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Sql Server Manager

La Libertad Department, El Salvador
March 06, 2018

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Colonia Los Pinos Avenida Brasil #9, Santa Ana, El Salvador

ID: 01874922-8

Date for birth: September 14, 1982.

Nationality: El Salvador

Skype: marcelo.berriosp

Telephone: +503-********

Cellular: +503-********


To obtain a position of Informatics System Engineering in a leader Company of the area


Degree: Informatics System Engineering

Place and date: Universidad Católica de El Salvador, El Salvador, October/2007.


Degree: General

Place and date: Baptist School,

El Salvador, December/2000


IT Architect & Database Admin


-Design and implement robust database administration solutions including resource management, security, backup and recovery, performance monitoring and tuning, data management and capacity planning, planning, and implementing failover between database instances.

-DBA Oracle & MSSQL Solution architect

-Implemented SQL Server HA features, DR strategies and Troubleshooting.

-Creating and automating jobs, database mail, operators and alerts.

-Monitoring servers & tuning performance using native, 3rd party tools and DBCC command

-Proficient in configuring/implementing mirroring, log shipping & replication

-Worked on applying patching service packs, cumulative updates and hot fixes for MS SQL server

-Expertise in SQL server audit, policy based management & transparent database encryption

-Designed and configured logical and physical database models for OLTP and OLAP

-Experience with SQL Clustering, Always On-High Availability, Transactional Replication, Log Shipping and native SQL Server CDC is preferred.

-Used Dynamic Management Views (DMV) to monitor SQL Server, troubleshoot the performance bottleneck/issues and proactively worked on to minimize downtime

-Six years of hands-on experience on a production and development environment, medium to large projects. Problem solver, self-starter, adaptable, can-do attitude, quick learner (love to learn new technology and involve in development projects). 24/7 call support, understanding of business need and flexible in working weekend and overnight on call/rotation and stretched to meet business need and deadlines.

-Native tools/functions: PerfMon, Profiler, DB Tuning Advisor, Activity Monitor, DMV/DMF) Third-party tools: Data Modeler (VISIO, ER/Studio, Erwin), Redgate(Index Manager, Dependency Tracker, Monitor Performance, Data Compare and Backup) and LightSpeed for backup.

-Technical skills: SQL/T-SQL Scripts, Store Procedures, Triggers, Functions SQL/T-SQL Script writing, Data Modeling/Design, SSRS, SSIS, ETL

-Set up database maintenance plan, back-up & restore strategies and procedures

-Proficient in performance monitoring, tuning, query optimization and database integrity

-Proficient in Database Server 12c/11g, Real Application Servers (RAC), DataGuard, Oracle Grid Control and Recovery Manager (RMAN)

-Technical lead for EBSR12 (Install, clon & Partch)

-Defines, documents, and implements current and future state of the application architecture

-Plans and leads the design and execution of architectural improvements to the application platform

-Business consultor

-IT Infrastructure Architect

-Provide technical expertise in solution architecture, and technical design decisions.

-Install, patch, maintain SQL Servers Instances

- 24x7 support for critical production systems.

-Assist developers with complex query tuning and schema refinement

-Install, configure, maintain & tune performance of Oracle Databases (7, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c )

- created database reorganization procedures, scripted database alerts, and monitored scripts. (MSSQL SERVER 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 &2016, Oracle 10g,11g & 12c)

- Handled database server tuning, application tuning, maintaining documentation, capacity planning and database security.

- Responsible for Oracle 9i, 10, 11g,12c logical and physical databases design, implementation, and maintenance.

-Involved in all phases of database development, from needs assessment to QA/QC, design, and support.

-Backup and Restores (Oracle & MSSQL)

-Windows/ Unix administrations skills

-Proficient in DAM (Database Activity Monitor for SQL SERVER)

-Project manager, develop, planning, and execute

-Responsible of the Budget, resources, scheduler

-Proficient in Oracle Golden Gate Implementations & support

-EBS(Oracle E- Business- suite) administrator, Cloning, patching and maintain

-Proficient in Oracle Fusion Middleware implementations and configurations (on AIX, RHE, Oracle Linux OS)

-Audit all access to sensitive data across all data stores, in the cloud and on-premises

-Protect RDBMS, data warehouses, Big Data platforms, and mainframe databases

-Proficient in Oracle Active Data guard Implementations/ Configurations

-Configuring and maintaining virtual servers on hyper-v and vmware

-Database Migrations ( SQLSERVER to New Versions) ORACLE to SQL SERVER

Infraestructure IT & Data Base Manager Alba Alimentos de El salvador

Dicember/2014- September/2015

-Design and establish standards technology platform, consisting of the communications infrastructure, servers, networks, core operational systems and equipment users.

