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Engineer Electrical Engineering

Phoenix, AZ
March 06, 2018

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AKHIL VEERANALA • 480-***-**** •


Graduate student in Electrical Engineering actively looking for full time opportunities in Analog, Digital/Mixed- Signal Design domain beginning Dec 2017. I worked as a systems engineer for 1.5 years which helped me hone my analytical and problem-solving skills.


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Dec 2017 Arizona State University GPA:(3.5/4)

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication engineering April 2014 Acharya Nagarjuna University GPA:(3.4/4)


Programming Languages C, C++, PERL.

HDL/HVL Verilog, System Verilog.

Simulation Tools Cadence, Spectre, Matlab, Hspice, Simulink, Vivado, Cadence Encounter, GENESIS2. Layout Tools Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor. [Nodes: 7nm,28nm,32nm, 180nm, 500nm]. LVS/DRC Tools Calibre, Hercules.


Product Engineer Intern: ON Semiconductor, San Jose, CA Oct 2017 – Dec 2017

• Working on Validation of Image sensors on both wafers and packaged parts; Failure Analysis of Image Processors.

• Failure analysis of sensors by the ATE testers and Physical analysis of the die to narrow down the faults in the chip.

• Electrical and Image Characterization of failures and finding out the cause of the failures.

• Providing characterization support for fabrication process improvements by Post Silicon validation of image sensors. Tutor: C, C++ Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona Aug 2016 – Sep 2017 Systems Engineer: Infosys Ltd, Hyderabad, India May 2014 – Oct 2015

• Knowledge gained on C, C++, HTML and Operating Systems. PROJECT WORK

MIPS R3000 microprocessor design with 5 stage bypass pipeline (System Verilog, Perl) Spring 2017

• Designed and verified MIPS R3000 core in System Verilog with an IPC of 0.9.

• Achieved a CLK period of 3ns with 5 stage bypass pipeline. Hardware Acceleration of Lightweight Encryption (“Simon”) Engine (Simulink, Matlab, Verilog, Vivado) Spring 2017

• Designed Simon block cipher engine using Verilog.

• Performed backend flow from RTL code Synthesis using Tcl script to GDSII IC Layout signoff.

• Implemented design using Encounter which includes Floor planning, APR and CTS. Performed STA, DRC and LVS.

• Developed the hardware blocks using Simulink and synthesized using Synphony Model Complier. Mapped the design to a Xilinx Virtex7 FPGA target. Area consumed and the timing requirements are checked using Vivado. Design of SRAM, RF, Sequential Multiplier and Divider modules (Genesis2, System Verilog, Perl) Spring 2017

• Implemented using behavioral modelling. Handshake signals were utilized to represent the finite state machine. Implemented all the logics using Verilog and PERL. All the logics were parameterized.

• Timing Slack, Power consumption and area is measured. Designed to work for 2ns. Design of 16 16 RF with 1 write and read port (Cadence6, 7nm FinFET PDK: Fall 2016

• Design a 4:16 decoder with predecode and post decode stages for selecting 16 word lines in the SRAM cells.

• Integrating all the building blocks to design the final 16 16 register file and performing post-layout signoff checks like DRC, LVS, Static Timing Analysis (STA). Extracting the parasitics (pex netlist) from the layout.

• Simulating the pex netlist using HSPICE to determine the read delay and write delay. Standard Cell Library & 8 bit Modulo Adder Design on a 32nm PDK technology (Cadence6) Spring 2016

• Created standard cells for NANDX2, NORX3, NANDX3; Created cell for 8-bit Modulo Adder.

• The design is performed using Cadence 6 for the generation of schematic & layout. Performed DRC & LVS checks.

• Generated netlists and verified using HSPICE. Optimization of Energy-Delay Product(EDP) and Layout area. Evaluate the affects of cache on performance on microprocessors using Simple Scalar simulator (Language: C) Fall 2016

• Developed a program in C to implement DIP, DRRIP and SRRIP cache replacement policies to handle data replacement on a cache miss in a Simplescalar simulator

• Analyzed performance of cache replacement policies by running number of benchmarks.

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