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Newark, NJ
March 14, 2018

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Aspiring challenging assignments to gain expertise in SAP BI/BO to pursue a successful challenging and exciting career while being able to dispense my maximum potential to the benefit of the organization


An accomplished SAP BI/BO & HANA Consultant with 6 years of Experience in IT industry with more than 5 years of specialized experience in SAP BW and more than 1-year experience with SAP HANA Modeling Participated in multiple Full life cycle implementation including Upgrades.

Expertise in SAP BW 3.5/3.1C/3.0B/2..1C/2.0B, BI 7.0 and in SAP BO 3.1,4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 Migration and Configuration.

Result oriented professional with proven developer expertise in BI/BW, BO and HANA.

Experienced with BI EDW concepts and enhancements such as Transformations, DTP, DSO, ADSO, IC, MP and Info Sets

Expertise of various data design models - Entity Relationship (ER), Multi Dimensional/Star Schema and Extended Star Schema models

Good working knowledge in modeling, creating InfoObjects, InfoSource, DSO, InfoCubes, Uploading Hierarchies and Multi-Cubes

Proficient in Data staging using DSO before transferring the DSO contents to the InfoCube

Proficient in loading data from flat file, SAP R/3 systems and from External systems

Proficient in Integration of FI and Logistics for Order Life Cycle Management and also account Determination

Experience in extracting data from SAP R/3 (FICO, MM, SD, HR, PM) and BW using different data extraction structures such as LO Cockpit, FI-GL, CO-PA

Experience in Datasource enhancements and LO-Cockpit configuration and customization

Experience in BEX and Web Application Designer for developing reports, analysis, Web reporting

Experience in SAP Financial Systems modules.

Customer Relationship, Project Management, Documentation and experience in complete System Development Life Cycle, good experience in handling testing tasks


creating, organizing, publishing and scheduling reports using Center Management Console

Sound exposure in modeling & creating reports using Dashboards, Design Studio, Lumira, WebI, Crystal Report

Experience in creating universe in IDT and publishing it on BI LaunchPad

Experience in publishing dashboards to IOS and Android System

Experience in creating WebI report using Universe, BW Queries, HANA Views

Worked on Web Intelligence to develop and publish client reports

Trained end users on Business Objects Products.

Developed WebI reports using functionalities - alerts, breaks, filters, ranks, slice and Dice.

Designed complex reports and Dashboards based on discussions with user groups and created dashboard using Charts, Alerts, tables, Dropdown box, input Box.


Designed and implemented SAP HANA data modeling using Attribute View, Analytic View, and Calculation View for FICO, MM Modules.

Capable team player with exceptional interpersonal and collaborative skills to foster team’s performance; ability to communicate effectively with all levels of application development phases in the company


SAP BW/BI : Modeling, Query Designer, WAD Templates

Xcelsius, Design Studio Dashboard, HANA Studio, Lumira

Web Intelligent Report

Business Explorer, IDT

Modeling: Info Objects, Info cubes, DSO objects, MultiProviders, Application Component, Info Sources, Data Sources, Update Rules, Transfer Rules, Info Packages, Process Chains, Data Transfer Process (DTP), ADSO

Scheduling: Creation of Batch process and scheduling load jobs in parallel, Process Chain Maintenance

Reporting: Reporting with Business Explorer using BEx Analyzer, BEx Query Designer, Web Application Designer, developed Queries, queries using Filters, Free Characteristics, Calculated Key figures and Variables


Team Management

Target Oriented



Performance Tuning

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Object Creation




SAP BI/BW & BO certificate from LSA, London 2011

HANA modeling at KPIT Technologies


Master of Business Administration from MSU, Chennai, India 2013

Bachelor of Commerce, Gujarat University, India 2009


Interacted and coordinated with the clients and employees from US, India and South Africa.






