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Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
March 08, 2018

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Ahmed Mohammed Khan

Mobile No: +966********* & +966*********

Email Id:


Confident, competent, and well organized Project Engineer / Network Engineer with considerable and diverse experience augmented by specialized, industry-related training; Solid history of delivering outstanding customer service; Proven ability to build and create unique network environments utilizing a wide range of industry respected product; Creative problem solver with an ability to move beyond limiting questions and to nurture ideas through each of the four phases of creative problem solving. CAREER SUMMARY

Highly motivated and goal-oriented professional with extensive 7 + years’ experience in Implementation of Data Networks, FTTH for ISP & OSP.

About 3+ yrs. of working skills as Project managing for more than 3 projects. SKILL SET

As Project Engineer distinct of successful business process re-structuring, implementation of business solutions in organizations within present budgets and deadlines.

Maintaining site-specific training, documentation, support, and ongoing knowledge transfer to clients/Vendors for testing and conversion activities.

Develop procedures to track, project/report network availability, reliability and capacity/utilization.

Troubleshooting Level 2 and Level 3 technical issue’s and resolve hardware / software issues on network devices

Manage the quality and timeliness of service delivery to clients/Vendors Perform Proof-of-concept on MS/Visio Drawings Proposed Products & Solution.

Design & Implementation of Wireless Solutions & Enterprise Networking Solutions

Managed turn-key projects of OSP-Fiber, MSAN, DSLAM and Transmission System etc.

Experience in ISP Installation of ME switches, PE & NPE (Cisco 7600 & Cisco ME 3400)

Experience in Installation of Wi-Fi Devices of Cisco WLC 5500, & 6500 (on WLC Supervisor Engine).

Hands on experience in Cisco & Aruba wireless APs, WLCs, WCS & Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2

Experience in Operating & Maintaining of IP Telephony Network such as CUC & CUCM 9.0 & 11.0.1

Install and manage Networking Management and Monitoring tools such as: CPI 2.2, Riverbed, Solar Wind, & Wireshark

Training in Telcordia Network Engineer (Arc GIS 9.3.1) NE Application making new and As-Built WOs.

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Training on designing of work order in NE Application for Different Projects (MSAN, VDSL, IPMPLS, and DWDM & Fiber Network Integration).

IPV4 and IPV6 knowledge, data networking with strong routing protocol OSPF, IP/MPLS, MPLS TE knowledge.


Academic & Technical Qualifications:

B.Tech in IT Engineer from JNT University, India

Technical Education & Certificates:

MCP, CCNA & CCNP (CSCO11649188)

Technical Expertise:

Hands-on Devices:

Installed & Configured CISCO Routers 800, 2800, 2900 Series & NE7609, NPE 7613 Series

ME3400E, ME3600X, Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3850, 3750X & 2900 Series switches.

Installed & Configured Juniper EX 2200, 4200 series, MX 240 & 960 Series

Hands of Experience on Huawei ATN 910,950 CX600, NE40E by configuring Serial WAN interface, PPP, MP group & CES.

Hands of Experience on Cisco Prime Infrastructure, Wireshark & Infoblox Appliances.

Monitoring Bandwidth and Analyzing network traffic for internal and external usages by SolarWind & Riverbed

Configured Wireless controllers Aruba 3400, Cisco 5500 series, 5700 Series, Wsim & Wsim 2

Experience in Mesh Network through Cisco AP 1140, 1240ag, 3502e, 3700 series & Aruba105

Configure and licencing for Aruba RAP-5WN

Hands-on Experience:

Configured of protocols TCP/IP, IPv4, VLAN, IP/MPLS, STP, RSTP PVST+ and MSTP.

Configured of WLAN, NAT, Port channel, GRE IP Sec VPN with DM VPN, IPS and QOS

Configured L2 security such as ACLs, Mac/Port security, SPAN & L2 Multi link over Ethernet

Configured & Managed of VRF lite, VSS, MSP, ERPS, EPLAN, EPTREE, EVPLAN, EVPTREE and VPC+.

Up gradation, Backup & restore of Cisco IOS, CISCO Prime & Aruba WLC through a TFTP server.

Configuration of Static & Default routing of EIGRP, OSPF & BGP, HSRP+GLBP & VRRP.

