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Electrical Engineer Project Manager

Edmond, OK
March 12, 2018

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Ehab Altaie


To design and build reliable power systems within codes and best cost and quality efficiencies, and to maintain and troubleshoot deficiencies in operating systems.

Professional Summary:

Electrical Engineering with 30+ years experience in power generation, Transmission and distribution plus Airfield lighting and ILS installation project Engineering, airplane wiring and bundle design, most recent projects include substations, Transmission and distribution lines.


Substation and power line project Engineering and management in compliance with International (IEEE), National Electricity Code (NEC), and RUS (Rural Utility) standards and principles.

Substation projects commissioning, testing and handover.

Substation Design.

Control and monitoring electrical systems, to determine malfunctioning performance through SEL 387,734,351S, 351R, control relays.

Remote monitoring systems (I grid/I sense).

Smart circuit breakers of S&C reclosers, programming.

High voltage circuit switchers testing and settings.

Bid request preparation (RFQ)’s, bids evaluation, BOM and cost estimates for Distribution, Transmission lines and Substation construction projects. Beside generating Gantt charts for these projects and time/cost efficiency follow up when project/s under construction.

Arc flash studies using SKM and Arcflash Studio.

Airfield lighting system and ILS (Instrument Landing Systems) project engineering and management with design criteria entries. In compliance with FAA and ICAO standards and regulations

Airplane wiring, power management, trouble shooting for communication and landing systems.

Airport terminal power supply, backup system, lighting and Tower wiring engineering.


Management, resource & cost efficiency control for multiple project at a time.

Logistics and crisis management.

Engineering software user of the following

1.SKM (electrical circuits modeling).

2. Visio (one-line diagram design drawing).

3.SEL Accelerator (SEL monitoring and control relays for voltage, power and current performance).

4.AutoCAD (Engineering drawings).

5.PLS Cad (power line design software).

6.Arcflash studio.

Management and office software

1.Microsoft office (Word, excel, access and power point).

2.Microsoft project (for Gantt charts and time line sheets).

Bilingual (English and Arabic).


Analyzing electrical systems parameters (Power and voltage) malfunctioning through monitoring equipment and find root cause, report to upper management with restoring solution plan and trouble shoot the problem.

Analyzing Airfield lighting/ ILS system faults, report to upper management with estimated time of restoring the system back (time is a critical factor in this industry since it impacts the flight safety concept).

Cost efficiency tracking of more than one project running in parallel.

Apply all codes (National and International Electricity codes and standards) on ongoing projects QA/QC.

on-call and emergency duties when system failure, report, manage and solve any problem by coordinating with others.

Logistics management.

Professional Experience

Senior project Electrical Engineer - Fusion Industries LLC, OKC, Oklahoma). December 2016 – present.

1.Project planning and management, design inputs, cost studies and time /labor estimates.

2.Substation construction commissioning, testing and handover.

3.Power management of Texas area clients with engineering support in and out of working hours.

4.Distribution line project management, design, analyses and commissioning.

Electrical Engineer_ Boeing. 05/27/2016 _ 12/08/2016

Senior project Electrical Engineer - Fusion Industries LLC, OKC, Oklahoma,August 2014 - February 2016:

5.Project planning and management, design inputs, cost studies and time /labor estimates.

6.Substation construction commissioning, testing and handover.

7.Power management of Texas area clients with engineering support in and out of working hours.

8.Distribution line project management, design, analyses and commissioning.

Electrical Engineer II, Sandridge Energy, Oklahoma City, OK. Full time (40hr/week). April 2009-August 2014

1.Project Engineer: Of the following Substation construction, commissioning, testing and handover :

Sandy Corner SS ( 25 mw 69/25kv),

Amorita SS,25mw ( 138/25)kv,

Renfro SS 138/25KV.

salt planes SS, 27.5 MW 138/25kv

2.Project manager: Mesopotamia project, 60Miles of 138kv Transmission line.

3.Testing and commissioning, QA/QC of all above.

Project manager and Electrical sector manager -CEE/Egypt, sole agent of Cooper Crouse Hinds/USA. Full time (40hr/week). May 2008 - May 2009.

1.Project manager- Cairo International Airport/ third terminal Taxiway lighting system.

2.Electricity sector manager, deign, follow up meetings, contractors performance evaluation, cost efficiency and time lines compliance, Training new graduate Engineers.

Electrical, Airfield and ILS Consultant Engineer- Alnasr State contractor/Egypt Cairo, full time 40hr/week. June 2007 - May 2008

1.Cairo International Airport 3rd Runway lighting system: prepare schedules, cost efficiency follow up, design and project engineering inputs.

2.Same project, CCR building electrical power design and project Engineering, plus stand by /backup generator requirement inputs.

Project Manager and projects department head -Alzumurod Contracting Co. / Baghdad-Iraq, full time. June 2005 - Aug.2006

1.Project manager for the installations of power generation plans each of 10MW capacity, in two Military training bases, responsible of Project Engineering, cost efficiency and time line tracking, commissioning, testing and hand over. Our company was subcontracted by 2 US companies (AMEC and Laguna). Each project had 10 1MW diesel generators installations and parallel operating settings, step up voltage to 11 KV and then design and build the distribution lines to buildings.

2.Electrical Projects department head : with the duties of all projects code and standard compliances, cost efficiency and time line follow up.

Electromechanical, Engineer, Altyor Company, Baghdad /Iraq ( part time) september 1999 - June 2002

1.Hospital power distribution design, demand estimation studies, and rehabilitation projects.

2.Water treatment project management. ( purifying and pumping systems).

Electrical Engineer ( Iraqi Air Force and Army) June 1986- March 2003

1.Jet Engine test bench engineer : run torque/ hydro-load tests on Helicopter rare and main rotors and prepare efficiency and reliability reports

2.Airfield lighting and CCR installations.

3.ILS systems installation and settings.

4.Backup power generators demand studies and installations.

5.Electrical distribution lines maintenance.


B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Technology (UOT)/ Baghdad, Iraq 1986.

US Citizen

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