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Financial accountant / Manager

Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
March 12, 2018

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*, **** *** *** ****** ST, FROM 30 ST, SEDI BISHER, ALEXANDRIA _ EGYPT

TEL: 002/03/5023942 – 002/03/5344920 & Mobile: 002/010******** E-mail:


Seeking a responsible position in Accounting and Financial Field .

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1- Excellent in win98. XP, sp2, sp3, Seven, word and excel. 2- Excellent in office programs 2003, 2007, 2010 (word .excel .power point). 3- Good knowledge with computer trouble shooting.

4- Excellent in typing on keyboard.

5- Very Good for working at the accounting system (QuickBooks software, QuickBooks online, Peachtree & can work with any accounting progrm.



Bachelor of commerce, Faculty of commerce - June 2008.

Certificate of Course Completion:-

Successfully completed (ICDL Course).

Successfully completed (conversation course in English )at the Egyption German language institute.

Successfully completed ) Course in recording and moving accounting entries & preparing financial statements from the Egyptian Association for Chartered Accountants).

Successfully completed (Training Course for Customs Clearance from the National Institute of customs clearance ).

Certified ISO 9001 ( For Internal Audit from Qatar ).

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* Work Place : Googness Tourism.

* Job Title : Information services.

* Job description : approved all the wishes for the customers and handle any problem with Customers.

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* Work Place : EL GEZERA Real Estate Investment (training).

* Job Title : Accountant.

* Job description : Agency Accountant.

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* Work Place : ALEX Group Marketing.

* Job Title : Sales and marketing agent.

* Job description : Achieve sales target in my area and handle any problem with Costumers.

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* Work Place : Techno Alex Contracting agriculture.

* Job Title : Accountant.

* Job description : Daily work restrictions, taxes, bookkeeping and fund suppliers and customers, the work of a financial analysis of small project, follow-up of social insurance.

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* Work Place : Speed bird trans shipping and logistics services.

* Job Title : Financial accountant.

* Job description : Work of the journal entries of the company. Dealing with the balance sheet and income statement and trial balance. Constipation Book Treasury and customers. To deal with the payroll bank accounts. Account the costs of shipments and invoices for work for clients. Dealing with social insurance.

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* Work Place : Cultural Center of Languages.

* Job Title : Instructor

* Job description : Know the following articles : -

- Accounting book.

- Commercial Excel.

- QuickBooks program.

- Peachtree program.

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* Work Place : INFINITY Training & Development.

* Job Title : Instructor

* Job description : Know the following articles: -

- Accounting book.

- Commercial Excel.

- QuickBooks program.

- Peachtree program.

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* Work Place : International Group For Modern Coating S.A.E ( MIDO ).

* Job Title Financial manager

* Job description : This company is a group of companies and also includes its sister companies including JUNOPACK company packaging SOLUTION this company has been appointed director of financial and worked several jobs :- Financial Accountant - Work full costs of products and offers business rate.

- Domestic and foreign purchases and sales accounts in full and the Covenant employees.

- Customer accounts, suppliers and banks fully.

- Accounts stores (Kartat Items and daily stock reports and closing

Inventory during the period).

Chief Accountant - Reports sales and purchases weekly and monthly.

- Customers and suppliers reports weekly and monthly.

- Statement monthly memorandum of settlement banks. Financial manager - Daily and general ledger account and trial balance.

- Financial statements ( balance sheet & income statement )

- Financial analysis every week.

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* Work Place : Qmobile Middle East (QATAR).

* Job Title : Chief Accountant for the companies group.

* Job description : This company is a group of companies and also includes sister companies all of companies is 10 so :-

- All Accounting in English.

- Working at QuickBooks online program.

- Check The Payable & The Receivable Accounts.

- Make the Memorandum of settlement of the bank every Month.

- Check all the transactions for the accounts of the related parties.

- Make a Check of journal entries, and general ledger and make the trail balance.

- Make the financial statement (balance sheet & income statement).

- Make a financial analysis every week for the balance of the accounting.

- Make a unified trail Balance for all companies at the end of the Year.

- Handling With the Auditor ( BDO ) the accounting at the End of the year To finish the financial statement.

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* Work Place : El Madina El Monwara for Consulting engineering and construction.

* Job Title : Financial Accountant.

* Job description : This Company is an Egyptian joint Stock company has been working for more than 25 years and that the field of real estate investment, constructions, engineering designs of all kinds and its carried out several projects within the city and beyond, which contributed greatest to the enrich the architectural style and addition of upscale aesthetic touches and to get meet the needs of large segments of customers in the field of upscale housing outstanding.

- Working at QuickBooks program.

- Make the journal entries for the transactions manual and by the system.

- Responsible to make the Treasury Report by the end of every day.

- Check and records all the Financial transaction from all projects.

- Record all the transaction of the suppliers.

- Make the Payment Report all Suppliers every week to finish the dues.

- Responsible for the Personal Covenant of the employee and make the report of the personal covenant like Database to by easy to check all of it.

- Records all the invoices for the customers.

- Check the check in & out for the labors of the projects to prepare the salary sheet every 2 weeks.

- Check the reports of the Maintenance for the buildings.

- Responsible for the inventory of the Ceramics for all projects and prepare the reports of the balances.

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* Work Place : El Madina El Monwara for Consulting engineering and construction.

* Job Title : Chief Accountant.

* Job description : - Ensures the timely posting of entries.

- Prepares accrued expense.

- Reviews and approves petty cash reconciliations.

- Preparation of fixed assets accounts reconciliations.

- check all cheques issued for payments.

- Review Every day the Transactions of deposit & withdraw of the Bank.

- Review all the Cheques and how it's recorded at the system.

- Responsible for the inventory costing.

- Review sales contracts and approve invoices.

- Ensure that checks issued by clients are correct and deposited with the bank.

- Review and monitoring aging A/P report.

- Review monthly customer statement, reconciling the statements with customers periodically also for vendors and for the Contractors.

- Maintains vendor master files ensuring that all vendor and contractor data is correct & updated.

- Review all the contracts & Sub-contracts for the contractors.

- Ensures that all the transactions of the contractors recorded correct.

- Prepare the reports of maintenance architecture and the report of Benefits of deposits Maintenance.

- Preparation Shareholders Reports and their own batches.

- Ensures the timely preparation of reconciliations and the availability of data required for processing of financial reports.

- Ensure that balance sheet accounts accurately reflect the recording of all business transactions.

- Reports any unordinary accounting treatment to finance manager for advice on how to handle the issue from an accounting point of view.

- Resolves issues that arise with accounting staff.

- Preparation accounting staff appraisals.

- Proposes bonuses and/or deductions from accounting staff.

- Coordinates with tax audits when required.


Professional Table Tennis Player and this My Achievements :- 1- Third place at the level of teams for Egypt at the Year of 2000. 2- Seventh Place at the Level of Teams for Egypt at the Year of 2004. 3- Seventh Place at the Level of Single for Alexandria at the Year of 2004. 4- First Place at the Level of Teams for Alex University at the Year of 2007. 5- First Place at the Level of Teams for Alex University at the Year of 2008.


* Date of birth : 4/12/1986.

* Nationality : EGYPTION.

* Military status : Exempted.

* Marital status : Married.

* Languages - Arabic: Mother tongue (Excellent).

- Excellent in English (speaking and writing).

- Fair in French.

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