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Developer Sql Server

Dallas, Texas, United States
$55 hr
March 06, 2018

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Programming Languages: C# (*.*), VB,Net, TSQL, PL/SQL, Javascript, LINQ, Oracle/PL/SQL

Program Technologies: MVC4, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, WinForms, CSS, WCF, HTML, AJAX

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, JQuery, Razor, DotLiquid, Handlebars, Angular 1.1, Ractivejs

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, Bootstrap 3

RDBMS: SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, MS Access

ORM s: ADO, ADO.NET, Entity Framework

SCM Tools: MS Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server (TFS), SVN

IDE Tools: MS Visual Studio 2012/13/15

Testing: NUnit

Studies: Angularjs 2/4, TypeScript, Node.js, Flexbox, Git, WPF, MVC5


Raytheon – Plano – Support Developer – 7/15/2017 – 12/22/20117

Analyze, Support and enhance applications written in c#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Oracle, Jquery, Javascript, TSQL and PL/SQL, TFS, LINQ for data, MVC, ADO.Net, Angular 2.4.

1. Modify/Add: view,stored procedures, tables, function in SQL-Server

2. Modify/Add:Web Pages

3. Add MVC Controler – modify views

4. Modify: PL/SQL Scripts and tables

5. Gather/Refine requirements

6. Coordinate protocols for staging of data to test from dev.

7. Perform promotions to TFS

Data Paradigm – Dallas – Developer 11/1/2015 – 2/1/2017

Ongoing Support and new development for a MLM products using Sql-Server/TSQL 2008/2014 (Create tables, views, functions, store procedures, triggers), ADO, VBScript, C#, .Net, NancyFX, MVC4, Javascript, Jquery, HandlebarsJS, RactiveJS, d3js, underscore.js, Angular 1, datatables.js, HTML, CSS, skeleton CSS, Bootstrap modifications and custom web pages, TFS, vbscript based REST APIs, Sococo, Fiddler, interfacing with 3rd party APIs via local Restful API.

1.Provide maintenance modifications to Web Pages, Tables, Stored Procedures.

2.Build Restful Services with interfaces to 3rd party services.

3.Create JQuery Ajax calls.

4.Debug Javascript.

5.Build/Modify backend code for database access.

6.Build Web pages with fluid design – Dallas - New Development 25%. 4/2015-10/2015

Enhance canned software (Media Grabber) using for Job/Resume application and Marketplace Used Equipment application. Both applications are ASP.NET VB.Net, ADO.Net, SqlServer 2012. Enhance additional web application written in C#, MVC4, Razor, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, with SQL-Server 2012. Research No-SQL databases Sioquo, MongoDB, Raven, etc... Develop additional web-site (for future) work in NancyFX MVC, C#, BrightstarDB, DotLiquid View Engine, HTML5, CSS3, LINQ, Bootstrap 3 forms and report pages, Angularjs for form field management against Restful Service. Publish and admin websites in Microsoft Azure.

Future Payment Technology - Dallas 12/2014 – 4/2015

Support/troubleshooting of a variety of applications written in classic ASP,, MVC, TSQ, jQuery, C#, AJAX. Making enhancements and custom applications involving Excel, documentation of the applications. C#, Javascript/JQuery, VS2012, Sql-Server 2005-2012, PostSharp, Angular.

Legacy Measurement - Addison 3/2014-9/2014

Sr. Developer

Environment: web and WPF applications using C#, Jquery, Javascript, Sql Server, VS2012, HTML5, MVC4, AngularJS, LINQ for SQL;

Industries: Oil and Gas

Enhance a WPF application for recording maintenance performed at Oil & Gas fields.

C#, ADO.Net, T-SQL, MVC 4 ASP.Net application for OASHA injury tracking.

Gather user requirements, document, and determine implementation strategy.

Ateras - Dallas 12/2013-2/2014

Sr. Developer

Environment: web and winform applications. Web was using C#, Jquery, Javascript, Sql Server, VS2012, HTML5, WPF.

