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Engineer Electrical

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
March 07, 2018

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FILE NAME : engineer, electrical, parul.doc


Tel.: Mobile : ++ 91 – 984*******


‘Skype’ ID : parulnaircbe1

‘LinkedIn’ ‘URL’ public profile : : gopalakrishnan parul nair


Name (As in passport) : Parul Gopalakrishnan Nair.

Nationality : Indian.

Date of birth : 01st April, 1951.

Marital status : Unmarried.

Highest education standard : B.Sc.Engineering (Electrical) (on 1972, India).

Holder of valid International Passport (# M5620900 valid up to 13/01/2025),

Intl. certificate of vaccination and light vehicle driving License issued in India.


‘HUET’ (approved by ‘OSPA’) certificate #1315 on 06/01/2013 by ‘SETRAC’college of offshore training,

Mumbai, India.

Basic Safety Training-Res.IMOA.891 (21)-Normam 24: On 03/02/2009, by “Falck Nutec”, Macae, Brazil.

Energy Isolation Awareness Training By Transocean: On 2/3/2009at Rig “Deepwater Discovery”.

Safety Orientation Training by ‘OGRE’ (Oil Gas Resources Engineers)10/09/2013 at Dubai Dry Dock.

MEDICAL FITNESS:Pre-employment health check up on 24/10/2008 by authorized international ‘SOS’ Doctor and found ‘NO RESTRICTION’ for job & work location as per company’s(Transocean Offshore Drilling Inc.,Brazil) pre-determined guidelines & policies.


To find a challenging in offshore/onshore oil/gas sector to meet my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience in the activities of construction, maintenance, testing, commissioning and startup the plant.


oExcellent supervisory skills, including the ability to maximize performance by strategic assignment of tasks and assessment of available strengths among staff.

oHighly developed analytical, planning and implementing skills.

oPositively communicate and relate to people of all levels.

oHaving an insatiable appetite to spot, pursue and close project.

oKnowledge of safety legislation and regulations.

oHighly creative and innovative thinker, with great tenacity in problem solving and patience in training others.

oProblem solving skills.

oStrong time management skills - able to work under pressure to deadlines.

oHazardous Area installation and inspection experience is an advantage.

oThe ability to identify and focus on key issues and figures and to operate cross functionally.

oEffective time management skills with ability to prioritize workload.

oWell rounded interpersonal skills, experience and understanding of how to deal courteously and effectively with senior officials in a variety of environments.


Supervision and implementation in the activities of installation, operations, inspection & monitoring the fabrications, all types of maintenance, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of all ‘E&I’ system of the plant (OFFSHORE: Drill ships, Jack-Up rigs, Land rigs, Quarters platforms, Production platforms, Well head platforms and ONSHORE: Oil refineries, ‘LNG’ plants, Central & Field production facilities) in planned, safe and logical manner as per contractual standard, specification and client’s requirement which meet work requirement on priorities and deadlines.

PRE-COMMISSIONING: Supervise all the pre-commissioning activities of E&I system of oil & gas installations and associated works to enable the facilities to be made ready for commissioning of all checking, verification of testing of construction work (Both static and functional).

COMMISSIONING: After pre-commissioning supervise all the operational testing under real or simulated conditions of systems and equipment in preparation for start-up.

START-UP: Carrying out start-up checks, energizing and running of equipment in normal operation made and carrying out post start-up checks and monitoring.

PERFORMANCE TEST: after start-up and with stabilized condition, continuously running the equipment and process for a period of 72 hrs. without shut down. Monitoring the equipment and process and reading taken to evaluate the performance up on the specifications for the system, part system or equipment until the specification requirement is achieved.

Ensure that all construction checks are witnessed and complete.

Coordinate with the (sub) contractors and facilitate vendors on commissioning activities.

Formulate, implement and monitor ‘QA’ standard and procedure to achieve project quality excellence in work.

Performing design calculations, preparing specifications and conducting technical bid analysis for electrical equipment.

