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Data Project Management

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
March 14, 2018

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• Experienced Data analyst with a Double Master’s Degree in Information systems and strong knowledge in SQL programming

• Extensive experience in developing various real-time dashboards and reports using different Data visualization tools like Qlik Sense, Tableau, Power BI and Power pivot etc.

• Good working experience with different ETL tools like Talend, Apache Nifi and Informatica and have ability to manage multiple projects in parallel during time critical solutions

• Proficient with different SDLC methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile with an ability to be creative and to take self- initiatives


Northeastern University, Boston, MA Dec 2017

Master of Science in Information Systems

Courses: Business Analysis and Information Engineering, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Organizational Change and IT, Application Engineering and Development, Database design and Management, User experience and testing, Enterprise architecture and planning

National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland May 2014 Post-Graduation, Cloud computing

Courses: Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Security, Cloud Architecture, Research and Development, Virtualization, Data Storage, Research and Development 2, Business Strategies for Cloud Computing, Cloud services Aurora’s Scientific Technological and Research Academy, India Nov. 2012 Bachelors of technology, Information Technology.


Expertise:Requirements Gathering and Analysis, Web UI/UX, monitor performance ofData, Business Process Analysis, Filter and

“clean” data, Team Management/Training, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Enterprise architecture management, task scheduling, MS project management, developing data analyses, data collection systems that optimize efficiency and quality Software Development Model: Agile(Scrum), Waterfall Software:Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Visual studio (SSIS, SSAS), Microsoft SSDT, Ubuntu Server, MS Visio. Databases: SQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL developer (Linux/ windows),MongoDB, Vertica (Linux) Data visualization tools:Eclipse Java, NetBeans, Toad Point modeler, power BI, Tableau, Qlik sense, Power pivot, MS Excel. Cloud services: AWS services- EC2, S3, CloudFront

Data Loaders (ETL): Talend, Apache Nifi

Other: JIRA Client/ Web, MS project management


Rudolph Technologies, MA, USAJan 2017– Aug 2017

• Carried a research program on comparing different (ETL tools) Data loaders – Talend, Apache Nifi

• Integrated datasets from Oracle and Vertica into Vertica database

• Generated Task scheduling reports and to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information

• Created dashboards, reports, visualizations and analytics using Qlik Sense followed by ETL to integrate different data subsets from 4 different databases SQL server, MySQL, Postgres and Oracle

• Carried Data visualization and analysis on Data sources provided using Qlik Sense and accessed reports generated through Qlik sense cloud

• Automated the manual data loading procedure using Apache Nifi / Talend

• Produced reports and created dashboards using Tableau, Qlik sense and Ad hoc

• Developed Dimensional data modelling, familiar with snow, star, dimensions and facts, Qlik sense analysis

• Developed meaning insights using Tableau, Qlik view and power BI

• Created ETL scripts under Vertica and Oracle database platform, cleared dataset anomalies using SSIS and SSAS

• Carried Data integration tasks on Qlik Sense management console PROJECTS

Kaggle Competition - Titanic: Data analysis Summer 2017

• Implemented exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, feature transformations, feature extraction, missing value imputations, cross-validation and model ensembles for better accuracy using Tableau.

• Applied different predictive models like Logistic regression and Random Forest to predict survivors from Titanic shipwreck. Data Integration business intelligence ProjectSummer 2017

• Obtained target data through integration from source databases such as SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle throughTalend and SSDT (SQL server Data tools), accessing source data given in different formats and create a target database

• Provided required data by running different Queries in all the databases and displayed the results set by generating reports through Microsoft Power BI, Qlik sense cloud/ Qliksense Desktop, Tableau and Power pivot

• Created dimensional data models for the different data subsets of a school database, created OLAP (SSAS) cube for each data model, created meaningful queries for each of the module on all the databases, applied KPIs in business analysis, developed dashboards and performed Data visualization through Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik sense cloud/ Qlik sense Desktop, Tableau and Power pivot, generated DDL script based on the model in Toad Cloud Research and Development Project April2014- April 2015 Cloud Infrastructure, National college of Ireland

• Developed and deployed a private cloud, compared various private cloud behavior depending upon factors like system memory, different operating systems using windows, Ubuntu server, Ubuntu Desktop, worked with VMware such as vSphere, Workstation, Fusion, Microsoft azure products. Also, compared XEN, Hyper-V and KVM technologies, developed EC2 instances, worked with S3 and other services- also pursuing certification on AWS services

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