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Engineer Support

Oklahoma City, OK
March 06, 2018

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Allen Bullock

**** ** ***** ******** ****, Ok. **120

Phone: 405-***-**** ~ Mobile: 405-***-**** ~ Email:

Video Support ENGINEER

I have 14 years of experience as a Field support engineer for Cable/telecommunication and DSLAM equipment which provided triple-play Broadband communications voice/video/data over twisted pair with ATM backbone at the time. Well versed in old Unix and Linux operation scripting language. Highly Adaptable to many different development environments which would include and not limited to Unix/Linux and Windows platforms. Strong in configuring, debugging, performance monitoring, and testing of networking equipment. Extremely comfortable in a team environment and can work independently driven by fast paced product development.


Played an integral part in the design and construction of labs for testing of system performance of DSLAM’s using Linux test boxes and a 3000-5000 customer premise equipment DSL set-top boxes and ethernet modems and VOIP

Wrote a number of test plans for critical customer premise equipment i.e. internet-protocol set-top boxes which included video head-end interaction and worked on test plans and configuration of EAS systems testing and verification. Managed overall system test and verification of set-top box quality/stability under various stress conditions.


Experience with video headend installation and troubleshooting.

1yr DNCS(Digital Network Control Systems) and DAC(Digital Addressable Controller)

RF cable-Plant experience HFC(Hybrid Fiber Coax)

Modulation -QAM, 8VSB, Understanding of MER and EVM diagnostics.

RTE Video encoders, Transcoders, IRD, IRT, satellite transceivers, IP streamer/transport stream groomer

Broadband Mux’s/Gateway

BFS(Broadcast File Server)

Edge QAM Modulators/Demodulators MQAM, GQAM, QPSK


Switched Digital Video SME(Subject Matter Expert)

ATM/Broadband and related technologies: AAL5, xDSL, PPP, PPPOE RFC1483, PON, BPON, QOS, GPON,VDSL/998, ADSL, ADSL+, ATM, DSLAM,Firewall, SSH server, GIGE

In depth understanding of MPEG Transport MPEG-2, H.264, SD/HD,HEVC,

Understanding experience with DSM-CC MPEG-part6

Understanding of MPEG packet structure

Cisco switches and router configuration

Ad insertion equipment

Solaris 7 admin certified in 2004-

Cisco Network Admin certified in 2004-

Understanding of Scripting Language: Unix/Linux shell programming,

OS environment: Unix/Linux, and Windows

Network Protocols: IP/TCP, Ethernet, 802.1q, DOCSIS, DHCP, SSH, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, FTP,

L2/L3 Switching/Routing Protocols: LLDP, BGP, OSPF, RSTP, PIM, IGMP, STP -802..1D, RFSTP-802.1w,

VOIP installation monitoring and troubleshooting

Application and understanding of VLSM subnetting

In depth knowledge application and understanding of DOCSIS suite of Protocols

DOCSIS CMTS configuration multiple vendors, Arris-E6000, Arris C4, Cisco10K,

DSG&ADSG(DOCSIS Settop Gateway) & Advanced(DSG)

Configuration of services with protocol RIP, 802.1Q, BGP, ISIS. Services included: ACL, Firewall, IPSEC VPN, MPLS

Installation and operation of VOD(Video On Demand) Servers

Understanding and application of DRM(Digital Rights Management)

Understanding and application of STB(Settop Box) Middleware

Understanding of VOIP protocols and Codecs SIP, RTP, T.38 G.711 G.729.a, H.323


ATM/Broadband and related technologies: AAL5, xDSL, PPP, PPPOE RFC1483, PON, BPON, QOS, GPON,VDSL/998, ADSL, ADSL+, ATM, DSLAM,Firewall, SSH server, GIGE

Test, debugging, and analysis tools: Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, OTDR, Wireshark, TSreader. A suite of Sencore video and RF probes.

Use of various test equipment for all aspects of Telecommunications.


Arris Contractor-DOCSIS/ Video Engineer 6-2017 to 02-08-2018

Provided Video break/fix support for Major MSO provider

Internal support for video/break on a national enterprise system,

Worked in conjunction with NOC, VSC, and video core teams to provide high level support for video network infrastructure. DNCS and DAC configuration and troubleshooting.

Provided support for CMTS implementation as needed

Created MOPs for DOCSIS implementation .

Dascom Systems Group- Field support engineer (May 2016 to Present)

Installation and maintenance of IPTV video headend solutions in various carrier networks.

Dascom Systems Group, LLC is a full-service integrator of IPTV services. Dedicated to providing integrated solutions . Provided telecommunications companies of all sizes to deploy IP television as a subscriber-based service in addition to voice and data for a triple play offering. Dascom is the leading integrator of legacy and next-generation IPTV systems in the telecommunications industry Residing at the intersection of IP networking, video, applications and integration.

Entone INC.- Senior Field support engineer for IP set-top boxes and integration in telecom networks (Feb 2005-to May 2016)

Provide field support and integration of Entone IP set-top/cable boxes into Telecommunications and cable facilities/networks across North America. Strong skills in customer relations and ability to work on my own and also with others. Experience in data/sw caster servers. DHCP configurations, TCP/IP stack, Video head-end configuration and integration and performance, H.264/AVC mpeg, mpeg2-video. Integration of STB (settop Box), with RF cable plant using cable modems and CMTS DOCSIS Hands on experience with Entone/Amino STB’s, ARRIS STB’s,,DOCSIS Configurations

Responsible for lab trials, support field trials and deployments. Experience with Excentis cable modem configfile editor for DOCSIS CMTS. Experience with the DSG(DOCSIS Set-top gateway) configuration..

Strong network background and troubleshooting of network troubles. Travel as required

Next Level/Motorola Lab support field engineer-- from October(2002-2005) In charge of integration of Triple-Play(voice/video/data over twisted pair) Telecommunication systems both foreign and Domestic. Strong background in ATM and SONET transport was a must. Strong knowledge of Video head-end equipment, terrestrial satellites, Layer2/3 routing knowledge, mpeg1 AAC, mpeg2 video, mpeg4. audio and video transport and encapsulation in atm/ip experience was mandatory.

Senior SW QA/Test Engineer (June 1999 – 2002) Nextlevel Communications Rhonert Park Ca.

Performed system and verification testing on Triple-play access platforms from DSLAM out to Customer Premise. My main focus was on set-top boxes. I was in charge of testing and test plans for VDSL/ADSL set-top boxes along with EAS testing and configuration. Was required to have a working knowledge of video head-ends and how they integrated along with VOD(video on demand) configuration and server functionalities.

Verified performance and scalability of customer premise equipment.

Created test plans to test new and improved features of set-top box sw and features as were developed.

Tested various network protocols and setups including: Multicast traffic testing of PIM/IGMP. Testing of DHCP server performance

Worked on video encoding, configuration, and analysis of MPEG2 over IP, MPEG2 over ATM

. Tested and verified EAS configurations

Provided software developers with key network knowledge and system perspective to improve

implementation of new features

Supported TAC and field service engineers on customer issues as a point person for all broadband related



Devry Institute Of Technology in Electronic Engineering Technology- Phoneix Az. 1989

Electronic/Computer Technology- A.S. E.E.T.(Associates Of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology)Heald Institute of Technology, San Francisco Ca, 1990.

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