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Executive Chef Microsoft Office

Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
30. 000
March 10, 2018

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West Midlands,


United Kingdom

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A career of over 23 years in the catering trade where progression and professional as well as personal development were my goals, and taking pride in assuring that excellence at its best is always the final product. Result oriented individual and open minded communicator with a strong belief in the power of excellent ideas that builds up the numbers and raises the sales bar, keeping customers willing to return for more.

Having been in the trade as Freelance chef for quite a bit now since returning to the UK from Cyprus, I started getting my hands on various types of work, and as such I am involved with many Temp Work agencies and direct employers on zero hours contracts, to name but a few, Delaware North Company (Wembley Stadium), Compass (Horse Racecourses, Stadiums)


Agency work both as Interpreter and as Freelance Chef Starting from January 2016 – present

Having finished at the Oratory I just resumed work with the agencies that I used to work with along the years, both as Chef and as Interpreter, having the flexibility in work and a well-balanced work/life environment works very well for me.

In this time I had been working as Head Chef for a local pub which is privately owned (The Wildmoor Oak) a Pub/Restaurant with exotic Caribbean influences but serving traditional UK pub food as well, all cooked on the premises and fresh where possible (not part of a chain). In March 2017 I was sent by the CSI (Coventry Branch) to work in a place called the Blue Pig Pub which is in Wolvey, another family run place, but the property belongs to Greene King, contract with them finished in August 2017.

Head Chef (Private Chef) at the Oratory of St Philip Neri Starting from September 2014 – December 2015

Best job I ever had, cooking for a small community of Priests, all from different cultures and backgrounds, in charge of all the aspects of running the kitchen including ordering and keeping the budget targets, menu creations and the occasional big events with the masses of Parishioners. Challenging but in the same time relaxing, I could retire from a job like this. Being only part time, I still have time to keep on doing some of my older jobs with the agencies and the interpreting jobs too.

Agency Work, Smart Recruitment Starting from August 2014 – Ongoing

Being DBS checked (because of my linguist related job) I can also go and work as a chef in care homes and schools/nurseries, this company of temporary and permanent work gets a lot of offers in this type of establishments, but also hotels, golf clubs and other restaurants.

Agency Work, Verve People Starting from December 2014

Being DBS checked (because of my linguist related job) I can also go and work as a chef in care homes and schools/nurseries, this company of temporary and permanent work gets a lot of offers in this type of establishments.

Agency Work, Brasshouse Language Centre, The Big Word, Capita Translations Starting from February 2011

As to add an interesting twist in my career I have started working for a supplier of various language interpreters covering translating jobs around the West Midlands and further afield for services like Youth Offending Teams, Social Services, Child Protection, Council Environmental, Primary Schools, Juvenile Prisons, HM Courts the furthest one of them being at Warren Hill in Ipswich.

I have completed over 100 hours of successful assignments by now and looking forward to have more.

References for this work can be provided on request

Agency Work, Staffpoint (Stratford Upon Avon Branch Starting from July 2012

First assignment from this agency was the Olympics and the Paralympics, and after that Care homes for the Elderly and schools in Stratford Upon Avon area.

Agency Work, Catering Solutions International (Worcester Branch) Starting from March 2011

Mainly covering for holidays in elderly people Care homes, having to cook for strict diets and very frail people, hygiene is at the highest level in these places.

Agency Work, Jubilee (Birmingham UK) December 2009 – Present

Working as relief chef in various places in and around Birmingham and West Midlands, to name a few, The Belfry, Crowne Plaza NEC, Arden Hotel, Ettington Chase, Hippodrome, Aston Villa, Birmingham FC, Worverhampton Racetrack, Southwell Racetrack (Nottingham)

Elia Latsi Holiday Village, Latsi, Cyprus April 2008 – October 2009

Executive Chef, Elia Latsi is a privately owned, family oriented resort, with small villas and apartments to accommodate up to 500 guests and more sometimes, as the Executive Chef of the resort I am in charge of all the aspects of the catering procedure, from ordering, implementing systems for public health, creating the menus and dealing with the guests complaints and compliments and trying to adjust the menu to the best of my knowledge keeping track of the budget as well. The hotel is dealing with travel companies like First Choice and Olympic, and we have to cater for a set of different nationalities and tastes, keeping everyone happy and keen to return.

