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Construction Engineering

United States
March 05, 2018

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• Presently seeking a position as site Project Construction Manager or lead Field Supervisor within the power generating construction industry.

• Major responsibilities include monitoring engineers, designers, trades, crafts and crews in all facets of construction project development in the power generating utility field.

• Responsibilities to include establishing milestones and supervision of team progress in organizing the development and installation of power plant system design features and functions, establishing installation procedures while providing cost and budget parameters, scheduling guidance and to oversee all aspects of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

• Guidance is to include overseeing construction take-off aspects of site excavation, surveying, site grading, fit-up and retrofitting of structures, facility equipment installation, above and below ground large bore piping system installation, underground buried utility/cable reconfigurations and substation retrofitting with a thorough understanding of power generating facility engineering methods and techniques utilized within the power generating industry.

• Capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously while reducing construction cost based on substantial knowledge of project procurement, material cost breakdown and market resources prior to construction and product fabrication.

• The ability to foresee on going construction fabrication issues and complex construction problems prior to implementation in order to conform to proper budget control including procurement cost and corresponding to established construction schedules.

• Knowledge of most construction protocols including RFI’s, RFD’s, SOW and other document activity deliverables. Other responsibilities include review of structural drawings, special equipment installation requirements, establishment of procedural and specification writing, formulating engineering errors reports, governing weekly schedule reports, coordination of kick-off meetings, developing 2 to 4 week look ahead schedules and milestones, establishment of change request notices (CRN) and field change requests (FCR) under the document control process.

• Involvement of subcontractors, trades and vendor compliance issues to include review of proper work license(s), bidding procedures and contract negotiations for work authorization. Other experience aspects include knowledge of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) guidelines for PWR and BWR power generating facilities.

• Diverse EPC background with knowledge of ASME III, B31.1 and B31.3 BPV codes, understanding in Balance of Plant (BOP) criteria with strict adherence of QC/QA audits and NQA-1 requirements including some aspects of the power industry licensing procedures.

• Capable of preparing and reviewing construction site plans, land development and grading plans, storm water piping and retention pond configurations including installation of underground large bore and small bore piping to include review of the overall site development with the ability to supervise the inspection, examination, implementation and installation of most utility components with knowledge of non- destructive examinations (NDE) process and radwaste control criteria (ALARA) within the industry regarding to power plants and utility protocols.

• Knowledge of ASCE/SEI 7-10 structural standards, AWS and WRC 107 welding code criteria.

• Familiar with facility structures, rigging procedures, mechanical system component installation, instrumentation and controls (I&C) with an understanding of underground utility complexities prior to installation to include power plant systems, structures and components (SSC).

• Highly detailed oriented with knowledge of most office software to include MS Office, Word, Project, Excel, Prolog and Primavera P6 utilized in producing quality documentation spreadsheet formats, project evaluations, cost/scheduling management control while preserving valuable time, money and energy and capable of utilizing AUTO-CAD for design implementation or modifications necessary to rectify design issues.

• The ability to perform spontaneous field judgment for quality control prior to construction installation and engineering approval to efficiently control construction problems and expedite project schedules that are either under new construction, retrofitting existing conditions or under as built conditions.

• Total training commitment of 30 hours towards OSHA safety requirements necessary in all aspects of the construction industry with an understanding of the nuclear safety culture with ongoing training.

• Hands on capability as a field liaison with strong problem solving and troubleshooting capabilities, hands on management with excellent organizational skills includes interfacing with stake holders, shareholders, engineers, architects, trades, craft/crews and site inspectors on a professional level to comply with team strategies, budget requirements, engineering techniques and architectural design concepts with the ability to cooperate with city officials, town or city planning boards and legal associates required for project development.

• PMP Project Management and Six Sigma training by the Bechtel Power Program.

