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Sql Server Data

Los Angeles, CA
March 12, 2018

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Dot Net/Web/UI Developer

Phone: 313-***-****



•Having over 4 years of professional IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing implementation and support of web based applications.

•Experienced in working closely with Clients, to troubleshoot issues, provide support and provide a quality support and meet the SLA.

•Proficient in developing Client-Server, Multi-Tier Web applications using technologies like Services, C#, .NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5,AJAX, MVC 5, Entity Framework 6, Web API, WPF, IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0, JQUERY, JavaScript, Angular JS, HTML5, XML and CSS.

•Hands-on design experience with user interface web technologies like HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap.

•Experience in design and development of N-tier web applications using MVC, Responsive UI with Bootstrap, Entity Framework and .NET Framework

•Good knowledge of using MVC Architecture and patterns like Abstract Factory, Façade, Singleton for building performance oriented applications.

•Extensive experience with Test-Driven Development(TDD) by building MVC applications and used several features introduced in this framework like Routing, Dependency Injection (DI) and Inversion of Control (IOC) container models, Action Filters, URL Authorization, etc.

•Experienced in writing Custom Controls and User Controls, reuse them at various places to provide reusability.

•Experience in using different ORM frameworks like Entity Framework, and used LINQ extensively with SQL Objects, XML, etc.

•Experience using Ajax tool kit, Telerik controls and Kendo UI for Web based applications.

•Created and executed Unit Tests using several frameworks like NUnit and MSTest.

•Good knowledge of RDBMS concepts & Database using SQL server 2008/2012, MySql for querying the database and designing the database schema.

•Expertise experience in relational database design, data extraction, transformation and writing stored procedures, functions, triggers, from large and complex data sources using MS Access, My SQL, MS SQL Server (SQL,T-SQL) .

•Excellent backend skills in creating SQL objects like Tables, functions, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Triggers, Temporary tables and user defined data types.

•Experience in migration of Data from Excel, Flat file to MS SQL Server by using MS SQL Server DTS.

•Experienced in working with various version control software like SVN, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS) and team collaboration tools like TFS, JIRA, CONFLUENCE, BAMBOO etc.

•Proficient in error logging and performance tuning techniques like Exception Handling, Data Analysis and reusable components for Application tuning

•Adroit at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.


Languages : C#, T-SQL, XML, XSD, XSLT, UML, VB 6.0, PHP

Operating Systems : Windows Server 2003, Win NT 4.0, Windows 7/ XP/2000

Web Technologies : HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, XML, jQuery and Methodologies : OOPS/OOAD, SOA, Agile, XP, MVC5


Design Patterns : Abstract Factory, Singleton

Frameworks : .NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, Entity Framework 6 Database : SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005, My SQL, MS Access

SQL Server Tools : Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Export & Import

SQL Profiler, SSIS, SSRS, Advanced Query Tool Version Control : Team Foundation System, SVN, and VSS 6.0/5.0

Third Party Tools : Telerik Controls, Kendo UI.

Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services Quality Control Tools : HP Quality Center, Jira, TFS, Confluence


Master’s, California University of Management and Science, Los Angeles, USA, 2017 California.

Bachelor’s Engineering from JNT University, Hyderabad, India, 2013


Client : Echo Labs, Atlanta GA. Dec 2016 to Jan 2018

Role : .Net/UI Developer

Project: Pharmacy Application


•Worked with Business Analysts in order to understand business requirements and analyze use cases.

•Involved in communicating with the clients, gathering requirements for the development of different applications.

•Involved in configuration, customization, and development of e-commerce platform.

•Involved in designing Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams using MS Visio.

•Actively involved in developing web applications using ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Studio 2008.

•Involved in designing database, creating tables, writing complex queries and writing Stored Procedures using SQL 2008.

•Created Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to attain uniform style patterns throughout all the pages in the application.

•Implemented Caching and State Management strategies to improve overall performance of the application.

•Created and consumed Web Services to expose the application functionality for different applications.

•Developed customizable interface for the clients-employees using XML and transformed to HTML using XSLT.

•Used Web Services for data transfer to store data in the Data base.

•Involved in parsing XML document using XPath objects like XPath Document, XPath Navigator.

•Used Fiddler, Firebug for debugging and testing XML, JSON based RESTful services.

•Used N-Tier architecture containing Data Access Layer, Business Logic Layer and Presentation Layer in order to manage code effectively.

•Implemented CSS to provide rich and unified look throughout the application.

•Used JavaScript and ASP.NET validation controls extensively to handle UI validations.

•Created WCF Service to retrieve and send information from client side without post-back.

