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Mechanical Engineer Project Manager

Katy, TX
March 12, 2018

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Bernard Mastren


***** **** *****

Katy, Texas 77449

United States of America

Phone: 817-***-****


I am a Senior Mechanical Engineer with Project Management Experience in Offshore Drilling and Shipbuilding Industries. I have held various positions as a manager and as lead discipline engineer for multiple projects and have experience with ship and oil rig design, construction and commissioning as well as overhaul or retrofit as is detailed below. My current position is on contract with Freeman and Curiel Engineers, LLP in Houston Texas, where I have been responsible for generating a set of functional offshore specifications for ABS Classed FLNG projects for BECHTEL. OG & C Inc. Assigned as project manager, coordinating efforts with engineers at FCE and external engineering firms, outsourcing some of the work to meet schedule commitments. Responsible for planning and estimating man-hours, assigning work, scheduling and tracking progress and generating bi weekly progress reports to in house management and to our client BECHTEL. Also assisting FCE Marketing/Estimating department by providing work scope and manpower estimates for various bidding efforts, including leading US Shipyards and the US Navy.


Obtaining a challenging, hands on “in the field” position within a company where I can use both my technical and management skills coupled with my engineering skills, to continue to develop and grow professionally.


University of Florida, Gainesville, FLA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering December 1995.

Attended the following Naval schools:

Machinist Mate “A” school, 1200 lb. Steam Plant Maintenance, General Shipboard Fire Fighting, Shipboard Damage Control, Leadership Management Education Training, Integrated Shipboard Maintenance Support, Admin/Operations Maintenance Material Management Systems (3M), Underway Replenishing/Hydraulic Component Maintenance, Shipboard Instructor, Engineering Administration, Steering System Operation.


Computer Skills

I have a working knowledge of the following computer programs and languages: WINDOWS 10 and below, MICROSOFT EXCEL, WORD, OUTLOOK, POWER POINT, AUTOCAD, LOTUS 123, QUATTRO PRO, MATHCAD, QBASIC, FORTRAN, C+ and more. I have limited exposure with finite element analysis for both stress strain analysis and heat transfer using COSMOSM.


While in the United States Navy, as First Class Petty Office (MM1/E6) I was responsible for supervising and counseling over 35 personnel in all aspects of both their professional and personal lives. I wrote quarterly evaluations for assigned personnel. As the Hydraulics Group Supervisor on board USS Theodore Roosevelt I was responsible for scheduling, assigning junior manpower and supervising these personnel in the accomplishment of preventive and corrective maintenance on over 300 different pieces of machinery and related piping systems. These systems included some of the worlds largest and most complicated hydraulic systems, the vessels aircraft elevators, the anchor windlasses, the boat and airplane crane, underway replenishment winches, deck edge and hangar bay divisional doors and the ships steering gears. This included requisitioning parts and materials and maintaining and Equipment Material History Log.

Since obtaining my degree I have been Mechanical/Piping Department Manager supervising between 10 to 35 personnel within Engineering Firm Design Groups For Halter Marine Inc., Gusto USA (formerly Ocean Design Associates) and ENERTECH in both the Mechanical and Piping Sections of those firms. I was responsible for the development of the basic design as well as detailed engineering, including General Arrangement Drawings, Machinery Arrangement Drawings, HVAC layouts, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams and Piping Flow Diagrams for all and drilling systems, marine and utility systems aboard various Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) applications for various clients such as ENSCO, DRILLMAR, SHELL, MOBIL, CHEVRON, EXXON, PETROBRAS, GLOBAL SANTAFE, SEADRILL and others. As Frontier Drilling Engineering Manager on site Singapore Kepple Shipyard I spearheaded the re-design of an old Pelican classed drillship. This was a total rebuild from the hull up, all piping systems were renewed along with all machinery. Alongside the Project Manager, I led the design team of onsite engineers, working with the shipyard to deliver a completely refurbished / re-equipped 6th generation drill ship on time and within budget. When completed all equipment was new and less than ten percent of original piping remained, while the vessels hull underwent nearly complete refurbishment.


