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Chemical Engineering Assistant

Richmond, CA
March 06, 2018

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• Significant research record in heterogeneous catalysis, materials science, chemical engineering

• Strong experience in the synthesis, screening, scale-up and post treatment (coating) of new catalysts

• Expertise in catalyst characterization techniques such as SEM, XRD, XPS, IR, GC, GC-MS, TGA, ICP, etc.

• Exceptional problem solving, collaboration and communication skills. EXPERIENCE

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Gabor Somorjai Group) 2015-2017

• Novel multi-interface nano-materials and tandem catalysis processes design and development

• Catalytic dimerization of light alkanes over super-acidic Metal Organic Framework materials

• Investigated surface/interface chemistry of metal, bimetal and metal oxide system Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Nevada, Reno, Chemical and Materials Department 2013-2015

• Cutting edge CO2 capture and conversion, biomass conversion and chemical hydrogen storage processes development

• Novel heteroatom mesoporous materials catalysts development

• Investigated metal/metal oxide catalytic mechanism in subcritical/supercritical water systems with NMR and EPR Research Director

Qiwangda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 2011-2012

• Zeolites TS-1 and ZSM-5 production/post treatment (coating), characterization and reaction evaluation

• Gas-phase propylene epoxidation and aromatic hydrocarbons production processes development and scale-up Research Assistant

Dalian University of Technology, China 2003-2012

• Ultra-pure plasma H2O2 production technology development

• Low-cost zeolite synthesis technology and gas-phase propylene epoxidation processes development

• Heteroatom structure of zeolite and surface reaction intermediate characterization with UV-Raman and FTIR Data Analysis Engineer

Regional Transportation Commission (Washoe County, Nevada State) 01/2013-10/2014

• Comparing the energy and environment influence of the electric bus and diesel bus (mathematical model building, date collection, analysis and reporting)

Assistant Instructor

University of Nevada, Reno 01/2014-06/2014

• Taught Process Control class (ChE 451) and associated requisite laboratory section for senior undergraduate of Chemical and Materials Department

Ji Su PhD

US Permanent Resident

Phone: 510-***-****;


UC Berkeley College of Chemistry

Materials Sciences Division

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Journal Referee

• Referee for 13 peer-reviewed journals:

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (IF=11.261); Nano Lett. (IF=13.592); ChemComm. (IF=6.834); Green Chem. (IF=8.020) Scientific Reports (IF=5.578); Journal of CO2 Utilization (4.764); Appl. Catal. A(IF=3.942); Catal. Today (IF=4.030) J. Mol. Catal. A (IF=3.615); Catal Commun (IF=3.699); Catal. Lett. (IF=2.307); Energy Technology (IF=2.824) ChemistrySelect (opening Jan. 2016)


• Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, 2012, Dalian University of Technology, China

• M.S. in Chemical Engineering, 2007, Dalian University of Technology, China

• B.S. in Environmental Engineering, 2003, Dalian Polytechnic University, China PATENTS

10. Catalyst for C4 liquefied petroleum gas aromatization and its preparing method. Chinese patent: ZL 200410050202.3

(Authorized and industrialized)

9. Modification method of titanium-silicalite zeolite based on the mixture of quaternary ammonium salt and inorganic alkali. US patent 9486790 B2 (Authorized)

8. Device and method for performing olefin gaseous phase epoxidation by using industrial hydrogen peroxide. Chinese patent: 201110366512.6 (Authorized)

7. Process for modifying TS-1 based on mixed solution of quaternary ammonium salt and inorganic base. US patent 201******** A1

6. Method for modifying titanium silicon molecular sieves WO patent 201-***-**** A1 5. Post-treatment of TS-1 zeolite with solution of quaternary ammonium salt and inorganic base. Chinese patent: 201110338451.2

4. Process for modifying TS-1 based on mixed solution of quaternary ammonium salt and inorganic base. WO patent 201-***-**** A1

3. Post-treatment method of TS-1 zeolite with solution of TPAOH and Sulfur salts. Chinese patent: 201110337609.4 2. Method for modifying titanium silicon molecular sieves US patent 201******** A1 1. A new post-treatment method for titanium silicalite zeolite. Chinese patent: 201********* PUBLICATIONS

21. Book Chapters: L. Yang, J. Su, X. Yang, H. Lin "Catalytic Oxidation Pathways for the Production of Carboxylic Acids from Biomass" in the book entitled "Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology", Springer, pp 171-202, 2016 20. Book Chapters: H. Lin*, J. Su, Y. Liu, L. Yang. "Catalytic Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Value-Added Organic Acids in Aqueous Media" in the book entitled "Application of Hydrothermal Reactions to Biomass Conversion" Springer, pp 109-138, 2014.

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(Cover paper)

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1. J. Gou, J. Zhou, H. Guo, J. Su, L. Chen, X. Wang, W. Gong, Synthesis of hydrogen peroxide via H2/O2 plasma under dielectric barrier discharge, Modern Chemical Industry, 2006, 194-197 Manuscripts in Preparation

4. J. Su, C. Xie, G. A. Somorjai, P. Yang. Tandem Catalysis: Hydroformylation and Carbonylation with CO Surrogates

(Prepare for Nature Chemistry)

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