Troubleshooting and failure analysis coupled with a diversity of background as electrical engineer.


oMaximized production by minimized cost, time, materials and manpower for shutdown maintenance of refinery by implementation of simple logic by using of few changeover switches for many DG sets.

oReduced plant downtime and spare parts consumption by revising E & I maintenance procedure.

oCompleted on schedule the on-site testing and construction of Off-Shore Oil production platforms.

oCompleted on time and within budget numerous engineering design and construction package.

oObtained unified and advantageous pricing throughout Europe and Asia for E & I equipment for oil/gas companies.



From Feb. 2014 – Dec. 2014

Appointed as Chief Electrician and reporting to Tool Pusher.

-Supervise Rig Electricians and carry out periodic maintenance according to the PMS guidelines and coordinate same with supervisor and other department heads.

-Ensure daily inspections and maintenance on electrical equipment is carried out.

-Ensure that the permit to work system is in place and followed.

-Maintain an adequate supply of spares in order to fulfill maintained requirements and facilitate a safe and efficient operation – generate requisitions as required.

-Inform Supervisor and other department heads of any technical problems or limitations that may affect the safe operation of the rig.

-Maintenance and repair general rig equipment such as HVAC system, refrigeration plants, power and communication systems, lighting, etc…

-Carry out maintenance and repair on electrical components of drilling equipment, ie.Driller’s console, DC drilling motors and auxiliaries, Top drive system, draw works, mud pumps, etc…

2. SHELF DRILLING Inc., Jack-Up rig ‘HIGH ISLAND V’, Dubai Dry dock, Dubai,UAE.

(From Sept.2013 – Oct.2013)

Appointed as Chief Rig Electrician and reporting to ‘OIM’.

Supervise Rig Electricians and carried out refurbishment / reactivation and pre commissioning work on all electrical and instrumentation system of the rig.


HERITAGE’ Jack up rig)

(From Jan.2013 – June 2013)

Appointed as Chief Rig Electrician and reporting to ‘OIM’.

Carried out minor refurbishment and commissioning work then operation repair and maintenance jobs of all electrical and instrumentation system of the rig.

4. TRANSOCEAN OFFSHORE DRILLING INC., BRAZIL (Transocean and GlobalSantaFe merge to

become the world's largest offshore driller).

(Feb.2009 to Dec.2011)

Appointed as a Chief Electrician and reporting to Electrical Supervisor.

Served in The ‘DEEPWATER DISCOVERY’ (5th Generation Drillship)is a Samsung/Reading & Bates designed dynamically positioned 5th Generation drillship capable of drilling in water depths up to 10,000 ft. (Max Drill Depth: 30,000 ft) using 18 " 15,000 psi BOP and 21" OD marine drilling riser. Operator: Divon Energy, Station Keeping: Nautronix DP 5003series DP system, Rig Type:5th generation Deepwater, Classification: ABS, Main Power: 4 nos. of Wartsila 8L46B diesel electric engine rated at 7.8Mw (10,460 hp ea.); 2 nos. of Wartsila 6L46B (7,845 hp ea.) diesel gensets, Emergency Power: New age International HC-M534-02, Power Distribution: 6 nos. of11KV Generators feeding 3 nos. of11KV switchboard, Thrusters: 6 nos. of Aqua master Azimuth type thrusters, 5500KW, Deck Cranes: 3 x 80 Ton Amclyne model 35000 crane & 2 x 44.5 Ton Amclyne model 20000, Draw works: Continental Emsco Electro hoist V5000HP,Derrick:Dreco 210’x95’x75’ capacity2,000,000 lbs; 48-in x 133-in drum with grooving for 2-in wire line, Top Drive: Varco TDS-4S DC, 750 T capacity, with PH-8ipe handler, 50,900 ft-lns max torque,Rotary Table: Continental Emsco 60.5 in diameter modelT-6050Rated for 1000 tons, Mud Pumps: 4 x Continental Emsco FC, 2200,2200HP, hp, 7500psi max, BOP: Cameron type 18 in., 15,000 psi .Crew Facilities: 140Berths

Supervise: Supervises the Electricians.

