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Design Sheet Metal

Morgan Hill, CA
March 09, 2018

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OBJECTIVE: To utilize my experience, knowledge, and skills in a rapidly changing environment and contribute to a growing company.


Over twenty years experience in Mechanical, electronics/electrical and manufacturing fields, from design to fabricating processes and assembly, about 10 years of database management and setup.

Proficiency in most aspects of electronics (A/D) from design to PCB troubleshooting and repairs to cabling net listing and documentations using various platform.

Experience in Electro-Mechanical tooling, fabrication, and re-engineering and prototype design/fabrication building.

Wide range of manufacturing procedure development and product design, with emphasis in electronics and electrical design layout of Printed Circuit and Surface Mount Boards and fabrication.

Skilled in AutoCAD 10-2016, from blocks, xref to attribute creation and editing and 3D and some menu design. Also proficient at sheet metal layout/development in Solidworks (SW2004-17), tooling/jigs, schematics, PIDs, cable routing and BOMs. Expert level experience in block libraries database setup.

Experience in creating ECN’s/BOMs and implementation through the release process.

Skilled at reverse engineering in E/M: with the ability to disassemble, document and regenerate into variable designs and configurations and fabrication. Skilled in the use of shop tools; from hand tools to mills and lathes operation and 3D printing. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:

Commissioned by NBC’s “Wonderful World of Disney” to build the world’s only Mickey Mouse armature with over 32 joints for animation sequence performed on 50th birthday TV program special. Picture Link

Coordinated redesign of Watergizer for production and assisted in building prototype of units that demineralizes water by electrolysis for use in home, city and industry.

Built and operated Robotic toy wagon for after-school special, which composed of servo drive steering with three speeds, reverse and dynamic braking, with a payload of over 200lbs. Picture Link

Designer of 400 GPH R O. Unit consisted of over a half ton of steel, with over 1550 parts and numerous pumping configurations for sensing water quality


Rio Hondo College: Four year course in the E/M Engineering Drafting/Design CADD, Electronics AC/DC and digital. Plus technical arts; rendering freehand, technical illustration, biology and physiology, also taught/tutored weekend/week Cadd classes and aided in the design of lesson plans for publication of Cadd instruction book.

San Jose City College: One year course in Laser Technology, DC/AC and Digital Electronics.

PC Training in systems, NT, Windows XP, 7-10, MS Office 2007-13 and Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready and Acrobat Editor, Word, Excel etc. familiar with using Agile, PLM and PDM.

AutoCAD 2.62-2016, also 3D Solid Modeling Solidworks 2004-17 and PDM. Training and certify in Solidworks, and some Autodesk Inventor 5 - 16.


OAI San Jose, Ca

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platforms: AutoCAD 10-2015, SolidWorks 2017) Oct 2016 to Sept 2017

Duties included the drafting and design for company’s product line of wafer mask alignment equipment.

Involves detailing of parts and assemblies plus producing ECOs and BOMs for product release using PDM. SMP Tech Inc. Morgan Hill, Ca.

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platforms: SolidWorks -2014 June 2015 to Oct 2015

Duties included updating binders for project Plant-Tape conveyor system for seed packing assembly line.

Detailing drafting and documentation of top/sub-assembly components and updating BOM s for product manufacturing.

Creating and checking detail drawing, models for accuracy and producing spec. sheet for vary stainless steel and structural frame conveyor etc.

Expertech Inc. Scotts Valley, Ca.

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platforms: AutoCAD 13, SolidWorks 12-14 Sept 2014 to Dec 2014

Duties included the concept and design for companies product line CTR (Compact Thermal Reactor)

Worked on custom door/hatch for supporting payload and locking into open position for loading and unloading.

Other duties involved electrical and schematic updating and layouts for point to point interconnection diagrams. Also the placement of systems control I/O instruments and produce fabrication drawing package for Mfg. Also implemented Doc Bom control and updated all electrical and electronic/mechanical redlines drawings via ECOs. CELL 408-***-**** HOME 408-***-**** • E-MAIL, SAN MARTIN, CA Invensas Corp. San Jose, Ca.

Designer/Drafter (Contract) Nov. 2013 to Sept 2014

Responsibilities included design fixtures; tooling modeling for company I.P and F.A (Fail Analysis) CFD simulation.

Included design and building of FPGA, BGA tools for 3D POP IC chip developing R/D group/s

Main duties included design, drafting and detail drawings, responsible for quoting and built fabrication from vendors.

