cause for late delivery, throughput was reduced (1-2 days), and final assembly costs plummeted over 10%.

Halliburton 1993 - 1995 Production & Inventory Control Supervisor

The tubing retrievable safety valves were the initial product line chosen for manufacturing in a Just-In-Time, zero-inventory, work cell, team-based environment. A work cell consisting of production machinery, quality, & assembly was setup and the initial team members determined. As a management representative to the team (PIC supervisor): I was responsible for the production schedule, interfaced with all in-house departments & suppliers to meet commitments, main interface with cell team during Kaizen events. The cell team was made aware of which assembly order went to a specific customer, quantity, and date required to ship. Within the first year:

Throughput was slashed from 4-6 weeks to 10 business days.

On-time delivery rocketed from 76% to 98% (2% late assemblies were shipped in 2-3 days).

Quality improved from 88% to 96%.

Finished goods inventory dropped from $1.5M to $150K.

This experience was duplicated throughout the safety products group with matching results.

Halliburton 1978 - 1993 Sr. Industrial Engineer

As a Sr. Industrial Engineer, I was responsible for the largest in-house product line and the facility’s raw material department. In a three year period, I justified and integrated the following assets into the facility:

Six vertical machining centers (several with 4-axis capability).

A six-pallet horizontal machining center with 150 tool magazine.

Five CNC lathes (one with twin independent turrets).

A CNC sawing center (12 station raw material in-feed, automated workholding and drop-off stations).

For these justifications, I generated a computer program that provided an objective analyses of weighed parameters supplied by all departments impacted by the purchase. This narrowed the field of candidates, assured that the correct equipment was being investigated, and provided confidence to the 'customers' of the acquisition. When appropriate; production tests were designed, witnessed & timed at the supplier's premises, and dimensions verified to prove process capability.

Productivity improvements incurred by these purchases provided documented cost savings that exceeded a 20% ROI and payback periods of less than 2 years for $3.1M of acquisitions.


Halliburton Management Training University of Texas at Austin

Post-graduate Accounting, Computer Science, Finance University of Texas at Dallas

BS Industrial Engineer University of Arkansas at Fayetteville


Carl Knowlton 501-***-**** VP of Sales & Marketing

Industrial Mill & Maintenance Supply

Dan McIntosh 501-***-**** Sales (Retired)

Sandvik Coromant

Sean Stalnaker 501-***-**** Manager Union Pacific Railroad

Steve Frankenberger 479-***-**** Chemical Engineer (Retired)

Tencarva Machinery

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