Basic Function: Responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of all electrical equipment onboard the rig.

Duties and responsibilities:


-Ensure daily inspections and maintenance on electrical equipment is carried out.

-Ensure that the permit to work system is in place and followed.

-Carry out periodic maintenance according to the PMS guidelines and coordinate same with supervisor and other department heads.

-Operate, maintain and repair power generation and distribution equipment, i.e. generators and engine controls, SCRs, switchgears, transformers, etc...

-Maintenance and repair general rig equipment such as HVAC system, refrigeration plants, power and communication systems, lighting, etc…

-Carry out maintenance and repair on electrical components of drilling equipment, ie.Driller’s console, DC drilling motors and auxiliaries, Top drive system, draw works, mud pumps, etc…

-Carry out maintenance and repair on electrical components of marine equipment, i.e. thruster motors and auxiliaries, ballast pumps, control panels, cranes, etc…

-Maintain an adequate supply of spares in order to fulfill maintained requirements and facilitate a safe and efficient operation – generate requisitions as required.

-Inform Supervisor and other department heads of any technical problems or limitations that may affect the safe operation of the rig.

-Implement the outstanding recommendations from audits, as issued by Clients, Regulatory Authorities or rig management.

-Communicate equipment problems or breakdown information via direct supervisor to Field Support Group.


-Demonstrate commitment to company safety policies through leadership and guidance.

-Actively participate in weekly safety meetings pre job meetings as required.

-Report any incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations to the Electrical Supervisor or Maintenance Supervisor/Chief Engineer and other department heads.

-Prepare Job Safety Analysis for hazardous situations.


-Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work at their next job level.

-Ensure that all subordinates have the necessary skills and experience to fulfill their assigned tasks in a safe and efficient manner..

-Supervise and guide crew members in their On the Job Training program.

5. STATOIL E & P NORWAY (South Pars Gas Project-IRAN), (Owner: Persian Oil & Gas Company, Company:

Statoil, Pertopars Ltd., Contractor: SADRA). (The objective of the project is to develop the offshore and

onshore facilities for phases 6, 7 & 8 of south pars gas field located approximately 100 km offshore in

Persian gulf) Phases 6, 7 & 8 embrace about 650 billion cubic meters of gas (four billion barrels of oil

equivalent) and some 700 million barrels of condensate (light oil). The facilities are designed to

produce, treat and transport the reservoir fluids from three development phases of 1000 MMscfd

equivalent wellhead fluid each. These three phases consists of three identical wellhead platforms with

the distance of 10 km each which will be used to separate associated water from the gas and the wet

gas will be transported to shore via three subsea pipe lines (32”Dia.) one dedicated to each platform.

The gas is then treated onshore at Assahuyeh refinery.

(Feb.2007 to Sept.2007)

Appointed as an E&I Engineer and reporting to Site Commissioning Manager.

Supervising, monitoring / inspection and witnessing of all E&I activities of pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, performance test and departments & involved parties (Commissioning dept., QC/QA dept, Construction disciplines, vendor representative and third party).

Inspect materials and equipment as installed for compliance with contract plans and specifications.

4.SAIPEM E&P ANGOLA, (TOTAL PROJECT BLK.17) Drillship(S-10000) operating at deep-sea

Angola offshore.

(Feb.2006 to Feb.2007)

Appointed as an Electrical Engineer and reporting to Chief engineer.

