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Hardware Design Engineer

Ajax, ON, Canada
March 14, 2018

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Jalaj Sheth

Mechatronics Engineer

A passionate engineer interested in electrical and electro-mechanical product design, hardware system integration and control systems 647-***-**** WORK EXPERIENCE

05/2017 – 08/2017

Hardware Engineer

Nymi Inc.

Toronto, Canada

Characterized Ultra-wide band (UWB) technology as a solution for presence detection and designed a daughter board PCB to integrate UWB into existing hardware

Prototyped Haptics circuitry and module to test ERM and LRA vibration motors

Modified HAL and LL firmware to reconfigure USART as SPI Performed comprehensive power calculations for battery capacity requirement

Carried out application specific Capsense characterization using Cypress CY3280-MBR3 and designed a mechanical fixture to validate the sensor at variable distance

09/2016 – 12/2016

Hardware Development Engineer

Nytric Ltd.

Mississauga, Canada

Designed and prototyped a discrete solution for overvoltage and undervoltage protection to create a robust battery management system


Designed, built and tested DC-DC SEPIC converter to achieve desired output for battery charger circuitry

Carried out maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to obtain optimal power generation for a solar panel to charge a SLA battery Implemented custom incremental conductance algorithm to achieve MPPT and tuned a PID controller to maintain the output voltage Applied appropriate EMI filters to reduce the high frequency switching noise

01/2016 – 04/2016

Hardware Design Engineer

Lumotune Inc.

Kitchener, Canada

Developed and improved firmware in C for ATmega32 microcontroller by implementing efficient data transfer and storage involving various communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART

Carried out schematic review and made necessary changes to optimize the board design

Extensively tested and debugged hardware prototypes using schematic analysis and lab tools such as DMM, Logic analyzer, Signal generator and Oscilloscope

Implemented quick and temporary hardware hacks to fix issues found during prototyping and validation phase


09/2013 – Present

Mechatronics Engineering

University of Waterloo

Cumulative Average: 85

Autonomous Mobile Robotics Power Electronics I & II Automatic Control Systems Microprocessor System and Interfacing


PCB Design Schematic capture and analysis

Altium Designer SPI I2C UART MATLAB

Simulink LabView Control Theory

Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope Analog Circuit

Digital Circuit Combination Logic Solidworks


Autonomous Warehouse Management Solution

(05/2017 – Present)

Constructing an autonomous robot to pick up and deliver standard pallet size payload

Co-leading the Electrical Design including battery management system, sensor selection and linear actuator control system, and motor drive circuitry

Wall-climber Robot (01/2017 – 04/2017)

Led full electrical design including power system, sensor and motor driver component selection, and system integration Carried out force calculation to estimate required motor torque to assist in component selection

Spring-Mass-Damper(SMD) Control Sytem

(01/2017 – 04/2017)

Designed a PID controller in Simulink to accurately control the SMD system with less then 5mm error

Modeled a first-order closed loop transfer function of servo drive system and applied loop-shaping, feed-forward principles to achieve system stability

Autonomous Line-Following Car (09/2015 – 12/2015)

Designed and built an autonomous vehicle to follow a line using IR LEDs, photodiodes, and differential amplifiers

Implemented hall-effect sensors to detect any magnetic field and used inverting amplifiers to determine polarity

Programmed a PIC microcontroller using C and BareBones programmer to drive the car through an arbitrary obstacles courses LANGUAGES






Squash Cricket Cultural Performances

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