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Bloomfield, NY, 10311
March 06, 2018

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Seeking a challenging and exciting career opportunity in a progressive organization as a SAP Basis/HANA Consultant, to provide knowledge and expertise in Software Engineering and Software System Architecture, Infrastructure Design.

Executive Summary

-Sandeep Athmakuri brings over 12 years experience in working as an SAP Netweaver Basis/HANA administrator/ Migration Engineer and Security Consultant. Has strong foundation in Operating systems AIX, HPUX, Sun Solaris, Windows and experience in Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, MSSQL database.

-Experience in SAP HANA DMO Migration, Upgrade of DB to 122.10

-Experience in Primary/secondary/HA node replication, failover testing between all the nodes for production environment.

-Setup of F5 and DNS load balancing for cluster and non-cluster based environments for SAP applications

-Evaluate application and interfaces communication between SAP and non-SAP firewall changes.

-Understand the CPU vs socket allocation for VM optimal performance based on vNUMA allocation.

-In Depth experience of Configuring SSO for individual and cluster based components for ABAP and JAVA components.

-In Depth knowledge of Configuring and Enable SNC, SSL communication for ABAP and JAVA. Public and private key authentication.

-ChaRM/Retrofit configuration for all SAP application on solution manager 7.1, including project cycle manage.

-In depth knowledge on SAP standard process for IDOC administration, batch administration, analyzing performance issues., port connectivity

-Worked in various client locations as onsite team member/team lead for projects based on onsite/offsite model.

-Good interpersonal skills, solution driving skills, good relation with end client/business team.


-B-Tech in CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology)

-University - JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University), India, 2003

Citizenship: India

Work Authorization: H1B

Overview of SAP & Databases version expertise:

ERP SAP 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, Netweaver Components, SM 7.1, EP 6.0, XI 5.0, CRM 5.0, SM 7.0, E-Rec, PI/PO 7.1, BW 5.0, TREX 7.1, ADS, SRM 7.0, NW Gateway 7.02, NW 7.4 SP07/SP09/SP15, NW 7.5 SP05, SBOP 4.2 SP3

RDBMS Oracle 9.2, oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, DB2, MS SQ, Max DB and HANA 2.0

OS Windows NT/2000/2003/2008, HP-UX, SunSolaris 5.8,6.1, AIX 6.1 & 7.1

Certifications :

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator for SQL.

Certified Internal Auditor for ISO: 9001


Trained from SAP in Upgrade of SAP 4.7 to ECC 6.0


IBM Bravo Award

Ernst & Young and IBM Excellency award.

Put Client First – 5 times

SAP Projects:

Type of Project

Project Name



Implementation Project

Program Mercury – E&Y

Application Architect


Implementation with Global Rollout ( In progress)

GFIS Replacement – E&Y

Application Architect – SAP Basis

ECC, SRM, CRM, BW, GWY, GRC, PI/PO, WD, Solman, BODS, BOBJ, MDM, ADS, Thompson Reuters, Web Dispatcher, C4C.



Basis lead – SAP Basis/Security

ECC, BW, SRM, PI, Solution Manager

C&M Team

OS/DB Migration projects

Basis Consultant

ECC, BW, Solman, EP, E-rec, GRC, TREX, E-Commerce

Yara AMS

OS Migration/AMS – Basis/Security

SAP Basis

ECC, SRM, Solution Manager

Reliance Energy


Basis Consultant


Career History


Role: Lead Application Architect - SAP Basis 03/13 – Till date

Client: Ernst & Young

Location: Secaucus, USA

Project Type: Implementation, Projects – Global Rollout.

Ticketing Tools : Service Now and HP ALM.

• Sizing of HANA VM’s, including storage and memory on a distributed cluster base environment.

• Storage allocation, ESXI Maintenance, VM maintenance, environment management.

• Installation of HANA DB on Linux and application servers and HANA Client install on MS Windows/SQl 2012

• Configuration of HA replication and DR replication on HANA DB using

• SAP LT (Landscape transformation) Installation and configure table replication between source systems and HANA.

