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Sql Server Data

Milwaukee, WI
March 12, 2018

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MS BI Developer


Professional Summary:

Over 7+ years of extensive work experience as a SQL Server Developer and in depth proficient experience in OLTP, Operational Data Source (ODS), and Dimension Modeling, Performance Tuning, Data warehouse, OLAP and Database technologies.

Experience in design, development, coding and testing of business and commercial applications in MSSQL Server 2014/2012/2008R2/2008, MS Access, .NET Script, Windows 2000/2003/2008.

Experience in installation, upgrade and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server and databases.

Over 5 years of extensive experience in T-SQL Programming in developing Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, User defined functions, cursors, derived tables, common table expressions (CTEs) XML and Complex Queries on SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014.

Broad experience in Query Optimization and performance tuning of stored procedures, functions etc.

Data Migration - Migrated and converted data to be sent across different servers and databases to accomplish database mirroring. This involved setting up automated Unix Shell Scripts to extract and massage data from Informix and Oracle databases into text files. These text files were then FTP’ed to destination servers where another automated process was executed to load the text files into the desired target tables.

Excellent ability to develop complex Crystal reports using custom SQLs, use of unions, creating subquery sections etc.

Experience in developing Crystal Reports, Cascading parameters, Drill down, Drill through, Sub Reports and Charts.

Proven ability in generating Drill down and Drill through reports with Drop down menu option, sorting the data, defining subtotals in SSRS 2005/2008 and Crystal Reports X1.

Extensive experience in using Microsoft BI studio products like SSIS,SSAS,SSRS for implementation of ETL methodology in data extraction, transformation and loading .

Over 4 years of experience in utilizing ETL tools, including SSIS, DTS and Data Stage and ETL Package design.

Experience in extracting and transforming data using Import/Export wizard, Bulk Insert, Bulk Copy Program (BCP), Data Transformation Services (DTS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Excellent in High Level Design of ETL SSIS Packages for integrating data using OLE DB connection from heterogeneous sources (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data) by using multiple transformations provided by SSIS such as Data Conversion, Execute SQL Task, Data Flow Task and union all.

Experience in some basic development of coding in VB.NET, C# while working with SSIS.

Over 3 years of Strong experience in SSRS development skills, experience including Tablix, Matrix, chart, graphic score card reports, sub-reports.

Developed complex Stored Procedures and views to generate various Drill-through, Drill through reports, parameterized reports and linked reports using SSRS.

Experienced in writing Parameterized queries for generating Tabular reports, Formatting report layout, sub reports using Global Variables, Expressions, Functions, Sorting the data, defining data source and subtotals for the reports using SSRS 2005/2008R2/2012.

Good knowledge on latest BI tools like Tableau.

Worked on Power BI and prepared dashboards using Tableau to make it more attractive.

Deployed and generated reports on to the server using the Report Builder 3.0 tool in Report Manager

Experience with Data Marts, Data warehousing, OLAP, Star Schema Modeling, Snow-Flake Modeling, facts, dimensions, partitions, Tables using MS Analysis Services 2012/ 2008/2005.

Good Experience with SSAS OLAP Cubes and Data Mining.

Developed several Ad-hoc reports according to the customer requirement and the Cubes using SSAS and MDX.

Experience in maintenance and Administration of SSIS by creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and schedule SSIS Packages.

Experience in using SQL Server Profiler to monitor the SQL server for deadlocks, long running queries and tune the same to improve performance.

Evaluated database performance and performed maintenance duties such as Tuning, Backup, Restoration and Disaster Recovery.

Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance.

Exposure in using Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a source control, source repository and project tracking solution.

Highly motivated, committed and a natural team player with capability to work independently, Strong analytical ability coupled with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Technical Skills:


MS SQL server 2005/2008/2012/2014, Oracle, Teradata, MS Access.


SQL Server Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, Data Base Engine Tuning Advisor, SSIS, SSRS, Business Intelligence Development Studio, Data Transformation Services


Transact- SQL, SQL,HTML, XHTML, C,XML,.NET frame work

ETL Tools

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server DTS.

Reporting Tools

SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Tableau, Power BI 2013.