Managing the maintenance activities in all E&I system on following equipment:“S-10000” is an Ultra deep water drill ship, equipped with Extended Well Testing and made world record of deepest offshore drilling at “Gabon Field” of Congo in the year of 2002. Classification: ABS+A1 (E), “Drilling Unit”, +FPSO, +ACCU, +DPS-3, OMBO, DLA, +CDS. Positioning system: Simrad SDP-32, DP class 3.Dimensions:Length overall:228m, Breadth, moulded : 42m,Depth, moulded: 19m, Operating draft: 12m, Displacement: 96,455t, Variable deck load: 20,000t, Oil storage capacity:140,000 bbl.ICAMS (Integrated, Automated control and monitoring system): The drill ship is designed to function as an integrated unit allowing all systems including propulsion, power management, power generation, fluid flow systems, fluid storage systems and drilling systems to be monitored and controlled via a single integrated monitoring and control network. Operational capabilities: Water depth capability: in excess of 10,000 ft.Drilling depth: 30,000 ft. RKB.Cranes: 4 Hydra lift knuckle boom cranes. Rated capacity 85t at 18.4 m. Power plant & Marine facilities: 6Nos.of 7Mw.Wartsila Nsd Co.18V32LNE. Coupled with ABB HSG900XU10, 8750 Kva, and 11Kv.For a total power generation of 42Mw. 6 Thrusters, each driven by one 4Mw. 3.3Kv, ABB Sami Megastar 5000-D3300pwm.”VFD” Electric motor. Derrick: Bailly Dynamic base 80x60 ft., top 60x20 ft., height 200 ft. Static hook load 2,000,000 lbs. Automatic drill pipe racking system: Hydra lift Vertical column Type capable to handle from 3 ” D.P. to 13 3/8” casing. Draw works: Wirth GH 4500 EG 4,200 HP. Re-generative braking + Baylor 7838 + single disc brake, Powered by 3 General electric GEB 22A1, 1,420 HP. Each. Rotary table: Wirth RTSS 60 ” hydraulic, maximum opening 601 U2”. Rated capacity 907 t., driven by hydraulic motor. Top Drive: Driven by 2 units of 2x850kw. 660volts Motors, Hydra lifts HPS 750 2E, rated Capacity 680 t.BOP stacks: Shaffer 18 ” - 15,000 guideline less with Vetco HD-H4BOP connector. Riser: ABB Vetco Gray 3,000 m w.d. Type HMF 21” o.d.x 90 ft. long. Crew facilities: 160 people.

5.GULF DRILLING INTL., U.A.E. (PROJECT GULF-3 J RIG 350’)is an offshore drilling Co.; joint venture of 60% by Qatar Petroleum and 40% by Japan Drilling Co. operating in Arabian Gulf water..

(Oct.2005 to Jan.2006)

Appointed as an Chief Electrician and reporting to Chief Engineer.

Assisting to Chief Engineer on modification of (‘GULF-3’ jack-up rig,350’) cantilever, living quarters, increasing the capacities of legs and some related modifications in the machinery deck.

Pre-commissioning activities on Electrical Distribution Systems including 480V MCC, Lighting Systems and Distribution Panels DC and UPS Power Systems, Wiring and Troubleshooting abilities, Diesel Generator Start up, Emergency D.G.sets, 480vac and medium voltage 4160vac and above switchgear controls.

7.GGREATER NILE PETROLEUM OPERATING COMPANY-SUDAN (GNPOC CPF&FPF MAINTENANCE) is an on- shore oil/gas E&P Company with the crude production of 300000BPD.

(Aug.2004 to Sept.2005)

Appointed as a Sr.E&I Engineer and reporting to Supt.Engg. (Maint.).

Assisting to Engineering Supt. and responsible for maintenance of all E&I system in Central & Field Processing Facilities.

Managing the E&I section, planning, implementation, approval and control of schedule of preventive, shutdown & emergency maintenance and modification work.

Troubleshoot plant problems, recommend engineering solutions. Provide technical reports to Managements.

Prepare Operating/Capital budgets and exercise control within close limits.

Planned and executed various tie in activities at site in limited plant annual shutdown time.

Comply with company quality, health, safety, security and environmental polices procedures and reporting requirements.

8.RRELIANCE PETROLEUM LTD., INDIA (SULPHER UNIT #4 EXP.PROJECT).India’s largest private sector and world’s largest refinery with the production of 1.24 M.BPD (Source Oil & Gas journal 01/1/2006).

(Sept.2003 to Aug.2004)

Appointed as Sr. Electrical Engineer and reporting to Manager Electrical.

Managing a group of Engineers to carry out all the engineering activities related to electrical construction of new Sulphur Unit # 4 and shut-down maintenance as per schedule when a part of the process in operation.

