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Software Developer Engineer

Morrisville, NC
March 05, 2018

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Raleigh, NC,US, willing to relocate

US Phone: 515-***-**** Java Full Stack Software Software Engineer

Established application developer possessing over 15 years of dedicated experience designing and implementing complete software applications through the full development life cycle, using modern methodologies such as Agile/Scrum, DevOps and Test Driven Development. Adept at multifaceted requirement and system assessment, creating targeted software solutions for Android, Linux, and Windows. Proven ability to implement Web and android application. Vast expertise in unit testing and performance optimization, ensuring deliverables meet highest quality standards.

Application Level Programming Asynchronous programming Test Driven Development Module Integration Linux based Development Clean&Robust Code User Interface Design DevOps Performance Optimization Testing & Troubleshooting Data & Communication Layers Languages: Java, Ember.js, Database, JavaScript(ECMA6), Node.js, Perl, JSP, Angular2, JSF, C++, Scala, Web: XML, HTML, JSP, AJAX, JQuery, JSON,CSS

Web Services: Tomcat, Glassfish, Pivotal

Frameworks: Spring, RESTful, Android SDK, Hibernate, JDK, Express, Packages: JDK, Android SDK, Visual C++, Spark, Spring Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Mybatis, SQLite, MongoDB SDLC: Agile/Scrum, Domain Driver Design, Test Driven Development, Design Patterns Tools: Jira, Redmine, MS Excel, OpenSSL

Platforms: Android, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, T-Kernel, Brew, Windows Big Data: Hadoop, Spark


CAREER NOTE: Completed on-campus studies and currently taking distance education courses to complete a Master's Degree in Computer Science (Available for full-time, W-2 employment). AT&T(Contractor), United State 11/13/2017-2/28/2017 Full Stack Software Engineer

Designed and Develop Web-based Ticket Management System, and Real Estate System(Academic) Technologies: MEAN, Angular, Mongo DB, Node.js, Express, JavaScript, JQERY, Ember.js, Perl, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, DevOps.

Tasks Performed:

Talked to end user around the world directly, then reflected the requirement in code implementation.

Using modern JavaScript Framework (ember.js/Angular) HTML/CSS to add new web Component into a ongoing system.

Rewrote the web component and Ajax call based on JavaScript framework, make the page response speed %30 quicker.

Used Scala in Spark to count the access to the different IP address in Apache log.

Used Java to applied different design pattern in a framework which provides Basic functions to the upper application.

NAP INC, Tokyo, Japan 2016

Senior Software Engineer

Analyzed requirements and wrote design documents for large Japanese banking corporation. Tasks Performed:

Translated project design specification from Japanese to English. Achievements:

Ensured understanding of project parameters by overseas development team. YIFENG ZHONG 515-***-**** PE-BANK INC., Tokyo, Japan 2015-2016

Senior Software Developer

Designed and Developed web-based selling system for mobile virtual network corporation, using modern development processes.

Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, Maven, Groovy, DDD, TDD,Git, Jquery Tasks Performed:

Developed a shipment system in Spring and integrated with other functionalities into a completed system by RabbitMQ.

Participated in a Scrum team, broke down requirements into tasks and estimated the workload of every task/sprint. Walked through the whole process of SCRUM.

Wrote the Unit test by Junit, got 90% coverage of the program. Achievements:

Allowed logistical company to operate business online and update other systems. MTC INC., Tokyo, Japan 2011-2015

Senior Software Developer

Created software applications through their entire life cycle. Projects included IC Voice Recorder, Voice Mail System, Android Email System, TV SetBox System, and Wearable Theater Entertainment System. Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Node.js, Mongo DB, SQLite, MySQL Android SDK/Studio, Linux Kernel, Linux, Android, TDD,Git

Tasks Performed:

Used Java(Android SDK) and C++ to fix bugs and unreasonable action in GUI applications.

Used Node.js and Mongo DB develop a server-side application Deployed on AWS cloud server.

Refactor the network constriction part in server side using State Design Pattern, make the structure of program more reasonable.

Refactored Queries for a database, optimized DB, made query time 20% shorter.

Used Big Data Analytics to produce the graphical report and analyze the report and predict the potential defects of products.

Developed a server-side REST Web application to transmit the message.

Participated in a Scrum team, broke down requirements into tasks and estimated the workload of every task/sprint. Walked through the whole process of SCRUM. Achievements:

Made a server-side app, made development team member use my app to develop their communication part.

Lower the power consumption to 10% by working on power management part of Linux kernel.

By producing reports using Big Data analytics, help management department make the right decision on work.

Eliminated communication barriers between Japanese and Chinese. TIANFU SOFTWARE PARK INC, Sichuan, China 2009-2011 Senior Software Developer

Implemented complete applications, and modules for Linux-based systems. Projects included TV Top Box system, Shell application on an embedded Linux kernel

Technologies: C/C++, Eclipse, Ubuntu, Linux, Linux kernel, uT-kernel Tasks Performed:

Ported a Linux kernel to a Tv Top Boxboard, and developed desktop application on TV Top Box.

Gathered customer requirements in meeting,and translated it into the technical requirement.

Wrote Design specification for development, and managed development schedules, allocated resources.

Developed a shell application on an Linux kernel. Achievements:

Implemented Linux kernel on a new board.

Allowed user interaction with with TV set Top Box through desktop application. YIFENG ZHONG 515-***-****

Led project teams smoothly, including translation of project requirements into technical specifications.

Streamlined development with the shell application to allow developers to check and manage processes. HUNSUN JAPAN INC., Tokyo, Japan 2005-2008

Senior Software Developer

Projects included Automobile Insurance, Cellphone Simulation, Retail Management, and Printer Maintenance systems.

Technologies: C/C++, Visual C++, Embedded Visual C++, Eclipse, Windows Tasks Performed:

Created and test GUI applications on multiple platforms, and eliminated bugs.

Wrote client-side application and used TCP/IP socket to communicate with the server through network.

Went to end user, installed the software system, did the final release test. Achievements:

Improved the user experience significantly and implemented business functionality.

Retrieved data from server and transmitted commands. JVC BEIJING DEVELOPMENT CENTER, Beijing, China 2002-2005 Junior Engineer

Projects include USB Port Driver, Digital Camcorder OSD, and Video Data Encode/Decode Middleware. Technologies: C, ICE, Visual C++, Linux, USB communications protocols Tasks Performed:

Wrote a firmware to transmit video&audio and control command.

Wrote a middleware to encode/decode video data.

Debugged applications with ICE .


Created firmware for camcorder, and menu GUI for digital TV. EDUCATION

Master of Science in Computer Science

(In progress via distance education; expected completion October 2018) Maharishi University of Management – Fairfield, Iowa Key Courses: Modern Programming in Java;Design Pattern; Modern Web Applications; Enterprise Architecture; Web Application Development; Algorithms; Big Data; Web Programming Techniques Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2001)

South West Jiaotong University – Sichuan, China

Key Courses: Microcomputer Technology; C/C++ programming; Database; Data Structure; Software Engineering Fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese

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