Industries: Conversions/Emulations of legacy mainframe software.

Create custom client side validation software in Javascript and Jquery.

Changes to base classes used in server side C# code for WPF application.

Soligent - Dallas 2/2013-10/2013

Sr. Developer – Some new Development

Environment: web and winform applications. Web was using MVC4, C#, Jquery, Javascript, Sql Server, VS2012, CSS, Bootstrap page modifications, HTML5. New Development mostly.

Industries: Realestate and Construction.

Create Tables, Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2008

Create (C#) and utilize ORM tool to generate code behind to consume data coming from database via ADO.Net.

Document of code and database columns

Build Support utilities in C# using

Programming MVC4 using Razor, Jquery, Javascript, C# 4.5, VS2013

CBRE - Dallas 5/2012 – 2/2013

Sr. Developer

Industry: Commercial Property Management

Reinstall application software

Rebuild development environment and reinstall Visual Studio Versions and IIS

Maintain and enhance existing classic ASP and ASP.NET 2003-2010 applications using ADO.Net, AJAX.

Convert ASP.NET 2003-2008 (C# and VB.Net) to ASP.NET 2010 where appropriate. Build a small MVC3 app.

Document Applications

Establish Release strategy and Deploy updates

Advise on feasability of making changes to the application

Environment: JqGrid, SlickGrid, Javascript, SQL Server, Classic ASP,, MVC3, VB.Net, C#, Jquery, JSON, datatables.js, underscore.js, Ajax

Benefitmall - Dallas 10/2010 – 4/2012

Sr. Developer - New Development mostly.

Industry: Insurance Agent Services

Program revisions to Dot Net Nuke c# 4.0 application.

Analyse and advise on requirements and implementation in an Agile environment.

Develop JQuery components

Program custom support classes such extension methods and generics.

Program Web Pages in ASP.NET, C#, ADO.Net

Program MVP Presenters and Interfaces

Create Service Methods and Framework Entities

Develop Unit Tests

Environment: ASP.NET, ADO.Net, CSS, HTML, Visual Studio 3.5/4.0, C#, Telerik, Entity Framework 4, Ajax, JQuery, WCF, MVP, MVVM, SQL Server 2008, Javascript, Knockout, datatables.js

Mikrotec - Arlington 2/2009 – 9/2010

Sr. Developer – Mostly New Development

Industry: Aerospace Inventory Control

Convert a military VB6 Winform application to VB.NET Winforms.

This included developing several code generators to create code behind for the Winforms.

The code behind was based on the form field and the Cobol interfaces.

A WCF based service was created for running reports.

A WPF mapping program was used to generate help files used by the application.

Environment: Visual Studio 3.5, VB.Net, ADO.Net, Winforms, WCF, SQL Server 2008, VSS, Crystal Reports, MicroFocus Cobol, C#, WPF;

JC Penney – Plano 10/2008 – 1/2009

Sr. Developer

Industry: Retail – New Development

Program ASP.NET pages as part of a team for inventory control system.

Web forms and user control design and development.

Creation of stored procedures, views

Create support classes such as extension methods.

Create unit test with Nunit.

Environment: Visual Studio 3.5, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL-Server 2005

EDC - Phoenix 9/2007 – 8/2008

Sr. Developer

Industry: Marketing

Analyse and Architecture, design and development of service oriented architecture (SOA)

Developed database driven web pages using C#, ASP.NET and SQL-Server.

Created database tables, views, functions, stored procedures, and middle tier interfaces.

Environment: C# 3.5, Sql Server 2005, LINQ, WCF, Visual Studio 2008, Ajax Library, Agile, Essential Objects, Label Gen Pro, Asp.Net

ATS - Scottsdale 5/2007 – 8/2007

Sr. Developer

Industry: Redlight Camera

C# development of a ASP.NET web forms.

Data imports and scheduling application for Oracle and SQL-Server imports.

