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Engineer Engineering

Edmonton, AB, Canada
March 08, 2018

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Unit ***** *** Street, NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4W1

Cell: 780-***-****,

March 8, 2018

Human Resource Department,

Impact Ltd.

Dear hiring manager:

I have more than 5 years of academic and industrial experiences in characterization and development of conventional and unconventional oil reservoirs by integrating geological, geophysical, reservoir and engineering data and using analytical and numerical tools. My current Ph.D. research at the University of Alberta has equipped me with multiple aspects of unconventional reservoirs (mainly oil sands) including thermal simulation. I have learned and contributed to the fact that optimization of thermal bitumen recovery schemes in oil sands requires an integrated knowledge of:

• Thermal Simulation

• Solvent-Thermal Simulation (ex. Solvent, non-condensable gas, etc.)

• Phase behavior of solvent-heavy oil and water systems at elevated temperatures and the effect of solvent on heavy oil dilution

• Cost analysis and Environmental considerations

It is worthwhile to mention that I received my MSc. and BSc. degrees in petroleum engineering from Sharif University of Technology. I have expertise in thermal reservoir simulation, modelling solvent and heavy oil phase behaviour, screening enhanced oil recovery methods as well as experimental measurement of light/heavy oil interactions with different solvents. I have competence in heavy oil and thermal operation, reservoir and production engineering, as far as drilling and completion design. I feel that my education, as well as my work experiences makes me an outstanding candidate for this position. I am also highly competent with industry standard softwares like CMG, Eclipse, PETREL, PVTsim, MBAL, PanSys, PROSPER, etc. In terms of character, I am very punctual, well organized, motivated, and reliable for all operations, procedures and emergency responses correlating to my tasks. I am keen in working with a multi-discipline team such as Mechanical, Process, Instrument, Electrical and maintenance.

I believe that my diverse education and work experience in oil sands, reservoir simulation and project development will make me a vital asset to your subsurface team. The accompanying resume shall give you a further detailed description of my job profile and my employment history. I look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience to further discuss my suitability for this position Thank you for your time and consideration. Yours Sincerely,

Sara Eghbali



Address: 7505 106 street, Edmonton, Alberta, E-mail:, Phone: +1-780-***-**** Summary of Qualifications

2 years of industrial experience in assessing reservoirs, developing project plans, production optimization and optimizing project profitability.

Compositional thermal flow simulation in heavy oil reservoirs and optimization of ES-SAGD/SAP by considering NPV in terms of solvent type, solvent concentration and co-injection scenario.

Providing master of development plans to recover green fields.

Experimental and modeling investigation of solvent-light/heavy oil phase behavior.

Screening enhanced oil recovery methods for conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Implementing new procedures for completing evaluation of potential reservoirs.

Analyze well test data in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Excellent leadership and communication skills with demonstrated abilities in problem solving, resource management and critical thinking.

Professional Experience

Apr. 2014-Present Thermal (SAGD/ES-SAGD) Reservoir Research Engineer Heavy research group, University of Alberta,

Compositional simulation of SAGD, ES-SAGD and CSS (STARS)

Optimization of the SAP process in Cold Lake formation in terms of solvent type, solvent concentration and co-injection strategy (STARS).

Measuring multiphase behavior of CO2/C3/C4-bitumen mixtures at elevated temperatures.

Measuring viscosity of CO2/C3/C4-bitumen mixtures at elevated temperatures and different solvent solubilties.

Experimental and modeling study on the interactions of Cold Lake bitumen from Cenovus Osprey pilot and different solvents in SAP.

Visualization study of the interactions between Husky Energy heavy oil and solvents.

Phase behaviour study of Imperial oil bitumen and C5.

Calibrating PR-EOS for solvent- bitumen mixtures against experimental data (PVTsim).

Development of a robust algorithm for multiphase equilibria calculations (MATLAB)

Optimization of drilling parameters and well completion design Dec. 2012-Apr. 2014 Hydrocarbon Reservoir Engineer: Tehran Energy Consultant Company, Tehran, Iran

Well placement optimization in Green Fields (PETREL).

