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Chemical Engineering Manager

Delhi, India
March 03, 2018

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Gurgaon, India

Analyst in Consultancy division

MAY ‘16 – JUL ‘16

Collaborated in developing capability decks & internal thought capital for leadership situated in the UK

Liaised with managerial to develop organizational structure ensuring smooth functioning during Brexit

Involved in data analysis for business development projects of 3 amongst top 25 pharma firms globally DURHAM UNIVERSITY

Durham, England, UK

Researcher in Electrochemical sensor’s group

MAY ‘15 – JUL ‘15

Synthesized & characterized of nano materials for its applications in bio compatible super-capacitors

Engineered medical grade solid state, miniature, flexible & thin power sources for in-vitro applications

Tested the super capacitive properties of polyvinyl alcohol, graphene, PVA-glucose and ionic liquids

Performed CV, Charge-discharge, Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy to check the performance PROJECTS

Volume of Fluid Simulations for liquid spreading at particle scale in trickle beds

(Master’s Thesis)


Investigate the effects of particle & fluid parameters on liquid spreading in trickle beds through VOF simulations and evaluate the closures used in Eulerian models

Abstract selected for presentation in 25th International Conference on Chemical Reaction Engineering, ISCRE 25, to be held in Florence, Italy, May ‘18

Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil JUL ’16 – NOV ‘16

Surveyed literature to find the positive economic potential steps and proposed further processing of glycerin (major by-product) to syngas

Intensified the process energetically & theorized its staged processes & economic feasibility Programmed heat transfer problems JUL ‘16 – NOV ‘16

Coded in C, different heat transfer problems; verified robustness by comparing with analytical results Programmed simplified model for cyclone separator JUL ‘15 – NOV ‘15

Surveyed literature to code relevant equations to determine the designing parameters of equipment

Prepared a simplified model for cyclone separator & coded it in C allowing easy flow analysis & resulting particle separation

SIDDHARTHA PRADEEP IIT Delhi, New Delhi (110016), India




New Delhi, India

Bachelor and Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering

Minor degree specialization in Economics

GPA : 7.982/10 (UG); 8.286/10 (PG)

JUL ‘13 – MAY ‘18 (EXPECTED)


Ministry of Human Resource & Development Scholarship for securing position amongst top 7% in Graduate Aptitude Entrance Test 2017 - PRESENT

Achieved podium positions in 3 case study competitions at inter college level 2016 – 17

IITD-TU Delft collaboration: Learnt skills involved in product designing 2015

Ranked amongst top 0.1% amongst 1.4 million candidates to enter IIT Delhi 2013

Awarded gold medal for achieving 1st position in National Science Olympiad at School level



Languages: C, Python, HTML5, CSS3, R; Software’s: Aspen, Latex Computational Fluid Dynamics: Ansys Fluent, GAMBIT; Computer Aided-Design : AutoCAD; POSITION OF RESPONSIBILITY

Director, Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Delhi JUL ‘16 – MAY ‘17

Spearheaded a team of 5 executives to initiate & publish 1st magazine of our e-cell

Prepared & revamped numerous articles on social platforms to enrich & inculcate the entrepreneurship environment

Mentor, Avanti Fellows, NGO

Taught a class of about 20 students & guided 3 economically disadvantaged JUL ‘16 – MAY ‘17 students for various competitive exams

Mentor, Student Mentorship Program, IIT Delhi

JUL ‘15 – MAY ‘16

1 amongst the 135 member team selected out of 800 students to guide first year students and ensure their smooth transition into IIT Delhi

Helped set goals & worked toward achieving them by educating & providing constructive feedback to five mentees; Graded as a good mentor Content Manager,, Sierra Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Researched market to study various content development strategies SEP ‘15 – OCT ‘15

Developed physics, chemistry & math content for students aspirating to get into IIT Journalist, Chemical Engineering Society

Instrumental role in content development by creating articles & poetry for 2 issues JUL’14 – MAY‘15 of foundation volume of chemical department’s magazine “ChemInsider”

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