VSD Technologies

Symphony Coolers, INDIA

HANA & BO Consultant

Mar 2017 – Jan 2018

KPIT Technologies

Juniper Networks, USA

BI Consultant

Dec 2015 – Oct 2016

Vocera (Development Support), USA

BO Consultant

May 2015 – Feb 2016

Template Development for US Client

BO Consultant

Nov 2014 Apr 2015

Pall Corporation (Up gradation ), USA

BW/BI Consultant

Feb 2015 Apr 2015

iMark Info 360

Simba Corporation, South Africa(implementation, Support)

BI & BO Consultant

Jul 2014 Nov 2014

Orbit, South Africa (implementation, Support)

BI & BO Consultant

Mar 2014 Jul 2014

KenAfric,South Africa(implementation, Support))

BI & BO Consultant

Jan 2013 Mar 2014

Jain Industries, INDIA (implementation, Support)

BO Consultant

Oct 2011 Dec 2012


Symphony Coolers, Gujarat

March-2017 To Jan-2018


Symphony has been cooling the world since 1939. Offers a wide range of air coolers, air conditioners including evaporative air coolers, desert coolers, room coolers, personal coolers, portable air coolers, mobile air coolers, tower coolers, diet coolers, residential coolers, industrial coolers, ducted coolers and window air coolers .It is ranked as World’s top Air cooler Company.


Participation in all phases of a project: This includes requirement gathering, Analysis. Modeling, design and development, reporting, and transportation of objects in different application SD/MM/FI.

Discussed with Business users, end users, Functional experts and management to analyze the requirements of different application (SD/MM/WM/HR/FI) and develop the efficient reports

Prepared FS and TS for and based on the requirements

Creating Attribute Views, Analytical Views and Calculation Views

Used multiple join to combine more than one views like Left Outer Join, Right outer join and Inner Join

Used Text join to get text data information efficiently

Used Rank node to avoid multiple/Duplicate records

Used SQL scripts to create new calculated columns and manual Filters

Using Filters for data restrictions and calculating the columns to get required data values

BO (Web Intelligence)

Reports based on Sales, MM and FI Module on HANA views.

Creating and using Universe(unx), data foundation using Information Design Tool(IDT)

Extensively used advanced reporting functionalities such as Master Detailed, Drill, Filters, Ranking, Sections, Graphs and Breaks

Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications for Business Objects Universes and Report

Sales and Collection report based on Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, MTD, YTD, QTD, comparing data with previous years.

Financial report based on Bank balance, Cash Flow, Balance Outstanding, Amount Receivables, Pending Transfer

Used Add element link/Report functionality to jump on Detailed level report from main report

Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale, California

Dec 2015 – Oct 2016

Sr. SAP BI Consultant

Juniper Networks, Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California that develops and markets networking products. Juniper Networks originally focused on core routers, which are used by internet service providers (ISPs) to perform lookups and direct internet traffic.

Responsibility :

worked on BI 7.4 with backend CRM

Understanding and Creating TS/Test Cases templates for all the reports

Customized and managed the modeling of Info cube, DSO, Advanced DSO

Worked extensively with Business Content (BI) and enhanced existing Financial Info Cubes to meet the End-User Requirements

Gathered the requirements from Clients Business Analyst and implemented from start to end

Created process chains on data loading and for weekly and daily and did the PSA deletion to improve the system performance.

Written routines at different levels like start routines, end routines, transformation mappings and at DTPs.

Moving objects from development to quality and from quality to production Environment.

Monitored daily BW uploads and LO Cockpit Jobs, re-peat scheduled the jobs when daily uploads were delayed, resolved several issues during uploads.

Worked on ADSO and Composite Providers

DTP maintenance

Configured the use of Exceptions, Filters and conditions, Structure, Variables, Restricted and Calculated Key Figure.

Environment: SAP CRM, SAP BW7.4 BW ON HANA, BEx Query Designing.

Vocera, San Jose, CA

May 2015 – Feb 2016

Sr. SAP BO Consultant

Vocera delivers secure, integrated and intelligent communication solutions that enable care teams to collaborate. Solutions include hands-free voice communication, secure text messaging, patient engagement tools, and integrated clinical workflow with EHRs, nurse call systems and physiological monitors.


