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Data Scientist

Lexington, KY
March 10, 2018

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Transitioning to a career in Data Science, that requires refined analytical, communication, data processing, modeling and programming skills with attention to details in a fast paced dynamic environment.


-Computing Competencies

• Data Quality Assessment, Modeling and Simulation, Data Wrangling, Exploratory Data

Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization

• Programing/Scripting Languages, Data Analysis and Software Packages Expertise in: C/C++, R,

SQL, Python, Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Root, Shell Scripts, Git, Labview, MS Excel, Geant4,

Mathematica, reshape, ggplot2, matplotlib

• Working Knowledge of: XML, HTML, Markdown

- Applied Mathematics/Statistics Skills: Statistical distributions, hypothesis testing, test for

significance, stochastic processes, regression analysis



-Test A Perceptual Phenomenon-Stroop Effect:

• Used descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze the stroop effect using statistical programming

language R.

• A one-way, paired, dependent T-test confirmed the stroop effect with at least 95% confidence.

-Analyze Titanic Data Set:

• Analyzed the data for factors that most likely resulted in survival of the passenger in the wake of titanic

disaster, using computing tools such as Python, Numpy and Pandas.

• A careful analysis and statistical tests revealed that gender, class and family status were most relevant to

survival with upper class females most likely survivors and lower class males being least likely to


-Wrangling OpenStreetMap Data:

• Data about city Lexington, KY in OSM XML format was audited, cleaned and transformed into CSV

format and eventually added to a SQLite database using Python. The database was then queried using


• Results of queries about interesting facts like most popular cuisine, amenities, shops etc were listed and


-Explore and Summarize Data Using R:

• Used statistical programming language R to graphically and statistically explore data related to red wine

quality and its contents.

• Results showed strong correlation of quality with alcohol, sulphates, citric acid, fixed acidity

-Machine Learning: Identifying fraud using Enron data

• Used Machine Learning techniques to identify “persons of interest” in the Enron fraud case

• Validated, tuned algorithms with carefully selected “features” yielded sensible evaluation metrics


University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY(2010 – 2015)

• Monitored and controlled various elements of the experimental setup using LabVIEW

• Gained experience in hardware monitoring and experimentation. Updated and utilized existing Classes

and Methods in C++ and Root to perform detector calibrations

• Performed data quality checks and analyzed data for the UCNB collaboration. Computing

tools for analysis include Python, C++, Root, CSH

• Monte-Carlo Simulation was performed to produce mono energetic protons for radiation dose

calculations using Geant4

• Managed data base objects and queried with SQL for the UCNA model

• Used Git for software version control


• Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree, online, 2016-Current

• M.S. Physics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 2011

• M.S. Physics, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 2007

• Postgraduate Diploma Condensed Matter Physics, International Center for Theoretical Physics,

Trieste, Italy, 2002

Affiliations, Honors, Fellowships

• Los Alamos National Lab UCNA and UCNB Collaboration

• ICTP Fellowship for Diploma in Condensed Matter Physics

• Quaid-i-Azam University Merit Scholarship and Gold Medal Award

Selected Publications

1. Upscattering of Ultracold Neutrons From The Polymer [C6 H12]n E. I. Sharapov et al., Phys. Rev.C

88,064605 (2013)

2. Measurements of Ultracold Neutron Upscattering and Absorption in Polyethylene

and Vanadium, E. I. Sharapov, et al., Phys. Rev. C 88, 037601 (2013)

3. Detection System for Neutron β Decay Correlations in the UCNB and Nab experiments, L. J. Broussard

et all., NIM A 849, 83-93 (2017)

4. New result for the neutron β-asymmetry parameter A0 from UCNA. M. A.-P. Brown et al.,Phys. Rev.C


Talks, Presentations and Workshops

1. University of Kentucky, Nuclear Group presentation, Lexington, KY, March 2011, Simulation

of UCNB Confinement Using C++ and Root

2. APS-DNP Meeting, Contributed Talk, Newport Beach, CA, October 2012, Status of UCNB

Experiment at LANSCE (Los Alamos Neutron Science Center)

3. Instrumentation Beyond the Standard Model, Newport Beach, California (2012)

Citizenship Status: Permanent Resident

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