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C#, Java, C++, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Plano, TX
March 08, 2018

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Joshua Regino

325-***-**** Plano, Texas, ***** GitHub: RegJoshua


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Midwestern State University, December 2017

Summary of Qualifications

Familiar with software development life cycle and agile principles. Experience in gathering and documenting requirements, managing and tracking project execution, designing prototypes, & developing and executing test scenarios.

Familiar with object-oriented features & concepts such as objects, classes, interfaces, data abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, method overloading/overwriting, & access modifiers.

Experience with C++, C#, C, Java, Python & MySQL. Also, familiar with integrated development environments such as Visual Studio, Spyder, Eclipse & NetBeans as well as development tools such as GitHub & Slack.

Knowledge of data structures including, but not limited to, lists, heaps, structs, stacks, queues, sets, vectors, & maps. Familiar with advanced search & sort algorithms such as hash tables, AVL trees, binary search trees, red-black trees, insertion sort, selection sort, merge sort, & quick sort.

Software Engineering & Development Projects

Software Engineering – Team Project – Computer Science Exit Exam Testing Application in C#

Completed semester project by applying Agile principles.

Implemented Window Forms along with their components and events which included log in, main menu, admin menu, & exam forms.

Used GitHub/GitBash for revision control with team members through the project life cycle.

Contemporary Programming Languages – Team Project – Press Your Luck Trivia Game

Developed Press Your Luck using Visual Studio 2015 and C#.

Stores a collection of questions and answers in a .txt file for two players to answer

Designed the GUI for the game form and implemented the functionality on buttons and textboxes.

Database Management Systems – Class Project – Church donation program using MySQL & Java

Implemented a Main Frame and Contribution Frame that included JTable, JTextFields, JLabels, and JButtons along with their event methods.

Implemented methods that used MySQL and Java to transfer data to/from our database using SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE queries to display on Contribution Frame.

Used MySQL Workbench 6.3 to test MySQL queries and used NetBeans IDE for development.

Communicated with other groups within the class using Slack and used GitHub for file management.

LoL Clicker – Created a clicker game based on League of Legends using C#

Designed the GUI on a Window Form and implemented the component’s events including textboxes, labels, buttons, progress bars, mouse-over tooltips, and mouse event clicks.

Created 18 classes that used inheritance that were derived from the base class for each specific enemy.

Created a main Player class that held the information such as gold, experience, level, and damage.

Work Experience

Diamond P. Enterprise, Brownwood, Texas, Summer of 2011

Operated several machines that cut different types of cables that were ordered daily.

Consistently met shift goals and produced more product than needed to maximize company profits.

Walmart, Plano, Texas – January 2018 – Present

Understood and performed store system functions: receiving and transferring merchandise.

Delivered products, supplies, and equipment to designated area, and determined sequence and release of back ordered according to stock availability.

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