Create universes using Information Design Tool connection BODS server

Design/Developing/customizing the universes and reports based on the report design documents

Creating WebI reports

Understanding and Enhancing existing Report

Building highly complex reports using various techniques like Sectioning, filter, slice and dice, ranking and incorporating sound business logic

Scheduling report to user’s email Id as per authorization on daily, weekly, Monthly bases for SD module

Worked on CMC module in creating user groups and folders and managing security

Moving reports from dev to quality and quality to production server using promotion management jobs including objects OLAP connections, Universes, WebI reports

Developer to Reviewer- Actively involved in knowledge transition and training for juniors

Environment: SAP BO 4.0, SAP BODS

Template Development for US clients, Pune, India

Nov 2014 Apr 2015

Sr. SAP BI & BO Consultant

Worked on BI 7.4 Version and BO 4.1 using Webi and Xcelsius tools

Involved in R&D team to make Analytical report templates for the US clients

Created info providers like info cubes, DSO, Multi Provider, Virtual Provider for FI, SD, MM modules

Highly involved in activating BI contents for the modules FI, SD, MM

Created Bex queries using functionality cell, exception, structure, RKF, CKF

Understanding and modifying existing Design studio and Xcelsius dashboards

Used R3 and BI into same server

Environment: SAP BO 4.1, SAP Bw 7.4, SAP R/3 ECC 6.0

Pall Corporation, Washington, NY

Feb 2015 Apr 2015

SAP BI Consultant

Pall Corporation is an industry leader and manufacturer of proprietary filtration, separation and purification products and solutions. Pall offers a wide range of filters to meet your fluid management needs.


Involved in Up gradation project from System SAP BW 7.2 to SAP BW 7.4 Version

Involved in all pre-up gradation and post- up gradation activities

Actively participate in checking and testing the objects like info objects, info cubes, DSO, Transformation, routines post up gradation

Monitored performance of the queries and reports pre & post up gradation

Changed/Corrected logic for the routines in transformation as per environment change requirement

Environment: SAP BW 7.2, SAP Bw 7.4

Simba Corporation, Nairobi, Kenya

Jul 2014 Nov 2014

SAP BI Consultant

Simba Corporation began as one of Kenya's most successful indigenous commercial organizations with a very rich heritage in motor vehicle sales and service. Simba Corporation is an integrated business group headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with controlling interests in such diversified fields as motor sales and service.


Worked on DBM module (Vehicle Sales, Parts, services) Data sources

Activated data sources and data flow for FI module (EHP 3)


Info cube and DSO for DBM data sources, Income statement and Balance Sheet Statement

Online reports using RFC and Business Explorer Tool

Created Dashboard for FI modules containing Balance Sheet, Income Statement, KPIs.

Orbit, Nairobi, Kenya

Jul 2014 Nov 2014

SAP BI & BO Consultant

Orbit Chemical Industries Ltd. provides commercial cleaning chemicals and hygiene solutions for customers in Kenya and internationally. It manufactures soap and detergent products, such as detergent powders and liquids, toilet soap tablets and laundry soaps, scouring powders, liquid disinfectants, hand gels, boiler water treatment chemicals, and petroleum jelly; sulphonation products, such as linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid and sodium laurel ether sulphate.


Implementation (BI):

Created and maintained Info Cubes, Operational Data Store, PSA, Info Objects, Info Areas, Multi providers, Info Sources, Data Sources, multi provider, and Info Packages

Uploaded Master Data and Transaction Data from R/3

Designed and maintained Process Chains for master data & Trans Data

Identified, installed and edited Data sources as per requirement

Worked on activating the Standard Business Content object like Info Cubes, ODS Objects, Info Objects etc

Monitored info packages and analyzed the reasons for frequent failures of info packages

Extracted Master & Transaction Data using Generic Data Sources from OLTP

Assisted in Data Extracting from the Source system using LO Cockpit and Generic Extractions for all the logistics data

Implementation (BO):

Created dashboards using Xcelsius (Dashboard Design 4.1), Design Studio 1.1, and Business Explorer

Managed CMC connections in Business Objects 4.1 version

Created OLAP connections for connecting BI queries and BO tools

Creating reports using below tools, WebI Reports and Crystal reports

Involved in designing and developing the Universe and updating the existing Universes, developing ad hoc reports, scheduling the processes and administering the BO activities using Business Objects 4.0

Created Dashboard Designs for modules viz., FI, MM, SD, HR and Project Dashboards

Connected through XML maps using RFC, BISC connection and created dashboards using Query Browser

Creating WebI reports and Design studio reports for Ipad Iphone and android systems


Jan 2013 Mar 2014

SAP BI & BO Consultant

Kenafric Industries Ltd. produces and manufactures confectionery, food, footwear, and stationery products. Its products include chewing and bubble gum, lollipops, toffees, juices, icing sugar, candies, mchuzi mix, stock cubes, and curry powder. The company also offers slippers, gumboots, canvas, and exercise books.


