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RF Optmization Engineer

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
March 09, 2018

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Boston **-* Noche Buena, Mexico City, 03720



I am seeking an opportunity to use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goals SKILLS

Customer service solving any daily issue

Teamwork, Multi-Tasking

Communication skills multicultural environment

Quick learning

Fluent in Spanish; conversational in English



Genex Assistant

Genex Probe

Global Mapper

Genex U-Net Planning


Atoll Planning Tool

Mentum Planet

Path Loss



NEMO (outdoor, analyze)

SwissQual, PRS

Smart RNO


Nokia NetAct

Arieso GEO

Excel Advanced

Microsoft project



Company Name: Huawei Technologies

Job Title: RF Optimization Engineer

Duration: 09/2014 – 03/2018

1. RF optimization based on radar and quality index, working on clusters and vectors assigned, optimization until delivery target. 2. Customer interface working face to face with quality team, technical support and solving any daily issue. 3. Responsible for parameter audits, and features implementation, Radio Resource Management for massive events monitoring and performing changes in real time.

4. Execution and analysis traces in Layer 3, detecting fails and send proposals to improve performance. 5. VoLTE experience: Trial in Telcel network, Volte call flow analyzing traces for the first VoLTE calls, SIP signaling SEVCC to UMTS, QCI, SDP,RTCP, AMR, Intrafreq Ho Execution QCI1, Drive test analysis performing proposals to improve MOS, look for abnormal release causes. Field test measurements through SwissQual Qualipoc. 6. LTE Experience: Traffic balance, Radio Resource Management, working with Band 4 and band 7, 3 carriers optimization, Initial tuning, Pre and Post Drive test analysis, PCI plans, and PCI collisions, throughput optimization (Prediction maps observing improvement on the throughput by % coverage area). RSRP, SINR, Spectrum efficiency and TX/RX correlation, reselection and HO parameter adjustment, UTRAN neighbor analysis, reselection 3G to 4G, Power adjustment, CS Fall Back. Optimization until delivery target based on QI radar RF shapping, UTRAN Neighboor analysis. KPIs customized, formula creation, reports performing. Adjusting parameters values to improve performance on Idle Mode, PRACH,HO, ANR, PDCCH,PUCCH, Handover procedure, cell search, selection and reselection, SINR, Spectrum efficiency and TX/RX correlation. Neighbors audits, PRACH Planning, X2 planning before the use of ANR. Features: Carrier Aggregation, MIMO 4 X 4, 256 QAM, initial tunning and analysis in the 4.5 G network. RESULTS:The throughput improves after features activation more than 500 Mbps in some sites, improve capacity with 3 carriers avoid congestion, when VoLTE was activated the traffic in UMTS was decreased allowing more users. 7. UMTS Experience: Initial tuning, neighbors audits, parameter audits, evaluation and analysis of CS and PS services, coverage, RSCP,Ec/Io, pilot pollution, accessibility, retainability, congestion (CE, Power, Codes), Drive Test analysis in order to apply changes to improve the KPI’s and the user perception. Parameter and network strategies (Third and Fourth carriers, LDR, DRD, cell selection and reselection, handover).mobility and analysis of interference (RTWP), throughput. Optimization of resources, load balancing and recommend modifications to enhance KPI’s to target. Traffic statistics analysis and evaluation of the network including troubleshooting (PCHR, Trace) for VIP users. Cell parameter analysis, optimization of neighbor lists, handover parameters, reselection parameters. Top N worst cells analysis. Network optimization based on vectors, clusters, project units to reach the KPI to target, KPI custom formulas creation. Signaling trace perform and analysis layer 3 to detect issues and propose actions to solve it. Working face to face with customer solving daily issues and VIP complains. KPI weekly reports: availability, traffic balance, RTWP, KPI improvement. Implementation of high traffic parameters, power adjustment and RF shaping for special events. LAC – TAC audits. Features applied UMTS: DC-HSDPA Feature - Dual Carrier HSDPA; Result: improve Throughput, improve user perception, increase HSUPA users. OVER CARRIER HSDPA Feature; Result: ensures the throughput rate stable during HSDPA/DC-HSDPA UEs moving between RNCs, thereby improving user experience. POWER CONTROL PRACH Feature; Result: Improve accessibility or reduce RTWP.FAST HSDPA SERVING CELL CHANGE Feature: Result: This function significantly shortens the HSDPA serving cell change delay and improves the HSDPA throughput. INTER RAT Feature: Result: allows HO with 2G reducing call drops. Company Name: Cassidian

Job Title: RF Engineer

Duration: 09/2012 – 08/2014

1. Microwaves links, design and implementation (Alcatel, Harris, Eclipse) 2. Coverage predictions and frequency planning through Mentum Planet in 400 MHz Band, encrypted communications for government

3. Supervision of installations, Infrastructure deployment, contact with suppliers and customers 4. Test and implementation of new products.

5. Drive test performing and analysis through Nemo Outdoor and Nemo Analyzer. EDUCATION

Universidad Autonoma de Hidalgo - Institute of Basic Science and Engineering Bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunications Graduated: 2012 Emphasis area in Radiocomunication Systems

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