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Medical Specialist

Abu Dhabi, AZ, United Arab Emirates
March 10, 2018

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Dr.Deya-eldin Ahmed Ebrahim


(Diagnostic Radiology specialist)


Emirates ( UAE ):- 009***********


I am a diagnostic radiology specialist, i have the master degree in diagnostic radiology and bachelor degree in medicine and surgery both from Cairo university in Egypt I have a clinical practical experience in diagnostic radiology for over 15 years . Education

-Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery

MBBCh degree

{ 6 years program study with Major /

Specialization in Medicine and surgery } - Cairo



-Master degree of Diagnostic Radiology( 4

years program ):- Cairo University-Egypt

Thesis on :- MRI and CSF flow dynamics in evaluation of pediatric hydrocephalus ( CSF- Flowmetry).


- Membership of APCA physician – USA ( The Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement ) .

- Membership of the American Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

(SDMS) – USA .

-Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT), the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS):- from USA in 2008.

-A USA experience as a RVT and attendance of the vascular technology courses in NJ- USA .

-Attendance of :- Physician of vascular interpretation course in Chicago-IL USA .

-I am a registered licensed Radiology specialist (from the HAAD – UAE ). ( HAAD certified Diagnostic Radiology specialist )

–Eligibility of DHA ( Dubai health Authority ) eligibility letter .

-MOH –Emirates eligibility letter.




-Working in Al-Ahlia hospital in AbuDhabi -UAE – from 12 /2014 till 01/07/2016 .

-Working in Al-Badr hospital – from 01 / 04 /2012.

-Worked in Oman ministry of health ( Sohar hospital ) from 07/ 2010 till March 2012.

*The organization of teaching hospitals and institutes in Cairo-Egypt: -

(governmental teaching hospitals):- from 09/1998 .

*as an ass.specialist radiologist in:

- Al-Sahel teaching hospital (Egypt).

- Al-Matareya teaching hospital (Egypt).

-The National institute of Nephrology and urology(Egypt).

- Banha teaching hospital (Egypt).

-Egyptian Army forces hospitals: - from 70/01/1997-09/01/1998.

-Al-Tahra radiology centre in cairo, Egypt: - 04/01/2002 - 08/07 2003. (Private diagnostic radiology centre).

Cairo university hospitals: - (governmental educational university hospitals) as a resident in the diagnostic radiology department from 08/1999 – 07/2000.

-Cairo university hospitals: - (governmental educational university hospitals), intern from 03/1996 – 03/1997.

Performing and reporting different radiological examinations :-

*Color duplex ultrasound on upper and lower extremity vessels: including arterial and venous studies,including cases of DVT, varicose veins study and mapping, ultrasound guided compression for cases of Pseudoaneurysms following femoral angiography, hemodialysis shunt evaluation .

* carotid and vertebral arteries color duplex study, penile color duplex arterial and venous study for cases of male impotence, renal arteries duplex for suspected cases of renal artery stenosis, renal vein study for suspected cases of renal vein occlusion, color duplex of the Aorta and mesenteric vessels, color duplex of the portal vein and hepatic veins .

*Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound:- examinations for Liver, Gall bladder, spleen, both kidneys, pancreas,intestinal masses, abdominal vessels, ascites and pleural effusion, urinary bladder, prostate and seminal vesicles.

* Pleural effusion, ascites :- measure volume and characters and performing ultrasound guided Aspiration.

*Gynecology and obstertric ultrasound: including transvaginal ultrasonography, fetal biophysical profile, umbilical artery flow.

*Transrectal ultrasound: for the prostate, seminal vesicles and the terminal vas differens.

*Transcranial ultrasound and color duplex USG on the cerebral vessels .

*Small parts ultrasound:- for the Thyroid gland, Breast and Axillary ultrasound, Salivary glands, Lymphadenopathy, soft tissue mass lesions evaluation ( power duplex).

*Hip ultrasound for cases of DDH (CDH) of the hip joint and other MSK examinations.

*Scrotal ultrasound and color duplex: - for varicocele detection and grading, scrotal 3

and testicular abnormalities.

*3D &4D ultrasound .

* ultrasound and C.T guided biopsy and aspiration.

* Different Conventional, contrast radiological Techniques, Barium and water soluble contrast studies, perianal fistulas, cholangiography, .

*Computed tomography reporting of different regular cases, including CT Angiography on the Aorta, extremities, renal arteries, carotids and cerebral vessels .

* MRI studies reporting .

(These includes regular and emergency cases studies,hands on practical scanning )



Microsoft word, power point presentations and Internet, PACS/RIS computer systems .

Language Arabic

Excellent (Mother




Mailling address:-

*In Emirates:-

P.O box 91244,Musafah Sanaiyah, AbuDhabi- United Arab of Emirates (UAE). I am ready for interview and your evaluation.My certificates are furnished upon request.

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