SQL Server Tools

SQL server Management Studio, SQL server Query Analyzer, SQL server mail service, DBCC, BCP, SQL server profiler.

DataModeling Tools

Erwin tool, Microsoft Visio 2000/2003

Source Control

TFS 2010/2008, VSS, SVN, Bitbucket

Education: Bachelors degree in electronics and communication engineering from JNTU,Hyderabad.

Professional Summary

DentaQuest, Milwaukee,WI May 17-Present

ETL Developer/Production Support

Description: DentaQuest Ventures, Inc. provides dental benefits administration solutions to members in the United States. It offers personal dental, state-sponsored, health, group, and individual plans; and provider enrollment solutions.


As part of production support responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting various ETL Jobs.

Responsible for various enhancements on existing SSIS Packages based on the user requirments.

Involved in writing stored procedures from the scratch and modifying the existing for importing data from various servers.

Responsible for creating new databasesobjects like views and tables.

As a part of production support activities involved in monitoring replication process and coordinating with DBA'S.

Experienced in strategically implementing the indexes such as Clustered index, Non-clustered index, covering index appropriately on data structure to achieve faster data retrieval.

Designed SSIS packages which utilized tasks and transformations such as Execute SQL Task, Execute Process Task, Send Mail Task, FTP task, Execute Package task, XML Task, Data Flow Task, Sequence Container, For Each Loop Container, Lookup, Aggregate, Expression, OLE DB Command, and Derived Column.

Involved in migration of reports from Crystal reports to SSRS.

Responsible for ETL operation using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Worked with users in training and support and also have experience in Incremental data loading.

Involved in reporting related activites like creating AD-hoc reports using T-SQL Queries based on requets from internal user's.

Create complex ad hoc reports using SSRS reports and Crystal reports.

Involved in creating new reports and modifying existing reports like adding new filters,parameters and changing the report logic using SSRS.

Had exposure to work on web application components using Microsoft Visual Studio, VB.Net and MVC framework. Involved in migration of reports from Crystal reports to SSRS.

Responsible for creating various new scheduled jobs using SQL Server Agent.

Involved on call production support 24/7 for Production Jobs.

Deutsche Bank, Cary, NC Oct 16 – April 17

MSBI Developer

Description: Deutsche Bank is Germany’s leading bank, with a strong position in Europe and a significant presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Project: I was working for commercial real estate loan management system(RELMS) which basically provides a reporting platform from end to end of loan application process.


Responsible for Enhancements, Troubleshooting defects and processing of the SSAS Cubes.

Responsible for monitoring daily jobs, weekly jobs of Data loading and SSAS cube processing.

Involved in Developing, Extending OLAP Cubes, Dimensions and Data source view.

Good experience in adding Dimensions, Measure groups and calculations to SSAS Cube.

Extensively worked on OLAP cubes using SSAS.

Build MDX queries and Data Mining expression (DMX) queries for Analysis services SSAS and Reporting services SSRS

Created many complex Stored Procedure/Functions and used them in Crystal Reports directly to generate reports.

Experience in Developing and Extending SSAS cubes, Dimensions and data source view SSAS-Data Mining models and deploying and processing SSAS objects.

Performed Datamining activities on central repository for various applications and dashboard functionalities.

Involved in writing stored procedures from the scratch for importing data from various servers.

Used joins and subqueries for complex quires involving multiple tables and databases.

Involved in creating various database objects like Views and Tables.

Designed SSIS packages to extract, transform and load (ETL) existing data into SQL Server from different environments.

Good experience in installing SQL Server and setting up linked servers.

Involved in the migration of SQL Server from 2008 to 2012.

Involved in designing, developing, debugging and testing of reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Create reports in Power BI review entryway using the SSAS Tabular by means of Analysis connector.

Responsible for making SQL datasets for Power BI and Ad-hoc Reports.

Expert on making numerous sort of Power BI Reports and Dashboards.

Used Power BI Power Pivot to develop data analysis prototype and used Power View and Power Map to visualize reports.

Generates several Drill through and Drill down reports using SSRS.

Experience in developing Crystal Reports, Cascading parameters, Drill down, Drill through, Sub Reports and Charts.

Created Crystal Reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis for manager’s review

Responsible for documentation of system related activities

Provided training and Knowledge transfer for other developers.

