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Mobile, AL
March 08, 2018

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Amy C Hayes, LPN

**** ******** **

Mobile, Alabama 36608



I deeply care for and have genuine concern in my heart for all of my patients with whom

I come in contact; whether in person or via phone, I ensure that they get the best possible


I am extremely reliable, hardworking, trustworthy, dependable, always willing to expand my

knowledge, and a team player.

I have very strong work ethics; therefore, I give my full attention to my responsibilities and am

very thorough when performing duties. I work to meet and exceed my employer’s and

my patient’s expectations.

5/08-Present Specialty Nurse/Urology and Oncology Specialists, PC.

Notify patients need of a Prostate Ultrasound/Biopsy, explain pre

procedural prep and prophylaxis antibiotics as well as post procedure

activities and possible complications, assist the physician with prostate

biopsies, operating ultrasound, making sure all paper work properly

completed, specimens are sent to lab, work Nurse Only clinic removing

stents, ua’s, prepare urine cultures, bladder treatments/Eligard/Prolia/Xgeva/

Depo Testosterone injection, remove staples, post void residuals, place and

remove catheters, teach self-catheterizations, all of which under direct

supervision of MD, patient phone calls/triage, assist clinics with

cystoscopy, clot evacuations, female exams, logging pathology reports,

follow up appts prostate biopsies, Prolieve procedure, instilling BCG/Intron

robotic consults teaching preop treatment and postop treatment of ED

after RALRP, assist MD with instillation of Botox for incontinence,

PTNS (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation) for incontinence, Provenge IV infusions, assist with Xiaflex penile injections, penile injections for ED, Vacuum Device for penile rehabilitation, appointments/WI patients emergencies, work my own schedule of patients, all procedures and treatments are under the direct supervision of a MD. Work independently.

7/07-5/08 LPN/Dosing/Intake Nurse/Mobile Metro Treatment Center/Colonial

Management Group, LP

Educated patients with opiate addiction on medically supervised methadone

treatment, intake physicals, administered mentox TB skin test, nursing H&P

for MD, completed lab request, collect UDS, dosed patients with

liquid/diskette methadone, counted safe stock, ran monthly reports

on activities of dosing, notified other clinics of guest dosing assisted MD

with female physicals, collect/reconcile cash money end of each day,

assisted with plan of care for patients along with other nurses, MD counselor,

treatment services coordinator and program director, ETOH breathalyzer

VS, assessed patients for signs and severity of opiate withdrawal.


7/06-5/07 LPN/Office Nurse/North Baldwin Pediatrics I H S

Assisted physician with direct patient care, triaged parents via phone, phoned

in all prescriptions, coordinated referrals and precertification’s for procedures,

kept immunization records up to date, documented any and all contact with patient and parents whether by phone or in office. Performed routine patient

care which included, but was not limited to: routine IM and SubQ vaccinations,

allergy shots, po orapred, Tylenol, Motrin, BP Pulse, Temp; oral and rectal, resp

rate, pulse oximetry, IM Rocephin, IM Bicillan, rapid strep, mono, ucg, flu,

rsv tests, cultures, urine dips, IM Dexamethasone, assisted with I&D of

abscesses, lumbar punctures, Snellen eye exams, OAE hearing screens

performed all phlebotomy, heel sticks, and finger sticks, ran glucose and HgB

machine in office for stat results, did extensive teaching to new patents regarding

umbilical cord care, bulb suctioning, diaper rash care, nystatin for thrush, burping

colic, gassiness, etc. Gave support to indigent parents regarding WIC, Medicaid

All Kids, assisted physician with her Reach Out and Read Program, ordered all

patient care supplies.

10/00-7/06 LPN/L-12 Med-Surg/Pulmonary/Oncology/New Vision/Providence Hospital

Assist patients with daily activities, medication administration, various duties

including, but not limited to: skin care, dressing changes, wound care, ostomy

care, comfort measures, IV insertion/removal, NG tube placement/maintenance/ removal, teaching of disease processes, assist with outpatient needs, family support, carry out physician orders consult with physicians and other nurses

regarding needs in patient care, review medical history, medications, past surgeries assist physicians with bedside procedures ie: chest tube placement, CPR, bedside bronchoscopy, physical exams, suture placement and removal, central venous line placement, removal of drains and dressing changes, assist on committees to setup CEU courses for fellow nurses, ie: Pulmonary and Oncology Update (yearly), assist on review board for New Vision’s standing orders, IV

certified, CPR certified, NG tube insertion certified, CVL’s/PICC’s/Groshong certified for flushing/mantainence/removing.

7/99-5/02 LPN/Flex-Pool/A Caring Solution (Brookwood Home Health Care Affiliate)

Set-up home hyperbiliruminemia phototherapy for neonates, instructed and

informed parent(s) regarding phototherapy goals and planned outcome, performed heel-sticks for routine lab work, due to the complex nature of this situation, I offered emotional and educational support to the parent(s) so that every need.

I offered emotional and educational support to the parent(s) so that every need

was met and their newborn baby could be at home for his/her treatment which provided bonding at its fullest potential.

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6/95-10/00 LPN/Office Nurse/Simon Williamson Clinic, PC/Princeton Hospital

Coordinated referrals for patients which included speaking directly with insurance intake nurse for authorization for office visits, precertification’s for surgeries,

procedures and therapies. When denial arose, which was seldom, I wrote appeal letters and assisted physician in getting more necessary medical data and

information for denial to be reversed, attended an inservice on ICD-9 & CPT

coding to insure services were properly coded for approval from insurance

companies, worked extensively with Health Partners/Seniors First,

experience with Medicare, Jim Walters, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Workman’s

Compensation, Aetna and various other insurance companies. Assisted physician with direct patient care, triaged patients via phone, coordinate referrals for

patients to specialists, phoned in all prescriptions, scheduled appointments for follow-ups, specialists, and diagnostic testing, assisted indigent patients with

applications for “Patient Assistance Programs” through pharmaceutical


12/93-5/02 LPN/11p-7a/Flex-pool all shifts/Brookwood Women’s Medical Center

Assist mothers during postpartum hospitalization, offer emotional support for

Parent(s) of infants in NICU, instruct/educate mothers on personal post-

Partum care and newborn care, assisted with breastfeeding, performed newborn

Care including assessment, weighing, bottle feeding, heel sticking for routine

Ordered lab work and monitoring newborn status during hospital stay.

6/90-4/93 Pharmacy Technician/K-Mart Pharmacy

Worked closely with Pharmacists, assisted RPh with direct patient contact and Care, spoke to MD Offices to get refills for patients, confirm doses, and possible Interactions or allergies, assisted in ordering medications and supplies.


1992-1993 Bevill State Community College, Licensed Practical Nurse


1990-1992 Jefferson State Community College, Academic Studies Attended

1986-1990 E. B. Erwin High School, Advanced Academic Diploma


Available upon request

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