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Mechanical Engineer

Greenbelt, MD
March 09, 2018

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Sijun Xiao

**** **** ******, ******* ****, MD ***40 • • 510-***-****


University of Maryland, College Park

M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering GPA: 4.0 Expected Graduation May 2019 University of California, Berkeley

B.S. Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.26 May 2017

Relevant Advanced Courseworks

Mechanical Behavior of Materials • Crystallography • Intermediate Dynamics • Mechanical Vibrations Fluid Mechanics • Heat Transfer • Feedback Control System • Mechatronics Design • Product Development Numerical Analysis • Process of Material in Manufacture • Design for Reliability • Composite Material Relevant Skills

● CAD/CAM/FEA: Very adept at SolidWorks and NX.

● Programming: MATLAB, LabVIEW, Java (exposure).

● Machining/Manufacturing: Extensive work experience with (CNC/manual) mill, lathe, 3D printer, laser cutter, etc; strong experience with carpentry and carbon fiber reinforced polymer fabrication.

● Mechanical Testing: Hands-on-experience with standardized mechanical testing techniques using Instron testing system.

● Language: Mandarin (native language)


ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) Spring 2016 - Spring 2017

● HPVC is a nationwide competition on HPV design with over 30 years history. Our team participated in the 2017 competition, won 2nd place in design innovation and 4th place in endurance race out of a total of 25 teams.

● Designed and built a unique suspension system that reduced the vehicle width by up to 33% compared to previous designs.

Mechatronics Design (Course Project) Spring 2016

● Main designer of the Mobile Phone Dock Robot, a mini vehicle that brings the phone from its charging station to the user upon receiving a call or message and brings it back when the user is done using the phone.

● Designed and built a special triple steering system that enabled 3 degrees of movement, allowing more sophisticated and precise maneuver.

● Implemented PID control algorithms that allowed the robot to track a moving person. Vici Labs WaterSeer Collider Spring 2016

● First place in the Vici Labs WaterSeer Collider, a competition aimed at producing water from thin air at low cost without using external power source. Our apparatus, HydroLily, was able to product 268cc of water a day at max with a setup that takes around 5 square meters space.

● Designed the prototype based on thermodynamics calculations and seven iterations of small-scale field tests results.

● The project also won Fast Co. Innovation by Design Awards of 2016 and entered finalist in the China - US Young Maker Competition of 2016.

Mechatronics Design (Course Project) Summer 2013

● Main designer of Vision Navigated Quadcopter, a quadcopter programmed to track a colored ball using image recognition and PID control; Coded the visual processing and control program in LabVIEW. Ballistic Lab Fall 2012 – Fall 2013, Spring 2016

● Researcher in Ballistic Lab, aimed at setting an industrial testing standard for non-lethal weapons.

● Designed and built the shooting apparatus that was highly accurate and adjustable.

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