Creating and maintaining Info Cubes, Operational Data Store, PSA, Info Objects, Info Areas, Multi providers, Info Sources, Data Sources, and Info Packages.

Uploading Master Data and Transaction Data from R/3.

Designed and maintaining Process Chains for master data & Trans Data.

Involved in creation multi provider.

Identifying Data sources, Installation of Data sources and editing as per requirement.

Worked on activating the Standard Business Content object like Info Cubes, ODS Objects, Info Objects etc.

Monitoring of info packages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of info packages.

Extracting Master & Transaction Data using Generic Data Sources from OLTP.

Helping in Data Extracting from the Source system using LO Cockpit and Generic Extractions for all the logistics data.

BO (Xcelsius):

Experienced in Business objects universe designing, Business Objects Desktop Intelligence, Business Objects Web Intelligence, Dashboard Designing, Design Studio, Business View Manager, Info view, CMC and Business Objects Enterprise.

Experience in designing and developing the Universe and updating the existing Universes, developing ad hoc reports, scheduling the processes and administering the BO activities using Business Objects 4.0

Expertise in creating, organizing, publishing and scheduling reports using Center Management Console.

Dashboard Designs created for the below modules :





Project Dashboards.

Connection through XML maps using RFC, BISC connection and Currently using Query Browser for creating Dashboards.

Creating dashboard designs, WebI reports and Design studio reports for Ipad Iphone and android systems.

Jain Industries, New Delhi, India

Oct 2011 Dec 2012

Jr. SAP BI & BO Consultant

Jain Industries Manufacturer and Exporter of Paper & Paper Products such as Paper Cup Making Machine, Paper Cup Making Machine, Paper Plate Raw Material, Paper Plate Making Machine, Thermocol Plate Making Machine & Paper Cup Raw Material from New Delhi, Delhi, India.


Extensively worked in Business Warehouse Info Cubes, DSO (Data Store Objects), Transformation, DTP (Data Transfer Process), Info objects, Info packages, Info objects Catalogs, Data sources, Data Extraction, Characteristics and Key figures, Business Content, specific to FI & HR

Managed Info Cubes, performance issues like Indexes, Statistics, Compression of Info Cube, Rolling up the data to the Aggregates, Partitioning of Info Cube, OLAP Cache Activation, & Maintained Query Read Mode

Created BEX Reports using Formulas, Selections, Structures, Calculated Key Figure, Restricted Key Figure and Used Variables with User Entry/Default Value, Replacement Path and Customer Exit

Changed the Existing data model of an Info Cube by adding new Characteristics and Key figures, involving the Re-initialization of Data Sources in SAP R/3

Created and maintained SAP BW objects as per the user requirements

Designed & developed multidimensional data models, Info cubes, Multi Providers, Data Store Objects (DSO), Hierarchies, Info Objects, Data Sources, Info Sources, Transformations Info Providers, and DTPs

Created Generic Extractors using table and view

Activated Business Content Data Sources as per the requirement and maintained the Extract Structure

Designed BEx Reports, provided insight of Business Intelligence for Business Analyst for Decision making using Formulas, Selections, Structures, Cell Definitions, Calculated Key Figure, Restricted Key Figure and Used Variables with User Entry/Default value

Created HR headcount dashboard based on employees’ age, gender, experience, education, attrition rate, region wise, Company wise, Grade wise and Group wise

Created PS Dashboard with all the Project Information and with WBS

Created FI Dashboard based on financial Statements of Companies as Individuals and as whole Company

Created HR employee Webi reports and reports for FI


Willing for immediate join.

References available upon the request

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