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Project Manager Design

Fullerton, CA
March 06, 2018

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Contact: 714-***-****

Home Address: School Address:

**** ******* *** *** ***, 800 N State College Blvd,

Fullerton, CA 92831 Fullerton, CA 92831


To work in an organization where culture of freedom and working for initiatives is ensured, facilitating my contribution through thoughts and action to the company’s vision and thus achieve self-development by playing a significant role in building the organization.

I also like to make new and advance equipment which can revolutionize the electrical world.


M.S., Electrical Engineering, California State University, Fullerton

Fullerton, CA, Ongoing GPA: 3.42/4(Till Now)

Relevant Coursework:

Digital Electronics: RC circuits, Logic circuits: DTL, TTL, STTL, LSTTL and ECL. Design and analysis of MOS logic circuits; PMOS, NMOS and CMOS gates, flip-flops, shift registers and memory circuits.

Introduction to VLSI Design: Computer aided design of VLSI circuits. MOS device structure, design rules, layout examples, CMOS standard cells.

VLSI and Nano Technology and Devices: Silicon crystal, PN junction physics, oxide and interface physics, wafer fabrication technology. Layout design principle for integrated circuits. Nano-electronic devices and technology.

CMOS VLSI Design: Surface physics of MOS system, MOS device physics. Short channel effect; hot carrier effect, subthreshold conduction.

VLSI Testing and Design for Testability: Fault model, equivalence and dominance; combinational and sequential circuit test generation; design for testability (DFT); boundary scan; testing analog circuits; logic and mixed signal built-in self-test (BIST).

B. Tech, Electronics and Communications, Gujarat Technological University

Gujarat, India, May 2012 CGPA: 6.85/10


Proficient in Basics of Electronics and Circuits.

Strong mathematical skills.

Good knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips and electronic equipment.

Proficient knowledge of materials, production process, tools, principals, design and testing techniques of VLSI circuits.

In depth knowledge of flip-flops, transistors, registers, counters, transformers, FPGA, ADC/DCA, fiber optics communication, FETs, wireless communications and satellites.

During my work I dealt with many electrical and electronic components like Op-Amps, Diodes, Microcontroller, Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors, Relays, Switches, Transformers, Inverters, Flips Flops and many more.

Languages: C, C++, VHDL


Angel Institute

Assistant Project Manager From 1st June 2016 to 20th December 2016


To make projects on new and innovative ideas for college students.

To teach students about the basics of electronics and suggests them creative ideas for their projects.

Projects Undertaken:

Digitally Controlled Home Automation System

Wireless Mobile Charging Project

Weather Broadcasting Using Arduino

Fingerprint Bank Locker with Image Capture

RFID based attendance system

TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control

Commercial Power Saver

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