Environment: C# 3.5, Sql Server 2005, Oracle 9i, ASP.NET, Javascript

Redflex Traffic Systems- Scottsdale 10/2005 – 4/2007

Sr. Developer

Industry: Redlight Camera

Analysis, design, programming and documentation of an automated traffic notice print center.

The tools and techniques include c# multithreaded background processes in Winforms

Program administration web forms in ASP.NET 2.0 to utilize (ASP.NETweb services, MsQueue, Oracle 9i

Document with Visio

Write Packages and Stored Procedures in PL/SQL stored procedures

Customize Database with triggers, views, tables

I utilized Nunit during development for unit testing.

Utilized SNMP, ARP, interop calls, WMI and 2d Bar Code software.

Environment: VB.NET Oracle 9i, ASP.NET

Desert Wide Properties - Phoenix 7/2005 – 9/2005

Sr. Web Developer

Industry: Real Estate

Design, code, and develop software for prototype MLS Real Estate and Rental Property for the Web using ASP.Net. Modify and redesign SQL-server databases, design new databases and develop maintenance software.

Program views and stored procedures in T-SQL.

Develop Custom Server Control in with controldesigner class.

Environment: VB.NET 2.0, Sql Server, ASP.NET, ADO.Net, Javascript

IAC 2/2005 – 7/2005

Sr. Web Developer - Tempe

Industry: Insurance Agent Support

Modify and enhance a VB.Net/ADO.Net, windows application, AJAX (XMLHTTP)

Maintain Web Service to sync data updates. Develop a Maintenance web site in

Maintain and modify SQL Server databases.

Write T-SQL stored procedures. Write Triggers, Views, Web Service and code updates.

Write code generator for .net Datagrid based web maintenance and SQL code generation.

Write code updater service to sync updates of the windows application.

Environment: VB.NET 2.0, Sql Server, ASP.NET

TechStaff - Tempe 7/2004 – 9/2004

Sr. Web Developer

Industry: Consulting Services

Provide backend web support in .Net using C# and SQL2K using ADO.Net. Building a set of corporate web sites (ASP.NET) for public and private use. Develop tables, stored procedures and functions in SQL2K using T-SQL.

Develop code behind as needed to provide data capture of the web orders and to drive content pages and navigation.

Submit and track web orders into the existing Order Entry system.

Develop initial web forms customized to the clients standards by another developer in conjunction with their graphic designer.

Use XML to prepare a dynamic order line interface for one of the private web sites.

Store and retrieve order line data in XML and Microsoft Application Data Blocks for SQL Queries.

Utilize MyGeneration to generate standardized code.

Environment: VB.NET 2.0, Sql Server, ASP.NET

For a Friend

Sr. Web Developer 1/2004 – 4/2004

Develop custom tracking application using.

I provided UI Design, Database Design and DBA functions.

This was a multi-tiered application

Environment: C#, SQL2K, ADO.NET

PEMCO - Seattle 10/2000 - 11/2003

Sr. Web Developer

Industry: Insurance, Banking

Lead Developer and mentor staff in web development: ASP, SQL7, ADO.Net, SQL2K, IIS, JavaScript, HTML CSS, T-SQL, Sharepoint

Worked as Technical lead on key project, Project Manager, Developer, UI Architect, and Database Architect.

Performed Security Reviews, Code Reviews, Web Graphics, Testing (Unit, Functional, Load, UI, Browser) on internal/intranet web projects.

Provide Technical support and documentation for Opportunity Evaluations, Requirement, System Analysis, Implementation Strategies, UI Design and Query Optimizations.

Utilized VB.NET for middle tier web form code behind, web services and middle tier database class interfaces using ADO.NET (datareaders, datasets).

Performed a number of proofs of concept in and a few intranet conversions from ASP to ASP.NET.

Environment: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL2000, VB.NET, HTML, Javascript, Deliverables Based Methodology

C# Winform applications to support the generation of .net code, web service, web code behind forms and middle tier database class interfaces using ADO.NET


2 years AACS, 3 years Portland State Computer Science

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