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Software Engineer Manager

Los Angeles, CA
March 06, 2018

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Jiayi Ren


325W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles,CA90007






University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Master of Science, Computer Science

January 2017 - December 2018

Central South University, Changsha, China

Bachelor of Science and Engineering, Software Engineering September 2012 - June 2016

Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, C++, PHP, Python, NodeJS, SQL Technology AWS RDS/EC2/S3, Bash

Database: MySQL, MsSQL, MongoDB

Operating System: Windows, OS X, Linux

Maliwanjia Tech Co. - Full-stack Software Engineer (Shanghai, China) September 2016 - December 2016

• Worked in a startup company, which is related to online-education. Responsible for company Website and application test work.

• Developed a responsive website using Ajax, Bootstrap and AngularJS.

• Configured Nginx as reverse proxy server. Designed database schemas and performed CRUD operations. Developed REST API to retrieve user profile. Wrote stored procedures.

• Performed load test, performance test using google developer tools for web application with 30,000 users, achieved stable application.

• Developed testing tools based on open source tools like Jasmine, Karma.

• Acquired quick learning ability after induction training. Collaborated with Product Manager and UX Designer to complete product and communicated early risks with management team to ensure timely delivery. Stock Search Application - Front-end Developer (USC) September 2017 - December 2017

• A single responsive web page and an Android app for showing real-time stock info.

• Utilized Alpha Vantage real time stock quote API, HighCharts graphics and Seeking Alpha News RSS feed.

• Deployed application on AWS, created service using Elastic Beanstalk, established PHP environment.

• Using AngularJS to implement autocomplete input function, refresh function, and sort function in favorite list; stored and loaded “favorite” information through browser localStorage;

• Implemented Facebook API and share forms to Facebook. 3D Teapot Rendering - C++ Fall 2017

• Created a 3D teapot.

• Constructed framebuffer, wrote data to ppm files and framebuffer. Then implemented ScanLine Algorithm to complete basic rasterization, and performed transformation with Matrix Math.

• Realized flat shading, Phong shading and Gouraud shading.

• Further realized Texturing and Antialiasing.

“Horescape” Game - Unity 3D, C# Summer 2017

• An endless running game on mobile phone. The hero escapes from monster’s chasing, in an abandoned hospital. Our innovation was to make character run toward us.

• Implemented basic operation, swipe screen to moving; performed basic obstacles, including horror hands and traps; realized blood bar and integration model; achieved animation and blood effects.

• Operated GitHub and Sourcetree to make version control.

• Knew whole process of designing and developing games. Seeking an Intern or full-time position in Software Development

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