• Replicate source delta table structure to HANA using SLT replication, manage SLT landscape and troubleshoot replication issues on timely basis.

• HANA Live install.

• Perform reclaim of HANA data to reduce memory usage on a regular interval.

• Eclipse neon install for HANA Development.

• BOBJ 4.2 Installation on a cluster based environment, Administration of services, performance tuning and promotion management.

• HANA DMO Migration to BW on HANA NW 7.5 and perform migration of database to HANA

• Performed upgrade for all ABAP and Java systems to NW 7.5

• Maintain the SLD(Transport Paths, Tech Systems, Bus Systems, Content)

• Objects Migration/Changelists Activation & Cache(Adapter/CPA/IR/ID) Monitoring

• Setup the associated configuration for any new Third Party Adapters, installed Ariba component on PI/PO, installed ASN certificate, PGP encryption files, perform Ariba network communication test.

• Performance enhancement and storage reduction planning by cleaning up tables.

• Hardware resizing, parameter tuning, requesting new VM’ to handle Wave1 batch loading for all Wave1 systems.

• Installed all SAP components on a Cluster Based Windows environment with HA and DR setup.

• Performed Charm/Retrofit configuration between Pilot and Wave1 landscape, Lead transport management activities for Mercury program, carry on retrofit on timely manner and lead team.

• CTS+ configuration to move transport in PO, PO Administration.

• TREX Administration of Index creation and deletion.

• Installation of Thompson Reuter for tax engine

• Performed System refresh by backup and restore method of target database in source DB.

• Isolate Production NAS from Non-production systems in AL11.

• Single point of contact for off shore run and maintain services, network failure, IBM hosting team.

• Consolidation of firewall port requests between IBM and EY Data Center, DNS requests, F5 Load balancer requests, DNS Changes, ESXI/VM Changes and certificate requests for all components in including HANA and SAP.

• Implemented Best Practices for SAP ERP 606 Service Industry sector Germany.

• Configured Adobe Document Services with ECC 6.0

• Single Sign-on configuration on all ABAP environment using CCL with SPNEGO authentication for ABAP on cluster environment with multiple application servers. Also perform SSO on HANA application server on Windows.

• Configured SNC/RFC for ABAP – ABAP and ABAP -Java systems.

• Configured SSL /RFC for connections between ABAP and Java stack systems.

• Installed entrust SSL certificates for all ABAP and Java environments, configured load balancer for SAP PO component.

• Installed distributed SAP environment on Windows (2012) cluster installation along ERS installation with SQL 2012 installation, configured log shipping to move data between primary and secondary node.

• Implemented Best Practices for SAP ERP 606 Service Industry sector Germany.

• Configured Adobe Document Services with ECC 6.0

• Installed and Configured SAP Fiori, integrating NW Gateway with ECC 6.0 for 5 applications

• Create new directory parameter in AL11 based on the process team need, create logical path in FILE.

• Implementing SAP Max Attention suggestions and configurations.

• Additional language Installation for ABAP stack, PT, ZH, JA, ES & FR.

• Connecting SAP client systems to SLD and PO

• Installed and integrated NWBC 4.0 with ERP, SRM

• SMTP configuration, creating shared, private distribution list.

• Created source connection from BW to ECC, CRM and SRM systems, activate and replicating metadata.

• Applied OSS notes, maintain OSS connection, Open customer messages.

• Activate require Business sets as per scoping solution

• Activate SICF nodes for the required applications

• Create Partner profiles, Ports, activate configuration workflows.

• Installed ECC, BW, EP and SM sandbox systems on Windows/ MSSQL

• Installation of several add-on components, upgrade SP’s, upgrade base line packages.

• Configured ALE for IDOC processing, created logical systems, created RFC connections

• Generated the XML stack for EHP upgrade using MOPZ

• Integrating ECC, BW, CRM, Gateway, GRC and SRM with solman ChaRM

• Performed SUM EHP upgrade

• Creating of projects in solman, downloading and uploading of BPD’s.

