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Registered Nurse Auxiliary

Pretoria, GP, South Africa
March 14, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae:


ID NO: 910-***-**** 08 7

*** ** ***** ******



South Africa

+277******** (own)

+278******** (father)

+278*-***-**** (mother) (email address) (alternative email address)

Employment history

Date: Nov 01, 2010 – Apr 30, 2011

Position held: Receptionist at Monicayara Hair and Beauty Saloon

Employer: Monica Abrantes (owner) reference number: 079*******

Job description: Secretarial duties.

Duties: Paying bank accounts, book keeping, diarizing appointments for clients and receptionist duties. Styling Clients and product advertising.

Date: 25 March 2013 – 23 October 2014

Position held: Fraud analyst Africa -Standard Bank of South Africa

Employer: - Charmain Steeneveld (Manager) reference number: 011*******

Eileen Biddlecombe – Kelly Account Manager reference number 079-***-****

Bianca Engelbrecht – Kelly Agent - reference number: 011-***-****

Bronwyn Lewis – Team Leader: 083*********

Job description: To Administer, Pre-Investigate And Recover Losses Incurred Locally And Internationally Due To Fraud On Standard Bank Africa Master Cards, Visa And Co-Branded Cards As Well As Other Banks Cards Used As Standard Bank Merchants And Simultaneously Provide Excellent Customer Service To Cardholders, Merchants, Associations & Internal & External Customers.

To Ensure That All Issuing And Acquiring Cases Flagged On The Fraud Monitoring Systems (Falcon & PRM, Base 2000 Vision Plus) Is Actioned Promptly In Order To Detect And Prevent Fraudulent Transactions On All Standard Bank Africa Credit Cards And Merchants As Well The Associated Administration On Fraud Cases Opened In Order To Minimize The Losses And Maximize On Recoveries.


Duties for Issuing Detection of fraud:

•Carefully analyse cases flagged on the fraud monitoring system (Falcon) on credit card accounts and Merchant activity in all countries where Standard Bank Africa has a presence by confirming the validity of suspicious transactions with the cardholder in order to detect and prevent fraud at an early stage.

•To work cases in Falcon (Fraud detection system) queues must be actioned on daily basis (meeting the target of 75 alerts).

•Loading a suspected fraud block in cases where suspicious transactions cannot be confirmed with the cardholder and making a clear memo note (Falcon and Base 2000 system) on the account to the effect for record purposes.

•When a fraud case is detected, an email is sent to the Admin officer advising them of the fraud case and a folder must be opened on the pended cases for the country and in the month when fraud was detected. A docket is to be opened/registered with the correct fraud type and ensure that the cardholder is issued with a new card, where applicable.

•Making clear memo notes when the card holder confirms any suspicious transactions as genuine.

Duties for Acquiring Detection of fraud:

•To analyse and scrutinize the transaction/s before releasing the transactions/batches for settlement to the merchants on the fraud monitoring system (PRM) on a daily basis.

•To hold\suspend all suspicious transactions that come through the on fraud monitoring system (Marked as fraud) before batch run.

•Opening a case docket and sending suspicious merchant for investigation to the External Card Investigator\Manager who would then delegate an investigator in Country to visit the merchant and confirm validity of transactions and to ensure that there are no suspicious fraudulent activities taking place.

•Making clear memo notes on the Merchant system (Vision +) that these transaction/s have been flagged as fraudulent or not suspicious.

•Liaising with issuing Banks local and international to confirm the validity of the transaction/s with their clients by either Fax or Email.

•Retrieving and Analysing Chargeback reports on a weekly basis’s.

Other duties. (Assisting Team leader and Management)

•Ensured the staff is appropriately trained and coached.

•Assist team leader with recruitment and selection when required.

•Plan for and ensure the development and training of staff against clearly defined work standards.

•Administer IR and HR team issues within span of control.

•Conduct meeting minutes in production meetings (PITSTOPS) with staff to review performance.

•Taking part in meetings to inform staff of changes in systems or procedures, and other matters that affect the area.

•Lead, influence and coach others to help them achieve desired results whilst keeping the organization’s Visions and Values in the frontline.

•Taking part in Reducing in the number of errors in the process as a result of efficient service and effective root cause analysis.

•Compiling User Guide for new users about work systems


Date: Mar 03, 2011 – May 05, 2011

Positions Held: Intern for call centre to Southern African Portuguese speaking countries

Employer/Training Supervisor: Mbuyi Kaumba (Supervisor at Multichoice Africa)

•Description: Learning about DSTV decoders, hard ware and software, installations of decoders, trouble shooting.

•Making inbound call to the Southern African Portuguese DSTV subscribers.

