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mechanical engineer

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
3000 L.E
March 06, 2018

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Mohamed Sameh Ibrahim Farah

Address: * ***** ***** ******* ******, San Stefano, Alexandria


Mobile: 010******** - 010********


Mechatronics engineer at Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering & Technology (AIET), Egypt.

Overall Grade: Good

Graduation date: June 2010

Project: Autonomous Mobile Manipulator for Mine Detection

Graduation project: excellent


Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, National Paper Company from August 2017 to now

Mechanical maintenance for paper machine

Hydraulic maintenance for paper machine

Maintenance of the preparation machines

Maintenance for pumps and water system

Electrical maintenance of motors

HVAC engineer and fire fighting, capital construction company from October 2016 to NOW

HVAC and fire fighting design

Installation HVAC(Chillers water & package split ) for building and hospitals

Designed chillers water system for separate rooms based on use

Inspected the HVAC systems and maintenance it

make report for cost and scheduled for HVAC

An inventory of what has been used for contract and cost calculation

Cost control work and schedule of projects

Operation of a periodical maintenance and spare parts specification

Installed fire fitting Systems for companies and workshops

Cost control for project and planning cost and parchments and schedule

Check the equipment specification for installation

Heavy Equipment Maintenance engineer at Alexandria for hydraulic from November 2015 to October 2016

Maintenance work for heavy equipment (hydraulic + diesel)

Work plans for the periodic maintenance of equipment

Monitoring of spare parts and vendor comparisons

Work to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Work inventory count and expense control

Ensure quality of maintenance and stomach efficiency

make cost control and planning for spare parts and maintaince

August 2013 - October 2015, Maintenance engineer & Planning &cost control engineer

Royal ceramic company Obour city,Egypt

Planning preventive maintenance by SAP program and implementation of all sections factories maintenance ( SAP . Planning Maintenance)

Hydraulic maintenance for press and Clarke raise their efficiency and reduce corrective maintenance as much as possible

Mechanical maintenance for production lines and raise their efficiency and reduce corrective maintenance as much as possible

Mechanical maintenance for automated sorting and raise their efficiency and reduce corrective maintenance as much as possible

Action 4 combinations ink jet (printing in ceramics) and modify the lines

work order preventive maintenance and executed her time

To raise the efficiency of all departments (Press - lines - loading and unloading - Furnace - Automatic sorting)

control the movement of spare parts from the warehouse and reduce them to reduce maintenance costs

the purchase of ceramic materials manufacturing planning

Followed up the inventory of raw materials and spare parts and cost

ceramic pricing and audit costs and try to reduce the cost

Followed-up to the rate of exchange of raw materials and the cost and find out reasons for the high rate of consumption and increase the cost

Planning product material for years and followed material for monthly

Followed up production orders and moderated and knowledge of the reasons for the imbalance if it occurs

Cost control & estimating for products & materials product and spare parts

make stop for maintenance is same time stop for product to didn't stop works and if the maintenance make in time product work make it fast and make preventive maintenance only and correct maintenance is lower

planning control for product and maintenance

August 2012- August 2013, HVAC engineer

union air group Alexandria, Egypt

HVAC design(Chillers water & package split ) by HAP & AutoCAD for small building

Installation HVAC(Chillers water & package split ) for building and hospitals

Designed chillers water system for separate rooms based on use

Inspected the HVAC systems and maintenance it

make report for cost and scheduled for HVAC

make plumbing for HVAC

August 2011- August 2012, Fire Fitting engineer

United Engineers Office Alexandria, Egypt

Fire alarm system maintenance, CCTV maintenance to Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT)

Installed fire fitting Systems for companies and workshops

Installed fire alarm, telephone network and CCTV of Burg Al Arab companies

maintenance mechanical and electric for fire fitting companies and workshops

maintenance fire alarm and CCTV for companies and workshops

August 2010- August 2011, Inspection welding & maintenance engineer

EL-Dalil Contractors

Inspected welding by :liquid penetration test,visible test, ultrasonic test, read films for radiographic test

Using AutoCAD design of Flinches and gables, pipes and elbows,tanks

make welding by MIG and TIG welding or electric arc & inspection on the welds by considering abstract . Liquid penetration test &.magnetic penetration test by read films for imaging by gamma rays and beta inspecting the quality of colours and make report for qual. for welding

Mechanical maintenance for heavy equipment (hydraulic &diesel engine)

electric maintenance for machines and distribution for company and make insulation for The company

make preventive maintenance for machine and must make check for welding machines and tools and make check for wire and arc for welding in workshop to sure that work not stop and make order if spare part is near to end

make cost for product and must make the material ( steel and welding arc or wire) and make time to end work fast

design and manufacture and disclosure of welds and work Alumni used and the electrical connections and control

Implementation of the welds and implementation of design

Implementation and crane manufacturing plant and implementation of factories and maintenance of heavy equipment

Implement the seams and completing the designs and work to increase the efficiency of workers and working and determine a way to increase efficiency

monitor the implementation of paint and sanding and inspecting the quality of the paint and sanding work properly

make insulation pipe line for water and oil


9 June 2007- 28 August 2007

Ford Motors

Maintenance centre cars both diesel and gas cars)

Mechanical and electrical maintenance

maintenance the heavy cars

13Jule 2008 - 24Jule 2008 (Steel Plant)

26 Jule 2009- 6August 2009 (Direct reduction plant)

Ezz El. Dekheila Steel - AZDK

1. Steel Plant

Continuous casting furnaces explained to her and both maintenance and electrical mechanics of the oven

continuous casting machine to run both maintenance and mechanical and electrical

electrical distribution plant

control the plant by PLC & SCADA

maintenance of continuous casting lines

types Alssanzor used and connections

raw materials used for the manufacture of steel

maintenance of hydraulic circuits

electrical distribution of the plant fully and transformers

CCM Continuous Casting Machine, how it work & maintennance for it

2. DR plant

Frane definition DRI

Maintenance belt types and how to maintain them and installed

Electrical distribution and control rooms

Hydraulic circuits in DRI

Engineering design of vibration

Maintenance of control devices

Preventive maintenance work and planning her schedule

Maintenance of cooling towers


1. Microcontroller AVR 2. Liquid penetration test 2. Magnetic penetration test 3. Radiographic test 4.Ultrasonic test 5.PLC 6. Primavera P.6 7. SCADA 8. AutoCAD 9 .HVAC 10 . Fire Fitting 11. Plumbing 12.Hydraulics &Pneumatic 13. Project Financial Management 14. PMP


Duct size, HAP, Primavera P6, AutoCAD 2D. PLC soft ware, SAP, Elite Software


Site engineer, Installation( HVAC,,Fire alarm, Fire Fitting,plumbing ), project management, Planning &Cost control engineer,Hydraulic maintance, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Total Quality Management (TQM),,Supply Chain,Hydraulic Design, Team Leader, Product planning,line product maintenance, Planning maintenance Engineer, Hard worker, Problem Solver, Maintance engineer,SAP user,Planner product, Liquid penetration test penetration test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test, AutoCAD 2D, SAP Materials Management (SAP MM)

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