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Project Management

Elgin, IL
March 06, 2018

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Karl Joseph Lowery

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Experienced Computer Systems Analyst with diverse industry experience in human resources outsourcing, mostly specializing in Defined Contributions applications, based on enhancements consulted with the clients. Professional expertise includes systems applications, test planning and execution, query design and execution, project management, and requirements analysis.


Programming and design skills

Cross-tier components implementation

Strong analytical and collaborative skills

Structured query language (SQL)

Document management

Consulting with client regarding enhancements

Web Content Management

Project management

Test Planning and Testing

GUI and tools




Total Years

Last Used

Workbench Conversations (proprietary application)



Currently using




Currently using

HRO Maestro Task Management



Currently using

FTP Utility



Currently using

Middle Office and Thunderhead Document Tool



Currently using

UPoint Web Configuration Tool



Currently using




Currently using


Assisted in developing a process of monitoring system errors.

Performed root cause analysis to identify system errors and improve accuracy by 90%. Our system errors were at 1,000 when process was implemented, we were able to change the system error amount down to fewer than 100 per week.

Awarded with the Certifications of Excellence for contributions to various projects.

Improved the client-relationship statuses on two different clients. Our clients were in stability status when I joined the teams.

Received Enthusiastic Client Certificate recommendations from 3 different clients.

Began as a Setup Configuration Analyst and promoted to a Senior System Analyst.

Converted to a new UPoint web platform. This involved a change to the SSO and security features. Since there were foreign participants, we needed to include different identifiers such as Birth Date and Hire Date from the Person and Employee tables, and create a new Security table to hold this information so we could ensure correct identity and access management.

Since we were the Beta client for the UPoint platform, I became a SME, and later conducted training on the tool.

Moved documentation from Lotus Notes over to Sharepoint to pull reference and information.


Aon Corporation, Lincolnshire, IL 10/2004 – Current

Senior System Analyst 10/2012- Current

System Analyst 10/2010 – 10/2012

Setup Configuration Analyst 10/2005 – 10/2010

Business Analyst 10/2004 – 10/2005


Analyze customer and stakeholder system needs, based on requirements, perform functional analysis and implemented Requirements Management Plans

Identify departmental needs and made suggestions regarding technical direction of enhancements. Various duties included:

oCreated modules using Workbench Conversations to compose modules needed for various items such as activities and edits that updated functionality for clients. This is the main proprietary tool used for setting up and allowing our GUI and web interfaces to communicated with the client’s database.

Develop SQL Queries that would create reports based on information that the client requested, such as YTD statuses and balances. Queries included Joins and Exists clauses that would pull more complex queries. Some of the SQL queries were also created as AQUA queries (Automated Query Update Application), which would update rows in the databases to primarily correct inaccurate data.

Use the Echo tool in Workbench to create test plans that were executed based on the setup requirements and expected results of the enhancements. Some of the test plans could be automated for the more routine actions.

Set up test environment and assisted with UAT to ensure enhancements were in compliance with requirements as well as plan provisions. In some cases we would perform the testing and provide the screen shots of the various test stories and results. In others we would provide the participants who met the test cases and conditions and ensure that the test environment was set as needed for the client to test on their own.

Followed up with client contacts to respond to any questions or concerns.

Use HRO Maestro to create task blueprints that helped monitor and document the progress of certain stages of a project.

Also used HRO Maestro to estimate resources needed for enhancements, and the time expectancy for each task. We would use these estimates based on requirements and past project experiences to use the resource estimate to create a cost build for the client. Client, in turn, would respond with agreement to proceed with project.

Schedule final meeting task to provide the entire results to the Operations team, client team, and Tech team leads which would result in final sign-off.

Use FTP Utility to send files to a third party, as well as pull mainframe files into an easier to read format. This both assisted in showing data positions on file as well as pulling information into spreadsheet type format.

