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Customer Service Representative

Danville, VA
March 06, 2018

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Dry Fork, Virginia


Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to inquire about an open position available with your agency. I offer approximately ten years of dedicated service and professional experience. I am competent and knowledgeable, have impeccable communication skills, as well as a variety of interpersonal skills that utilize my education and work experience for opportunity for growth and advancement.

My longstanding professional background has gifted me with the knowledge and experience to exceed expectations set forth by employers while providing service that sells. I have excelled in areas such as Finance, Loan Processing, Accounting, Insurance Sales and Claims, Tax Preparation and Examination, Audit, Office Management, and Education; I offer stellar verbal and written communication skills with the ability to adapt to and thrive in any working environment. I utilize my expertise in creativity, problem solving skills to make responsible, business conscientious decisions, demonstrating the ability to accurately, and efficiently complete tasks and surpass expectations. Alongside my ability to shine I use effective listening skills to collect data, address a wide variety of issues while insuring accuracy on grammar and punctuation on all written correspondence, providing requested assistance, preparing and offering well-informed relevant resolutions by anticipating customer needs, forward-thinking and ensuring understanding. I am responsible for taking ownership of, developing, analyzing, and researching critical information, applying and interpreting federal and state laws/regulations/codes, and securing federal data. I prepare, analyze, and present daily, monthly and quarterly excel spreadsheet data and P&L reports, applying the basic accounting principles/concepts while building trusting relationships.

I received frequent commendations from management, as well as co-workers for consistency, innovation, exceeding goals, paying attention to detail, time management, organization, interpersonal and analytical skills. I work well independently along with the ability to work with others. I am an excellent trainer and researcher with a strong willingness and ability to handle multiple complex projects and meet deadlines. I offer strong leadership competencies, strong organizational dedication, solid judgment, and troubleshooting. I possess stellar phone etiquette, proven track record in problem solving and strong decision making abilities. If you are interested in a self-motivated and highly competent candidate, we should speak.

I have followed your company for a few months and have been impressed by your dedication to service and excellence. I am young, energetic, and committed to achieving corporate goals. I am available for an interview at your convenience. I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you. To further acquaint you with the specifics of my background I am enclosing my resume.


Jasmine Barbee


To obtain a challenging position in a professional environment utilizing my life learned skills with the opportunity for growth and advancement.

Professional Experience

Tax Examiner Senior

March 2016 - Present Virginia Department of Taxation

Richmond, Virginia.

Within my current position, I am responsible for enforcing federal and state filing procedures/requirements to determine personal tax liabilities. Researching, interpreting, comprehending and applying Federal and State written instructions/laws/codes/guidelines, analyzing critical tax information, auditing financial/tax records, manual and automated ledgers, while maintaining a working knowledge of Virginia/Federal code changes, applying the formal theory of accounting and accounting procedures to properly evaluate financial information. I possess extensive knowledge of forms 760, 760PY, 763, 770, federal forms 1040 & 1041, W-2 W-4, 1099, K-1, other states/out of state tax returns, and reciprocity agreements. Incumbent duties include enter/verify tax return information for processing, creating online individual income tax returns and assessments, assessing such fees as interest and penalties, any additional tax liabilities and/or additional income. I examine accounting systems/records to determine if accounting methods used are appropriate and in compliance with statutory provisions, verifying Tax Credit Bank balances; usage policy and procedures, verifying form completion and accuracy. I conduct independent audits/ investigations of Virginia individual income tax returns to verify validity in comparison with federal and state data, DMV databases, federal forms 1040 and 1041, all corresponding schedules including but limited to Schedule A-Itemized Deduction, Schedule C – Profit and Loss from Business, as well Schedule D - Capital Gain and Losses, subsequent worksheets and vouchers. I audit previously processed tax returns to determine whether claimed adjustments/deductions/additions/subtractions/tax credits are allowed by law based on individual circumstances, collecting tax data from individuals insuring conformity with state and federal codes, laws and regulations. I make direct contact with taxpayers via mail or telephone to resolve discrepancies, request supporting documentation and ensure taxpayers interpretation of tax form instructions, clarification of state and federal tax jargon and defining residency status. I am help responsible for creating and maintaining records for each case, creating and maintaining production reports, including number of contacts, telephone numbers, addresses, residency status, and noting actions taken to customer accounts. I also examine and analyze tax assets and liabilities to determine resolution of delinquent tax problems, notifying the taxpayer of the total liability, over payment and/or underpayment status, and providing clarification to the individual taxpayers. As a current participant in the 2016 Rap Refund Review Project, I posses the ability to work with more complex tax issues in which I evaluate the validity of 2016 tax returns/refunds and the information presented within. Including but limited to verifying identity of tax payers through prior year filing statuses, banking/employment information, insuring income amounts/withholding amounts correspond with supporting documentation, federal/state databases, employer submissions and PTIN/PIN number verification.

