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Developer Java

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
March 08, 2018

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VINAY REDDY PH: 872-***-****



Over 9+ years of experience working in various domains such as Health care, Insurance, Retail and Finance in various phases of application development cycle - Analysis, Design, Development and Supporting.

Expertise in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and ability to work as the primary interface between Business and other parties

Experience in adopting Agile, Waterfall and V-model methodologies during Software Development lifecycle. Expertise in client/server domain: Web-Based, N-Tier Architecture and Database development.

Experience in leading developers team, and achieved many tasks on Java J2EE projects.Strong background in Java/J2EE environments. Well experienced in MVC architecture and Struts framework.

Advanced development experience with AngularJS, Angular4.0 including authoring complex directives, services, controllers, and filters; working with animations, routing, states.

Experience in Client-side Programming with HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, JSF, AJAX and JQuery.

Worked with Application servers like BEA Web Logic and Application development platform Angular 1.X. & 2.0 and React.JS.

Experience in SOA and developing Web services using SOAP, REST, XML and JAXB.

Extensive experience in design, development and implementation of Model-View-Controller frame works using Struts and Spring MVC.

Experience in working with various project life cycle models like Waterfall model, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile methodologies.

Excellent Java development skills using Core java, JavaScript,typescript, Redux, JSON, HTML, JMS, AJAX, EJB, Java/J2EE Design Patterns and UML.

Experience on working on Java Spring boot by using REST web services.Experience onAWS, NOSQL and microservices developed a desktop version of project.f

Expertise in working with various MVC JavaScript frameworks like Backbone.js and Node.js

Extensive knowledge of making website Responsive and used Bootstrap in various projects to achieve RWD.

Working experience on Data structures and algorithms of coding pattern,

Working experience on both Android and IOS development skills by using Apache Cordova.

Working knowledge of Web protocols and standards (HTTP HTML/XHTML/XHTML-MP,Web Forms, XML, XML parsers).

Extensively worked on XML Parsers (SAX, DOM). Experience on Java developing Applications using JDK 1.7 on Eclipse, My Eclipse Blue 10.0 and RAD 8.0 IDE. Excellent working knowledge on App server i.e. JBoss 6.2, Web Sphere 8.0, Tomcat 6.0 in building and deploying applications. Experience with Java EE technologies (JDBC, EJB, and JMS), Structured Framework (Struts), XML and related technologies such as JAXP, JAXB, and X Path.

Exhaustive experience in developing and deploying applications on Web/Application servers–

Apache Tomcat, Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss.

Database development using query languages such as SQL, PL/SQL in both Oracle 11gR2 and MS SQL Server.

Excellent working experience in deployment in Docker by using AWS (Amazon Web Service Instances) and experience in deployment by using MS Azure.


Web(UI) Technologies

Java Script, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, HTML5, Angular JS, Angular2.0, Angular4.0, Typescript, BackboneJS, D3.js, Gulp.js, Require.Js, React.js, Redux, NodeJS, Ember JS, Elastic Search,Ext.Js, Grunt.js, Kendo UI.

Backend Development

Core java 1.0 x, Advanced Java

Frame Works

Spring, JSF, Spring Rest Full, Spring boot,Redux

Mapping tools


ORM tools


Web services



Oracle, My SQL, SQL server, Mongo DB, No SQL

Oracle, MySQL

Design Patterns

J2EE, UML Design, High chart

App/Web Servers

Web Logic, Tomcat, Web Sphere

Repository Tools

Git Hub, CVS

Continuous Integration

Jenkins, Maven

IDE Tools

Eclipse, Atom, Sublime, IntelliJ, Nginx, Net beans, Mockito




Object-oriented design, design patterns, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


Web Services (REST, SOAP)

Process Automation

Maven, Gradle



Operating System

Windows 98/XP,7,8,10 and Unix/Linux.

SDLC Methodologies

Agile Scrum

Cloud Deployments

AWS (Amazon Web Services), MS Azure

Client: Airlines Reporting corporation(ARC) – Arlington, VA Aug 2016 - Present

Position: Web Developer

ARC is the premier driver of air travel intelligence and commerce with leading business solutions, travel agency accreditation services, process and financial management tools, and high-quality data. For more than half a century, ARC has been a trusted provider of settlement services. ARC operates at high volume, settling more than $86 billion in transactions between carriers and travel agencies each year. Because of its unique history, ARC has become the single record of truth for data collection of airline ticket transactions, covering approximately 60 percent of the world’s passenger air tickets.

Project: Carrier Dashboard, gives reports and statements on transactions, sales, commission paid, estimated cash savings of different Carriers. It helps to understand statistics of sales for different airline tickets.


•Involved in creating pages from mockups using JavaScript, Angular4.0, JQuery, CSS3, and HTML5

•Worked For making asynchronous AJAX calls in Views, JQuery Ajax implemented with Kendo UI View Model.

•Created Directives, Controllers and Services by using Angular JS.Built dynamically generated dropdown lists using Ajax, j Query Angular JS and Angular4.0.

