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Finance Director

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
March 10, 2018

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Finance Director

Career Objective:

To hold good position in my profession with global outlook and promising future that provides me good opportunity to work at my full capacity and make progress.

Personal Information:

Name: Samer Ebrahim Elsayed.

Mobil: 002/012********

Address: Glym, Alexandria, Egypt. (I am ready for relocating any time)

Nationality: Egyptian.

Date of birth: 17/4/1974.

Marital Status: Married.


Achievements, (Most important)

1- Studying and strike a bargain a successful investment deal with a company by contribution rate of 30%

2-Setting up plan for reducing cost items direct and indirect without impacting the work performance.

3-Guide company’s board to the best investments applying advanced financial modeling which is enhancing shareholder value.

4-Conducting modification on the commodity mix with measures that increase the turnover of working capital and therefore the revenue.

5-Success in capital restructuring to get the lowest cost of a company's funds (both debt and equity).

6-Improving liquidity management and carrying out scientific procedures to exceed liquidity.

7-Deep and new analysis for finance information which support strongly decisions making.

Consulting Activities

Worked as a free time financial consultant for some companies such as ADC, Maharah, Eltazeg App (ecommerce) Medra (UAE) – Workspace APP, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

References: Mr. Yasser Elzighaby- Chairman of the Executive Committee for new projects – Mobile: 009***********, Mr. Abd Elaziz Elkthiry – CEO – Mobile: 009*********** AND Mr. Mashary Elsikhan – GM – 009***********

Tasneem For Administration and Financial Consulting Company – Mr.Mnar Elshimasy-

GM – Mobile : 009***********

In order to carry out the following activities:

Companies’ evaluation for merge, forecasting, deep financial analysis, Strategic Plans financial modeling, reviewing and preparing financial statements, pricing, budgeting, setting up cost system and preparing feasibility studies.


Bachelor of Commerce, Alexandria University-1997.

Majored in Accounting.

Cumulative grade of "Good".

Master Degree,Alexandria University – 2002.

Faculty of Commerce - Majored in Financial Planning

Cumulative grade of "Very Good"

Other Qualifications:

- CPA Certification holder /2013

- IFRS and GAAP practical experience.

-Worked at KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services.

-Work within ERP environment - A.X Microsoft 9, 12 - Double Click.

1-Training courses specializing in the costs and budgets – PCA certification.

2- Financial Analysis and liquidity management training course.

3- Diploma in international standards of accounting.

4- Training course in finance and restructuring of funding sources.

5- Specialized training course in Strategic Planning.

6-Specialized course in choosing among various investments and expansion opportunities and choosing among available alternatives based on technical analyzing.

7- Training systems in Internal Controlling System and Financial Analyzing.

8- Accounting software: I worked on a number of special accounting programs designed for each company and worked on many known programs like Quick Books, Peachtree and Smack.

9- Languages: English - V Good and Arabic – Mother Tongue.

10- Computer skills: Excel-WinWord PowerPoint and the accounting programs.

11- Leader group of strategic planners using SWOT Pfeiffer and Scenario planning methods in building strategic plan, translating using Balanced Scorecards (BSC), preparing action plans for several management levels by smart Goals and using KPIs on the four basis for performance measurements.

12- Worked in multinationals environments, considered requirements and concerns of the different reports for each hand with the availability of culture to deal with the different nationalities of the partners.

- Building job metrics for every managerial level.

13-I worked as a lecturer for teaching costing and forecasting for industrial investment field at Fathala Office for Financial Consulting.

Brief job duties:

Liquidity Management

1-Preparing annual and quarterly funding plans for activity and supervise banking transactions - daily fund management, utilization of funds. and arranging funds requirements for expected expansions by studying the funding structure of the company and work on the re-arranged and the introduction or reduce existing funding sources, whatever funding sources internal or external to get less funding cost and less risk of funding to achieve the goals of the expansion or activation of new investments (capitalize and working capital), setting up cash flow and following up daily.

2-Conducting necessary negotiations with banks to get the best terms according to the ideal way to borrow for interest rates, payments, method of payment and banking facilities contracts such as issuing guarantee letters, LC, TR, transmit domestic and conducting negotiations about coverage methods for the banking commission and the cool account with the preparation of all required financial statements by the banks from the last balance sheet, the current financial position, profit and loss account, cash flow statements, the development of working capital and calculating financial ratios, which is determined by the results of the lending decision .

