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Agricultre Director

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
March 14, 2018

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Curriculum vitae

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PERSONAL INFORMATION Merghany Mohamed Merghany, Ph.D.

Agricultural Manager

*** ****** **, *****, ***** Giza (Egypt)



11 Jan 2017–Present General Manager of Agriculture Sector Celopatra Agriculture Group, Cairo (Egypt)

The sector has 6 farms ( 15000 feddans )in Lower and Upper Egypt.

Coordinating and supervising the agriculture sector in the company.

Responsible for production quality and quantity for all crops ( Alfa Alfa, Maize, Sorghum, Wheat, Parley, Citrus, Apricot, Mango, Grapes, Pear, Peach, Potato, Date-Palms...etc)

Responsible and supervising of organic products in open field and protected tunnels( vegetables and fruits )

Responsible and supervising of harvest and post-harvest treatments, packing, food safety and hygiene

More than 40% of products for exportation and 40% for local market especially big supermarkets and hotels and 20% for popular customer

Coordinating more than 600 employees.

17 Oct 2013–16 Nov 2016

Executive Manager

Egyptian -Kuwait Company for Land Reclamation and Livestock, Giza


The company has 26000 acre, it started the first stage with 5000 acre

(2000 acre with potatoes, 2000 fed with alfa-alfa, to feed 2000 big animals, 500 fed with grapes and 500 fed with vegetables in open field and greenhouses).

Responsible for land reclamation in the first stage (5000 fed.)

Responsible for managing the main agricultural practices and activities in the company

Supervising animals feed processes and Dairy Milk

Prepared the annual operating plan, achieve financial goals and monitor deviations.

Ensured that the production process complies with the international standards ( GAP, ISO, HACCP etc.)

Cooperated with the sales and marketing managers to meet the objectives set by the board

Activate good relationship with retails and buyers ( Exportation Curriculum vitae

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and Local market)

Reporting to the company` board

6 Sep 1996–15 July 2013


1- Head of Production Department (ATUT/ RONCO Project). Reporting to chief of party.

Agriculture Technology Utilization and Transfer Project ( ATUT/ RONCO ). It's USAID project for plant production and exportation in Lower & Upper Egypt. The project acts as an interface agricultural practices in the country and modern international developments; this is achieved through cooperation programs with a number of international organization and Universities (Florida, Davis and Illinois).

Developed applied research programs adopting advanced technology to provide necessary packages of information and practices related to optimize the use of land and water resources

Carried out research programs for optimization of agricultural practices (irrigation, fertilization, protection ... etc) of horticultural crops.

Transferred the research recommendations and technology to individuals (Small, medium, large growers and companies), institutions, and non-governmental authorities through providing training and extension services.

Provided technical service in desert agriculture to beneficiaries to help them solving problems associated with sandy and old valley soils.

Emphasized number of educational and practical aspects transfer and utilization of new technology of horticultural crops, dealing with a number of big, medium and small agriculture companies & NGO's.

Provided technical services in handling, storage, harvest and post- harvest treatments for horticultural crops.

Training courses and workshop to small growers and big agricultural companies.

2- Consultant for ( Africare / Egypt Organization Project) in UPPER EGYPT

Africare / Egypt, It's USAID project for qualifying the small growers and new graduates in Upper Egypt (Wadi El-Saeda- Edfo, Aswan). This project aimed to train the small farmers and new graduates on the latest technologies used in production, harvest and post-harvest treatments.

Consultant in providing the project beneficiaries with the technical and business trainings.

Curriculum vitae

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Introduced the idea of packing and packaging to increase the added value of the products.

3- Consultant of Horticultural Crops (ACDI/ VOCA Project ) ACDI / VOCA Project, It's USAID project which aims to develop the crop production techniques in UPPER EGYPT.

Advisor for different agriculture practices (i.e. Irrigation, Fertilizations, Protection etc.).

Consultant for FARMER TO FARMER Project

4- MUCIA Project

It's USAID project for research and development for crop production between Cairo University in Egypt and USAID (Illinois University) in USA

12 Jun 2008

11 Jul 2096

Co-Founder of Blue Skies Company for Fo


Blue Skies Company for food processing, Cairo (E

company. The company has three branches, the fi

the second in South Africa and the last one in Egy The main activity of this company is food process

fresh–cut salad and Juice (fruits and vegetables). for exportation and 50% for hotels and supermark

EL-Shaikh, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Sohag e

company was :

Responsible for building and establishing a new

factory) belongs this Company in 10th of Ramad

Identifying and recommending new growers and

horticultural crops production in Lower and Upp

suppliers )

Encourage and assist smallholder farmers to be

and supplier for the company

Establishment new associations for horticultura

and growers in Lower and Upper Egypt, such as

association, tomato growers association, onion

association etc.

Dealing with these associations and growers to

to Blue Skies Company and other food processi

factories to make added value for their products


Supervising of crops production and the raw ma

starting from the farm to the factory .

Ensured that the crops quality, manufacturing p

product meet the international standards ( food


Responsible for the Production process from th

Curriculum vitae

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Reporting to the main office in England

10 Mar 1993–1 May 1995 General manager of HCH Company HCH Salhyia Project, Salhyia (Egypt)

Supervising Agricultural Practices of Olives and alfa alfa crops for 1000 acres (Irrigation, Fertilization, Harvest and post-harvest Treatments...etc)

Responsible for the Production process of Olives oil from the suppliers to the customers

17 Nov 1990–5 July 1993 Technical manager of Nadec Company for crop production Nadec Company, Cairo (Egypt)

Supervising the food processes of Dairy Milk and juice products 6 May 1985–17 Jun 1989 Ph.D. of Agriculture Science EQF level 8 Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza (Egypt) Joint Ph.D Program with Illinois University, United States & Cairo Univ.,Egypt

11 Jun 1981–4 Sep 1984 Master of Agriculture Science EQF level 7 Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza (Egypt) 15 Sep 1975–22 Jun 1979

Bachelor of Agriculture Science EQF level 6

Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza (Egypt) Curriculum vitae

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Other skills :

- able to make presentation

- able to write technical report

- able to management workshop and meetings

- able to write and published scientific papers .

- able to deal with governmental organizations and NGO`s

- willing to travel inside and outside Egypt and attending workshop and conferences

- able to collecting data and make statistical analysis and making results promotion and advertising to the market

- able to make visits and field trips to follow up for the recommendations and advices especially practical issues

Mother tongue(s) Arabic


Listening Reading





English B2 C1 B2 B2 C1

Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Global Protocols Consultant for:





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