•Developed coding the presentation layer using WPF and Silverlight.

•Used Crystal Reports as a reporting tool for developing reports.

•Created Indexes, Views and Stored Procedures for quick and efficient retrieval of data using SQL Server.

•Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) to maintain the version control history during development.

•Conducts comprehensive testing of developed objects in development and QA environments, including regression testing before any changes are released to the Production environment to minimize bugs.

•Created SSIS packages for importing data from various data files/excel to the data source Utilized Trace and Debug flags within the web application in the development and test environments of the application.

Environment: .Net Framework 4.0 and 3.5, Visual Studio 2010 and 2008, ASP.NET 4.0 and 3.5, HTML5, Silverlight, C#, HTML, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, JavaScript, WCF, XML, XSD, XSLT, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports and Infragistics controls.

Client: Infinite, Bangalore, India Jan 2015 to Aug2015

Role: .Net Developer

Project: Online Transaction System


Online Transaction System was developed for online transactions like accessing personal accounts, checking balances, Payment of recurring bills, such as mortgages and loan payments, transfer of funds between accounts of its customers and also between this bank and other institutions, loan rates, other products and services, that correspond with the bank.


●Created User Controls, Web Custom Controls

●Developed Web Pages using ASP.NET with C# and Web Controls

●Implementation of the modules using ASP.NET and C#.

●Developed Custom User Controls and Web Pages using ASP.NET, C#.

●Developed informational dialog boxes using JavaScript for various scenarios

●Used File upload control to upload files on server, Open uploaded file from the server, Gave facility like delete file, created the roles for upload file, delete files

●Used CSS for HTML to describe the presentation semantics.

●Involved in Database Design, created Tables and Indexes. Developed Stored Procedures, Views and Functions

●Wrote numerous T-SQL stored procedures, views, and reports using crystal reports

●Used SQL Server profiler to monitor and trace the events

●Extensively worked with the java scripts and client side validations.

●Wrote business logic code in C# code behind files to read data from database stored procedures

●Prepared test cases for Unit Testing.

●Writing documentation for the developed code.

●Developed and delivered the tasks by the stipulated time.

Environment: C#.NET 2003/2005, ASP.NET, IIS, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, Angular JS and MS SQL Server 2000.

Client: Bartronics India Limited Jan2013 to May 2013

Role: .Net Developer

Project: United health Group

Project1: COMET is a Centralized Operational Metrics, as web-based portal solution accessed via the internet. COMET reporting solution is envisioned to be delivered through an integrated web-based portal that presents interactive dashboards for executive decision making and reports which enables focused analysis.


•Being a junior programmer participated in analyzing user requirements with business analysts and developing code as per requirement specifications. And coordinating with testing team to meet all the specifications.

•Worked in team environment as a lead, coordinate with the team in development, testing & documentation and provide daily status update to manager.

•Interacted with business analysts to understand the business requirements. Code and unit test C#.NET programs that comply with specifications.

•Participate in code review, walkthrough, process meetings, daily scrums and interacting with clients directly in an agile environment to meet expectations and deadlines.

•Created reusable user controls using Silverlight.

•Responsible for writing system documentation including functional and detailed design documentation and program specifications as required.

•Experience using design patterns like Singleton and Abstract Factory in creating classes and objects.

•Extensive use of MVC architecture, Entity Framework to communicate with database, Web services to expose the reports to facilitate information sharing.

•Worked on creating and consuming Restful services using ASP.Net Web API.

•Enhanced and developed the front-end GUI using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, JSON, and Bootstrap. Used extensively JQuery, JavaScript and ASP.NET for AJAX Implementation and Client Side Validations.

•Extensive use of SQL Server Integration Services in creating packages for Import/Export data from database servers.

•Worked on creating windows services to run the packages on scheduled times.

•Configured Crystal Reports and SSRS reports as per the user needs.

•Created new database objects like Store Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Indexes and Views using T-SQL in Development and Production environment for SQL Server.

•Utilize configuration management tools, design tools, debugging tools, and other environment specific software tools to create, test, and implement an application.

•Complete and test any enhancements or changes to coded programs based on quality assurance activities. Selenium was used for testing purpose.

•JIRA has been used for team collaboration and bug tracking.

•Contributed to application performance tuning utilizing existing tools and processes. Discussed with team members on coding standards to be followed to maintain the quality of code and implementing the same.

•Communicate in writing and orally in a professional manner with the client.