•Validating user actions on the client side and providing responsive feedback. Coordinating the workflow between the graphic designer and the HTML coder.

•Develop unit testing project using xUnit and Moq framework for mocking dependencies. Knowledge on Cordova phone gap by using Nodejs as building tool.

•Created the Clustering Topology in Web Sphere Application Server to achieve Work Load.

•Experience in Java Spring, Java Spring boot and developed our application on Java8.

•Involved in developing applications using Angular JS- Bootstrap like Grids, Toolbars, Panels, Combo-Box and Button etc.

•Used popular Node.js frameworks like Express and Restify to create a Restful Mock API.

•Developed backend web services using Node JS and stored dependencies using NPM.

•Involved in implementation of RESTFUL web service APIs using Node.js which were consumed by making AJAX calls and JSON as data exchanging tool.

•Experienced in front-end Unit Testing such as Jasmine, cucumber, Karma and Integration testing tool Protractor for Angular.JS.

•Designed Dashboard with angular gridster which gives and customizing option of Dashboard.

•Experience in working with Docker container with Jenkins integration.Expertise in Providing both customer support and technical guidance with Section 508 Regulations.

•Working on building a custom cms to move off word press being built using NodeJS, ReactJS

•Used ReactJS, Redux to build the UI components, developed filters to display different dimension of data and font size modifiers.

•We also provide builds of the elasticsearch.js client for use in the browser. These versions of the client are currently experimental. We test these builds using sauce labs in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10, and 11.

•We also provide builds of the elasticsearch.js client for use in the browser. These versions of the client are currently experimental. We test these builds using sauce labs in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10, and 11.

•Developed Container components as the logic layer for the UI components. Used microservices for managing databases and experience in deploying with AWS.

•Has worked in Angular4.0, typescript for client-side scripting and synchronizing java applications. Applied JQuery scripts for basic animation and end user screen customization purposes.

•Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly.

Environment:Java, HTML/HTML5, CSS3, XHTML 2.0, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, JSON, MVC, AngularJS, Angular 2.0, typescript, JQuery, Springboot, ReactJS, Web Sphere, Elastic search, AJAX, JSON, XML, JSP, Docker, Jenkins, Apache, Eclipse, IntelliJ, nginx, Oracle, Kendo UI, NoSQL, Windows.

Client: General Motors – Austin, TX Nov 2015 - Aug 2016

Position: Frontend Developer

General Motors, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services. With global headquarters at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, United States, GM manufactures cars and trucks in 35 countries.


•Implemented a complete user interface in the form of a mobile and desktop web app, with a focus on performance.

•Designed the wireframes for various intranet and internet based web applications and projects with the help of Axure, MS Visio, and Balsamiq.

•Involved in creating pages from mockups using JavaScript, Angular JS, JQuery, CSS3, and HTML5.

•Experienced in working with enterprise application design, used Capriza for a module of mobile app development

•Created Directives, Controllers and Services by using Angular JS.Built dynamically generated dropdown lists using Ajax, j Query Angular JS.

•Validating user actions on the client side and providing responsive feedback.

•Involved in write application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.

•Worked on RequireJs for extending prioritized email conformation for loading javascript module.

•Web Sphere as an application server and used React JS and Redux javascriptframeworks for UI view development.

•Involved in designing and deploying a multitude application utilizing most of the AWS Stack (Including EC2, Elastic Search, S3, RDS, Dynamo, DBSQS) with focusing on high availability, fault tolerance and auto scaling.

•Involved in Desinging and developing amazon simple DB, Amazon RDS,Amazon elastic load balancing with AWS infrastructure.

•Used Redux to develop and run application in different environments and code debugging.

•Used Ajax, JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the websites.

•Used MS Visio, Dreamweaver and Photoshop tools for web application development. Created forms to collect and validate data from the user in HTML and JavaScript.

•Used CSS Sprites to decrease the number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages.

•Great knowledge on Unit Testing such as Jasmine, cucumber, Karma. Testing the website on multiple browsers with their old as well as latest release.

• Adhered to corporate standards with respect to problem, change and configuration management.

Environment:Java, HTML/HTML5, CSS3, XHTML 2.0, JavaScript, Ajax, RWD, XML, JSON, MVC, AngularJS 2.0, JQuery, Bootstrap Twitter Framework, D3.js, EmberJs, Require.js, Springboot,React.Js, AWS, Web Sphere, Elastic Search, AJAX, JSON, XML, JSP, Servlets, MS Zure, APACHE, ECLIPSE, Atom, Sublime, Oracle, PL/SQL, Windows.

Company: iPrism Technologies – Hyderabad, India Jan 2014 - Nov 2015

Position: Web Developer

iPrism Technologies US base Web and App Design Company with development center is India, are specialized in advanced mobile app and web services including website design, website development as well as software development and mobile application development. iPrism started operations in the year 2009 and are one of the experts in different open source CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, PHP, MySql, Magento, MangoDB, HTML, Java script, AngularJS, Flash Animation, etc.