Other duties include facility layout, an instrument placement for electrical and plumbing placement and update, which involved lot creation attribute creation and editing. Also documentation of documenting, meaning step by step procedures for Agile I/O.

Soraa Inc. Fremont, CA

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platforms: SolidWorks 10-12) May 2010 to April 2012

Conceived, designing and build HB-LED & Lamp/s fixtures for burn-in and reliability testing. Also document control and assignment of PNC plus PCB and mechanical technical illustration spec. for the contract manufacturing

Design RTF (Reliability Testing Fixtures) for 200 unit burn-in testing, design and build GNG (Go, No Go) test fixtures for testing Ori-Flex Pcb for mfg., also design/build transformer selection test fixtures and wire RTF.

Design and build RTF quick connect DC output testing probes and determined new potting compound and procedure/s; also build 90% of the MR16, first 12 demo units used for Light fair convention which achieve sales.

Design of Optical test fixtures for Led Lamp profile and Lamp fixtures for use in Integrated Optical Sphere (IOS). Also Led quick connect shuttle carriers for simulated heat exchange for test using IOS.

Responsible for the release of designs, drafting and illustration of company’s product line of HB-LED power supplies for oversea production and mfg. Duties included the concept to design of, extrusions, sheet metal and injection molded enclosure parts, heat sinks etc. and verifying PCB fits as per design. Also build LED test fixtures for enviro oven/chamber. Exclara Inc. Santa Clara, CA

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platforms: Autocad10, SolidWorks 08-09) May 2009 to May 2010

Responsible for the release of designs, drafting and illustration of company’s product line of HB-LED power supplies for oversea production and mfg. Duties included the concept to design of, extrusions, sheet metal and injection molded enclosure parts, heat sinks etc. and verifying PCB fits as per design. Also build LED test fixtures for enviro oven/chamber.

Managed all phases of documentation from concepts to designs, detail drawings to REVS, ECO’s and technical illustrations for assembly as per product build /release, also managed database of over 2K of data/drawling files. NanoGram Corp. Milpitas, Ca

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platforms: Autocad12-10, SolidWorks 06-09) Nov. 2006 to Jan. 2009

Design/drafting of structural frames and sheet metal parts for NPM Nanograms Laser gas to nano particle conversion system and design part for the vacuum cambers (tool 5, 6) and PTT component for collection, also assembled, wirer and plumed the unit/system with the team.

Responsible for translating engineering concepts into practical design using state of the art components and instrumentation. Re-engineering of nozzle designs and vacuum systems, including full documentation while incorporating document protocol for database management of drawing assignment organization.

Also support the PV/Solar Cell R&D group with Laser engraving and CVD masking and substrate design and layouts and test fixturing design. Also designed XYZ automated translator for laser engraving device. SWM (Stainless Work Mfg Watsonville, Ca

Designer/Drafter Database managing (Platforms: Acad/SW) July 2005 to Nov.2006

Design/drafting of produce equipment, washer, shakers and dual tray filling, De nester, de-litter conveyors and pneumatic and PLC cabling design and layouts documentation for wiring all electrical sub-systems.

Document control Database management and design using Pedy software. Nova Micro Wave Morgan Hill, Ca.

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platform: Acad) Nov. 2004 to April 2005

Document control, creating ECN, PCS (part control specs.) and MO.(mfg orders).

Design/drafting of test, bending fixtures and parts for Microwave circulator and isolator units.

Database management and design using Adobe.

Abbott Diabetics Care/Thera Sense Alameda, Ca.

Designer/Drafter (Contract) (Platforms: AutoCAD, SW, Pr0E) Sept 2003 to Oct. 2004

Incorporated company to company engineering and design documentation into Agile 8.5 database.

Converted over 5K doc’s from Pro-E, Acad & Solidworks, and also integrated updated ECO’s using scanner, Acrobats PDF conversion), MSWord, Excel and Acad 2005.

Other duties included the support of engineering department’s computers and management of databases. Hobbies and Interests

Radio Control aircraft, such as fixed wing (swept/delta) specially Quads/multi-copter (Drones) and very interested in Biped Robotics, also build 3D Printer FDM and SLA ( Rostock Max V2 Delta, & Moai ).

(Additional work experience plus references with portfolio are available upon request.) WORK EXAMPLE LINK

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