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Designer Design

Portland, OR
40,000 /yr
March 05, 2018

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I am a designer based in beautiful Portland. I have been freelancing for just about 8 years, branding small businesses from consulting agencies to recycling companies to salsa start-ups in the Portland Mercato. Now I feel is the time that I take the leap from part-time supplemental work, to full-time employment.

Though my personality is opposite, I take my design extremely seriously. I’m a pixel-perfect designer. I am fluent in all the trends of making amazing design via the web, from media queries to predetermined breaking points to responsiveness of WordPress.

Having said that, I am still always coming back to my pen and pad, yearning to create trademarks and advertising campaigns for people and businesses, producing design that can be touched and shared, rather than just being seen on a 380 pixel touch screen.

I am very interested in a possible position within your team. Being able to bounce ideas off colleagues, take, mix and match potential theories together to create the best atmosphere for you and your client is something I believe I can and will excel at.

I believe I am great designer, but creativity has no limit. With the creative apparel and environment your agency produces, I feel that we all could benefit greatly together.

Thank you for your time in advance, I look forward to sitting down and chatting with all of you.

Kevin Maloney



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