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Office Technician

New Caney, Texas, 77357, United States
March 03, 2018

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Andres Hernandez resume


stephanie hughes

Fri 3/2/2018 3:45 PM

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Andres Hernandez

27575 Saddle Rock Ln

New Caney tx 77357

218-***-**** )


Trained, hard working professional looking for shop tech, or coordinator position. Also a good leader

And a good follower. Osha fork lift licen and T.W.I.C card holder


Tensor and Aps tool string, Bench tree systems, and the old SAAPS systems;

Batteries 10 & 8 cell, Gamma, Interconnects, Lower ends, mule shoe sleeve, Transducers.

Microsoft word, office, adobe reader


Cheryl K :

Deck hand and tanker man:

12-10-08 -12-26-12:

Work on tug boats as a deck hand for 2 years I would tie up to barges and we would transport

them from docks to fleet yards for storage till ready for docks.Then i recived my tamker man licens

and would work on the barges once Iput them on docks I would tie them off then hook up cargo hose

then i would inspect the barge then I would start the transfer of dangers chemicals from dock to barge

or barge to docks I would also make sure all osha and coast guard regulation were met .


12-27-12 -4-6-14:

shore side tanker man:

I would work on a rotating shift I would be on call for 6days a week 24hrs a day once i was called

I would drive from home to the docks or plants. Then i would go to the barge and i would do my QC

inspection of the barge and make sure evrything on the barge was in good and proper working order

after my inspection I would do my hose conection and then go back over the work ordes with the docks and make sure very one was opn the same page the i would either load or unload the cargo from the docks to

the barge or from the barge to the docks.I would also make sure all osha and coast guard regulation were met .


MWD Technician:

5-02-07 - 11-21-08:

Work in shop for 1 year. I worked on Battery 10 cell & 8 cell, Gamma, Interconnects, Lower end, mule shoe sleeve, Transducers, and turn and pack kits.

Feild hand:

3-01-08 to 11-21-08:

I can do paper work, Rig up & down, Program tool string Tensor & APS, Tap test And trouble shoot. I can also work with gamma and logs. Taking reports, Sending emails, work with windows 2000, adobe reader, word, and office.

Leam Drilling:

6-31-04 - 4-07-07:

Worked in the shop on turning and, packing kits. Also on call to ship and received kits. Rebuilt Interconnects, Lower end, Transducers, Mule shoe sleeves, test main cables, Transducer cables. Clean all tools, cables and shop.

References: Available upon request

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