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Oracle/ETL Developer - 8+ Year Exp. - Local to Columbus

Columbus, OH
March 12, 2018

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*+ years of IT experience as Oracle/ETL Developer in Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of business applications for Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Manufacturing, Financial services and Investments industries.

Expertise in Oracle DB, SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Trigger, Collection, Exception, Advanced PL/SQL Record, Type, Rowtype, Objects, Materialized Views, Autonomous Transitions, Bulk Binds and Oracle 10g OEM Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Hands on experience in DDL, DML and TCL commands in SQL, Unit Testing and Integration testing.

Good understanding to work in OLTP, OLAP, Enterprise, Web based, Client/Server architectures.

5+ years of IT experience as ETL Informatica Developer focusing on Data warehousing, Data integration, ETL process and Business Intelligence projects.

Deep understanding in Data warehousing SDLC and Dimensional Modeling (Star and Snowflake schemas, Relational, Dimensional and Slowly Changing Dimensions).

Extensive experience in Repository manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor.

Developed mappings in Informatica to load the data from various sources into the Data warehouse different transformations like Source Qualifier, Lookup, Filter, Expression, Router, Normalizer, Joiner, Update Strategy, Rank, Aggregator, Stored Procedure, Sorter, XML Source Qualifier and Sequence Generator.

Experience in performance tuning of sources, transformations, targets, mappings, worklets, workflows, sessions and batches in Informatica as well as Oracle reports, SQL & PL/SQL code.

Proficient in using the Informatica command line utility PMCMD to create, schedule and control Workflows, tasks, batches and sessions.

Knowledge in UNIX shell scripting, Automation of ETL processes.

Experience in developing Cognos Reports, XML Publisher Reports and Oracle Reports including its scheduling in Oracle Application.

Strong knowledge in Cognos 10 Framework Manager, Analysis Studio, Query Studio & Report Studio.

Experience in resolving on-going maintenance issues and bug fixes, monitoring Informatica sessions as well as performance tuning of mappings and sessions and PL/SQL blocks.

Reliable, proactive, responsible and initiative good team player.



: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, MS Access 2000


: Oracle E-Business Suite, JESTA Vision ERP Suite(8.2),FedPorts.Net


: SQL, PL/SQL, Advanced PL/SQL, SQL*Plus,C, C++, HTML, DHTML,XML

Reporting Tool

: Oracle Report Builder 6i/10g,Oracle Form Builder 6i/10g, XML Publisher 5.0, 1 –Key Agile Business Intelligence, Cognos BI Reports 10

DWH tool & Utilities

: Informatica PowerCenter 9X,SQL Navigator (5.5),Oracle SQL Developer (4.1),Toad (11.5), SQL*Loader, DATA Loader, Oracle OEM 10g,, WSFTP,HP Quality Center(9.2), Putty, FileZilla, SVN, SERENA, Autosys

Operating Systems

: MS Windows9x/2000/XP/NT, UNIX

Domain Knowledge

: Manufacturing,Retail, Financial Services


ORACLE PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (OCA).

Core Java Certified Examination taken by TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) and GIL (Gujarat Information Limited).

Currently preparing for PowerCenter Data Integration 10: Developer, Specialist Certification.


Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Engineering, GCET, S.P.University 2007, India.

Diploma’s degree in Information Technology Engineering, BBIT, May 2004, India.


Federated Investors, Warrendale PA Jul’15- May‘16

Role: Oracle/ETL Developer


Federated Investors (FII) is financial services company offering different types of mutual funds to diverse range of customers including banks, broker-dealers, trust departments, investment companies, charitable organizations and pension plans. I have worked at FII as Informatica/Oracle Developer in Business Information Service Development BISD department on MMR Money Market Reform project to implement new protocols decided by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for NAV & Mutual Fund values in company’s existing application.


Requirement gathering and analyzing system or process change.

Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Support of ETL processes

Prepare High level design documents and Low level design documents.

Analyze functional specs and create technical documentation.

Understanding source to target data mapping and Business rules associated with ETL processes.

Design and develop Informatica Mappings and Sessions to load data from source flat files, MS Excel, MS Access and loaded data into target DB (RDBMS) by scheduling the sessions.

Use transformations like Source Qualifier, Joiner, Expression, Connected and Unconnected lookups, Filter, Aggregator, Rank, Update Strategy, Router, Sequence generator, Expression.

Develop and scheduled Workflows in Workflow Manager (Task developer, Worklet Designer) and monitor results in Workflow monitor.

Use PMCMD and UNIX shell scripts for Workflow Automation.

Generate queries using SQL to check for consistency of the data in tables and to update tables.

Create the Source, Target Definitions, Transformations, Reusable Transformations, Mappings, Mapplets, Workflow, Sessions,Tasks & Worklets in Informatica Power Center.

Work on complex Source Qualifier queries, Pre and Post SQL queries in the Target.

Develop Informatica SCD type-I, Type-II mappings.

