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Maintenance Technical Writer

San Diego, CA
March 05, 2018

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Ronald W. Lewis

**** **** *** *** #*****, San Diego, CA 92126 Cell: 858-***-****



Self-Employed San Diego, CA

Freelance Writer Mar. 2017 – Present

● Focus on technical writing and quality assurance

● Emphasis on military aviation and high-tech industries

● Ability to read, understand, and interpret complex specifications, blueprints, and drawings

● Skilled at translating difficult concepts between Engineering and Manufacturing

● Unique insight due to experience in equipment maintenance and material fabrication

● Strong research and analysis skills; extreme attention to detail and accuracy

● Thirty-two (32) published articles on aviation and aviation history Lockheed Martin San Diego, CA

Technical Writer, Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Program Sep 2016 – Mar 2017

● Wrote, edited, and revised Operations, Maintenance, and User manuals for MK 18 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) mine hunting drones

● Revised incorrect lithium battery safety procedures manual, re-ordering sequence for proper reporting and handling of fire incidents

● Revised illustrations for evacuation procedures, detailing proper directions of escape and providing enhanced view of emergency fire extinguisher locations

● Created “red-lines” of CAD drawings to highlight incorrect details and missing features

● Photographed component and assembly details for use in User and Maintenance manuals

● Used skills in imagery interpretation to highlight potential problem areas and design flaws

● Standardized format and style for captions of all illustration Figures and Tables

● Merged text and graphics from multiple vehicle test reports into single, standardized document Wyle Laboratories San Diego, CA

Technical Writing, Aviation Maintenance Analysis Jan. 1992 – Jun. 2016

● Four (4) years of F/A-18 Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis, saving millions of dollars in aircraft repair, conducting in-depth technical analysis of F/A-18 aircraft maintenance procedures and revising maintenance and inspection procedures documenting and correcting flaws in IETM technical manuals and original drawings

● Worked as liaison with F/A-18 Aeronautical Engineering staff to resolve corrosion, fatigue, and production problems involving aircraft structures

● Resolved longstanding corrosion issues on a critical structure of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and wrote a revised inspection and cleaning procedure to correct the problem

● Researched and resolved unnecessary, costly repair procedure on F/A-18A-D aircraft, finding that confusion over improper nomenclature led to a misunderstanding of item function. Wrote revised maintenance procedure to eliminate unnecessary repair, resulting in projected savings of hundreds of labor hours and millions of dollars in repair and material costs

● Thirteen (13) years’ experience in Bills of Material (BOMs) and configuration management of aircraft, including AV-8B, C-2A, E-2C/D, CH-46, CH-53D, F/A-18A-F and EA-18G, H-60-series, MV-22B, assorted aircraft components, and LM-2500 shipboard engines Ronald W. Lewis

9815 Mira Lee Way #33403, San Diego, CA 92126 Cell: 858-***-****


● Edited and performed documentation quality assurance on all BOM folders produced by a team of over 20 BOM Builders. Developed reputation of absolute excellence for the entire team

● Modified existing exploded views and other drawings in technical manuals, aligning parts and procedures for more logical flow and clarity

● Four (4) years of F/A-18 Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Analysis, saving millions of dollars in aircraft repair by revising maintenance and inspection procedures

● Investigated a repair procedure unique to left side, only, of a twin-engine aircraft, finding and correcting a small maintenance manual error that had caused serious, costly structural damage

● Re-wrote procedures to finally resolve longstanding maintenance problems with three (3) critical assemblies; solutions resulted in saving millions of dollars, improving aircraft readiness rates, and prolonging aircraft service life

● Reviewed and edited all graphics in presentations created by the BOM Team Airco Coating Technology Fairfield, CA

Quality Assurance Auditor/Inspector Oct 1989 – Mar. 1991

● Analyzed design drawings and fabrication procedures used in fabrication of high-tech, custom-built vapor-deposition glass-coating machines, prior to inspection in vendor shops

● Served as liaison between Airco Engineering and production staff of various outside vendors, explaining design intent and reasons for tight tolerances, and relaying production problems and suggested solutions back to Engineering

● Examined blueprints and recommended changes in numerous “red-lines” of smaller test machines that, once implemented, cut costs by $100,000 per assembly, eliminated extensive re-work and met production schedules for the first time

Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation & Museum San Diego, CA Museum Docent and Foundation Historian Jun. 2008 – Mar. 2015

● Published four (4) articles on aircraft history and design, explaining concept principles in easily understood articles for a diverse audience

● Frequent contributor to at least three (3) Facebook discussion pages on military aircraft, detailing engineering and aeronautical concepts, using historical documents, and original manuals and drawings, to illustrate aircraft design histories EDUCATION

Park University Parkville, MD

Bachelor of Arts in Management

Solano Community College Suisun, CA

Associate of Arts in Telecommunications


● Computer Literate

● Strong written and oral presentation and briefing skills

● Excellent writing skills, with exceptional attention to detail and accuracy

● Security Clearance (Secret) – Previous TS/SCI/SBI clearances

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