Field study and preparation of Master Development Plan (MDP).

Formation Water and Core Analysis.

Well Test Interpretation (Saphir).

Nodal analysis in two Iranian Oil Fields (Petroleum Expert, VFPi).

Artificial Lift (Gas lift and Pump lift) Analysis in an Iranian Oil Field.

Simulation of Target Reservoirs in an Iranian Field (PETREL).

PVT Analysis and EOS Tuning using PVTi Software.

Modeling asphaltene precipitation and near well-bore damage.

Screening of Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods in Sepehr Oil Field.

Screening of the Potential for Asphaltene Precipitation.

Investigating 2D Hydraulic Fracturing.

Apr. 2013-Aug. 2013 Production Engineer:


Ide Pardazan Group, RIPI, Tehran, Iran.

Field study on operational inhibiting of the asphaltene precipitation Sep. 2010-June 2012 Reservoir Engineer:

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

2D Dynamic Modeling of Differential Liberation test by explicit and implicit solving of transfer equations (MATLAB).

Sequential Gaussian Simulation (SGS) with considering anisotropy.

Simulating Fluid Flow using Finite Difference Numerical Method.

Modeling Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods in fractured reservoirs (Eclipse).

2D simulation of water flooding by IMPES method (MATLAB).

Predicting Future Performance of a gas condensate reservoir.

Production optimization (nodal analysis) and choke performance analysis.

Prediction of two phase fluid flow in pipes.


2014-present Doctor of Philosophy in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Ph.D. Thesis Title:

Experimental and modeling study on heavy oil-solvent interactions during Solvent Assisted Process (SAP)

2010-2012 Master of Science in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

MSc. Thesis:

Enhanced Oil Recovery Screening in Fractured Reservoirs using Artificial Intelligence 2006-2010 Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

B.Sc. Thesis:

Modification of Vogel’s Equation for Prediction of Fractured Reservoirs Production. Software Expertise

Computer Skills: MS Office, ACCESS, Programming Languages: MATLAB

Software: CMG STARS, Winprop, Eclipse, PVTi, PanSys, PVTsim, Saphir, Petroleum Experts, MBAL, VFPi, PROSPER, EORGUI and Netica

Activities and Honors

2014-2018 ConocoPhillips Canada Limited Graduate Scholarship in Hydrocarbon Development (2018). PhD Recruitment Scholarship (2014).

2010-2012 Ranked 1st and Ranked 2nd among all BSc. And MSc. Students, respectively, in chemical and petroleum engineering department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. 2012 Merit-Based Admission Offer to the M.Sc. program in the chemical and petroleum engineering department, Sharif University of Technology, 2010, Tehran, Iran. 2006 Ranked top ‘313’ in the Nationwide University Entrance Exam among 380000 students Iran, 2006. 2005 Honor student in Nationwide Chemistry Olympiad, Iran, 2005. Extracurricular Activities

June 2014 Chair of the sessions and IT Officer, voluntary work, 4

Faculty of Engineering, Graduate Research Symposium, June 2014, University of Alberta. Traditional Persian Dance Performer, voluntary work, Aug. 2017 Heritage Festival, 2017, August, William Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, Canada. Select Publications

Eghbali S., Dehghanpour H., Dragani J., Zhang X., “Phase behavior and viscosity of bitumen- CO2/light hydrocarbon mixtures at elevated temperatures: A Cold Lake case study” paper number: SPE-189765-MS SPE Canada Heavy Oil Conference, Calgary, Mar. 2018.

Eghbali S., Dehghanpour H., An Experimental and Modeling Study of Solvent- Bitumen Phase Behavior at Elevated Temperatures using Cold Lake Bitumen”, SPE-187259-MS, ATCE Conference, San Antonio, Texas, Oct., 2017.

Eghbali S., Ayatollahi Sh, Bozorgmehry Boozarjomehry R., “A New Expert System for EOR Screening in Non-Fractured Reservoirs” Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Volume 293, 15 June 2016.

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