Date: 22 Aug 2013 – 23 October 2014

Position Held: Part of the Social Committee for Integrated Operational Risk: Fraud Detection.

Chairman\Woman: Janette Masikane reference number: 011-***-****

•Description: A Social committee for the whole of GFCC and we are responsible in planning our social calendar ahead for the year, organizing events, creating awareness on pertinent issues and anything socially related to boost morale of staff member and bring some joy into coming to work.

•Taking part in the organising and judging of competition held by the Social committee,

Date 31 May 2015 – 31 May 2016

Position Held: Part of the LRC (Learner Representative Committee) of Arwyp Training Institute.

Chairman\ President: Donald Ngoepe reference number: 078-***-****

Description: A student representative committee for the whole of the Arwyp Training Institute and we are responsible for planning our social calendar ahead for the year, organizing events, creating awareness on pertinent issues and anything socially related to boost morale of the students and to bring some joy to the work being done by students both at school and during their clinical practical work.

Liaising with the the Arwyp Medical Centre staff (Unit Manager, Matrons, Nurses, cleaners, laundry department, and other respectful departments) with regards to students behavioural issues, time schedules, and other updates.

Resolving all students related problems and queries regarding practical work in the hospital wards and during academic times.

Date: 31 May 2015 – 31 May 2016

Position Held: Practical Work as a Student Nursing Auxiliary/Assistant at the Arwyp Medical Centre

Lectures: Brittany Dhaniram (Clinical Facilitator at Arwyp Training Institute) reference number: 011-***-****

Dr. Annelize de Villiers (Principal at Arwyp Training Institute) reference number: 011-***-****

Description: Under the supervision of a Registered Nurse to assists in providing goal directed in the individualized patient care, utilizing the nursing process and the nursing care plan to an assigned group of patients. Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, has to perform all or part of the following duties.

oAssists with taking nursing histories from the patients to establish baseline data that reflects the patient’s status relative to the physiological condition, psychological and spiritual needs, socio-economic and cultural status, and patients other expectations.

oAssisting with the collecting subjective and objective data for determining patients problems and needs using appropriate communication skills, data from documentation of previous medical care, physical assessment, diagnostic studies.

oContributes to planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care in an organized, safe, humanistic manner which reflects/ includes the patients’ needs and priorities in seeking assistance in identifying and setting appropriate priorities, assists in implementing the specific nursing care plan developed by the Registered Nurse, assists the Registered Nurse in revising the Nursing care plan as needed, participate in patient care related, nursing continuing education, and interdisciplinary conferences, identifies usual patients’ responses to nursing care and report’s findings to the Registered Nurses, documents nursing care activities and observations on appropriate medical records.

oAssist with the Administration of Nursing Care to adult/paediatric patients who are ambulatory or immobile, conscious or unconscious, oriented or disoriented and understands rationale for technical skills used in delivering patient care by assisting with personal hygiene and skin care nursing activities, assist with ambulation and range of motion actives, assists with ambulation and range of motion actives utilizing theoretical knowledge, assists with the maintenance of nutrition and fluid balance and accurately documents intake/ output etc. On the appropriate records, performs all nursing care functions/ patients care treatments appropriate for the patients on that nursing unit, for which he/she has theoretical and clinical preparation and has prior evidenced competency validated by faculty within and academic nursing program, recognizes deviations in patients’ responses to therapies as well as pathophysiology and appropriately report’s findings to the Registered Nurse

oMaintains cooperative and productive working relationships with all members of the health care team, understands his/her role in relation to providing nursing care actives, understands hospital, department of Nursing Division, and unit policies and procedures and utilizes these in providing nursing care, communicates effectively with the staff and all members of interdisciplinary health care team, communicates effectively with patients/significant other in providing patients care.


Date: 07/01/2010

•Elandspoort High - Obtained Senior Certificate (Grade 12 Full-Time).

Date: 31/05/2015-31/05/2016

Arwyp Medical Training Institute - Obtained Enrolment as a Nursing Auxiliary with Clinical Distinctions( Full time)

Additional information

•Played hockey for 6 years in Elandspoort High School

•Played in the first team of Elandspoort High School from 2007-2009.

•Received 2 trophies in 2009. Elandspoort High School

•Top goal scorer (2009). Elandspoort High School

•Best player of the year (2009). Elandspoort High School

•Part of the Afrikaans debating team of Elandspoort High School in 2008.

•Part of the executive council in 2009. Elandspoort High School


•Home Cooking and Baking

•Listening to Music. (Classical, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel)

•Artistic pastimes. (Poetry, painting reading novels)

Additional Information

•Home language: Portuguese. (Good)

•Official language: English. (Business adequate)

•Other known languages: Sesotho (basic) and Afrikaans. (Basic)

•Religion: Christian.

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