Environment: C#, MVC5, MS Access, Visual Studio 2013, jQuery, JSON, JavaScript, Angular JS, Bootstrap, AJAX, XML, Entity Framework 6, Web API, SQL, SQL server, SSIS, SSRS, HTML5, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSD, SOAP, Web Services, SQL Server 2012/2008, MS Build, TFS, JIRA, Agile Methodology.

Project 2: May 2013 to Jun 2014

Role: .Net Developer

Project: NE-Department of Labor, India

NE-DOL, Applications – UI, BPS, Tax & Wage, ICON. Tax system, collects employers taxes based on their annual rate, employers can contribute a onetime annual payment to reduce their tax rate. Taxes are calculated based on rate, wages reported per quarter and if any credits are provided to employer. Wage system, collects employees quarterly wages from all the employers in Tax system. Taxes and wages are reported to IRS. The collected employee wage info is used for calculating unemployment, re-employment and training benefits. BPS maintains benefits per employer, individual and benefits claimed. UI application is used for paying employer taxes/contributions by referring Tax data.


•Develop web application based on .NET framework 2.0/4.0, C#, and MVC4 architecture, Entity Framework, WCF, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL Server.

•Worked on 3 - tier Application with UI, Business and Data Access layers using C# and Web service based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

•Developing/fixing, unit testing, troubleshooting various components of a large web application and documenting the developed code as required.

•Involved in the iterative process of development in Agile and Scrum environment.

•Participated in daily scrums and weekly meetings with the project sponsors to meet expectations and deadlines.

•Using ASP.NET developed a database application which keeps track of the documents and gives the user control to insert, update and delete based on user privileges.

•Developed and used various Web forms, Custom Controls and User controls using C# and JavaScript.

•Worked extensively on web forms and data binding controls like Grid view, Data list and drop down boxes and Mapping page fields to the database fields.

•Troubleshoot and fix production defects.

•Develop code for different layers of the application including user interface, business and service layers and batch jobs.

•Windows Services Created to run jobs on windows servers on scheduled time.

•Develop schema changes and stored procedures for SQL Server.

•Write/Update technical specifications.

•Used Crystal Reports to generate various reports as per the client's requirement.

•Worked with WCF and XML for creating and consuming web services.

•Developed the data layer class using C# which is reusable for data transactions of entire project.

•Worked on writing complex Database queries, Stored Procedures and Triggers using SQL Server and T-SQL, PL/SQL.

•Identified and mitigated various project issues.

•Regular communication with the testing team for regression and unit testing.

Environment:ASP.NET2.0/4.0/4.5,C#.Net,MSAccess,VisualStudio2008/2010/2013jQuery,JSON, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL server, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, SQL Server 2012/2008, TFS, Agile Methodology.

Project: 3 July 2014 to Dec 2014

Project: State bank of India, Hyderabad, India.

Role : .NET Developer


•Involved in Analysis, Design, Coding, and Testing and maintenance phase of modules of software life cycle.

•Involved in analysis of functional requirements and designing of system.

•Involved in code optimization for resolving performance related issues.

•Developed stored procedures, triggers, cursors using Oracle for authorization and card details database.

•Developed complex web pages using ASP.NET and C#.

•Designed web forms by implementing CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

•Used ASP.NET MVC framework to support the use of Dependency Injection to inject objects into a class, instead of relying on the class to create the object itself.

•Designed and developed stored procedures and User defined functions SQL Server Database. Implemented role based security and customizable workflows based on a user's role.

•Designed and developed complete front-end application using ASP.NET/VB.NET Web Forms.

•Created User Controls for the header and footer of the website which appears in all the pages.

•Worked extensively on web forms and data binding controls like data list and drop down boxes. Used pagination and sorting features of data grid in reports.

•Created queries and stored procedures in the SQL Server Database.

•Implemented validation using ASP.NET validation controls.

•Extensively worked on ASP.NET objects.

•Created WPF/Silverlight applications using MVVM architecture.

•Analyzed and designed new WPF application using MVVM and Repository pattern, from design to completion.

•Implemented 3-Tier architecture, facing key challenges on Business and Database layers.

•Implemented Data Access Layer using ASP.NET to communicate with the MS SQL Server Database.

•Used TFS for version control and to maintain the updates time to time.

•Created the Business Layer and Data Access components written in C# and ASP.NET.

•Created stored procedures for running in SQL Server database.

•Co-ordinate with testing team and fix the issues when arising during UAT testing.

Environment: ASP.NET 2.0, ADO.NET, C#, VISUAL STUDIO 2005, Silverlight, MVVM, .Net Framework 2.0, XML, MS SQL Server 2000, SQL, IIS6.0, WINDOWS 2000, SSRS 2005

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