Assist the Constr. Manager Elect. on the supervision of installation, inspection/monitoring, testing, commissioning and start-up of both HV & LV electrical system of refinery.

Provide technical support to construction and commissioning.

Understand the contractual scope of work and raise variation requests for any work not covered as part of the work scope but is required to be undertaken for job completion.

Be aware of the health, safety and environment (HSE) aspects of work.

Instruct personnel in good housekeeping and safety practices.


(Jan.1999 to July 2003)

Appointed as Proj. Engineer E&I and reporting to Project Manager.

Manage the E&I Section of some Off-Shore Oil/Gas companies and successfully served to reduce downtime, reduce spare parts consumption and improve plant availabilities by revision of the E&I installation and maintenance procedures, improve training and implementation of a number of effective plant modifications.

Principally to assist the Assistant Project Manager with the following

Safe and efficient delivery of Projects to both Client and Company satisfaction.

Input to both technical and commercial aspects of the tendering process.

Assist in technical and operational aspects of the project.

Comply with company Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental policies, procedures and reporting requirements.

Assist with project delivery by ensuring project schedules are updated.

Ensure compliance with project procedures and help prepare work and mobilization plans.

Assist with the management of internal and external third party interfaces.

Comply with all business system procedures to ensure accurate and timely reporting of company assets.

Any other project or related activities as delegated by the Project Manager.


(Sept.1997 to June 1998)

Appointed as E & I Engineer and reporting to Project Manager.

Assist the Project Manager on the supervision of installation, inspection / monitoring, pre-commissioning, testing, commissioning and start-up of both HV&LV elect. and instrumentation system of 2x600MW Tuas Power Phase I project.

Ensure technical adequacy of engineering and design consistent with economy, good engineering practice, safety in design and specific requirement of the project.

Ensure compliance with the project specifications, company/clients standards & codes and local regulations.


Petroleum) operates CPF at different locations in Syria with an Oil production of 600,000 b/d.

(March 1996 to June 1997)

Appointed as an Electrical Supervisor and reporting to Electrical Engineer.

Assist the Section Head (Electrical) on the supervision of installation, periodical and emergency maintenance and minor commissioning work of HT and LT electrical system in the plant.

12.TOTAL E&P THAILAND.(TOTAL Bankot offshore gas production rig) The French Offshore Oil/Gas E&P

company (joint venture with PTTI of Thailand, British Gas and State Oil operates a number of offshore gas fields in South China Sea with a natural gas production around 42.6

((Mar.’92 to Jan.’96)

Appointed as an Asst. Supt.E&I (Comm.) and reporting to Commissioning Supt.

Monitoring the fabrication, construction, testing and pre-commissioning of E&I installation for production and quarter platform at Batam Island, Indonesia. Commissioning, start-up and operations at Thailand Off-Shore The construction and testing were completed on schedule with a minimum of change orders.

Follow -up of all elect. Commissioning preparation and execution activities of the Natural Gas gathering development project and acting as a representative of company, to ensure that the Operators are


Assist in the preparation of commissioning, operations and maintenance manuals as required by the project.

Thoroughly understand the contractual scope of work and raise variation request for any work not covered as a part of the work scope but is required to be undertaken for job completion.

Maintain cordial relations with client, certification agencies, Vendors etc...

Provide motivation and leadership to staff together with full support to Area Manager.


(Sept.1988 to Nov. 1991)

Appointed as an Electrical Engineer and reporting to Supt. Engineering.

Managing the activities of electrical maintenance including minor commissioning within the schedule and budget.

Measures to be taken in the event of break-down in the mains network and mains monitoring.

Ensure HSE is given the highest priority, and particularly that personnel are adequately trained to execute work assignments.

14.KUWAIT NATIONAL PETROLEUM CO., (‘FUP’ PROJECT) Oil prods. of 1.8 M.b/d and Gas

prod. 1452 MMcfd.

(April 1980 to June1988)

Appointed as an Asst.Supt.Elec.Comm. and reporting to Comm. Supt. Elect.