Enabled VPN & Configuring BGP & OSPF (configuration, traffic flow control both inbound and outbound, BGP advertisements, BGP filtering including filter-lists, prefix-lists and distribute-lists)

Configuration of Static LSP, MPLS-LSP,MPLS-TE on Huawei ATN 910 & 950

Configuration of Frame-Relay, PPP & IP-MPLS,,L2 and L3 MPLS VPN, QOS in Traffic Engineering Page 3 of 6


Current ongoing description:

ISE (International Systems Engineering)

Designation : Network Support Engineer (Maintenance) Posted : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Project Name : British Aerospace (BAE) Systems

Date : Jan 2017 till date

Hired for Client based contract pointed for Network Support Engineer at BAE Systems Responsible for the following:

As Network support Engineer use to assist in the design, deployment, and maintenance of all Networks of BAE head office & branch offices.

Handling coverage for all enterprise network attached systems and physical network infrastructure including hardware, software, network tools and passive Network of all other 10 branch offices.

Proactively and effectively communicate status with change order for an Upgradation of Wi-Fi network

(Aruba 3400 AOS upgradation) in the campus & remote with patching of CPPM or for a single Access switch installation.

Effectively manage case escalations to tier 3 /L3 technical support while maintaining customer communications

Installation & Configuration of Juniper EX 2200 & 4200 with VC configuration & configured as OOB Switches

Migration of old Core Switches 4500 & Distribution Switches 3750x to cat 3850 as core & distribution with new VRF lite plan also adding server farm switches.

Operating and Managing CUC & CUCM 11.0.1 use to add Cisco 7481 IP Phone & New users.

Configuration of video conference with SIP Link on Polycom HDX 7000.

Implementation of 4431 Router & WAN switches; configuring DMVPN GRE IPsec tunnel on them to connect Aruba 7030-RW as local controller at branch office.

Running, monitoring systems of ISP network status and performance giving report on it through Riverbed.

Preparing & Presenting LAN, WAN diagram in MS Visio and MPLS IP VPN Connectivity across different location.

Report to Director of Network Arc. Department on all Infrastructure related issues and site snags. Supervise and assure that the design has been precisely carried out at site during project execution. To provide technical feedback to the design team on the improvements of design aspects according to the practical experience obtained from on the site.

Complying with RSAF Network Infrastructure Standards v4.2, an alternative redundant fiber cable should be found between Building xyz to MDF.

Complying with the ANSI/TIA-606-B Labelling Standard, it is recommended that all equipment, ports, cables and notes need to be labelled.

Running proof of concept to deployment and troubleshoot issues to identify and address root causes. Page 4 of 6

Managing Networking Management and Monitoring tools such as: SolarWind.

Work with other groups in IT Operations to support projects and day-to-day operations as defined by the Network Team Lead.

Recent Experience:

JCCS (Jeraisy Computer Communication Systems)

Designation : Network Engineer (Maintenance)

Posted : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Project Name : King Faisal Specialist Hospital (KFSH&RC) Date : May 2015 to Nov 2016

Hired for project based contract pointed for Network Engineer at KFSH&RC Responsible for the following:

Monitoring and analyzing overall system health/reliability, providing solutions where possible and providing reporting as needed (ex. Performance bottlenecks, database contentions, health status, security, etc.)

Troubleshooting Access & Distributing Switches; replacing them at the time of fault / damage.

Monitoring for the wireless network & site map (Floor Plan) through Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2

Resolve customers technical issues related to RADIUS, 802.1x AAA on ISE security policy management platform

Backing up the WSIM 2 & Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 even Analyzing all WLC through CPI 2.2

Support corporate authentication (ISE guest) and 802.1x, against the Customer have provided authentication mechanism (Radius, AD and LDAP).

Supervising with Contractors at the time of Implementation and configuration of 5570 Wireless LAN Controllers in HA SSO in H Building as local WLC to connect Cisco AIR-CAP3702 and AIR-AP3802 access points adding license in CPI 2.2

Enabled VPN & Configuring BGP & OSPF (configuration, traffic flow control both inbound and outbound, BGP advertisements, BGP filtering including filter-lists, prefix-lists and distribute-lists)

Doing Site Survey and Analyzing Spectrum through Opti viewXG Network Analysis Tablet

I configured a Wi-Fi mesh Network in those areas where the network cable is not accessible to pull

Troubleshooting of those AP which are having error (SCC) to join WLC. Previous Experience’s:


Designation : Project Coordinator / Engineer (Key-Accounts project) Posted : Riyadh, KSA

Project Name : Key Account’s and Jabal Omar Development etc.: Date : Aug 2013 to April 2015

Hired for project based contract pointed for Project Coordinator at AspireTech; I used to give reports directly to Deputy GM of the Company; I handled 3 projects. Project List:

Key-Accounts project (Fixed Network FTTX & installation of Cisco ME/ CPE Switches throughout the Ministry Sites).

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Jabal Omar Development Project for FTTH where I used to coordinate.

Coordinate & Implementation of Data Center with Wi-Fi Network at Libra Company.

