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March 09, 2018

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Erjon Dervishi

Robert Shvarc. Nr.59, 1001 Tirane (Albania)


Sex Male Date of birth 12.01.1988 Nationality Albanian



Master degree: History

Thesis: “The Geopolitics of Russia after the Cold War”.

Main focus: Russian’s geopolitics in persceptive, economy of Russia, the relations of Russia with the western countyes, the relations of Russia with United States, and the relations of Russia with neighbourhood countries like, Belarus, Poland and Turkey.

University of Tirana: Faculty of History- Filology

Street: “Elbasanit”, Tirane (Albania).


Diploma of First Level: International Relations.

Thesis: “The compare of relations between Albania and Italy during the Republic and Monarchy regime under the Ahmet Zogu legetimity. (1925-1929)- (1929-1939).

Main Focus: Diplomacy of Albania under the King Zog rule, economic situation of Albania during the world crisis, political situation in Albania and the Itlaian faschist diplomacy in Albania.


European University of Tirana

Bulevardi “Gjergj Fishta” ISH -NPV. No.2, Tirane (Albania).


09. 06.2009–12.05.2011

General Secretar/ Coordinator and assistance of the activities

Albanian Youth Council for Foreign Relations

Street, “Margarita Ttulani”. Area Nr.8 / Nr.31, Tirane (Albania)

Assistance in organizing training courses, study sessions which were focused on issues such as protection of human rights, fight against gender discrimination, protection of environment, participation of youth in public and political life, integration of marginalized groups in society and promotion of active citizenship.

Business or sector: NGO


Center for Political Studies- team member

Center for Political Studies- European University of Tirana, Tirane (Albania)

Assists in organizing and interpreting surveys with regards to elections, people's perception on public and government's decisions.

Business or sector: NGO


Intership- as part of my academic curricula as a student

Main duty: Coordinate the youth work for interview in Albania and in the main city of Albania like Elbasan, Tirane, Vlora and Schodra. Take the result for the questions of the peoples for many topics such as, democracy, economic situations in Albania and hope for the future of Albania in Europe Union.

Institute of International Studies (AIIS)

Street: “Andon Zako Çajupi”, Tirane (Albania)

Business or sector: NGO


Project Assistant “Value Orientation of the University Students in Albania”- Research Project

European University of Tirana, Tirane (Albania)

Assisted in preparing the interview model

Assisted in selecting the interviews

Assisted in monitoring the process of interviewing and interpreting the data.

This was a successful model for the youth perceptions on Albanian reality for Democracy and Economy.


Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production













Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills

Conference and Trainings

I have participated in activities (conferences, seminars, symposium, training).

These activities have widened my knowledge, have exposed me to different perspectives as well as have taught me what is activism and voluntarism.

Also I am focused in History, Europe Union, International Relations, Politics.

12.05.2014-16.05.2014 -Intenational Conference in Kosovo with main focus. “The week of science”. My topic was “The activity of Fan Noli to protect the Albanian issue in the early yeras of World War II”. The paper was focused on Fan Noli struggle in the United States Department to make public Albanian situation in World War II.

28-30.08.2015 -International Conference in Macedonia, “The tenth meeting of science in Macedonia”. My topic was “The relations of Pan-Albanian Federation of America The Hearth, with Albanian Communist regime during the years 1955-1970”. The paper was focused on relations of Albanian diaspora with communist regijme in Albania.

1-4.10.2015 -International conference in Itlay, (Trieste), organised by University of Trieste and Center for Dialogue and Culture of Trieste. The main topic was “Old and New Poverty”. My topic was “Dimensions and Causes of poverty in Albania after 1990”. The paper was focused on Albanian future economic and persceptive in Europe Union. How the foreigners see us. -International Conference in Romania with the main topic on “ The Challange that the United Nations Faces after 70 years”. National Library of Romania, Bucharest. My topic was “Security Persceptive in International Cooperation, Human Security and United Nations, the Kosovo issue”.

28-30.10.2016- Participant in “Intensive Master Course on Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette”. Organised by Diplomatic and Protocol Acedemy of Kosovo. The lectures were given by Lukrecija Maljkovic Atanasovska form Croatia, Executive Director of Protocl Academy of Kosovo and Certified Intenational Consultant at The Protocol School of Washington.

10.02.2018- Certificate. For participating at Today’s Diplomat II: The Strategies toward a successful diplomacy. Organized by Balkan Youth Councile in Albania. The participation was as a lecturer for International Relations persceptive.

Publications in different magazines.

1.University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, Science Bulletin. “The Struggle of the Hearth Federation to protect the legetimity of Albanian state during World War II”, No. 3. Vol.2, 2015.

2.International Scientific Journal “Diskutime”, The relations of Pan-Albanian Federation of America The Hearth with the Albanian Communist regime during the years 1955-1970”. No.18, Vol.4. Published in Macedonia Skopie.


Organisational / managerial skills

Sincere and committed young professional willing "to go the extra mile" to complete the tasks on time and eager to learn more/

Works well on her own and in team.

Computer skills

Word processor (MS Word, Word perfect)

Spreadsheet (MS Excel)

Presentations (MS PowerPoint)

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