-Monitor the smooth operation of IT systems and monitor projects entailing changes in the technological infrastructure to control the impact.

-Make contingency actions faults in the central IT systems, managing the maintenance or replacement of hardware or software under warranty.

-Worked on conceptual, logical and physical database modeling of OLTP and OLAP

-Worked on maintaining database security (logins, users, database/server roles and granting/revoking permissions).

-Improved the database performance by rebuild / reorganize indexes based on index fragmentation threshold.

-Designed and implemented comprehensive backup plan and disaster recovery strategies.

-Worked on performance tuning and troubleshooting to ensure performance, integrity and concurrency of databases.

-Performed SQL server service pack and windows service pack upgrades.

-Analyzed long running queries, fix issues to optimize application & system performance.

-Performed migration of the databases from SQL Server 2008 to SQL server 2012.

- Excellent knowledge in database recovery during emergency/data file missing/log space full

-Scheduled backup/restore operations for system test data depending on developers' requirement.

-Created maintenance plan and SQL server jobs and scheduling them, setting emails alerts on failure.

- Managed Disk space, memory and User connections.

-Tuned SQL Server using DMVs, SQL Profiler and Windows Performance Monitor.

-Detected/troubleshooted SQL Server related CPU, memory, I/O, disk space, and other resource contention.

-Negotiate and approve the acquisition of IT solutions for businesses and monitor compliance with the terms agreed in contracts (support, guarantees, hedges, etc.).

-Check the validity of software licenses and manage its acquisition or renewal.

-Manage development projects of technological infrastructure such as changing server centers set up agencies, and other higher magnitude.

-Advise companies on issues requiring IT support and solutions such as the creation of products, processes and other initiatives.

-Identify opportunities and propose solutions and alternatives to standardize or improve the services associated with the technological infrastructure.

-Check the service user support

-Ensure that the hardware has the speed, security, reliability and other attributes necessary for achieving the objectives.

- Establish appropriate relationships with business users, offering solutions to your needs according to the budget.

-Responsible for monitoring the progress of the service provided to business users.

-Manager Database in Oracle Administrator of the perimeter security of the company and its remote sites.

-Manager Virtual Machines in Hyper-V and VMware. Implemtador and SAN Storage Administrator, Manager SAP Crystal Reports.

-Develop, Planning and execute IT projects, with the International Procedures.

-DataBase Security officer.

-Oracle DBA (10g & 11g)

-Backup & restore


-SQL Server cluster implementer & Administrator

-Manage Oracle databases through multiple product lifecycle environments, from development to mission-critical production systems

Middleware Engineer:

Place of Job: GBM El salvador / CITIBANK LATAM

Since: Dicember/2012 – Dicember/2014

Type of contract: Complete time

-System administrator for Citibank LATAM, implementer and Administrator of windows cluster 200*-****-****. Development new projects, administrator of Connect Direct (NDM) secure file transfer, Unix- Solaris- Lunix administrator, VMWARE and CITRIX administrator, DRP Coordinator, Backup app admin an support, websphere support, peoplesoft, WSUS utility to patch Wintel servers.

-Projects: Implementation of changes on production servers, Assist in troubleshooting production issues with members of other team within I.T., Build Servers for production and test environments following strict build procedures.

-Troubleshoot backup failures,

-Planning, execute projects Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V virtualization configuration for servers, Admin multiple disjoint Active Directory Forests, Domains, DHCP, DNS and various other Infrastructure, SAN (storage area networks) and DAS (direct-attached storage) and associated HBA’s (both SCSI and Fiber-Channel) plus Windows Storage server with iSCSI connections

-Oracle 10G Admin

-Security Management

-High Availability Management

-Backup and Recovery Management

-Oracle SQL Performance Tuning

-Process Improvements

Project Manager:

Company Name: IE Network Solutions

Time: August/ 2008 – Dic/2012 Hire Type: Full Time.