•Involved in creating pages from mockups using JavaScript, Angular JS, JQuery, CSS3, and HTML5

•Worked with Bootstrap Twitter Framework and Angular JS to Design single page application.

•Implemented modularization for entire application by using MVC.

•Created Directives, Controllers and Services by using AngularJS.

•Built dynamically generated dropdown lists using Ajax, jQuery and Angular JS.

•Involved in write application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.

•Working experience on Ext.JS and development function

•Designed business applications using web technologies like HTML5, XHTML 2.0, and CSS based on the W3C standards.

•Developed generalized service class by using AngularJS & Backbone JS.Deep understanding of JavaScript and the jQuery Framework.

•Used JSP, Servlets and HTML5 to create web interfaces.Worked extensively in Application development using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP, and XML.

•Extensive experience in using JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and corresponding event handlers.

•Made High charts builder by Javascript and google api for first version of angular js.

•Developed Ext-JS components like Grids, Toolbars, Panels, Combo-Box and Button etc.

•Worked on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements and CSS Behaviors.

•Familiar and can write reusable Gulp.js/Grunt.js task and configurations


•Good Knowledge about Selenium and worked with automation Testing.

•Have experience on infrastructure management and AWS build process.

•Involvement in using various IDE's like Jira, Rale, Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Sublime, Eclipse, Net Beans.

•Good working experience using Tomcat develop and deploy web applications.

•Developed working prototypes from UI designs for cross-platform devices and Cross Browser Functionality.

•Followed Data structure coding patterns with algorithms according to the company standards.

•Made heavy use of Chrome Developer Tools + Firebug to ensure front-end code and assets were optimized and high-quality

Environment:Java HTML/HTML5, CSS3, XHTML 2.0, JavaScript, Ajax, RWD, XML, JSON, MVC, AngularJS 1.0, JQuery, Gulp.js, Ext.Js, grunt.js, Web Sphere, AJAX, JSON, XML, JSP, Servlets, APACHE, ECLIPSE,AWS, Oracle, Window.

Company: Siemens – Banglore, India Sep 2011 - Jan 2014

Position: Sofware Developer

Siemens Development Services India is an in-house global competence center for product development that assists Siemens in differentiating their solutions through software. Its team of about 3,000 professionals is an important part of the global network of software experts within Siemens. They can be products, solutions and services that set benchmarks – in the world of technology and beyond.


•Gathered and organized the content and updated the content through Content Management System (CMS).

•Managed check in and check out operations by using CMS.

•Designed User Interface (UI) web applications using with web technologies like HTML, HTML DOM, DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT and CSS.

•Create and maintain customer site to order mortgage products using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL.

•Heavily involved in writing PHP code, MySQL queries and some HTML and CSS.

•Worked on CSS Background, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, CSS table, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements, CSS floats, cross browser compatibility and CSS behaviors in CSS.

•Designed online education shopping cart applications using with HTML, DHTML, XML and CSS based on W3C standards.

•Designed UI patterns, UX patterns, GUI designs, page illustrations, and user conceptual designs, templates and banners by using Adobe Flash CS4, Action Script 3.0, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator CS4.

•Worked on Live Class & Study Calendar module by using Adobe Flash CS4, Action Script 3.0, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator CS.

•Worked on Live Class module by designing audio and video files with the help of Adobe Flash CS4, Action Script and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

•Designed Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) and GUI layouts by using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and AJAX.

•Designed front end web applications by writing HTML code with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Environment: CSS, HTML, CMS, XHTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, JavaScript, JQuery, TCP/IP, IIS, SEO, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, AJAX, SVN, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Flash CS4, Action Script, VSS, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and MS Office Suite.

Company: Triad Software Pvt. Ltd. – Chennai, India June 2008 - Sep 2011

Position: Web Developer

Triad Software, established in 1998, and based out of Chennai, India specializes in a global delivery model through its worldwide engineering & sales infrastructure. We are registered with STPI (Software Technology Parks of India). Triad has specialized in engineering software development since its inception.


•Active involvement in the Product and Design and Development of Prototype.

•Developed web pages using JSP, MVC – Struts, Servlets, Java Script and XML for various modules.

•Have knowledge on type script.Experience on working on visual studio and ASP.NET environments.

•Created stored procedures on ADO.NET by using MySQL as the SQL database.

•Developed JSP and Java Helper classes for In-patient and out-patient Information.Implement security protocols for PHP portal.

•Involved in development of Traffic Forecasting module and involved in development of business component using struts action classes, hibernate for the transaction management to insert data into oracle database and getting data from it.

•Created XML Schema, XML template and XSL and involved in development of scripts for UNIX platform deployment.

•Created POJO, Hibernate HBM files, Hibernate DAO’s Using Hibernate tool.

•Version control using SVN.Involved in User Acceptance Test and prepared test cases.

Environment:Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, STRUTS, Websphere Application Server, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Eclipse, JavaScript, Oracle 9i, PLSQL, JDBC, UML, Rational Rose, Windows 2000.

Education Qualifications:

B.E (Electronics and Communication) Nagpur University 2008

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