09/15 – PRESENT- FREEMAN & CURIEL ENGINEERING – Project Manager / Senior Mechanical Engineer

Currently on contract with FCE assigned as project manager for BECHTEL Engineering Specification Development. Responsibilities include managing and assigning work to junior engineers in house and to third party engineers with firms outside of FCE to deliver a set of functional specifications for ABS Classed FLNG Projects for BECHTEL O G & C. These specifications include structural, hull systems, virtually all vessels piping, cargo handling systems, vessel mooring systems, and marine utility, HVAC and refrigeration systems. Worked with client to define and incorporate all Classification Society references and other guidance documents including ABS, SIGTTO, OCIMF, and ISGOTT along with other applicable international codes and standards. Incorporating HSE, and QA/QC requirements in the development of these specifications. While at FCE I also work with estimating man-hours and defining work scopes for various future projects.

09/13 – 05/15- SEADRILL - Lead Mechanical Project Engineer

Transferred to the DSME Yard in Okpo, Korea in late September of 2013 I held the position of Senior Lead Mechanical Engineer for the company's two ABS DP3 Classed new build drill ships. I was responsible for supervising efforts of two other mechanical engineers in accomplishment of duties similar to those performed in Singapore since July 2012 as detailed below.

07/12 – 09/13 – SEADRILL –Mechanical Project Engineer

I was assigned as Project Mechanical Engineer and was directly responsible for the development of basic and detailed design engineering drawings for an ABS Classed DP3 Drill Ship, the first in a series whose hulls will be assembled locally in Singapore while the major outfitting and commissioning will take place in Brazil. These vessels shall operate for PETROBRAS in Brazilian waters. I reviewed and approved Shipyard’s General and Mechanical Arrangements, Vessel Outfit drawings, Ventilation and Piping & Instrumentation Drawings (P&IDs), Piping Specifications and Construction Standards, Piping Calculations, etc. I reviewed and approved various equipment PTOs and related VCDs for selection of all major equipments in the various marine and drilling systems aboard these vessels. Working closely with other engineering disciplines within Seadrill, along with shipyard engineers and various vendors, I ensured the resolution of owner generated comments throughout the detailed engineering phase of the design process making certain that the client's requirements, as per the written contract specifications, were being met and approved design drawings were being followed. This effort made sure approved changes to design drawings had made their way into the construction drawings. I chaired weekly meetings with shipyard discipline engineers and Seadrill personnel resolving errors/clashes and optimizing the routing of the various piping systems as they will be actually installed, walking through the vessels online 3D Model kept by the yard. Throughout this process I have involved the junior mechanical engineers and qualified Seadrill operations crew that are available on site, to assist in effort to guarantee that nothing is overlooked from an operational point of view. I was also responsible for similar activities for Seadrill's DNV Classed North Sea Environment, DP3 Semi Sub that was being built in Jurong Shipyard. Both of these jobs were currently ongoing as of this date 10/7/14.

09/09 – 06/12– OGRE Pte Ltd. – Atwood Oceanics – Lead HVAC Engineer and Mechanical Construction / Commissioning Engineer

I was assigned to the Atwood Oceanics Project Team in Jurong Shipyard for both of their two new build Semisubmersible Drilling Units, The Osprey an ABS Classed Moored Semi and The Condor an ABS Classed DP2 Semi. I was assigned as Mechanical Engineer responsible for reviewing and approving all vendor and shipyard design and installation drawings for HVAC systems, both mechanically ventilated and air conditioning systems onboard the vessels. I worked closely with the shipyard, conducting routine inspections at site to ensure that these equipments and systems were installed, tested and commissioned in accordance with the approved drawings. Concurrent to these responsibilities I was also assigned to assist the Project Construction Supervisor with monitoring construction efforts for both rigs. I worked directly for the project Construction Supervisor tracking / monitoring progress for all equipment and systems, not only HVAC but also vessel wide piping systems and equipment associated with all drilling, marine and utility systems and monitored derrick assembly. Other responsibilities included the monitoring of QA and QC activities for all aspects of the rigs construction such as mechanical and electrical inspections, mechanical completion and commissioning activities. I worked closely with all other disciplines inside the project team, i.e. Atwood's Third Party Vendors and with lead foremen for all shipyard production disciplines, Piping, Outfitting, Electrical, Structural, Joiner, Painting, etc. on a daily basis. I attended daily project meetings and I chaired various weekly meetings with the mechanical, piping and outfitting groups in order to track and report on the work being done directly to Project Construction Supervisor and Project Manager. The Osprey, currently on contract working for Chevron in Western Australia, was successfully delivered in March of 2011. The second Rig, the Condor, was delivered in June of 2013 and went on contract with Hess in Gulf of Mexico. Both of these rigs went to work almost immediately after delivery.

