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.Net Sql Server

Plano, TX
March 07, 2018

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Sowmya Sampathkumar

Senior .NET Automation Developer


Total 9 years of IT experience

8.5 years of experience in .Net Development

5+ years of experience in SQL Server

Microsoft .Net Certified Professional


•Master of Science professionals with 9 years of experience in Applications, Database Design & Development with focus on Microsoft Technologies, Software Development Life Cycle (Agile Methodology etc.), Intranet and Internet based applications.

•Primary Areas of Technical Expertise includes Microsoft .net framework 4.5, C#, Asp.Net MVC, Web API 2.0, JQuery, COMM, Entity Framework, LINQ, Ado.Net, WCF, Web Service, HTML, JavaScript, XML, SQL Server, Oracle 11i, WPF, visual basic.

•Have basic knowledge of AngularJS for developing UI.

•Experience in leading a team of developers and providing technical and organizational guidance.

•Exposed to the various business domains throughout the career such as Telecommunications, Health Care, Insurance and Finance, Product Design & Development.

•Design Patterns with focus on Factory and Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control patterns and Entity Framework.

•Experience in VB.NET, C#.Net Windows based Application.

•Good at problem solving, debugging skills, quick starter and always keen to learn and adopt new tools and technologies and work efficiently, independently or as part of a team.

•Proven Experience in complete development Lifecycle phases including planning, requirements collection, detailed design, implementation and testing.

•Extensive experience with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Framework, VB.NET, C#.Net, ASP.NET, ADO.Net, User Controls, Custom Controls.

•Developed scripts, SPs, functions, and tuning queries that were vital to the success of high-priority projects using SQL Server.

•Collaboration with Onshore management to build and strengthen offshore teams.

•Worked closely with Business analyst, Subject matter experts (SME) to nail down the requirements.

•Delivering and implementing the project as per scheduled deadlines and never skipped the deadline; extending post-implementation and maintenance support to the team and client.

•Strong knowledge in Service Oriented Architecture including Windows Services and XML Web services.

•Experience on TDD (Test Driven Development) and agile methodology for developing application.

•Experienced in doing .Net Builds and Deployments.

•Experienced in Automation and White box testing using Selenium IWebDriver

•Experience in working with open source tools Selenium (Selenium IDE) and preparation of automation test framework.

•Have basic knowledge in PEGA Robotics RPA and RDA automation development and testing.

•Have knowledge on Robotic Management Control to monitor the BOTs.



4.0, 4.5


C#, Visual Basic


MVC,, WCF, Ado.Net, Linq, WPF, Design Patterns, COM/DCOMM components


JQuery, AngularJs, Json, JavaScript, Ajax


SQL Server, Oracle 11i, SQL Server CE


Visual Studio 2012/2013

Testing Tools

NUnit, MS Test, Selenium, Lean-FT, PEGA


OOPS Methodologies

Version Control

PVCS, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Tortoise SVN, WinCVS, TFS, Perforce.


MS Office 2007/2010, SOAP UI


Excel Add-in, Infragistics, Lean-ft, SAP


PEGA Robotics Automation Intermediate Level Certification from PEGA in 2017.

Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Institute in 2015.

As a recognition for top level contribution & outstanding performance in the team, honored with above & beyond (A&B) and ‘Oviation award’ in VERIZON 2013.

Awarded with ‘Spot Award’ for technical expertise in Verizon 2012.

Awarded with ‘Silver Champ’ for the extra ordinary performance in HCL 2010.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist on 2008(.NET framework 2.0 Web application).

Microsoft Certified Professional on 2007.


Master’s in Software Systems, BITS Pilani, Rajasthan, India [2009-2011]

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), Anna University, India [2003-2007]


Bank of America, Plano TX

.NET Consultant Jun 2017– Oct 2017

Enterprise Independent Testing (EIT) Automation (Team Size: 12)

EIT Automation testing involves developing BOTs that would automate manual compliance testing using PEGA Robotics. This is sometimes called pre-production system integration testing. The system which are building must play well with the other systems currently in production when the system is released.


