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Electrical Officer

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March 12, 2018

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No. **** Pangsapuri Sri Nuang Jalan Gunung Nuang, Bukit Bandaraya

***** **** ****

Selangor Darul Ehsan


Tel: 013-******* (Mobile)

Resume Summary

Previous Company : Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia (TLDM)

(Resigned Jul 2016)

Current specialization : Electrical/Electronic and Security

Highest Education : Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical – Electronic)

: Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 3 (Security Supervisor)

Years of Experiences : From 2000 until 2016 (16 years)

National Hydrography Centre (NHC) and KD SULTAN ABDUL AZIZ SHAH (KDSAAS) from August 2007 – February 2010

Position Title : Deputy Engineering Officer

Specialization : Electrical and Electronic

Work Descriptions :

1.Responsible to Engineering Officer in the following aspects:

Ensuring the workshop environment is clean and tidy.

Ensure that all damage is reported to be repaired immediately.

Coordination management administration of the workshop, the kindness and discipline their subordinates.

Holding the damage report and update from time to time.

Responsible for all matters related to the workshop.

Coordinate the repair work outside.

2.Additional Posts

Administrative and records Officer.

Communication Officer.

Sports Officer.

Deputy Security Officer.

KD PERANTAU from February 2010 – Mac 2011

Position Title : Deputy Weapon and Electrical Engineering Officer (DWEO)

Specialization : Electrical and Electronic

Work Description :

1.Weapon and Electrical (WE) Department

Second in charge of the WE Department and must be able to step into the WEO’s shoes should the need arises. As such, familiarize in all aspects of the ship, its fittings, equipment, sensors, weapons which are the responsibilities of the WEO.

In charge of the WE element of the DC repair parties during action states. Adviser to the action NBCDO at HQ 1, keeping the WEO informed at all times.

Divisional officer to all WE ratings.

Training Officer of the WE Department.

Carry out miscellaneous duties as detail from time to time by the WEO.

In the event of the WEO being absent, the DWEO will assume full responsibility for department.

2.Additional Post : IT Officer

Ship Silencing Centre (SSC) from Mac 2011 – Jan 2013

Position Title : Magnetic Fields Officer and Executive Officer

Specialization : Electrical and Electronic

Work Description :

1.Magnetic Fields Officer

Conducting a magnetic measurement for RMN ship.

Measure and treat component MCMV.

Ensure ship DG system is in good condition.

Implement component treatment and degaussing for RMN ship.

2.Executive Officer

Responsible to Commanding Officer on matters of security and safety SSC, discipline and welfare of the crews.

Responsible for the administrative unit so smooth and orderly

Education and Training Headquarters RMN from Jan 2013 – Feb 2014

Position Title : Development and Training Research Staff Officer

Specialization : Electric and Electronic

Work Description : Develop a training package for officers and ratings as standard Skills Development Department to certify their skills. Providing information on the importance of Malaysia skills certificates to the navy people. Liaise closely with Department of Skill Development, Ministry Of Human Resources.

KD PERANTAU from Feb 2014 – Mac 2016

Position Title : Weapon and Electrical Officer

Specialization : Electric and Electronic

Work Description :

1.Weapon and Electrical Officer

Responsible to the Commanding Officer for the efficiency, availability, maintenance and custody of navigation, communication equipment and all ship’s electrical and electronic equipment.

Responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity and for all electrical services and equipment.

Supervising the organization and execution of planned maintenance and minor defect repair.

Supervising the major repair and reporting of defective equipment and system especially those anticipated to take considerable time to repair thereby affecting readiness of the ship.

Ensure that equipment and systems are made available to the defined performance standard.

Assist in checking the installations and organize setting to work and linking of equipment and system.

Organize testing and trials of equipment and systems.

Propose improvements to equipment’s and system and when approved, implement improvements to equipment and systems.

Act as Command NBCD advisor.

Act as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Officer.

Responsible for calibration, in collaboration with the Signal Communication Officer, of direction finding equipment.

2.Principal Naval Overseer (PNO)

Administer the team project management to be competent and efficient.

Determine the specification and diagrams approved are observed.

Determine the work according to standards and good engineering practices.

Determine the material used and the equipment installed on board have been accepted as satisfactory and have been first examined and tested and certified as a true and genuine by the relevant supervisory staff.

To guide the shipyard where the expertise needed.

Organize inspections and tests based on testing protocol to ensure that all specifications and other requirements have been complied.

Establish close ties with the Navy and the shipyard to determine the progress of the project to run smoothly according to the specified rock chart.

Determine the rules and safety requirements are complied with by all the parties concerned.

Informed the Project Manager from time to time with the work of maintenance by the shipyard.

Take the necessary action and pro-active to ensure the availability of supply of spare parts at the scheduled time.

Assist project managers make the process uneconomical to repair (TEB) for obsolete equipment and updating records TEB equipment

VI SECURITY from May 16 – Dec 16

1.Registration & Control Room Officer

Manage registration for visitor using Visitor Management System (VMS)

Monitor the movement of workers, visitors and outgoing goods

VAS AERO SDN BHD from 3 Jan – 31 Oct 17

1.Marketing Executive

Explore new opportunities for company

Represents a company in naval affairs

2014 Malaysia Skills Certificate – Security Assistant (Level 1)

Malaysia Skills Certificate – Security Officer (Level 2)

Malaysia Skills Certificate – Security Supervisor (Level 3)

2006 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical – Electronic)

Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM)

CGPA: 2.41 out of 4.00

1998 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Pangkat: 1 Agregat: 15

Communication Skills Fair

Negotiation Skills Good

Literate Microsoft Office Good

Personal Strengths Sense of responsibility

Leadership charisma

Dynamic team player



Identity Card Number : 810***-**-****

Date of Birth : March 12th, 1981

Nationality : Malaysian

Gender : Male

Possess Own Transport : Yes

Availability : Immediately

Kdr Lukhman Hanafian bin Azamar Omar

Pegawai Memerintah KD PERANTAU (2014 – 2016)


Lt Kdr Azuan bin Aziz

Pegawai Laksana KD PERANTAU (2013 – 2016)


Jaflus bin Musa

Operation Manager

VI Security SDN BHD


Kamarulzani bin Badli

General Manager



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