3-Managing debt collection team and setting up collecting monthly plan according to cash budget, debt aging analysis, granted credit to customers.

4- Analysis for cash cycle monthly to determine period of goods conversion to sales, debit and credit period and monitor the trend of the cash inflows and outflows, cash sources, cash flow forecasts for future periods and making comparisons between cash flow statements together to calculate the changing, progress rates and clarify performance in the management of the company's assets, working capital.

Budgeting, Forecasting and planning

1-Preparing budgets, master and subsidiaries depending on establishing accurate sales or revenue budget after deep analysis for historical data, trend direction, business plan, providing expert advice to senior management to ensure these budgets are achieving the company targets & reflect the strategic direction of the company.

2- Conducting forecasting for an upcoming period of time for the existing products or for new products based on many factors, preparing reports about the variances between the prepared forecasting and the actual numbers, variances analysis and advising recommendation.

3-Preparing expected GP after dividing on branches, P/L account, OCI, balance sheet and cash flow.

4-Preparing CAPEX budget with deeply studies for choosing among investments decisions using (NPV – IRR – PP – ROI -

5-Monitor the income and expenses versus budget, track the variances recommend, corrective actions and follow-up on remedial actions to ensure the adherence to the budget and to support the effective monitoring of performance within the budget.

6-Following up applying budgets and preparing deep analysis for identifying variances and suggesting appropriate recommendations.

7-Supervising preparing SWOT analysis, configuration joint groups, identifying targets, closes gaps after determination the board’s vision, mission, values and getting approving.

8-Coordination with department heads for supplying their action plans, budgets and be sure if these plans are compatible with the strategy providing a helping hand.

9-Preparing the Business Plan depending on the directions of strategy, the historical data, out put of applying budgets, versus budgets reports, variances analysis advising recommendations, determination of liability and this is for the medium and long term planning.

10-Using financial modeling on Excel in presentation the analysis reports, projections, variances reports and others.


1-Supervising all accounting operations after building the chart of accounts till the preparation of financial statements, which include operating and trading accounts and profit and loss and (PL), cash flow, lists of additions, the reserves, the balance sheet, comparison financial statements and necessary disclosures taking into consideration statutory requirements such as ministry of commerce requirements in corporation firms and tax authority.

2-Overseeing the consolidating operation for the entities whatever local or foreign, preparing worksheets, adjustments for the group reciprocal transactions, determination of minority shareholders, good well, reviewing and auditing and issuance for financial statements the holding and subsidiaries.

3-Responsible for Monthly, Quarterly and Annual financial reporting (IFRS).

4-Supervising preparing payroll with coordination the salaries and wages cycle documentaries and procedures with HR dept, branches and sites estimated by time end target.

5-Monitoring of investment accounts, reviewing incorporation contracts, booking using cost or equity methods depended on sharing percentage and revaluations.

6-Responsible about accounting adjustment, closing quarterly and year end closing.

7-Liaising with external auditors and presenting all required statements and information.

8-Preparing the credit files for receivables with setting up and periodic reviewing for the polices of max limitations, A/R classifications, Payments, discount polices and procedures and others.

9-Preparing schedule of the payments for suppliers which adapted with expected coming in cash flow.

10-Composition of various provisions for facing future expenses and losses which is confirmed occurrence

11- Have negotiation skill which is so necessary for the late payments of clients or the negotiations on how to pay the returned or rejected checks.

Internal Controlling

1-Setting up polices and procedures for internal control according to company's strategic goals to ensure the best using for company sources and its working capital, such as control procedures for cash spending, supply and using, purchase assets, custodies settlement, its review procedures,developing accounts procedures auditing for all items of accounts by establishment ideal financial regulations, which describes operational procedures for each financial sections and organizing its relationship with various departments.

2- Conducting the monthly Performance’s measuring using KPIs system on the four basis, reporting about the occurred variances between planning performance and the actual and taking the corrective action with continuing following up.

3-Setting up inventory cycle and development of policies and procedures for internal control and put purchases polices in accordance with our overall strategy of the company.

4-Preparing and following carrying out of procedures of internal audit as spending, collecting, assets purchases, auditing receivable and payable accounts, bank reconciliation, notes, etc.


1-Preparing cost of goods manufactured and sold statement, trading account, and determined the profitability for every kind of products, make analyzing for the item progress of the costs, the gross profit, analysis, preparing financial comparison statements – growth rate – effective rates by 2 methods of cost calculations, whether the costs of job orders (JO) or process costing

2- Participation in pricing operation.