Completed PEGA Robotics Beginners and Intermediate level training.

Worked closely with functional team and business users for requirement gatherings.

Participated in technical walk through to determine the best approach to build BOTs either in RPA or RDA

Analyses of test cases to identify the various systems and application involved to test in BOT automation.

Developing BOTs using Visual Studio IDE with PEGA Plug-in for automation testing.

Automate processes by implementing BOTs using different interrogation techniques, providing I/P and capturing O/P.

Using C# capabilities to overcome the technical and performance issues found in PEGA.

Contributed as Robotic Management Controller to monitor the executed BOTs status.

Knowledge transfer given about the RMC to other team mates.

Environment: PEGA Studio 8.0, Visual Studio 2015, .NET Framework 4.6, TFS, PEGA RMC, TFS.

Capital Group, Irvine, CA Jan 2017– Jun 2017

.NET Technology Lead

I-Bill & Concur Expense

Report generation is done for diff expense types with different audit rules which further go for requirement after approval. Interface creation for the Employee data maintenance. Data flow from upstream applications in the form of dat files and loaded into BILLY (backend of IBILL) via autosys job run. Data flow from through diff layers in BILLY like staging and preload etc. by applying transformations. Reporting of invoices generated in revport thru downstream system like SAP, MARS etc.


Responsible for analyzing the requirements, Design the user interfaces, development of web application on ASP .net MVC 4, dot net Framework 4.0 and Web API service components, preparation of Use Case, Class diagrams and Data flow diagrams.

Integration with UI developed by designers.

Designing the front-end for the Hierarchy Application.

Creating user controls required for the design of front-end for Hierarchy application.

Developing Controller, Repository and Service classes using MVC pattern.

Create domain models and view models as per requirements.

Appreciated by customers for solving issues within the allocated time frame

Designed a user friendly interface to test the web application.

Solving and supporting end-user issues.

Participated in a Scrum team and Agile Practices including Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Defect fixing on QA/Production environments

Environment: ASP.NET 4.5, C#.NET 4.5, LINQ, XML, MVC 4.0, WEB API, CSS, CSHTML, Visual Studio 2015, Perforce.

Capital Group, Irvine, CA Mar 2016 – December 2016

.NET Technology Lead

SAP HANA Migration

SAP HANA migration is the procedure of the SAP system database movement to the SAP HANA platform. The SAP .NET Connector offers developers to expose BAPIs and remotely-enabled function modules to any .NET application. CG created a Customized tool using SAP .NET connector for testing the basic functionalities of SAP after HANA migration. This SAP .NET Connector 3.0 supports RFCs and Web services and allows you to write different applications such as Web form, Windows form, or console applications in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.


Part of tool development requirements gathering and client discussion.

Individually created a framework to establish the connection between the SAP systems and ASP .NET using remote function calls.

Development of tool creation to minimize the UI testing effort.

Developed Page layouts, Navigations and presented designs and concepts to the clients and the management to review

Implemented Continuous Integration solution for build and MSI package creation via automation.

Implemented automated Continuous deployment solution to deploy WPF client into new VM pool environments.

Worked with cross functional team members and provided the solution for task completion.

Exposed more BAPIs to create basic functionalities of SAP systems in ASP .NET using SAP .NET connector.

Individually contributed to lead two releases. High priority issues are solved within the time. Helped out in performance improvement side.

Environment: ASP.NET 4.5, C#.NET 4.5, RFC, SAP .NET connector 3.0, COM/DCOM, LINQ, XML, WPF, CSS, CSHTML, JSON, Selenium, Visual Studio 2013, Perforce, Lean-ft.

Capital Group, Irvine, CA

.NET Testing Lead Jan 2015 – Feb 2016


Developed Prototype UI’s based on the business requirements or changes in existing requirements using System Interface Automation Framework.

Created Automation test framework using Selenium IWebDriver.

Provided Testing Effort estimates and provided the timely feedback on progress of the testing activity. Recorded and plays back test in Fire fox using Selenium IDE.

Developed Automation scripts for new enhancements using Selenium Web Driver, Leanft and Testing.