11/07 – 09/09 – Enertech Services International, INC. – Mechanical / Piping Department Manager

I was responsible for the in house development of the basic design and ABS approval for various different hulls, one of which was a DP2 classed Semi-submersible which was intended for use in GOM or similar environments at 6000 ft water depth with capacities to support 34,000 ft drilling depth. Enertech also developed design of a Jack-up for use in GOM fit for 300 ft water depth operation. I oversaw the development of the basic design for the marine utilities and drilling systems for the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC), the Hai Yang Shi You 981, a DP3 Classed Semi-Submersible Drilling Unit, constructed in Shanghai at SWS shipyard. ESI was also responsible for developing all the construction drawings for the Piping and outfitting which was above main deck and below drill floor, this effort entailed coordination with both SWS, MH and the various equipment vendors and suppliers to ensure that the design team had current up to date drawings and interface information to complete the design. I responded to several ABS comments concerning the design, performing calculations for pump and piping system sizing, wall thickness calculations, equipment recommendation and or selection etc. While at ESI I oversaw the completion of the Basic Design of a Lift Boat for EZRA, constructed in Saigon Shipyard SSY for The Livingston Group here in Houston, TX.

09/06 – 10/07 - Frontier Drilling INC. - Site Engineering Manager

I was assigned to the Frontier Phoenix Project team as Engineering Manager for the PII drill ship conversion. This refit is a complete refurbishment of a 1979 Pelican Class hull. When complete the vessel was a DNV classed DP2 ship shape MODU. Responsibilities included overseeing the detailed engineering process for all disciplines, reviewing, commenting on and updating all drawings received from our engineering contractor as well as those that were generated by the various vendors for specific pieces of equipment or systems, ensuring that schedule and cost goals were met by working alongside the Construction Manager and the shipyard making sure that the construction effort was streamlined based on approved design. I reviewed all equipment specifications and purchase orders to assure that the equipment being purchased met or exceeded both Frontier’s and DNV’s requirements for its intended service. I reported directly to the Project Manager in all efforts, preparing weekly reports for all engineering activities in this regard. While in this position, I also performed early technical drawing reviews for the company’s two new build drill ships the “Bully Rigs” that were deep-water drill ships which were designed and equipped with Huisman Tower drilling packages. The hulls were built in China and equipped, outfitted and delivered in Singapore.

02/06 – 09/06 – Gusto MSC USA - Lead Mechanical Design Engineer.

I was assigned as Lead Mechanical Design Engineer I worked to generate an equipment list as well as a full set of Piping Diagrams sufficient class submittal for Gusto’s DP2 Classed, Self Propelled, TDS 2000 and 2500 series Texas Deck semi-submersible Drilling Units. This following through from bid phase to contract award phase, Gusto now has contracts for and are building two TDS 2000 vessels and one TDS 2500. This was to be an EPC, fully turnkey project where Gusto MSC, USA provided the Engineering for front end design and construction drawings for the construction phase, ATLANTIA provided the project management and financial support and SBM managed the construction phase and assisted Gusto with the purchasing of the equipment. I was given the title of Engineering Project Manager during this time. As the EPM among other responsibilities, I oversaw the generation of equipment technical specifications and set up a system to monitor weight control. I was responsible to coordinate the efforts between all engineering disciplines. I Set up and chaired meetings with various equipment suppliers and responsible engineering disciplines and classification society personnel to ensure that communications were kept open throughout the process. I interviewed and made recommendations for hiring project team members including project design engineers and Package engineers to assist in the procurement phase. I also attended meetings with the various drilling contractors who had expressed interest in purchasing these rigs.