Actively participated and interacted with User’s, Team leads and Technical manager to understand requirements.

Environment: SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Data Mining, Crystal Reports,Power BI, Erwin and Microsoft Excel,

Regions Financial Corporation, Birmingham, AL Oct 15 – Sep 16

MSBI Developer

Description: Regions Financial Corporation is a US bank and financial services company which provides retail and commercial banking, trust, securities brokerage, mortgage and insurance products and services.

Project: Worked on application called QSR(Quaterly status reporting) which provides information about mortgage and loans details of Customers.


As a part of BI/Database team, involved in Requirement gathering, Technical Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of BI Analytics and Reports.

Involved in creating database objects – Tables, Indexes, Views, User defined functions, Cursors, Triggers, Parameterized Stored Procedures, Constraints and Roles.

Experienced in creating complex store procedures with Pivot, Un-Pivot, triggers and functions.

Designed packages which utilized tasks and transformations such as Execute SQL Task, Execute Process Task, Send Mail Task, FTP task, Execute Package task, XML Task, Data Flow Task, Sequence Container, For Each Loop Container, Lookup, Aggregate, Expression, OLE DB Command, and Derived Column.

Deploy the crystal reports to the Business objects server and SSRS reports to reports server and create jobs using SQL Server agent to automate the process.

Developed SSIS 2012 Packages to migrate data from Oracle, Access, flat files and Excel into SQL server 2012 for further Data Analysis and Reporting by using multiple transformations.

Involved in development of Incremental Load process using SSIS Packages for Cerner application.

Generated and deployed various reports like parameterized, bar charts, pie-charts, drill-down, 100% stacked column reports based upon the business requirements.

Experience in report customization via the use of Grouping, Sorting, Field Highlighting, Conditional Formatting, Running Totals, Summaries, Static & Dynamic Parameters, Static & Dynamic Graphic Objects, Custom Formulas and Custom Functions.

Delivered 20 different packages which were an Ad-hoc request in the project.

Involved in Automation of Incremental load process using Red gate tool.

Involved on call production support 24/7 for Production Jobs.

Involved as a Lead for UAT team for bug fixes and production issues.

Involved in transforming data from dev into Stage & Prod environments using BCP Process.

Worked closely with Business People for gathering business requirements for the reports, data load processes and for the Cubes development.

Environment: SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Microsoft Excel,crystal reports.

Citi Group, Warren, NJ Jan 15 – Sep 15

MSBI Developer

Description: Citi group Inc. is a multinational investment banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Manhattan, New York City.


Actively participated in interaction with users, team lead, DBA’s and technical manager to fully understand the requirements of the system.

Responsible for writing T-SQL code for creating cursor and handling data validations

Scheduled Complex Stored Procedures using SQL Server Agent.

Monitored and modified Performance using execution plans and Index tuning.

Designed and Developed Database Objects like Tables, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Rules, Defaults, user defined data types and functions for the project.

Involved in project planning, also schedule for database module with project managers.

Developed, tested and implemented Referential Integrity rules and regulations through constraints, triggers and views, partitioned views.

Created indexes on selective columns to speed up queries and analyses in SQL Server Management Studio.

Created Database objects – views, and functions and developing procedures for implementing application functionality at the database side for performance improvement.

Defined constraints, rules and defaults and developed SQL scripts to Insert/Update and Delete data in MS SQL database tables.

Created views as required by front end developer for easier implementation on web pages, and triggers on those views to provide efficient data manipulation.

Assisted and supported issues related to the queries and database systems.

Involved in rebuilding the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.

Created SSIS Packages user data from the Flat files on monthly and weekly basis

Designed SSIS packages to load data from different sources Text files, Excel to staging and staging to Data warehouse.

Created SSIS packages using script task by C#.

Deploying and scheduling Reports using SSRS to generate all daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Reports including current status.

Created datasets, data source and involved in deploying the reports in to the report server.

Created reports using SQL Server 2008 R2 (SSRS) and integrated into the web front end.

Involved in generating Matrix reports, Sub reports and complex reports with multi value parameters for the analysis of Performance.