Professional Experience

Fiscal Technician Senior

May 2013 – March 2016 Virginia Department of Taxation

Richmond, Virginia.

In my previous position I utilize my considerable knowledge of accounting essential in preforming problem analysis and the correction of tax accounts/returns with the ability to obtain information from one or more source to reach proper conclusion. Researching, interpreting and comprehending written instruction/laws/guidelines in relation to analyzing critical tax information, audit financial records, manual and automated ledgers, determining proper tax liabilities, with the ability to interpret, research, comprehend and apply Virginia and Federal income tax laws, extensive knowledge with forms St-9, St-8, St-7, alongside familiarity with forms 500 & 502, VA6, VA15, VA5, VA16, all corresponding schedules, worksheets, vouchers and filing procedures/requirements. Demonstrating the ability to research and prepare not only commercial tax returns, but individual tax returns and creating daily production reports. I demonstrate ability to analyze and/or audit financial records businesses with sales and use within Virginia. I possess extensive knowledge of tax return processing operations for Business, considerable knowledge of bookkeeping and basic accounting principles (GAAP), filing procedures, regulations and laws pertaining to tax administration. I have demonstrated ability to ability to examine, research and analyze complex tax information, apply corrective action, interpret tax laws and apply complex rules, regulations and instructions pertaining to the Sales and Use, Use, as well as Consumer Use tax and its denoted forms.

Customer Service Representative/Correspondence Representative

October 2012 – May 2013 Virginia Department of Taxation

Richmond, Virginia.

I served as a Customer Service Representative. As a CSR I offer stellar verbal and written communication skills to effectively and efficiently address a wide variety of tax payer inquiries both written and orally, preforming problem analysis and the correction of tax accounts/returns with the ability to obtain information from multiple sources, asking probing questions, interviewing taxpayers, analyzing critical tax information, providing extensive knowledge, assistance and understanding of forms 760, 760PY and 763, federal forms 1040 W4,W2 all its corresponding schedules filing requirements and procedures, auditing taxpayer financial records, researching, interpreting, comprehending and applying Virginia and Federal income tax laws in relation to and determining proper tax liabilities. Demonstrated the ability to keeping tax payers informed on the progression of tax returns, providing tax form assistance as well as providing well-informed relevant resolutions by using basic accounting principles/concepts and knowledge of federal and state tax law and documenting actions to consumer accounts.

Customer Service Representative/Purchasing Agent/Correspondence Representative

May 2011- October 2012 Allianz Global Assistance

Richmond, Virginia.

Responsible for handling inbound inquiries both written correspondence and inbound calls from customers in a professional, caring and proactive manner. Utilizing my expertise in verbal and written communication, insuring accuracy in grammar and punctuation on all written correspondence, time management/ task management alongside creative problem solving skills while delivering a friendly and personal experience to each customer by listening attentively and demonstrating connectivity to clients. Keeping customers informed of progress and resolution of issues, initiating and finalizing claims; anticipating customer needs by forward-thinking, selling policies and ensuring understanding. Providing accurate and reliable information to customers in a professional manner, building trusting relationships with customers; all while remaining an active member of the Social Committee, planning and organizing events. Also as a mentor I was responsible for assisting newly hired employees maximize their potential; I serve as a resource of information on policies and procedures, as well as monitoring growth of new CSR’S through monitoring phone contacts and documented providing feedback. Accountable for learning products and staying up-to-date on new products and/or policy and procedural changes, claim processing, answering claims status questions as required, reviewing and resolving pending policy inquiries in a timely manner.