The White Horse, Bearsted April 2007 – August 2007

Sous Chef, Mitchells and Butlers is a big company in continuous expansion and constantly opening new places month by month, we opened the White Horse after the refurbishment and the new owners of the place managed to get the old customers of the place and some new ones too, it’s a very busy environment with a high speed turnover and a nice menu with varied Mediterranean and international selection of food and drinks. As a sous chef I’m in charge of all the aspects and procedures to make the kitchen run properly and also taking active role in training the new personnel to follow proper rules and regulations accordingly.

The Rusland Pool Hotel, Haverthwaite October 2006 – February 2007

Second Chef, in charge of the whole kitchen operations and aspects especially during the absence of the Executive Chef, complete design of the menu and 100% everything made from fresh and high quality products, at the present time the restaurant owner is running to get it’s first Rosette, and since he took over he managed to bring up the standards of the hotel as it was a bit under standards from the previous ownership. References upon request.

Hall & Woodhouse, the Goffs Manor, Crawley, Southgate June 2005 – October 2006

Sous Chef, in charge of constantly supplying quality service towards the customers, making sure everything is up to date and fresh, satisfactory product quality must be achieved at all times, training others to do the same. Checking the deliveries and making sure of the supreme quality and freshness of all of them, arranging them in the designated areas making sure the proper rotation of the same product is made. The reason I left from this company is because they run a branded menu and this kind of establishment does not define me as professional chef, or so I think. References upon request.

Princess Cruises March 1998 - April 2004

Worked with them for 7 complete contracts (8 months each)

A largely known Cruise Company, always developing industry, always trying to be on top of the market by implementing new up-to-date ideas and programs, constantly training new and old personnel accordingly, assuring that excellence is visibly achieved with every service they supplied. Working for them, and constantly being in contact with the superior Chefs and with passengers helped improve the will to completely satisfy even the most demanding customers.

2 contracts as 3’rd cook. As a 3’rd cook, I was working in different sections of the kitchen/galley and constantly had to make sure that everything is at its best, all the preparation done accordingly to the daily menu, cleaning was as important as everything else and I had to make sure that it’s done as-you-go

5 contracts as a 2’nd cook. Far more important and responsible than a 3’rd cook, the 2’nd cook had to make sure of the final quality of the item, no matter the section he was in, and constantly checking with the 1’st cook and the Sous Chefs if the expected quality has been reached. Also to check if there are any special orders, customers with special needs or with allergies making certain that the items they requested are free of those products.

For the last few months of the last contract I applied for changing the career path, I was admitted in the accommodation department as a Cabin Steward, being in contact with the customers 100% of the time at work personally ensuring that they have everything they need for their cruise and they go happy as to wish to return.

Byblos Restaurant/Bar, Bucharest, Romania for 3 and a half months between the 1’st and the 2’nd contract with Princess Cruises

Executive Chef, newly opened restaurant, I helped the owners with the first steps of the opening, by designing the menu, formed completely by international dishes and served at one of the highest levels Bucharest knew at that time for a small settlement as that Restaurant was.

Athenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest, Romania October 1997- Feb. 1998

Cook, in charge of the cold section in the main restaurant

Butcher Chef and storage room stockholder, due to my background and my good communication skills I was designated to be in charge of the preparation rooms ( Butcher, Fishmonger, and Vegetables Room ), and I was directly responsible of the proper rotation of the stock in all the fridge and freezers areas.

In charge with the receiving and arranging all the fresh, frozen and dry products in the fridges and freezers, and also having to give them further away to the hotel and restaurant personnel, whenever they needed anything that was under my direct responsibility.

Before Hilton Bucharest I worked as chef in different positions in other restaurants in Bucharest and the rest of the country, too many of them to add to this list but I can make note of them when asked, from the ones worthy of recalling I should mention Marbella, a Spanish Restaurant/bar, where I learned for the first time the flavors of another country, other than Romania I mean.



U.S.P.H. ( UNITED STATES PUBLIC HEALTH ) Diploma of Completion

6 months Chef and Pastry Chef training course with Diploma of Completion

12 years, Elementary School and High School with Diploma of Completion

Excellent computer skills, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Online Orders Placing, Printers, Fixing and Troubleshooting

DBS checked as of August 2014

Level 2 HACCP course completed.

LANGUAGES: Fluent English (speech, written, reading), Fluent Romanian (speech, written, reading), Good Italian (speech and reading, not good spelling it), Moderate Spanish (speaking and reading)

REFERENCES: Available upon request from various places.

No restrictions to work in the UK as EU citizen.

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