03/03 – 01/06 Global SantaFe, INC. (GSF) - Project Mechanical Engineer

I was assigned as Project Mechanical Engineer: Location: Corpus Christi, TX for GSF Development Driller 1 (DDI) constructed in JSL Shipyard, Singapore. These vessels were designed and constructed to Maltese Cross A1, Column Stabilized, AMS, DP-2, circle P mooring, + CDS ABS Rules. The rig was in port to affect repairs sustained as a result of Hurricane Katrina. I coordinated both engineering and construction efforts between other members of Global SantaFe’s construction team, GSF’s equipment vendors, and the shipyard and third party vendors to ensure that schedule commitments were met in a timely fashion. I was assigned as Project Mechanical Lead Engineer in Singapore at Jurong Shipyard during the Construction Phase of GSF’s two newest deepwater Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, the Development Driller I & II. I was responsible for the review and approval all mechanical arrangements, mechanical handling, piping and HVAC design drawings, as well as the related production drawings produced by the shipyard for the installation of all equipment and related systems on board the vessel. It was my responsibility to the project manager to develop and implement procedures and documentation relating to the installation, testing and commissioning of all machinery both deck and drilling related. I was intimately involved in the commissioning of the rigs 16 point Bodewes mooring system and the two 160 ton Liebherr deck cranes, which at the time of their installation, were the largest of their kind ever designed and built. I worked closely with ABB and the shipyard to develop installation procedures for, and was directly responsible for the physical installation of, the rig’s eight azipod thruster units, using a keel haul method with assistance of a barge crane. I was also responsible for developing the rigs mechanical handling plan which encompassed the removal plans for all equipment on board the vessel.

07/02 - 03/03 - ABB Lummus Global Lead Mechanical Engineer:

I was assigned as Lead Marine Mechanical Engineer for Exxon Mobil Kizomba B project, responsible for generating purchase specifications for all equipment and for developing P&IDs and HVAC D&IDs for the marine hull systems portion of the project. Under my supervision were two other engineers and between 8 to 10 ACAD designers that were producing drawings for Client approval. I worked closely with Exxon Mobil and Hyundi, the shipyard that was selected to do the construction, to ensure that project milestones and schedule commitments were met. During my employment with ABB, I was also responsible for the R&D effort that went into the development of marine systems of a spar design that the company was trying to market as a single column spar, suction pile moored, platform production facility.

12/01 –07/02 PMI Engineering, Inc. - Project Regulatory Coordinator

I was assigned to J. R. McDermott as Project Regulatory Coordinator on the Dominion Devils Tower project, I was responsible to coordinate efforts between all disciplines within the design team and ABS and USCG. I ensured that all required documents were submitted to ABS for review and that any and all return comments from the regulatory bodies concerning these deliverables were resolved and responded to in a timely manner, thus preventing any delays which may have impacted the project schedule. I tracked all regulatory issues daily and prepared weekly updates and monthly reports both for JRME and the owner.

07/01 – 12/01 Tri Ocean Engineering - Senior Piping/Process Engineer for Exxon Mobil Sakhalin 1 Project

I was responsible for the generation of all PFDs UFDs and P&IDs for all marine utility and drilling related systems during the project feed study and preliminary detailed design phase for Exxon/Mobil - Sakhalin 1 Offshore drilling rig, the “Orlan Platform”. I was responsible for equipment selection and preliminary hydraulic analysis for the referenced systems sufficient to verify both pump selection and line sizing. I developed and saw all of these systems through first HAZOP analysis. Performed detailed calculations including, but not limited to, wall thickness calculations for all of the high-pressure mud and cement systems. During this assignment I was also assigned as Package Engineer and wrote package equipment technical specifications for the following drilling systems, High Pressure Manifolds, Low Pressure Pumps, Solids Control Equipment and Mechanical Handling Systems, and HP and LP Flexible Hoses.

05/98 to 07/01: Supervising Mechanical Engineer Ocean Design Associates, Inc.