3-Determined the variances result between actual and estimated costs and making analysis and gives recommendations and following up the carrying out.

4-Setting up cost cycle by 2 methods of cost calculations, whether the costs of job orders or process costing and maintaining it's elements row materials, labor and indirect costs of industrial and recording circle and reporting and to identify positive and negative variance and analysis and suggesting treatment and follow up the implementation of its recommendations for treatments and study the different ways of reducing and pressing the cost.


1-Studying then managing working capital mix, cash, RC accounts, inventory (row, semi fished, finished products, RC notes, prepaid expenses balances, etc … and keeping control on its rate according to standards of industry using analysis and relations among these accounts for keeping re-investment cycle more than 3 times per year and according to kind of firm activities.

2-Ensure optimum allocation and utilization of allocated working capital for various concepts.

3-Supervision of the financing department work, sections and its groups and coordinate work between them to ensure proper workflow and regularity.

4-Arrange for equity and debt financing and recommend appropriate dividend issuances, based on historical dividend patterns and expected cash flows.


1-Picking up investment opportunities and preparing evaluation using (DCF), (Terminal Value), P / E Ratio and fair value in evaluation the company which was intended to invest in or for Merge and Acquisition (M&A) to reach to the higher profitability with lower risk ratios, also evaluate capital turnover of these investments to determined period of capital return (PB), funding sources, expected rates of profitability using (IRR), the amount of required working capital and quantified in untapped potential,company expansion and suggest the best ways to finance.

2-Preparing feasibility studies for new projects including studying new products, cost and price, target clients, distribution areas, the proposed promotion plan, suppliers, size of required labor, expected profitability, the implementation appropriateness for the available energy company, calculating for investment returns, funding methods and the invested capital turnover ratio with focusing with presentation of the three scenario moldings base,good and bad and the reflections when applying every scenario.

3- Preparing the Financial Modeling in presentation required information especially the investment opportunities for merge or call for the contribution of a new investor, presentation for growth rates, ROI, EPS ….etc.

4-Ensuring the timely supply of adequate with low cost of fund for investments and operational requirements, regularly reviews the financial performance of the company to determine how funds are being utilized and what can be done to improve it, if needed and provides top management and board of directors with regular financial and statistical reports showing performance vs budget, treasury position and other required information.

Reporting & Taxation

1-Outputting a report with Week Over Week (WoW), Month Over Month (MoM), and Year Over Year (YoY) Comparisons.

2-Reporting with applying the statement of financial accounting standards (SFAS) especially if the organization follows rules of American stock exchanges and to ensure a higher level of corporate transparency.

3-Preparing periodic reports for the investigator and the monthly cost and distractions, recommendations, and any obstacles or problems appear in the course of work and how to address them as well as any special reports requested by the administration in particular to assist in decision-making.

4- Managing monthly dashboard reporting for more discloser, appraisal and deep analysis which help decision maker to take the right and accurate decision in the right time.

5- Handling accounts of VAT taxes, income taxes, stamp taxes and wages taxes and ensure the preparation auditing for taxes accounts, preparing tax returns, dealing with tax officials and tax authorities.

6-Conducting reviews and evaluation for cost reduction, tax treatments, liaising with accounting and auditing firm and tax authority.

7-Effectively communicate and present the critical financial matters to the stakeholders.


1-Developing external relationships with strong and deep contacts like auditors, solicitors and government authorities.

2-Effectively communicate with stakeholders and present the critical financial matters and suggesting of the right direction to reach the best place of the company’s business market.

3-Building good communications with other departments, supporting them with the required financial information and communicate with external parties.

3-Liaising with major trading banks and other financial institutions for removing of obstacles, interest rates movement, payment terms, signing new credit contract…etc

Fixed Assets Managing

1-Setting up plan of keeping and optimum exploitation for fixed assets to ensure completion investing for these assets with serious implementation of periodic maintenance programs and ensure its regular inventory.

2-Conducting insurance negotiations, select insurance brokers and signing a contract with the best terms and rates.