Created Drill reports which give all the details of various transactions like closed transactions, pending approvals, and summary of transactions and scheduled this report to run on quarterly basis using SSRS (Reporting services).

Worked on Performance tuning, and optimization of procedures and queries.

Created Ad-hoc queries from SQL Server databases for custom reporting needs. Worked on querying data and creating on-demand reports using Report Builder in SSRS.

Developed complex Stored Procedures to generate various Drill-through reports, parameterized reports and linked reports using SSRS.

Environment: SQL Server 2008R2, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Protective life, Birmingham, AL Nov 13 – Dec 14

SQL Server/SSIS Developer

Description: Protective Life Corporation is an Insurance company, which today offers a broad portfolio of life and specialty insurance and investment products.


Responsible for conceptual, logical and physical design with a significant effort towards application using Erwin.

Written T-SQL Stored Procedures and queries for accessing Data from Teradata Database.

Used advance features of T-SQL to design and tune T-SQL to interface with the databases and other applications in the most efficient manner.

Created Stored Procedures for package Initialization and end package information to update the package log table.

Designed & Developed Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimensions in order to maintain the historical changes for the business purposes.

Designed and Developed SSIS Packages using various Control Flow and Data Flow items to Transform and Load the Data from various Databases and into Siemens servers using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Used Script task component and established iterative load for faster retrieval & to improve performance.

Used different transformations like lookup, condition split, and row count Transformation, Derived Column, Data Conversion etc.

Worked on the Existing (legacy) SSIS packages and modified the same packages to match it for different sources for integration.

Experience in managing and automating control flow, data flow, events and logging programmatically using Microsoft .NET framework for SSIS packages.

Advanced extensible reporting skills using SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services (SSRS).

Developed Drill Down, Drill through, Cross tab reports, Parameterized Reports and Report Models for generating Ad-Hoc reports as per the client requirements.

Involved in scheduling, creating snapshots and subscriptions for the reports using SSRS 2012.

Involved in building Data Marts and multi-dimensional models like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema.

Created Package Configuration file with connection information source, staging and destination databases and send mail task connection information and log directory path value.

Prepared technical documentation for every stored procedure and updated those stored procedures with new data elements.

Created SSIS Reusable Packages to extract data from Multi formatted Flat files, Excel, XML files into UL Database and DB2 Billing Systems.

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Studio 2010, SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio),T- SQL, Oracle 10g,Windows 7,Siebel,SAP, .NET Framework, C#2008, Erwin.

ECIL Rapiscan, India Nov 10 – Oct 13

SQL Server Developer/DBA

Description: ECIL Rapiscan Ltd. is a joint venture between OSI Systems Inc. and Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL).The entire manufacturing of the X-ray Baggage Inspection Systems (XBIS) and the technology for X-ray Baggage Inspection Systems is supplied by RAPISCAN.


Actively participated in interacted with users, team lead, DBAs and technical manager to fully understand the requirements of the system.

Worked on the Reports module of the project as a developer on MS SQL Server 2008/2005 (using SSRS, T-SQL, scripts, stored procedures and views).

Worked on SSIS Script component using Visual Basic Applications, VB.NET and C#.

Involved in Data Integration by identifying the information needs within and across functional areas of an enterprise database upgrade and Migration with SQL server Export Utility.

Use SSIS and T-SQL stored procedures to transfer data from OLTP databases to staging area and finally transfer into data marts and performed action in XML.

Created Dashboards and reporting services web parts using Moss 2007.

Involved in deployment of SSRS reports on the SharePoint Portal.

Performance tuning of SQL queries and stored procedures using SQL Profiler and Index Tuning Wizard.

Created different reports like sub reports, bar charts and matrix reports using SSRS.

Created datasets using stored procedures and reports using multi value parameters

Deployed the SSRS reports in Microsoft office share point portal server MOSS 2007.

Worked on SSIS for transferring data from Heterogeneous Database (Access database and xml format data) to SQL Server.

Troubleshooting performance issues and fine-tuning queries and stored procedures.

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2008, T-SQL, SQL Server Integration Services, CrystalReports8.5, Business objects, VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NETFramework2.0, C#, SQLProfiler, Access 2003, Agile methodologies, Business Objects X1, Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft office 2007 Visual Team Foundation Server (TFS).

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