As project mechanical engineer I was assigned various floating offshore vessels including the new build ENSCO 7501, a DP II classed semi-submersible Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU), and the DRILLMAR 1900 conversion, an offshore semi-submersible tender Mobile Offshore Unit (MOU). I was also assigned as a team member in a coordinated effort between several different engineering companies as a mechanical engineer for Technip working on the BBT Project for Chevron. My responsibilities included the design and analysis of all marine and drilling systems; developing piping diagrams and assisting the owners with equipment selection, performing pressure drop calculations and writing both construction and purchase specifications. I provided engineering support to the design group ensuring that the most current information was made available to the design draftsmen generating the construction drawings. I am familiar with the applicable USCG and ABS and IMO codes and regulations. My duties also included the supervision of two marine engineers assigned to the mechanical group in similar efforts. Other project assignments included ENSCO 7500 a DP II classed semi-submersible (MODU) currently drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the ENSCO Lake Maracaibo Drilling Barges, currently operating in Lake Maracaibo. I wrote purchase specifications and developed P&ID’s for all utilities systems on board the Oceaneering “Ocean Legend”, a production platform in use off the northwestern coast of Australia. I traveled to Shantou China to perform a survey of all mechanical systems onboard two pile driving vessels for CALTEX, one of which was a floating barge and the other was a jack up barge.

04/96 – 03/98: Mechanical Engineer, Halter Marine

Employed in the Piping and Mechanical Section in the Engineering Department, I was responsible for engineering 13 of the company’s commercial 200 to 280 ft Supply/Anchor Handlers in accordance with applicable USCG and ABS regulations. My duties included selecting pumps and performing pressure drop calculations for all shipboard-piping systems. I maintained continuous contact with the various vendors supplying related equipment, ensuring that designers/draftsmen completed assigned drawings on schedule with updated information, and production at the shipyard stayed on track. I was also assigned as junior engineer on a 382-foot passenger ferry that Halter built for the Alaska Marine Highway System, with similar duties and responsibilities. I selected new construction equipment and provided quotes to the estimating department for my section. I was assigned as lead point of contact engineer for all mechanical systems/equipment including bow and stern thrusters, steering systems, deck machinery and shaft lines for all hulls currently under construction. I have performed stress strain related as well as major shipboard equipment bolt torque calculations.

06/89 – 12/95 University of Florida

I was a student at University of Florida pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During this time I also worked part time as a sales associate for Staples in the Business Machine Department.

02/89 – 06/89 Warranty Engineer, Halter Marine (USNS WORTHY)

Represented the shipyard as liaison to the Navy during the first 90 days following the ships turnover to Military Sealift Command personnel, I was responsible for determining when/if reported equipment failures or discrepancies were covered under shipyard warranty for all ship systems, and if so for scheduling related repairs, i.e. contracting local shipyards and supervising efforts to complete these repairs.

1975 – 1989 United States Navy Rank = MM1 (E6)

(USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN – 71) As a member of the TR’s pre-commissioning crew, I was assigned as Group Supervisor to the Hydraulics Shop in the Engineering Auxiliaries Division where I was supervisor of 35 personnel. My shop monitored the equipment installation for the following ship’s systems: Aircraft Elevators, Weapons Elevators, Deck Edge Doors, Hangar bay Division Doors, Steering Gear, Anchor Windlass, Underway Replenishing Winches, and Boat and Aircraft Crane, all of which are mission critical systems. This entailed keeping track of daily shipyard construction progress and monitoring system testing. I worked closely with both shipyard engineers and NAVSEA personnel to determine problem areas and recommended corrective actions. I personally represented the ship’s Chief Engineer at Newport News Shipyard Reliability and Maintenance meetings. I wrote all Engineering Equipment Operating Instructions (EEOPS), used by the ship’s force for the safe operation of the above systems after the ship was turned over to the Navy. After the ship was commissioned, it was my responsibility to schedule and supervise the accomplishments of both preventive and corrective maintenance for all of the above systems.

USS Saratoga CV-60: Rank = MM2 (E5) On board Saratoga, I was assigned to the Engineering Department in #3 Main Machinery Room. As Assistant Work Center Supervisor, I was responsible for the supervision of persons performing both preventative and corrective maintenance on all equipment related to the main propulsion systems. As senior watch stander I was responsible for the reliable and safe operation of these systems. I was responsible for coordination shipyard repairs during overhaul periods.

USS Grand Canyon AR-28: Rank = MM3 (E4) I was assigned to the Outside Repair Shop, in R2 division of Engineering Department, I performed corrective maintenance on all types of valves, regulators, pumps, and winches on board all types of naval ships. As messenger of the watch in machinery space I monitored the operation of all ships propulsion equipment.


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