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Hardware Design Engineer

Toronto, ON, Canada
March 11, 2018

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Focusing on a progressive career I would like to apply for the Hardware Design Engineer position.

I am confident that my technical wisdom, demonstrated leadership and project management skills and experience can become a real asset to the engineering department.


MSc. Degree in Electrical Engineering with 25 years of experience and accomplishments

Extensive background in all aspects of electronic project management: R&D design, manufacturing and testing

Reviewing/reporting daily schedules, identifying roadblocks and bottlenecks to prevent project delays

Reporting daily to management on status of projects, critical items, budgets, timelines and deliverables

Productive and responsible in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment of quality excellence

Experienced in manufacturing integration, New Products Introduction and support for quality manufacturing

Coordinated document control, process control and strictly enforced document revisions


25 years of experience in ALL aspects of electronics: design, testing, manufacturing, process control and customer support

Lead teams of engineers and technicians to successfully deliver the assigned projects and objectives

Analog and Digital electronic circuit design from block diagram to schematics and down to component level

Microcontroller architectures, design and programming: ATMEL, ST, TI, Freescale, Microchip, etc

Extensive RF circuit design, EMI/EMC compliance, impedance matching, transmission lines and return loss

Sensor integration and low level signal conditioning, A\D converters

Designed with most common interfaces: BT, USB, serial, SPI, I2C, CAM, HDMI

Power supply design, power circuits, motor control circuits, MOSFETS, IGBT, triacs

Design tools for schematic capture and PCB layout: Orcad, Altium, PCB123, Eagle, PADS

SPICE simulating tools, rapid prototyping, prototype building, prototype testing and thermal modeling

CAD tools, Inventor, SolidWorks, CATIA

Responsible for revision control of documents such: test instructions, test reports, NCR, ECN/ECO, assembly drawings, schematics, firmware and BOM, ensuring standards compliance in conformity to ISO 9000 standards

Experience working under quality standards ISO9000 and ISO13485 environments

Experience in the field of broadcast video, contract manufacturing, power industry and medical devices

Highly skilled in root cause analysis and troubleshooting problems

Experienced in new products introduction process, including high volume product testing

Design for Manufacturing/Testing (DFM/DFT), transfer of IP from R&D to Manufacturing

Over 10 years interfacing with regulatory agencies : CSA, UL, ETL, TUV, CE, FDA and Industry Canada

Knowledge of computer Hardware/Software, Office tools, computer networking

Knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, gear mechanisms, internal combustion engines

Extensive customer service and company liaison


Intense collaboration

Passionate customer focus

Thoughtful, fast, disciplined execution

Tenacious commitment to continuous improvement. Relentless drive to win

Team-minded, get along well with others, working well in a group, setting a tone for positive corporate culture

Leading by example, contributing with ideas in a positive and constructive way

Everyone deserves respect; good negotiator and conflict resolution

Provide feedback in a positive and constructive/assertive way; reviewing feedback and learning from errors

Willingness to learn, being able to share information freely and effectively

Accept responsibility for own actions, adaptable, efficient, confident, reliable, trustworthy

Follow directions well and communicating ideas well in person or in writing

Ability to organize and facilitate meetings

Skilled at asking relevant questions to gain useful information or insight from customers and partners


Focused on identifying customer’s expectations and strive to meet or exceed these expectations

Happy customers are the key to returning business and recurring revenues

Implemented efficient strategy and a professional approach to customer service based on customer satisfaction, ensuring immediate action and expedited resolution to customer’s needs

Worked tirelessly to develop rapport in the relationship with our customers, suppliers and vendors based on quality, trust and respect, ensuring repeat business for the company

Always thinking win-win is the key to customer’s confidence in the company

Adopted an attitude of under-promise and over-deliver that never fails to impress customers




Leading teams of engineers and subcontractors responsible for successful completion of ALPHA stage prototype of High Definition Blood Pressure (HDBP) monitor device designed and built by JHCGI

Implemented project timeline, identified required resources, selected talents, assigned responsibilities and deadlines, established communication channels for project reporting

Scheduled follow-up meetings, gathered project updates, measured team’s performance against established milestones, identify potential delay elements and keep them under control