Professional Experience

Customer Service/Sales Representative

November 2010 –May 2011 T-Mobile

Richmond, Virginia.

Responsible for data entry, answering incoming customer service calls, using creative problem solving skills to respond to all customers inquires on operational and service related issues, including but not limited to, rating, invoicing, technical troubleshooting, processing payments, documenting actions to customer accounts in a multitask environment. Utilizing my expertise in verbal communication, time management and task management while maximizing the customer service experience and proactively informing and preventing overages to ensure all wireless needs are met.

Branch Manager

September 2009 - September 2010 ACA Financial

Richmond, Virginia.

Responsible for data entry, loan processing, approvals/denials, reference/employment verification, training newly hired employees, screening applicants, interviewing, personnel management, reprimanding employees, composing correspondence for employee distribution. Providing a working experience in and/or knowledge of the legal process, court preparation, and providing testimony, communicating with courts, attorney and other external entities, issuing, maintaining, logging and tracking subpoenas,testifying in court, and providing telephone depositions by explaining information from customer records, monthly, preparation, review and explanation of P&L reports, opening/closing procedures, organizing and maintaining electronic and paper documents, designating responsibility to employees, planning daily/weekly marketing events, scheduling, ability to interact with the general public and a diverse audience with a demonstrated skill in working effectively with difficult/hostile individuals to resolved problem, organizing and preparing meeting agendas, documenting actions to customer accounts, answering incoming customer service calls, taking payments, collection on aged receivables, utilizing various techniques to locate addresses, employment, assets, and other information, skip tracing, bad debt/payment recovery, and making payment arrangements. Using creative problem solving skills to respond to all customers inquires.

Technology Education Teacher

October 2006 – August 2009 Richmond City Public Schools

Richmond, Virginia.

At George Wythe High School, I served as an Educator. As an instructor I used creativity and problem solving skills to make responsible decisions to create, design, and implement transitional programs, career paths, post-secondary educational opportunities and career development, advising and counseling students for academic programs, student development and student support, completers programs, demonstrating the ability to accurately, professionally, and efficiently address a wide variety of student/parent inquires. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to program design, preparing and presenting PowerPoint presentations on technology with information areas of concentration in communication, graphic communication, production, drafting, manufacturing, construction, transportation, industrial and community relations; including interviewing and resume techniques, and problem solving skills and troubleshooting in a multitask environment. I received frequent commendations from other staff members as well as parents for consistency, paying attention to detail organization and analytical skills. I work well independently, along with the ability to work with others.

Professional Experience

Office Manager

May 2005 - October 2006 Select Management Resources

Richmond, Virginia.

Responsible for data entry, loan processing, determining lending amounts, reference/employment verification,, training newly hired employees, potential employee selection, screening applicants, interviewing, answering incoming customer service calls, taking payments, collection on aged receivables, and making payment arrangements. Using creative problem solving skills to respond to all customers inquiries.

Educational Profile


Virginia State University

Petersburg, Virginia.

Bachelors of Science: Engineering: Technology Management

2008- 2012

Virginia State University

Petersburg, Virginia.

Masters of Science: Occupational Studies

Key Applications


Proficient in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, Access, Microsoft Works, Blackboard/Banner/Intranet/Internet/Website use, Tsys2, Vision Ts2, AutoCAD, Windebt, Dreamweaver, VoiP Phone Systems, Windows XP, Apps, Lola, Molly, Lotus Notes, Image Now, Image Viewer, eForms, iFile, Web Upload, Citrix, Peoplesoft, Edge, Seibel, Oracle, SQL, SQL Plus, DMV Database, IRMF, Composite Repository (CR), Advantage Revenue (AR), Intergraded Revenue Management System (IRMS), Legacy 2011 E-File Viewer, Cisco Phones Systems, CACSG, iFile, eForms, ICA Client, AVAYA Phone Systems, Lightbridge RMS FrontOffice, ICD9 Codes, LMS, CCE, Samson, Quikview, completed the online training course CWS5691: Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing, Reporting, and Responding for Educators.

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