• Document management for FS, BPD’s in solution manager, unocking documents, Created new document type for various projects and assigned to global and local projects.

• Resolving dumps from the installed systems continuously to maintain system consistency and update profile

Parameters to fix the dumps

• Export/Import standard SAP script forms from 000.

• Create system landscape using SMSY.

• Configuration generation on EWA

• Registered all ABAP systems to non-prod SLD and PO system.

• Installed and configured SAP Solution Manager add-on component ST-ICC 200.

• Branding image solution for ABAP

IBM India Pvt Ltd 09/2012 –02/13

SAP Sr Basis

Client: Graincorp

Location: Sydeny, Australia

Project Type: AMS

• Automated Daily administrative activities include system monitoring, batch job monitoring, business processes monitoring, database monitoring, checking database growth.

• Performed trouble shooting on ECC, BW and HR security problems by enabling traces.

• Plan and executed non-production system refresh

• Configuration of Central System Administration for ECC, BW and HR landscape

• Monitoring ECC, BW and HR via Solution Manager and CUA of all the landcapes.

• Monitoring idocs and reprocess the failed CUA idocs.

• Analyze application logs SLG1.

• Monitor SMQ1 and SMQ2 records, monitor indices on tRFC and qRFC tables

• Monitor database growth and suggest client to increase the memory and add space

• Maintain and monitor operation modes (RZ03, RZ04, SM63).

• Transporting the request across the SAP landscape using transport control program or STMS transaction and verifying through transport logs.

• Work efficiently in a team environment, providing knowledge transfer as needed.

Application Architect 01/2009 – 09/2012

Client : IBM US (Conversions & Migrations) as an onshore resource in Texas, USA for 3.5 yrs.

Project Type: SAP OS/DB Migration

• Involved to full extent in gathering client SAP information for SAP OS/DB Migration assessment.

• Perform migration in complex and large volume data SAP Migration

• Migration expertise in different SAP components Enterprise Portal, Solution Manager, CRM, E-recruitment, Business Warehouse, Process Integration, ECC, TREX, E-Commerce.

• Migrated SAP data from different databases ORACLE, DB2, MaxDB

• MOpatch upgrade for database for Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g

• Perform kernel upgrade to latest patch level

• Installed more than 30 landscapes as part of the SAP OS/DB Migration

• Executed SAP Migration using sapinst R3ldctl, R3szchk, R3ta, where splittter, migmon.

• Build target system based on the client source landscape

• Design and build of target filesystem its permissions, uid, gid, orasid, sidadm.

• Mounting filesystem's on database

• Worked in complex environment, migrating data from HP-UX operating system to Sun Solaris 6.1

• Generating Migration key for export and import database

• Applied license for SAP ABAP and JAVA based systems

• Updated j2ee parameters for JAVA based systems for better performance

• Configuration of Active Directory Service.

• Customization of lgin page by applying branding images for JAVA stack systems

• Extensively worked on JAVA stack systems configtool update and admin tool.

• Troubleshooting of complex sapinst errors and migration errors which is a part of SAP Basis.

• Row count and object count validation for both ABAP and JAVA to verify all the tables and object were imported successfully on target.

IBM India Pvt Ltd, India: 03/2007 – 12/2008

System Engineer

Client : YARA

Location: Brussels/Oslo, worked in Brussels and Oslo for a year

Project Type: SAP OS/DB Migration & AMS (Security and Basis)

• Was in BRUSSELS for initial KT for SAP Basis handover activities.

• Was in Norway for Migration of Yara SAP systems, migrated EP to IBM data centre.

• Involved in Setting up TSM backup system. Installed Content Server on client system for maintaining DMS

(Document Management System).

• Setting the interfaces lookup for all the system connected and different interfaces connection access.

Reconfiguring all the users, printers, batch jobs.

Since March 2008 under Yara AMS for SAP Basis and Security Administration :

• Leading and supporting the team to resolve technical issues.

• Solving of missing Authorization errors for end users and IS users as well.