Position description:

-Progress - deliverables are being completed within the baselined time scales

-Cost - deliverables are being completed within the baselined cost plan

-Quality - deliverables are being completed to defined expectations, first time

-Performance (Value) - progress is being earned for the expected cost

-Cash flow - net project cash flow is being achieved as the defined expectations

-Reporting - regular and timely reporting of project progress to the sponsors

-Risk - to proactively manage foreseen project risk, mitigating as necessary

-Change - managing changes to the project without unduly affecting the stated objectives and benefits

-Technical support to software and hardware, installing and configuring an Appliance EM7.

-Oracle DBA

-Contact Center Technical Lead (Administrator)

-Devs Spore procedures for Reporting

-SQL Tunning Advisor

-Technical support for the system OPManager and Service Desk of Telemovil. Experience using Crystal Reports 2008.

-InConcert application implementer and support (contact Center applications) for central America, System administrator on Tigo El Salvador (InConcert application), maintenance of windows servers, develop new projects on central America of hardware and software, data base migration, implantation and support of EM7 (monitoring infrastructure data center and communications devices),

-Data Base migration at GyT Continental Bank Guatemala

Curses and seminaries

Certifications Curse in VB.Net 2005: Introduction to Programming Microsoft .NET Framework Applications...

Core Data Access With Microsoft Visual

Studio 2005 (New Horizons San Salvador)

WorkShop migración de AD, DNS de Windows server 2003 a Windows server 2012, configuración de DHCP Windows server 2013

Course: Administración de Redes Linux y Windows

2003 Server ITCA FEPADE, Santa Ana, El Salvador, 2005.

Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration

Oracle SQL expert

Oracle Backup & Restore

Oracle RAC 12c R2: Administration

Oracle Database 12c RAC & Infra deploy

WebLogic 12C: administration 1

Oracle 11g DataBase: DataGuard Administration

R12.2 Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E Busnisses

Oracle Golden Gate 12c Fundamentals

Oracle Golden gate 12c Advance Configurations

SQL SERVER Quering 2012

SQL SERVER Administrtering 2012

English Language:: Advance – European Academy

Santa Ana.

Technical Skills

Programation Languages:

Develop Windows and Web Applications with Visual Basic .net,ASP.NET 2.0.

Graphic Design:

Make graphic design environment with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash.

Data Bases:

Knowledge of Microsoft Access y SQL Server 2000/5/8/12/14, Oracle


Crystal Reports, XL Reporter 2005, Reporting Services


Implementations and administrators knowledge of SAP Business One, Virtualizations software(VMware, citrix), Emsamble hardware, Network Topologies (Hub, Switch, Router), TCP/IP Configurations, IIS.


Virtualización software VMWare hyper-v, knowleged how to implement HP Blade server, Hardware, Network (Hub, Switch, Router), TCP/IP Config, Knowleged how to implement de Contact Center implementer,Backup Tools, Experience of Connect Direct NDM, Peoplesoft, Administrator of Websphere MQ, Netbackup, tivoli, Wsus, Migration active Directory 2003 a 2012, DHCP, DNS, PDC, System aAdministrator( UNIX OS, HPUX, SOLARIS, WIN03-08-12,LINUX ), CRM, SAP Business one Administrator, Data Base (Mysql, SQl Server 200-2005-2008-2012-2016, ORACLE 7i-8i-9g-10g-11g-12c), App Development (.Net, aspnet) Implementer and administrator of IP telephony with asterisk, Experience Implementing and Administration of IT Projects, Experience with Veritas replicator & Veritas Custer, Oracle RAC environments, Oracle Dataguard, ASM, Golden Gate, WebLogic administrator, jboss admin, Installing SOA, BPM, OBIEE, IT Architect, Project Management, IMPERVA knowledge, Always ON SQL SERVER, SQL SERVER Clustering, Desing Database (Oracle, +8 years SQL SERVER), VMware ESXi 5.1, 5.5 and 6.0, vSphere 5.5 and 6.0, Oracle RAC/GRID.

Job References

Ing. José Andrés Matamoros

Jefe de soporte técnico

IE Networks Solutions

Tel 25006400

Ing. Ricardo Colorado

Gerente General

IE Networks Solutions

Personal References

Ing. Aldo Quijano

IT Manager

Distribuidora Limeña

Tel. 77304238

Sr. Victor Manuel Martinez Gerente.

Franquicia Telefónica Movistar.

TEL: 7820-6262

Sra. Ana Margarita Martínez.

Ejecutiva de Ventas

DINISA (Distribuidora Negocios Internacionales)

TEL: 7841-5211

Arq. José Alfredo Torres


TEL.: 244-75504

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