• The ability to obtain unescorted access throughout these power plant facilities. QUALIFICATION SUMMARY

• Managerial Background: Knowledge of cost and schedules of project procurement and deliverables with the ability to control project requirements, supervise multi-discipline groups with a complete understanding of EPC while interfacing with construction craft/crews and field engineering and design personnel including clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

• Engineering Background: Knowledge of construction methods and techniques of wood, steel, concrete, beams, columns, retaining wall structures with the ability to analyzed and perform load calculations for property structural integrity. This includes attributes within the commercial, residential and industrial disciplines.

• Engineering Field Liaison: Knowledge of field construction and field engineering techniques, field walk- down performance, familiar with field inspections for QC/QA audit requirements and capable of visual or verbal solutions with quick on-site problem solving abilities.

• Nuclear Background: Knowledge of ASME III, BPVC, ANSI B31.1 piping code and code equations with a complete understanding of NRC requirements, with managerial skills for budget/cost/schedules and RFI’s while familiar with mechanical system functions, pipe stress analysis, pipe support designs, nuclear safety and non-safety related systems and knowledge of ALARA and the overall nuclear safety culture.

• Design Background: Ability to create new conceptual designs from prototype to finished product. Unique ideas with fresh vision while interfacing with other design teams, engineers and architects. Capable of drawing hand sketches for field visual aid for visual understanding of problem solving.

• Architectural Background: Familiar with periodical architectural designs and features for all traditional, transitional and contemporary structures with the ability to implement and blend each feature aesthetically. Ability to draw 3D artistic illustrations for presentation purposes.

• Drafting Background: Ability to render, draw or draft construction details by AutoCAD or by hand with a complete understanding of structural drawings, isometrics, mechanical P&ID and orthographic details required for a variety of construction projects.

• Land Development: Complete knowledge of site construction, land surveying, road/water/sewer/utility installation principles, storm water management, erosion control, wetlands and tree protection issues as per local and state regulations and town/city requirements,

• Documentation Background: Knowledge of legal principles and a full understanding of technical verbiage, procedural writing, document control, specification coordination, understanding of project schedules and budget control.


Pradhan Energy Projects PVT, Inc. (PEPPL) Delaware 10/2013 – Present Director of Operations Manager

• Director and contract Project Manager of construction for establishing solar photovoltaic power generation facilities on a global scale providing managerial and political development in West African and India requesting installation of renewable energy.

• Project management duties include facilitating land development and roadway layout while overseeing solar photovoltaic paneling system installation to include field walk downs, site design layout and substation connections while supervising construction, performing budget analyses and procurement aspects of solar farms, mini-grid and off-grid solar PV power system installation. Bechtel Corporation, Frederick, MD. 2/2009 – 4/2013 Engineering Group Supervising Manager and Senior Pipe Stress Engineer

• Plant Design duel role as group manager leading a team of over 45 engineers, designers and craft/crews on an Extended Power Uprate (EPU) project on two operating nuclear facilities at Turkey Point Units 3 & 4.

• Responsibilities include managerial decision making, budget control and schedule guidance for modified structural development required per client approval.

• Performed bidding procedures and contract negotiations on material costs for multiple assignments while also creating new and inventive design concepts prior to installation for a more cost effective product unique to the industry.

• Responsible for complete document control, material inventory and staff adjustments while advising senior engineering personnel of budget time constraints.

• Also performed duel role as the lead pipe stress engineer supervising, reviewing and checking all the analyses of the pipe stress engineering team for proper B31.1 code requirements utilizing Bechtel’s ME101 program.

Lifestyle Designs, Raleigh, NC 1993 - 2009

Managing Design Consultant, Owner

• Architectural design consultant and project manager for several residential and commercial projects, designer and supervisor of single family/multi-family and commercial projects including land development for retail/mix-use projects.

• Performed site management, bidding negotiations and budget control over several development projects simultaneously from ground breaking surveying-grading start-up including road/water/sewer/utility installation to final project completion.