3- Setting up necessary accounting polices to ensure right and accurate booking and regarding technical financing treatments and adjustments like depreciation, assets selling, intangible assets, scrapping machine, asset additions, …etc

Analytical Skills

1-Preparing the necessary financial analysis of the financial statements - preparation of analytical ratios for balance sheet items and comparison with the percentages of the market to increase disclosure and clarification of the strategic decision-maker and rates of evolution, efficiency & expansion opportunities and studying the various sources of revenue for the company to avoid activities, which are unrealized goals and maximize other and Provide exceptions and various Analysis Reports on MIS.

2-Conducting sensitive analysis using financial modeling.

3-Preparing deep cash flow analysis and conducting free cash flow analysis.

4-Determined the breakeven points for the mix of products, and setting up the inventory cycle, polices and procedures and reconciles the perpetual Inventory to the general ledger, detailing out the costs for raw goods, wipe, and finished goods and analyzing inventory valuations.

5- Preparing working capital analysis.

Risk Management

1-Identifies and defines potential risks that may negatively influence a specific company process or project.

2-Monitoring the applying of the policies and procedures to ensure that program and organizational risks are minimized.

3-Developing the needed plans to alleviate risk consequences using specific risk controls, these plans include risk mitigation processes, risk prevention tactics and contingency plans in the event the risk comes to fruition.

4-Sometimes making the consequences of a risk to share or distributed among several of the project's participants or business departments, the risk could also be shared with a third party such as the vendors.

5-Trying retaining a certain level of risk a project's anticipated profit is greater than the costs of its potential risk.

6-Diversify the portfolio so as to minimize the exposure to risk.

People Management:

1- Managing the team performance by setting up the annual goals to be achieved, monitoring and providing constructive feedback to reach to the high level of performance.

2-Setting up job description (JP) for every employee in financing dept with determination targets, duties, daily and monthly tasks with joining it by the corporation strategic goals.

3-Setting up the executive procedures for all accounting and financial positions.

4-Putting reporting cycle among departments head and also among the various managerial levels.

5- Divide and distributing monthly tasks using (KPIs) on the 4 bases.

6-Identify their training and development needs and ensure their fulfillment.

7-Ensure compliance with the Company policies and values.

8- Monthly appraisal and joining it with paying the incentive and bonus.

9- Restructuring of wages and salaries to reach high productivity rates which is suitable for the company's policies.

10- Coaching the team members on avoiding errors, new system, technical transactions treatment, quality, new tasks, internal controlling, handling of the documentary cycle and ….etc.

Previous Experience:.

1-KPMG consulting For Accounting, Auditing and taxation – Cairo, Egypt - External auditor after 6 months under training.

The Period: From 1/6/1997 to 15/2/2000

2- Eljazira group Holding– Retail Industry- Qatar nation. (Gulf area Experience) –

My Position: Chief Accountant.

The Period: From 1/4/2000 to 1/8/2003

3- Marseille Holding Group– Contracting & Real Estate Field –

My Position: Accounting Manager.

The Period: From 3/10/2003 to 14/4/2005

4- Sakr Corporation - Industrial food – FMCG

My Position: Costing Department Head thereafter Accounting Manager.

The Period: From 1/5/2005 to 12/11/2008

5- First for contracting and real estate in Sudan-Khartoum–

My Position: Head of Accounting Dept thereafter Financial Manager.

The Period: 1/1/2009 to 15/6/2011

5-Acceptus Hyper Market –Retail Industry & FMCG – Multinational (Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan) Cairo Airport restaurants

My Position: Financial and Administrative Manager.

The Period: 1/8/2011 to 9/9/2012

6– Alomar Corporation (Listed) – Industrial and Trading - Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

- My Position: Finance Manager.

The Period: 10/11/2012 to 30/6/2014

Reference: Mr. Manar Abbas – CEO – Mobil: 009***********

7-H.W.S For Trading and Marketing – Cairo – Egypt - Position: Finance Director.

Reference: Mr. Hesham Abass –Director of External Audit Department Of Moustafa Shawki For Accounting and Auditing– Mobile: 002/012********

From 12/8/2014 to 15/1/2018

Other Information:

1-Worked before at companies its annual turnover exceeded than 1.8 billion Saudi Riyals.

2-Worked in companies its labor reached to 4122 employees, my section consist of 32, Accounting manager, chief accountant, Banking, R.C, Payable, Inventory, Collection, Costing, Forecasting and Budgeting, Treasury, administrative department.

3-Worked in different working environments and countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Sudan with multinational companies and various entities, including corporations and limited companies.

4-My overall experience reaches to 20 years, 7 years within senior levels.


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