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Engineering Six Sigma

Toronto, ON, Canada
March 06, 2018

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Detail oriented Manufacturing Engineering Analyst with background in technical analysis and process optimization for both low-mix/high-volume and high-mix/low-volume environments. Experienced at working customers and cross functional teams to solve complex technical issues and develop solutions to enable company and customer success. HIGHLIGHTS

Six years of engineering experience

Lean/Kaizen/Six Sigma

ISO & AS9100 standards

IPC-610 Certified

VBA/SQL/Excel Macro automation for

large dataset reporting

PCB/PCBA Manufacturing

R&D for product quality, reliability and


A&D and Solar NPI – New Product


Customer facing technical support

Process flow control and optimization

6 Axis robotics – Reis and UR

AGV- Autonomous Guided Vehicle

Custom designed automation solutions.

FAIR – First Article Inspection Reports



Aerospace & Defense Electronics Manufacturing Engineering Analyst June 2016 – Present

Working for the past 2 years as a Manufacturing Engineering Analyst spread across 3 very important cross-functional customer focus teams for military and commercial end customers at Celestica. Celestica is primarily a contract manufacturer within which its aerospace and defense division manufactures complex electronics to the highest industry standards. Highlights from the position include the following: Site Transition FAIR lead:

Lead the FAIR (First Article Inspection Report) team for a site transition of approx. 300 different products

Train and prepare new hires on FAIRs and transition activities

Created VBA and SQL based Excel macro tools to reduce the average FAIR time from 8hrs to 4hrs.

Equipment and process qualification FAIRs for new SMT, wave and conformal coating equipment

Manufacturing Engineering Activities

Work with the customer to solve technical issues with design, manufacturability and potential failure modes.

Work closely with quality and process teams to handle customer rejects and implement corrective action solutions

Prepare process engineers for design changes and product development activities. MICHAEL STANTON

Implement engineering changes initiated from the customer

Documentation control

Various audit preparation and participation

Developed VBA/SQL and Excel macro tools for reporting key metric data directly from servers


Manufacturing lead for new production integration for new products

PCBA manufacturing lead for a large new customer which brought a lot of new business due to performance.

Worked with the customer to manufacture and test various products for qualification CELESTICA INTERNATIONAL INC, Toronto ON

Solar Module Process Engineering Analyst

June 2014 – June 2016

Solar Module Process Engineering Associate

June 2013 – June 2014

Held a position for 3 years as a process engineering analyst for 2 highly automated solar panel manufacturing lines at Celestica. Celestica is a contract manufacturer and has built a variety of solar modules for many different customers.

Highlights from the position include the following. Automation Projects:

Worked with a programming team to identify sections of the line for optimization. Which improved throughput by 15%

Large 6 axis robot to trim the edges of a solar module with a hot blade.

Small 6 axis UR robot to perform a pick and place operation

Adept lynx AGV – Autonomous Guided Vehicle for material transportation

Custom FESTO automation solution for busbar folding operation Central cell process:

Laminator profiling.

Have performed in-depth failure analysis studies.

Ensured product reliability through SPC – standard process controls.

Process optimization and standardization.

Continuous improvement using lean and six sigma tools.

Helped launch various customer panel designs into production and ramp up to maximize product throughput.

Lead a Standard work kaizen blitz. The main metric for this blitz was to increase productivity and DL efficiency

NPI – New product introduction:

Tested various new materials and designs for line compatibility, proof of concept and reliability concerns.

Have worked to develop glass/glass capabilities


Did various studies to correlate CTM (cell to module) efficiency to changes in the central sector.

Created certification modules for TUV certification. CELESTICA INTERNATIONAL INC, Toronto ON

Solar Module Process Engineering Intern

January 2011 – August 2011

Worked as an engineering associate for an automated solar panel manufacturing line at Celestica.

Joined at the beginning stages of line setup and the various machines such as industrial sized laminators, flash testers, Electro-luminance testing, and other machines on the line.

FMEA development

Created and controlled QMS documents.

Worked on a DOE project based around solar wafer micro-crack stability after stress testing and simulated age testing to ensure warranty.

Worked on developing safe packaging solutions and qualification of packing to ensure the quality of the solar panels after shipping.

Owned the back end sector of the manufacturing process for the engineering team. The back end sector contained everything after lamination this includes; flash testing, EL testing, quality inspections, framing & crimping process, packing and shipping. o This included developing processes to provide a quality product as well as improving the production speed of the process.

o Introducing and implementing new methods and materials into the process. o Worked with suppliers on new equipment integration and was an integral part of bringing up the backend processes.

Helped to set up the product database to record the solar panel’s history throughout the line such as testing history machine use and BOM information. This history was used to keep records of panels built and shipped, as well to troubleshoot problems with defective panels. EDUCATION


Bachelor of Technology Process Automation

May 2013

Graduate of a four-year Bachelor of Technology degree at McMaster University specializing in Process Automation. With an 8-month internship between 3rd and 4th year. The Bachelor of technology program was created by the faculty of engineering to provide well rounded employee capable of understanding and implementing both the technical and the business aspects and bridge the gap between these two fundamentally important sections.

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