Involve in extensive performance tuning by determining bottlenecks at various points like Targets, Sources, Mappings, Sessions, Transformation, Workflow or system.

Work on version control tool SERENA/SVN, TOAD, SQL Developer, Putty, HP Quality Control tools during development of the application.

Apply skills of SQL, PL/SQL and Advanced PL/SQL,NDS (Native Dynamic SQL), Stored Procedures, Packages, Function, Virtual Columns, Table, Grants, Index, Records, Tables and Object types.

Evaluate requirements and collaborate with data management SIRS BATCH scheduling team to design overall application.

Work on various Lookup Caches like Static, Dynamic, Persistent, and Shared Caches.

Develop Workflow Tasks like Email, Event wait, Event Raise, Timer, Command and Decision.

Work on Agile scrum methodologies and PMP software TFS 2013 environment.

J P Morgan Chase, Columbus OH Aug’14- Jun’15

Role: Oracle/ETL Developer


J P Morgan Chase (JPMC) is one of the largest banking and financial service company offering variety of services like investment banking, asset management, private banking, private wealth management, treasury and security services. At JPMC the goal of my project was to centralize data from several application to one system for better business analysis and decision making.


Analysis of the user requirements and data sources.

Create technical specification documents using S2T documents.

Design, Analysis, Implementation, Testing and Support of ETL processes for Stage, ODS and Mart using Informatica power center 9x.

Collect and link metadata from diverse sources including Relational Databases and Flat Files.

Design and develop Informatica Mappings and Sessions to load data from source Flat Files and Oracle tables to target tables.

Carry out transformations like Expression, Aggregator, Stored Procedure, Lookup, Filter, Joiner, Rank, Router, Union, Sorter and Update Strategy.

Develop reusable Mapplets and Transformations.

Use Debugger to debug mappings to gain troubleshooting information about data and error conditions.

Involve in monitoring the workflows and in optimizing the load times.

Use Change Data Capture (CDC) to simplify ETL in data warehouse applications.

Prepare UNIX Shell Scripts and Understanding to schedule scripts/jobs in Autosys.

Prepare Test Scenarios and Test cases, actively support unit testing and UAT of mappings.

Implement Slowly Changing dimension SCD methodology for accessing the full history of transactions.

Implement Update Strategy, Incremental Loads and Incremental Aggregation.

Work on different tasks in Workflow Manager like Sessions, Events raise, Event wait, Decision, E-mail, Command, Assignment, Timer and Scheduling of the workflow.

Extensively use workflow variables, mapping parameters and variables.

Involvein design of SQL, PL/SQL and Advanced PL/SQL like Collection, PLSQL TABLE, Triggers.

Create PL/SQL Procedures using Execute Immediate, Bulk Collect for better performance.

Extensively use advanced features of PL/SQL like Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL.

Apply skills for Cognos reporting.

DSW, Columbus OH Aug’13- Jul’14

Role: Oracle/ETL Developer


DSW, Inc., is an American footwear retailer of designer and name brand shoes and fashion accessories with over 500 stores in the United States and an e-commerce website. At DSW I worked in Loehmann’s integration project to add Loehmann’s business in DSW’s applications like Jesta ERP Suite. Project scope was also to configure P&A systems like Enterprise Planning, Allocation, Size Optimization, MAP, POM, NSAP,WM, inventory control and transportation system configuration, developing reports in Jesta and MA (Merchandise Analysis), PLU and sales processing, update Physical Inventory.


Analysis of source, requirements, existing OLTP system and identification of required dimensions and facts from the Database.

Design and build data mart as per the requirements.

Extensively work on Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers and SQL queries and for loading the data (staging) to enhance and maintain the existing functionality.

Developing, Support and Maintenance for the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes using Oracle and Informatica PowerCenter.

Create Source-to-Target Data mapping and Unit Test Cases documents.

Work on different types of transformations like Sorter, Expression, Filter, Aggregator, Rank, Lookup, Stored procedure, Sequence generator and Joiner.

Use Incremental Aggregation to apply the captured changes from the source to aggregate target tables.

Apply skills of Target load plan, Constrain based loading and different session properties.

Integrate various sources into the Staging area in Data warehouse for Integration and Cleansing data.

Create sessions and batches, Use Parameter files to pass Variable values.

Work with SQL, PL/SQL and Advanced PL/SQL like Collection, PLSQL TABLE, Trigger concepts.

KTLO (Incident/ITSR/TAM/Request) which leads to Database Maintenance work.

Defect Fixing in Project and Production system bugs by updating Triggers designed for data updating in tables.

24x7 On Call Production support and work with DBA team on OEM for DB Performance evaluation & Schedule Oracle Scheduler’s Jobs.