Prepared reports to upper management and stakeholders

Coordinated Pre-Beta design for manufacturability process and miniaturization of the BPM

Coordinated the team responsible for verification and validation of test results using the golden standard, high precision blood pressure simulator

Lead the initiative of implementing power saving measures to achieve 6 month autonomy between two charges

Coordinated design/ build testers, calibration setup, test cases and troubleshooting guidelines

Lead the Integration of hardware with the cloud computer/server including validation testing

Assisted preparation of blood pressure monitor units for third party clinical trial and validation

Actively participated in tradeshows, demos and corporate fundraising

Preparing documentation in accordance to ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system



Leading the engineering department of Alutron Modules Inc. in the field of OEM industrial control modules and industrial automation

Responsible for drafting project requirements and assigning projects to teams for completion

Established project schedules, defined engineering department budgets, defined projects budgets

Assigned responsibilities, milestones and deliverables required for successful project signoff

Reporting daily to management, reviewing projects status, status of critical items and budget review

Responsible for coordinating the sourcing of new components / obsolete components substitution

Coordinating projects to ensure reusability of platforms, modules, components and source code

Part selection process focused on standardizing parts that ensured low part counts for efficient inventory and buying power through higher volumes

Focused on lean manufacturing, keeping inventory at lowest/safest possible levels

Strong emphasis on productivity and quality in an ISO9001 certified environment

Responsible for interviewing and hiring new personnel as well as recruiting external subcontractors

Managing internal engineers and technicians as well as interfacing with subcontractors

Responsible for customer service department activity, including analyzing the customer’s feedback and implementing corrective measures and ECNs

Participated in management meetings, part of making decisions for future growth

Planning and budgeting for the R&D department

Representing the company at trade shows

Visiting customers, receiving feedback regarding the performance of our control modules

Setting the tone to a healthy corporate culture and respect between teams and colleagues



Worked in multidisciplinary teams in overhaul projects with customers such as GE, Westinghouse, Siemens, Quebec Hydro and Ontario Hydro, as part of scheduled shutdown, maintenance and performance testing of turbo and hydro power generating machines

Managed customer’s scheduled maintenance and overhaul projects working in the field of power generation

Planned with our customer the scheduled maintenance timeline, the required key points and test cases for testing of the power generation equipment

Implemented test strategy, identified required tools and test equipment, scheduled tasks and specific order of implementing the tasks of the project

Testing and calibrating diagnostic equipment used for testing the quality of copper winding insulation in hydro and turbo power generators, for “off line” or “in service” conditions using SCADA interfaces

Lead the team that performed field tests such as: measuring quality of magnetic core interlamination insulation of hydro and turbo generators, testing of the quality of the winding insulation of megawatt motors and hydro/turbo power generators and testing of voltage withstand compliance (High Pot Testing) of the insulation of hydro and turbo rotating machines



In charge with New Product Introduction projects in the field of electronic and electrical contract manufacturing

Responsible for all aspects of NPI projects, including documentation control, customer liaison, managing project, troubleshooting, implementing testing strategies and procedures to customer’s satisfaction

Responsible for resolving all manufacturing issues that prevented a product to pass performance test and quality requirements

Establishing and keeping a good relationship with our beneficiaries and customers



Responsible for design and design for manufacturability in the field of Medical device

Design verification of prototypes in clinical trials under the FDA protocol

Integration of FDA approved products into mass production, ensuring automatic testing, testing jigs and fixture for testing the products to specifications, under ISO13486 and ISO9001 quality management systems


MANUFACTURING ENGINEER -Broadcast TV Equipment [1995 -2000]

In the field of broadcast video and audio equipment manufacturing, responsible for ensuring a smooth production cycle, unburdened by major batch failures, and underperforming products

Responsible for document control of schematics, assembly drawings and instructions, test procedures and engineering change documents

Responsible for designing a test plan, test procedures and test software to the specifications, ensuring product compliance to published performance

Managed the New Products Introduction team, integrating new products from R&D to manufacturing and testing, ensuring product support for the lifecycle of the product

Customer support for the new products until products reached maturity

Field customer support as required



MSC in Electrical Engineering


Available upon request

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