Developed an automated test framework using Selenium and Leanft to automate end to end testing using a combination of browsers including chrome, Firefox, IE and this helped reduce regression issues and provide good test coverage and quicker feedbacks on software issues

Environment: Selenium IDE, Leanft, BAPI, NUNIT, ASP.NET, IE, Web Services.

Verizon Data Services

.NET Module Lead May 2013 - November 2013

CoA AAA Dispatch

Project Description:

CoA Dispatch application is web based application. It sits on top of many applications used by DRC centers to provide the DRC agent the centralized entry point to applications to do their daily work to avoid swivel chairs between applications, to eliminate SSO sign ons and to gain efficiency in DRC center across Verizon footprint.


Participated in Systems Study, Requirements Gathering and Analysis.

Involved in user and user group meetings. Also involved in analysis of existing systems and various other sources of information.

Design, Coding, Implementation and Testing of the module.

Used MVC pattern for wizard UI development and interact with Dispatch business implementation by the help of UI manager entities.

Conducted peer reviews on code optimization on regular basis right from the starting of the project.

Done Unit and Integration testing on the application.

Experience utilizing the Agile Framework in development and delivery (Scrum).

Individually contributed to lead two releases in MVC architecture. Implemented MVC architecture and comfortably programmed on all the layers in the application. Implemented Service layer i.e. business engine using WEB Services and also consumed WEB services to communicate with legacy systems. High priority issues are solved within the time. Helped out in performance improvement side.

Environment: ASP.NET MVC 4.0, C#.NET 4.0, Web Services, COM/DCOM, LINQ, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, CSHTML, Visual Studio 2010, TFS.

Verizon Data Services September 2011 - April 2013

.NET Module Lead

Vforce – ETM

Project Description: VForce is a tool used by Field Operations Personnel globally (US,EMEA,APAC) to manage activities related to fiber locates, installation and preventive reactive maintenance of the MCI Network both for inside plant and outside(dispatch) work. In VForce, to handle the Verizon’s field work technicians work profile a web based application ETM is used. Enhanced Tech Management(ETM) module is unified place to manage the “Technicians Dimensional Data” .


Participated in client discussion and requirement gathering

Critical Module design, development and delivered.

Helped team members to understand any critical requirement.

Worked with cross functional team members and provided the solution for task completion.

COM/DCOMM component development

Unit Test Case Preparation.

Individually contributed to lead two releases. High priority issues are solved within the time. Helped out in performance improvement side.

Environment: C#.NET, ASP .NET 3.5, Web Services, COM/DCOM, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax Components, Infragistics, Oracle 11g

Verizon Data Services February 2011 - August 2011

Sr. NET Developer

Vforce – RM

Project Description: VForce-RM is a Windows based Project used to handle the Verizon’s field work technicians work profile and resource management. Technicians can know about their job type, job allocation, customer details directly from their desktop. Similarly supervisors can know about their technicians’ availability from their desktop. VForce provides one tool for field operations to manage their entire work load and work force. Over 90% of field operations work currently driven and worked within VForce. VForce is used by Field Operations Personnel globally(US,EMEA,APAC) to manage activities related to fiber locates, installation and preventive reactive maintenance of the MCI Network both for inside plant and outside(dispatch) work.


Involved in Module Development.

Coding, Database Design, Designing Forms and fixing bugs.

Unit Test Case Preparation.

WPF design and development.

Win forms grid (with checkbox and text) a customized grid control developed.

Environment: Visual Studio.Net 2008, Win Forms (C#), WPF (small module developed), Oracle 10i, WinCVS.

Verizon Data Services August 2010 - February 2011

Sr. NET Developer


Project Description: The Vzon –Time Application was developed to provide Centralized ‘clock’ System automation of national and corporate wide –level. The clock previously performed in Livewire (fBA-South), SMARTS (fBA-North), Due Date Manager (fGTE) and CASS(fGTE) and Maintenance Clocks within the VZON-Time .This is the Integrated clock Management System(VzonTime) Provides an accurate view of available technician force and pending provisioning and maintenance commitments. Verizon-On-Time is required in order to meet the need of next Technology products (such as Fios) and existing copper product.