Frito-Lay Plano, TX Apr ‘11 – Jul’13

Role: Oracle/ETL Developer

Account Data mart:


Frito-Lay, Inc. is an American subsidiary of PepsiCo that manufactures, markets, and sells corn chips, potato chips, and other snack foods. The primary snack food brands produced under the Frito-Lay name include Lay’s, Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos. At Frito-Lay my project was to work on data warehouse that enables management and the sales team to analyze the business over a period of time. Budgeting and forecasting decisions are based on the reports produced using that data warehouse.


Involve in Analysis, Design, Developing, Support and Maintenance for the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes using Oracle and Informatica PowerCenter.

Create Source-to-Target Data Mappings, Sessions and Technical Specification based on user requirements.

Develop and maintain ETL mappings to extract the data from multiple source systems like Oracle, SQL server and Flat Files and loaded into target Oracle.

Design and develop complex mappings by using Source Qualifier, Rank, Sorter, Filter, Sequence Generator, Lookup, Expression, Update, Sequence generator, Aggregator and Router transformations.

Involve in identifying and creation of Dimension Tables and Fact Tables.

Create the Source, Target Definitions, Transformations, Reusable Transformations, Mapplets, Worklet, Sessions & Workflow in Informatica Power Center Designer.

Tune sources, targets, mappings and sessions to improve the performance.

Create parameter files and use Mapping Parameters and Variables.

Apply skills of Mapplets, Worklets, Task, Sessionss and Session properties.

Integrate various sources into the Staging area in Data warehouse to Integrate and for Cleansing data.

Involve in creation and updation of table structures to get fit into the existing Data Model.

Involve in Testing of Performance and Unit testing of Informatica Mappings and Transformations.

Use the Debugger to validate the transformations by creating Break Points and analyzing the Debug Monitor.

Write Triggers, Stored Procedures, Packages and Function,Oracle Reports using PL/SQL and execute Unit testing.

EIMCO ELECON India Ltd., India Apr ‘08 – Mar ‘11

Role: Oracle Developer (ERP)

BAAN to ORACLE Application Implementation


The company “EIMCO” had updated its ERP system from BAAN to ORACLE 11i ( I have changed standard reports from BAAN to ORCLE, customized various reports according to functional requirements and also help in some AOL & DBA activities.


As a Oracle Report Writer designed reports in Inventory, Bill of Material, General Ledger, Account payables and Receivables, Purchase, Order Management, Fix Asset, MRP/MPS modules & Customization.

Registering Reports in Oracle Applications using SysAdmin.

Developed Views, Functions, Stored Procedures, Packages using PL/SQL & SQL.

Customization of ORACLE standard report as per user requirement.

Extensively used PL/SQL, Tables, Cursors and exception handling.

Regular AOL activities like creation of Value Sets, Enabling Flex Fields, and Registration of Reports.

Testing and Debugging.

Loading data from external source flat files into database tables using SQL* Loader (SQLLDR).

Used Oracle Export /Import utility Exported Oracle Inventory, Purchase, Planning data into FLAT files.

Assigning appropriate responsibilities to users as per the requirement.

Creating users, Alert, Scheduling, LOV and Responsibilities in System admin module.

1 Key Agile Business Intelligence (BI) & Database Design


BI (Business intelligence) 1- Key Agile is one kind of reporting tool which is very user friendly for end users like run report according to its requirement with LOV as input parameter, grouping of particular field, change the sequence of fields just by drag & drop, filter data to search particular record and users can mail or export its output in pdf, html, excel format.


Responsible for all Admin activity like Install and maintain, Design & Control Role/User, Assign responsibility,Roles, back up of Live instance of BI, Maintenance and Training .

Actively participated in Database Development, Design SQL & PL/SQL blocks for third Party system like Elecon Eimco Web supplier PO System, MRN WIP System, Purchase Order Details, OSP Detail, Supplier Detail List, Check Printing System, MDA Label system.

Analysis, design, management, development, testing and deployment for report to live system.

Involved in testing, debugging, performance tuning, bugs fixing and documentation of the system.

ERP Reports Development


Working as Oracle Report Writer for Oracle Application 11i Inventory module, Bill of Material, Account payables, Account Receivables, Order Management, Purchase module, Fixed Asset.


Responsible for making Reports with Report Builder 6i, Requirement analysis, design, management, development, testing and deployment.

Registering Reports in Oracle Applications using SysAdmin.

Assigning reports to appropriate request groups.

Customization of ORACLE standard Reports as per user requirement.

Customized ORACLE standard form using FORM PERSONALIZATION in E-Business Suite

Creating users, Responsibilities, Alert, Scheduling and LOV in Oracle Application Admin module.

Good enough Experience in functionality of Concurrent Managers.

Worked on the database design, normalization, PL/SQL programming in SQL Developer & TOAD.

Involved in testing, debugging, performance tuning, bugs fixing and documentation of the reports.

Involved with study of existing system, preparing the technical design to extract data from legacy system into Oracle Applications open interface tables.

Registering Reports in Oracle Applications using SysAdmin.

Assigning reports to appropriate request groups.

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