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Engineer Power Plant

Chicago, IL
60000 USD
March 05, 2018

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+1-312-***-**** 225 S. Racine Ave #2S, Chicago, IL EDUCATION:

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering August 2016- May 2018 University of Illinois - Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering August 2012-May 2016 Anna University – Chennai, INDIA

Coursework: Analysis and Design of Power Electronics Circuits, Advanced Power Electronics Design, Power systems Advanced Semiconductor physics, Nano electronics, Microelectromechanical systems, Mechatronics, Robotics control. SKILLS:

Programming languages: C, C++, Arduino IDE, SQL.

Design tools: AutoCAD, Revit, LTSpice, Pspice, Simplis, SABER. Simulation packages: MATLAB/Simulink, Silvaco TCAD, LabVIEW. Electrical/Electronic testing: Oscilloscopes, function generators, multimeters, Characterizer, Solder Guns. Others: Microsoft office tools, MS SharePoint, MS Server, MS Visio,Adobe Creative Suite. Areas of interest: Electrical Circuit design and layout, Power electronics and systems, Renewable energy. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Graduate IT Assistant – UIC Department of Pharmacology May 2017-Present

• Administered and provided support to the entire department’s computer network.

• Planned and executed various basic and higher-level projects and documentation of the executed activities.

• Managed various medical equipment like imagers, qPCR, incubators, centrifuges etc., and their interface on both hardware and software level.

• Deployment, Test and maintenance of high volume of new technologies and getting familiarized with them.

• Assistance is general office works, delivery and purchase of products, field/site inspection. Retail Sales Associate – UIC Tech Center (Apple authorized Store) September 2016-September 2017

• Interact with Customers to find their needs and work with them to create trust and give them a satisfactory experience by providing apt products/solutions.

• Study and research about various new technologies in the market to stay updated and to create reports regularly to provide better suggestions in managing the store.

• Planned and organized various events and projects to improve sales by various marketing techniques. In Plant Trainee - Tamil Nadu electricity regulatory Commission November 2014 – January 2015

• Help with transformer and rectifier design for 110KV/33KV/11KV/6.6KV for power conversion on the distribution side along with assistance in generation side.

• Assistance to restore power on many occasions after power failure and maintenance of system by performing load flow, short circuit, arc flash studies and fault analysis

• Design and analysis of single line diagrams for the substation based on grid separated areas.

• Modification and replacement of existing protective equipment with new ones meeting current requirements. Power Plant Engineer Intern – JSW energy Ltd. May 2014-August 2014

• Understand and document the design and working of generation side transmission systems(110KV/66KV).

• Involved study of generator and turbines to improve the efficiency of the 300MW coal-based power plant.

• Assisted the support team during the yearly shutdown maintenance to service various equipment.

• Electromechanical design for motor drives and turbines and create reports for assessing data on a weekly basis. Editor in Chief – EEE department student chapter August 2014- February 2016

• Managed the editorial team for the release of monthly magazine ELECTRAGYAN (over 500 subscriptions).

• Created detailed reports of events happening in the field based on the obtained data and statistics. PROJECTS:

Enhanced power sharing for non-conventional energy sources Tools: Simulink, SilvacoTCAD

• Solar cell and wind turbine are used as energy sources after analysis of the problem present in the market.

• Design of Buck Boost converter circuit with both power and closed loop control stage.

• Coupled along with DC micro grid, achieved stable and consistent supply despite the intermittent supply nature of renewable energy sources.

• Field/site exploration to obtain geographical data for various remote places to implement this project. Design of 200 W isolated GaN MOSFET based full bridge converter Tools: Simulink, SABERSKETCH

• Achieved a peak efficiency of 97.2% after computing the switching and conduction losses for the circuit.

• Implemented closed loop control using a PD compensator to achieve desired output of 12 V.

• Gate driver designs for selected GaN MOSFET’s and studied their implications Soft Switching Dual Active Bridge Converter Tools: LTSpice, MATLAB, SABER

• System simulation for load variation from 60W to 400W for 50khz frequency to achieve efficiency of 98.54%.

• Implementation of soft switching in all the SiC based MOSFET’s adjusting deadtime and transformer ratio.

• Addition of a single-phase inverter with a filter to obtain to obtain maximum output AC voltage. High frequency transformer isolated CUK regulator with closed loop control Tools: MATLAB, SABER

• Achieved peak efficiency of 95.8% using a lower forward voltage device.

• Evaluated switching, conduction loss for the whole circuit; Selected GaN MOSFET’s based on loss parameters.

• A Snubber circuit was designed to prevent over voltages due to transformer leakage inductance.

• Used two CUK converter modules to obtain sinusoidal output voltage. Buck regulator design with Voltage mode control Tools: MATLAB, LTSpice

• Designed a buck regulator achieving peak efficiency of 97.2%.

• Analyzed the impact of poles and zeros in the frequency analysis by scripting in MATLAB.

• Modelled a Type III compensator for the closed loop voltage control achieving crossover frequency of 1khz. Design and testing of digital and Analog PID controller Tools: MATLAB, Simulink, Arduino IDE

• Designed PID control to check the response of sine & square wave input using Arduino UNO micro-controller.

• Designed and tested PID controller using traditional hardware and tested it to find response of various signals. MEMS Thermal Actuators by SOI process Tools: L- Edit, SEM

• Design of latching heatuators with variations in anchor and chevron actuators with changes in buckle beam size.

• Performed the fabrication, exposure and etching process on 5cm x 5cm silicon wafer in a class 100 clean room. Optimal controller design for autonomous small-scale helicopter

• Research project where the kinematics and controller were designed for stationary and trajectory control.

• Linear quadratic control was implemented along with adapting a Kalman filter into the system. CERTIFICATIONS:

• MS OFFICE Specialist, Certified by Microsoft. May 2014

• Technology Associate, Certified by Microsoft. May 2014

• Retail Sales Specialist, Certified By Apple. September 2017

• LEED Green Associate, Certified by USGBC. Expected-April 2018

• Engineer in Training (EIT) / FE, Certified by NCEES. Expected-June 2018

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