Create Personal Communication Statements (PCS) with Middle Office and Thunderhead. These were such notices that were triggered from activities for on-boarding, DC activity confirmation, Account Statements, and Password or security changes. The tool would help pull specific data such as dates, balances, and other information from databases based on what criteria the activity and participant was running. For example, if a participant had data change on a file to make them eligible for DC enrollment, the pending enrollment date as well as default data would be provided on an enrollment notice.

Created separate Defined Contribution plans for new populations of the client. This also involved setting up specific database elements and conditions and ensuring the new population was working under the correct controls and schedules.

Had a project that would work with the payment and loan requests allowed to be made on the system, which included changing provisions in regards to amortization schedules, waiting periods, transfer restrictions and fees.

Converted to a new Web platform that used new UPoint configuration tool. Was the Beta client on this project, and had to work with the vendor and support teams to ensure the project was completed on time and with seamless transition.

Use UPoint Web Configuration tool to change the features and functions available to certain populations based on the participant’s criteria.

Utilized Thunderhead document tool and Business Content Studio to create forms and customize the base versions of documents to comply with specific client needs.

Created Fragments, Conditions, and Shared content with Thunderhead in order to control which text will show in which conditions. Data would be pulled from various database elements, based on the form setup in Workbench data modeling tool.

Became a Subject Matter Expert on Thunderhead and assisted in creating company documentation for training new colleagues using the tool.

Conducted training on Thunderhead and UPoint Web Configuration tools, as well as legacy tools, using Powerpoint and written documentation in both classroom and online environments.


Plan to Plan Transfer: Client was acquiring a new population (which included different statuses, eligibility controls, etc.). Worked with client contact and Operations team to confirm requested requirements from the client, and cross-checked with current system process, legal and provisions to ensure the new plan would have correct setup to work as expected. Confirmed eligibility, statuses, access, and activities would fall within those requirements and best practices. Developed Analysis document to define scope as well as process and setup details for the Setup Configuration Specialist. From the requirements, the test criteria was also provided for the test planning. Monitored progress of all of tasks, along with the actual process of running the transfer of participants for enrollment into their new plan. Constantly communicated progress with operations team and client contact to answer any questions or concerns that came up. Concluded with excellent results and satisfied client on time.

Fund Changes: Client would have fund replacements on their 401k plan. In addition to the confirmation of requirements, scope and analysis document explained in the prior project, I also had to reach out to the DVS team to ensure proper setup of the new fund id and ticker code. Needed to confirm population who were affected by this change, as well as ensure the proper date of old fund being frozen and inactivated, as well as the new fund being available and existing money in old fund being transferred to new fund. Also had to ensure that all documentation was updated successfully. Fund changes worked as expected.

New UPoint platform: We had implemented a new platform. As a Beta client, I needed to ensure the requirements were ensuring the new site would navigate correctly to new tiles and links like the old site was working. Since we were the Beta client, we had to reach out to the vendor and address such items as SSO, security provisions, and connectivity. Project was completed on time, with the new site navigating with no issues.

Thunderhead form changes: I was involved in a few of these projects. I would confirm requirements, and based on current setup, provide information on the specific changes that were needed, along with test criteria to focus on the new conditionals. Screen shots were provided to the client and operations team.

Report updates: These would need to be done annually by updating the SQL query member with the new dates, and after successful testing, schedule the updated query to run as requested (placed query member in a SAS code that was part of the nightly batch processing.

System Error Monitoring: We utilized CDQ and later Tableau applications to monitor the system errors that would trip on our systems. Every day, we would check the error logs that were provided in the application to determine the severity and frequency of the issue. Based on the messages in the logs, we would assign tasks and investigate root cause. Once the root cause was determined, a task was assigned out to correct the issue. We were able to reduce the number of system errors that were hitting from over 1,000 to under 100 weekly.


Bachelor of Science: DeVry University - Computer Information Systems 2004

Magna Cum Laude Academic Achievement Award

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