• Preventive, mitigating and compensation cotrols to ensure the appropriate level of proetection and adherence to the goals of the overall SAP security strategy and collaborate with other team members.

• Verifying the change requests/transport requests done by the functional team.

• Maintenance of Content Server using Max db.

• Maintenance of Roles and Creating of roles for existing ones and new project correspondingly as a part

Of new project with in Yara which includes both SAP R/3 and BW systems.

• Implemented 4 projects for roll-out projects for Authorization.

• Maintaining SLA as lay down by the client.

• Solving of missing Authorization errors for end users and IS users as well.

• Fetching the report to the management for Auditing in connection with SAP Security.

• Verifying the change requests/transport requests done by the functional team.

• Maintenance of Content Server using Max db.

• Monitoring SAP System

• R3 Kernel Upgrade and patch upgrade.

• Job Monitoring and scheduling

• • Management of SAP Basis tasks, coordination of their execution with offshore and landed consultants

• SAP service market place – licensing, access keys & software download

AG Technologies, India: 08/2006 - 03/2007

Associate Consultant – SAP Basis

Client : Reliance Energy

Lcation: Mumbai, India

Project Type: AMS

• Handling of R/3, BW, IS-U, HR in Multi-System Environment.

• Created roles for various cost centers for modules such HR, MM, FI, etc using Automatic Profile

Generator (PFCG)

• Initiated development of PD Authorizations in HR module.

• Created and assigned roles to Positions.

• Implemented security for HR module at Personnel Area, Info type levels, Employee Group etc level

• Resolving daily tickets and solving user related problems.

• Troubleshoot security/authorization related problems using SU53, ST01 and SUIM.

• Handled to transport more than 25 transport request in each system, at application level as well as at

OS level using unconditional modes.

• Troubleshooting of transport RC.

• Performed transports and mass transports of roles.

• Given knowledge transfer to the client’s employees on areas Authorizations, transports, support packs,

system monitoring etc.

• Loading and monitoring of R/3 data to BW, using RSA1 and monitoring using RSMO.

• Scheduling the Process chain Maintenance using RSPC in BIW.

• Registering the Developers by assigning the SSCR key.

• Maintain Profile Parameter dynamically using RZ11.

• Running the check update statistics, and rebuilding the unbalanced index using BRTOOLS.

• Monitoring the archive backups and scheduling the online/offline archive backups.

• Shutting down and starting of various servers along EP6.0 for backup activities at OS level and to

perform these activities every week days.

• DB verification using BR tools for checking the corrupted blocks in data files and tables.

• Check redo log and logical log backup status.

• Check DB growth and if required add table space using brtools/sapdba.

• Check for core files in all servers.

• OSS Activities

• Registering Developers

• Registering SAP Standard Objects

• Create Customer message for SAP Support and follow-up

• Opening and closing the connection for OSS user for troubleshooting

• Modification of Existing Roles as per Functional Requirement.

• Lock and Unlock T-Codes according to functional requirements.

• Taking the Backup using VERITAS tool in windows OS.

McML Systems Pvt Ltd, India: 06/2003 - 02/2006

Location: Bangalore, India

Network Administrator

Worked as a Network Engineer, Windows NT 4.0 Systems Administration.

• Travelled Sydney to get trained on an automated signaling software with WESTINGHOUSE

• Windows NT 4.0 Systems Administration

• Administrating three NT domains with approximately 25 clients in each domain

• Windows WinNT Workstation (4.0) and Windows server2000

• Installation of OS software and Antivirus Software on Servers &Clients

• Troubleshooting hardware and systems performance

• Setting up of Ethernet LAN (10/100 MBPS, Gigabit Ethernet)

• Structured Cabling, Enrolling users and enforcing Systems security

• Responsible for Windows 2000 and Windows NT based Network, Backups, and Restore

• Install and configure new clients on Windows NT/2000.

• Install and configure various devices like printers, etc.

• Working with users to identify and rectify the problems at desktop and networking levels

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