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Rockville, MD
March 12, 2018

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Andy Yu


To leverage my IT/computer science and biology education and experience for an IT/web developer; testing engineer; system analyst; business or data analyst position.


M. Sc. IT/Computer Science with GPA at 3.6/4.0 University of Maryland University College, Dec.2017.

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, George Mason University, 2015.


Good experience with relational databases and knowledge of query tools and statistical software SAS. Strong ability to manipulate large sets of data. Experience in Oracle database structures, and standard query and reporting tools.

Working experience on Selenium automated Testing, Cucumber automated testing and MTM manual testing.

Strong analytical, organizational and problem solving skills.

Good experience with Linux and Window operating system.

Proficiency with MS office tools. Project management tools: Gantt chart and PERT chart, Chen and Crow’s Foot ERD notation.

Excellent on oral/written communication. Team Player and faster learner.

Pipetting, gene identification, using the microscopes, enzymes, bacteria and viruses, cells, DNA and RNA, dissection, animals and plants, etc.


Programming languages: R, Java Swing, C#, JavaScript, Java, C, IDL; Perl, Python, CSS, PHP, HTML, XML, Ajax, Linux shell scripts.


Oracle database: create, design and implement Doctor-Patient appointment project in Oracle database.

Working experience with automatically run Selenium testing and Cucumber automated testing. Some experience with Microsoft Test Manager to execute manual testing.

Apply System Development Life Cycle to design, analyze and implement Doctor Patient Appointment and Management System information systems.

Excellent new technologies knowledge and application: The Application of Cluster Computing and Storage Area Networks/Network Attached Storage to NOAA Satellite Data Exploitation System.

Redesign NOAA Data Exploitation Portal interface with Axure RP in the Analysis-Redesign project and Contextual Inquiry project with Java Swing

Created research paper for info tech project management: The Application of Information System Project Management to adding New Technologies in NOAA Satellite Data Exploitation System (NDE).

Created NDE Portal Software Requirements Specification with IEEE 830 Standard for NOAA Data Exploitation (NDE).

Applied OOP techniques to design MediaRentalSystem and apply Aspect OP techniques (Joint point, point cut, advices) from given requirements. Implementation this design in Java code accordingly.

Wrote and executed complete unit test (white box testing) for MyStringUtils Java class, found the deliberated defects in the source code; Created a function test plan based on a simplified Software Requirements Specification Rock, Paper and Scissors.

Capstone software engineering team project: iCARI Data Wallet which is a mobile-base application that tracks patient’s medical history. Responsible on Software Requirement Specification part. Created iCARI Data Wallet Software Requirements Specification in IEEE Standard.

Using R and Microsoft excel in the biology lab to calculate: Chi squared, boxplots, scatter plots, standard deviation, mean, mode, median, range, mean root square analysis, regression testing, Apriori testing, and other statistical parameters.

Investigated genetic diversity in bacteria and viruses: Viruses include: HIV, the common cold, the herpes virus, influenza, hepatitis, Ebola, and rabies. Bacteria include: salmonella, e-coli, streptococcus, and lactobacillus.

Managed initial species isolation and preparation for DNA bar-coding with A DNA sequencer machine to automate the DMA sequencing process and determining the 4 bases of: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. Uses electrophoresis in order to separate DNA pieces. Electrophoresis kit: A technique used in order to separate macromolecules by the order of size. This form of technique is used for DNA and RNA.

Conducted experiments on: the drosophila flies, dominant and recessive genes, worked with Mendel’s peas, DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, etc.

Did experiments on fungi, immunology, parasitology, virology, archaebacterial, and bacteria in microbiology lab.

FOREIGN LANGUAGES Chinese, French, Korean


Essentials of Computer Programming; Relational Database Systems; Information Technology Foundations; Information System Analysis, Modeling and Design; Computer System Architecture; Information Tech Project Management; Modern Software Methodologies; Usability Engineering; Information System Infrastructure; Software Requirements; Software Design and implementation. Software verification and validation. Software engineering project.

Ecology/Evolution, Biostatistics, General Genetics, Biodiversity, Cell Biology, Conservation Biology, Applied Ecology, Biology of Microorganisms, Organic Chemistry, Infectious Diseases, Physics, Animal Behaviors


1. Mr. Zitian Guo, Senior Programmer and Scientist. Cell: 240-***-****,

2. Dr. Shuntai Zhou, Senior Scientist. Cell: 571-***-****,

3. Dr. Michael S. Brown, Program Chair of Software Engineering. Phone: 240-***-****, e-mail:

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