Coordinate & implementation of ISO 27001 for IT department at Najran University. Responsibilities:

Preparing detailed network Specifications, including diagrams, flow charts, equipment configurations & recommended technologies.

Preparing and monitoring a budget; allocates resources to projects; develops and manages service contracts; establishes requirements for inventory and billing of equipment and services.

Implementing Data Center for Libra Company were I configured 2 uplink routers with static route; two 6509 core switches as VSS; two 3750x as distribution; with 8 2960 Access switches addition to this WLAN Network also implemented with 5500 WLC

Pre-sales consultations for DC providing HLD,LLD and implementation for DC for Tadrees School

Supervise and share information for any new installation or upgrade on the campus Najran University

Part of ISP Installation team of ME switches, PE & NPE ( Cisco 7600 & Cisco ME 3400 )

Ensure Transmission readiness and provide technical support during the swap project for customers from other vendor to Huawei ATN 950

SDH, Ethernet and MPLS-TP Service configuration and provision of transmission media for RAN Traffic

Configuration of protection schemes like VRRP and Link Aggregation Group (PAL/LAG) etc..

Coordinating with MDF block layout, network diagram and fiber connection diagram.

Installation of all products relating to FTTx OSP & ISP requirements and standards.

Extensive experience in the projects in the planning, engineering, survey, installation, specification, supervision, deployment, testing, commissioning, hand-over and Acceptance process (PAT/PAC). ACCSYS Group

Designation : Implementation Field Engineer

Posted : Riyadh, KSA

Client : STC & Awal

Date : Feb 2012 to May 2013


Implementation Network Engineer composed of Cisco CPE & PE upload of log file provided by CISCO & STC were I use to configure STP, VLan and Metro line link in a Cisco centric environment.

Worked on Mobile Backhauling (MBH project) for STC; Staging & Implementation of Cisco NPE 7613, PE 7609, ME3600X and ME3400EG.

Connecting PE aggregators to NPE through DWDM or dark fiber transmission link

Troubleshooting of aggregator on MBH before pat regarding compliance issues.

QOS Configuration and verification of different parameters

MPLS L2VPN and MPLS L3VPN Configurations on NPE & PE Cisco Switches & on NE40E Huawei

Integration of Huawei NE20E, NE40E, ATN 910,950 &CX600 with new DWDM Backbone & NPE Switches.

Expanding, upgrading & enhancing the Junction and Access Network (Fixed Fiber Optic Network)

Responsible for designing MOP (Method of Procedure) for VDSL2- MSAN 2011 Projects. Page 6 of 6

Supervising of fiber layout at time of giving physical connectivity at Exchange (in ODF rack to Aggregator, ODB to UPE Cisco Switch).

One of the Test Attendant at the time of PAT and handling the site over to the Maintenance team. WIPRO Arabia Ltd:

Project Name : Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University Position : Network Engineer

Location : Riyadh, KSA

Duration : July 2010 to Mar 2011


Data Network connectivity across the campus through MPLS technology Configured on Cisco Core Switches like Catalyst 6509, WLC & WCS.

Cisco L2 & L3 switches, L2 security such as ACLs, Mac or Port security, SPAN & System Message, L2 Multi link over Ethernet and SFP+ for 10G Core Switches using cisco VSS techniques at 2T supervisor Engine 6500.

Configuration & Implementation of WCS (Wisim), 3750e, 3750g, & 2960g.

Calibration of Voice & Data, Active survey over the As-build Installed points Wi-Fi devices.

Hand's on experience on both Cisco Outdoor Planner and Proximal Air Magnet Planner.

Site coordination with vendor and clients.

Hindustan Computer Ltd:

Position : Network Engineer ( internship)

Location : Hyderabad, India

Duration : Aug 2008 to Aug 20009


Included Cisco router configuration and change management, providing technical support for Cisco Router configurations and installation for Customer.

Maintenance, troubleshooting & configuration of Inter-VLAN, VLAN, and VTP in both the LAN & WAN connection.

Monitoring & troubleshooting of VLAN’s, LAN Port Security, L2 Switches and Routing includes OSPF, & EIGRP

Experience in IP networking of layers 2-4 (TCP/IP, Ethernet, VLANs, Spanning Tree (STP,RSTP),VRRP, & IGMP

Daily report to senior staff & IT Manager about my performance. Personal Details:

References and Certificates are available upon your request Name : Ahmed Mohammed Khan

Nationality : INDIAN

Sex : Male

Iqama : Transferable

Marital Status : Married

Iqama ID No. : 227-***-****

Passport No. : N 9199510

Languages Known : English, Arabic & Urdu

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