• Assisted in architectural designs and created 3D artistic concept illustrations for visual aid of residential homes and commercial projects to include all required construction site plan layouts, structural elevations, floor plans, structural framing, foundation and utility plans. Virginia Electric Power Company (VEPCO), Surry, VA 1991 - 1992 Engineering Consultant

• Engineering contractor performing field walk-downs to re-evaluate existing pipe stress and pipe support analyses, piping component review as per ASME III, B31.1 criteria for all safety and non-safety related systems utilizing corporate in house computer program for the Surry Power Station Unit 1. Arizona Public Service (APS), Phoenix, AZ 1989 - 1991 Engineering Design Consultant

• Performed structural design analysis on plant cooling system including pipe stress including system corrosion due to water treatment facility from local cooling reservoirs.

• Used computer and hand calculations for structural integrity, field walk-down inspections for proper installation of components at Palo Verde Nuclear Unit 1, 2 and 3 Water Reclamation facility. Ebasco, New York City, NY 1988 - 1989

Engineering Consultant

• Engineering consultant performing pipe stress analysis on piping components per ASME, B31.1 on safety and non-safety related systems using SUPERPIPE computer program.

• Performed evaluations on several projects including heat transfer and finite element analyses for code integrity.

Carolina Power and Light (CP&L) Raleigh/New Hill, NC 1985 - 1988 Engineering Consultant

• Field engineering contractor performing field walk-down investigation for structural problems, performing pipe stress/finite element analysis per ASME III, B31.1 code using SUPERPIPE and ANSYS computer programs including structural evaluation of building components, piping support layout along with review of other construction problems and complex mechanical issues at the Shearon Harris and Brunswick nuclear facilities.

Burns and Roe Oradell, NJ. 1982 - 1985

Engineering Consultant

• Performing pipe stress analysis per ASME III, B31.1 code utilizing SUPERPIPE computer program including structural evaluation of building components, piping support layout along with review of other construction problems and complex mechanical issues for the BBR Motor Columbus nuclear facility. Bechtel Power Corporation Gaithersburg, MD. 1980 - 1982 Engineering Consultant

• Performing pipe stress analysis per ASME III, B31.1 code utilizing Bechtel’s in house computer program ME101 including structural evaluation of building components, piping support layout along with review of other construction problems and complex mechanical issues for the Grand Gulf nuclear facility. Stone & Webster Boston, MA. . 1977 - 1980

Engineering Designer

• Performing pipe stress analysis per ASME III, B31.1 code utilizing NUPIPE computer program to include pipe support GT STRUDL with structural evaluation of building components, piping support layout along with review of other construction problems and complex mechanical issues for the Shoreham, Beaver Valley and Millstone III nuclear facilities.


Associates Degree in Structural Design, ITT Technical Institute Boston, MA. Civil Engineering and Environmental Design, CEED, University of Massachusetts. Architectural Design, Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA. PROJECTS: (Residential)

Carpenter Village, Cary, NC. Lochmere, Cary, NC

Wakefield Plantation, Wake Forest, NC Sterling, Cary, NC Prestonwood, Cary, NC. Solara Lakes, Miami/Homestead, FL Haddon Hall, Apex, NC. Ocean Reef, Key Largo, FL

PROJECTS: (Commercial/Mix-use)

Ocean Reef, Key Largo, FL. Trafalgar, Cary, NC

Solara Lakes, Homestead, FL. Turkey Point, Homestead, FL Carrabbas Italian Grill, Cary, NC. Carrabbas Italian Grill, Apex, NC PROJECTS: (Industrial/Power Generation)

Grand Gulf, MS. Shearon Harris. NC.

Shoreham, Long Island, NY. Brunswich, NC.

South Texas Project, TX. Surry, VA.

Millstone III, CT. Palo Verde, AZ.

Beaver Valley, PA. Turkey Point, FL.


Wardson Construction. Bechtel Corporation

Trafalgar Properties. Stone & Webster

High Meadow Construction. Burns & Roe

Hurst Built Homes. FP&L/Next/Era

Rosen Holdings Company. CP&L

Pradhan Energy Projects PVT. PEPPL

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