Follow-up of all Electrical Commissioning preparation and execution activities of the oil gathering development project.

Managing a team of Engineers for electrical projects and allot the project commissioning activities.

Review & approve/endorse contractor’s deliverables.Responsible for co-ordination of their technical areas and coordination with other discipline specialist where areas interface or overlap.


(Aug.1972 to March 1980)

Appointed as an Electrical Engineer and reporting to Works Manager.

Supervise electrical control aspects of the large-scale projects of the refinery. This required preparation of the detailed contract specifications are ensuring the contractor did not deviate from these.

Ensures designs are based on optimum reliability, operability, fabrication, construction, installation, safety, and in accordance with accepted codes and standards

Coordinates project planning and execution with Technical and Asset Development Facility Engineering Teams, Construction Representatives and Operations Representatives


Fire, H2s and abandon ship safety training: On 2006 by Saipem E&P Angola.

Helicopter crashing, Fire fighting and Sea survival: On 1992 by Total E&P at Thailand.

First-Aid: On 1996 by International Red-Cross Society at Syria.

Radiation awareness in oil/gas fields: On 1996 by Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum at Syria.

Industrial Safety: On 1988 by Qatar General Petroleum Corp. at State of Qatar.

Fire fighting, First aid, H2s awareness and escape, Crane safety, Work permit procedures, HSE induction and 14 nos. of “Tool Box Talk”: (Personnel transport by trucks and trolleys, Safe handling and storage of gas cylinder, Safe hydro-jetting operation, Safety during blinding de-blinding jobs, Safety in using pneumatic tools, Duties and responsibilities of Standby Person, Safe work at height on scaffolds, Emergency evacuation, Work on confined space, clean out pyrophoric material disposal, Scaffolding making and dismantling, Housekeeping on elevated platforms and Hazards of slip and trips, Hot jobs like welding, cutting and grinding and other jobs in vicinity, Safe use of flogging, slugging spanners during exchangers opening, Safe rigging and hoisting using crane):On 2003 by Reliance Refinery Ltd., Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

Computer skills (MS office, and surfing Internet): On 1999 by Highland Groups, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Negotiation skills: On 1997 by SembCorp Industries Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

Managing People: On 1983 by Kuwait National Petroleum Company at State of Kuwait.

Cable Jointing and Termination: On 1973 by Siemens India Ltd. at Bombay, India.


Read, Write and Speak: English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam (Mother Tongue).

Little Spoken Only: Arabic, Malay, Indonesian and Urdu.


oMr. Eduardo Cavalcanti dos Santos.(Sr.Rig electrician),Transocean offshore

drilling Inc., Brazil,Tel.:+552182873444 / +552138359465


oFabio Rocha, Electrical Engineer,Tel.: 55 12 99221 4295


oMr.Sreevalsan, (Safety Engineer).

oShiv Vani oil & gas exploration services, Egypt,Tel.: ++91-949*******, e.mail:

oMr.Raju Rajangam,ProjectManager, Hermic Ltd at Petro China, Halfaya Oilfield,


Tel: ++91-944*******, ++91-442*******

oMr.Dag Koldtad, (Site Manager - Bushehr, Iran),StatOil Hydro - Iran, Tel.: +98-21-2-2256330, e.mail:

oMr.Mohadsali (Project Manager), 'SEMPCORP', Singapore, Tel:+973-36444127, e.mail:, +91-984*******,+91-475-353307, +91-481-578311 / 571810

oCol.Eidha Salay Al Ameri/Mr.Mohd. Salay Al Ameri,M.D&CEO,Highland Marine Services, Abudhabi,UAE,Tel.(Eidha):+971-506123188/(Mohd.)+971-50-622740, e.mail:,

oMr.Jacques Teyssedre, Area Manager, Total E&P Thailand, Singapore,


oGIRISH C RAO, Electrical Engineer,Tel. Mobile: ++971-525735721 (Sharjah,UAE),Tel.:91 934******* (Mangalore, India),e.mail:,

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