Module Development.

Coding, Database Design, Designing Pages.

Fixing bugs.

Developed a chart component individually within short period of time to keep track of user details in the form of chart.

Environment: Visual Studio.Net 2008, Asp .Net 3.0 (C#), Oracle 10i, WinCVS.

Thomson Reuters June 2009 - August 2010

Sr. Net Developer

TRSL Syntax Converter Tool

Project Description: The TRSL Syntax Conversion tool will allow Thomson customers to convert the legacy Banker syntax workbook to equivalent TRSL syntax workbook. The tool will be written as a shared add-in excel application, this will be enhanced from the DDE syntax conversion tool, and it has mapping information and business logic for conversion. User(s) will be allowed to select Range of cells or the Entire worksheet or the full workbook or Schedule of Workbook for conversion. User(s) will be provided to view the Report like Unmapped cell information, Tolerance information etc.

The tool will convert the Banker’s below mentioned FDL syntax to TRSL syntax


•TFDL and



Analyzing the requirement.

Preparing HLD and other supporting documents during design phase.


Integration Testing and Tracking bugs.

Fixing bugs.

Unit Test cases preparation.

Analyzed critical Thomson one banker formulae and identified TRSL conversion logic for those formulae. Parser and compiler logic has been implemented to split the formulae.

Environment: Visual Studio.Net 2005, C# (Win forms), SQL Server CE, Tortoise SVN, Microsoft EXCEL

KP 360 Groups Jan 2009 - June 2009

.NET Developer

Centralized Payment Services

Project Description: Centralized Payment Services (CPS) is used when payments will be issued to US Healthcare professionals for providing a service that is neither a continuing medical education activity, nor one that is supported by a grant. Because these professionals use a variety of methods to convey this information, Lilly has categorized all methods into two primary types of activities:

•Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-Regulated activities

•Advising/Consulting activities

The CPS reporting engine was re-engineered using SQL Server Reporting Services and data warehousing concepts. This provides additional flexibility in the types of reports that can be run, the addition of charts and graphs, and the ability to export and view data in additional file formats.

The system also enforces various compliance and business rule logic, including:

•Enforcing annual compensation limits for HCPs

•Auto-calculating honorarium amounts based on faculty tier structures and the type/duration of the activity

•Budget and honorarium exception approval processes

•Faculty contracting requirements


Developing User Interface for a Particular module.

Applying styles for UI screen as per the requirements.

Integration Testing and Tracking bugs.

Fixing bugs and Enhancement activities.

Reports Generation( creating packages)

Unit Test cases preparation.

Environment: .NET Framework 2.0, C#, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005 & WinCVS.

Wolters KLUWER June 2008 - December 2008

.NET Programmer

Aspen Law Study Desk

Project Description: Aspen law study desk is student productivity software that integrates aspen publishers new study aids. Aspen Law Study desk helps you master course material with built-in study tools like Flashcard, Quiz, and Outlining wizards that enable you to chart your progress and prep for exams. The scope of this project is to develop user friendly tool for the law students.


Applying styles for UI screen as per the requirements.

Fixing bugs and Enhancement activities.

Unit testing and Test Cases preparation.

Configuration Controller.

I was responsible for fixing critical and high priority issues.

Environment: Visual Studio .Net 2005, C# (Win forms), SQL Server CE, Microsoft Visual Source Safe

Thomson Financial October 2007 - June 2008

.NET Programmer

Alert Inbox Manager Development

Project Description: The scope of the TF - Alert Inbox Manager Development project is to develop Alert Inbox and Alert Manager Development which include new product enhancements, bug fixing and Integrated Testing in Development environment.


Applying styles for UI screen as per the requirements.

Integration Testing and Tracking bugs.

Fixing bugs and Enhancement activities.

Testing Reports.

Unit Test cases preparation.

Environment: Visual Studio .Net 2005, SQL Server 2005, ASP .NET, C#, HTML, CSS, Tortoise SVN, JavaScript, PVCS.

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